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One On One

Season 5 Episode 1

One on One Remix

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on UPN
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Episode Summary

One on One Remix
After last season's finale where Breanna decided to stay in California and go to college with Arnaz behind her. This season starts off with them searching for a place to live.

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  • Breanna and Arnaz move to Venice Beach, California so Breanna can attend college and Arnaz can try to start a music career.

    Either The N was skipping around or I hadn't watch One on One in a few nights, as the time before I watched this-Breanna and Josh were still together, and Arnaz and Ginger were still together. I was amazed, and somewhat shocked at how much Breanna loved Arnaz now, so I was somewhat pleased.

    So it starts with Breanna and Arnaz, and Breanna's father, Flex, in Venice Beach, searching for a house to live in. It turns out the same person who plays Kel in Kenan and Kel plays as a retired famous guy who is willing to give Breanna and Arnaz a nice beachhouse. Breanna accepts, but soon finds out they'll be living with four other roommates, named D-Mack, Cash, Sara, and Lisa.

    So that's how it kind of all got set up. Breanna attending college in Venice Beach. Arnaz living with her, trying to start a music career. D-Mack.. going to college as well. Cash.. making money by catching pictures or videos of celebrities unexpectedly. Sara and Lisa.. whatever Sara and Lisa normally do. Welcome to Venice Beach.moreless
  • One on One goes in a different direction with its fifth season premier.

    This episode changes One on One a lot. It loses the characters Spirit, Duane, and Flex because Breanna and Arnaz move to California, where she attends college and he plans on furthering his music career. In this episode Breanna and Arnaz search for a place to live after arriving in California. They bump into a washed up ex-child star named Manny Sellers. Manny happens to have a place available, and Breanna puts down a deposit. They think it will just be the two of them, but once they get their they learn they will have to share the place (which only has two bedrooms, one for the girls and one for the guys) with four others: Sara, Lisa, Cash and D-Mack.

    The only problem with this episode/season is how much of a different direction it took the show in. The first four seasons were about Breanna's life and how she dealt with living with her father and Flex and his life and how he dealt with living with his daughter. The show was really based on the relationship between them, living "one on one." The show now focuses on Breanna and Arnaz and their new roommates.

    In my opinion this did not make the show bad, it just made it a different show. The show was still great, and very funny. It probably would have done better if this episode was a spin-off (like Saved by the Bell: The College Years did), instead of a fifth season premier. If it was done that way, I definitely think it could have had a few more seasons.moreless
  • Season 5, the "remix," finally doomed a formerly great show to utter failure. One on One was never the same again.

    I had watched One on One (1o1) when it premiered in the fall of 2001, effectively replacing one of my favorite shows, Moesha. 1o1 showed promise, with its odd cast that had chemistry, and being set in Baltimore, part of the reason why I bothered to watch in the first place.

    2001 was a serious year, including the horrific events of 9/11. The fall of 2001 also marked the start of my high school career, so One on One is sort of synonymous my freshman year. Because of this, I related more with the characters than I ever realized until today. But I'm reminiscing too much.

    One on One was about TV personality Flex Washington, and his newfound task of raising his rambunctious teenage daughter Breanna Barns (hence the title, One on One). Like I mentioned before, the cast of 1o1 could be summed up as odd. Flex was the smooth and stylish host of his own sports show, the Flex Files, while trying to suppress his mack-daddy ways and damage control whatever resulted from Breanna's antics. Breanna was the sassy daughter of Flex, always chasing after boys and a career in acting. It was this offbeat duo that highlighted One on One for 4 seasons, but not alone. Duane was Flex's doofus-but-hilarious boy, while the offbeat and...eccentrically dressed Spirit was Breanna's best friend. The cast was rounded up with Arnaz, a music enthusiast and fellow classmate of Breanna and Spirit, and love interest of Breanna.

    For four years we watched these characters grow. From Breanna and Arnaz's indecisiveness before pursuing a real relationship, to Flex's crazy woman troubles, and even the more hilarious personal achievements, like Duane finally moving out of his mother's basement. Unfortunately, Season 5 of One on One took that all away from us. While shows undergo change after awhile, these changes ranged from wild to wacky. The first mistake was effectively writing out more than half of the cast. Considering that there were only 5 cast members for the past 4 seasons, that was a huge blow. And when you have a cast like this that works, you\'d expect personal decisions of the actors to lead them to leave the show. But not here. Due to someone's mindless thoughts of 'creativity,' One on One was "remixed" from the ground up, and this started with removing Duane and Spirit from the picture, handing Sicily and Kelly Perine pink slips they didn't deserve. Next comes the setting change. I mentioned before that one of the things I liked most was that it was set in Baltimore (where I was born and raised to this day) rather than something typical like Manhattan or San Fransisco. But Baltimore is tossed out the window as quickly as Spirit and Duane, and 1o1 is now set in California (because no show has been set there before...)

    If that wasn't scary enough, the cast had to be expanded, and we now get to enjoy 4 new characters: Lisa, an Asian girl who is often ignored (a running gag) and portrayed as desperate for a man. Sarah, the more sensible of the new characters, and Cash, another odd character who aspires to make movies. And finally, "D-Mack," played by Ray J. Ray J's infamous reputation from Moesha as the widely disliked and annoying character "D-Money" follows him to 1o1, which is amazing how he was allowed to recreate such a cardboard character for a completely different show: a wannabe gangsta and mack-daddy.

    Flex has survived the initial character cut, but being that he lives and does a show in Baltimore, he is phased out of the picture before the season is half over, removing the only person that may have been able to save 1o1 from this doom. Kel Mitchell also appears as "Manny," a former child star and landlord of the place Breanna and Arnaz are living with their new roommates. But Manny is a character that recurs early in the season, and, like Flex, is almost entirely phased out by the end of the season.

    One on One has "remixed" itself into another show, and it painfully shows starting with this episode. The premise is no longer intact (and now the name doesn't work) because Flex is gone. The storylines generally revolve around Breanna and Arnaz trying to get their big break, while we get a little bit of insight on some of the new characters. Eventually Breanna and Arnaz's relationship becomes rocky, and they break up. The rest of the season revolves around both of them acting childish, trying to get at one another by attempting to get involved with strangers as revenge, and ending up doing things they live to regret by the end of the season, cancelled on a cliffhanger that put the show out of its misery.

    How did it come to this? We'll never know, but One on One "remix" marks the beginning of the end for a once clever show.moreless
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