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  • I've only seen half of it, but it's okay. Though I am a little upset when I learned that back then, "Moesha" got cancelled for this show.

    That's all I can say.
  • Bring it back!

    I loved this show! I wish that they never took it off, it was one of the best in my opinion, it shows just how some families really are & Brianna reminds me so much of my own granddaughter, it's so funny! she's such a DIVA!
  • Bring it back

    This is a very good show and I really encourage a PETITION to bring it back cause it was really disappointing how it ended because we don't no about arnaz n mitchel and if breanna really slept with d Mack or not. I'm fill wit all these questions. And its even sadder it's not on tv anymore :( but over all a very good show:)
  • Another father daughter show!

    I watched this show for some time. I really liked their role playing. It was simple, the concept of the series was simple to understand, and you can see that through their brief struggles and disputes, they learned to love each other as Flex and Briana. Flex is a challenging father and Briana is just that teenage girl you want to learn from in fashion, style, pizazz, and her mistakes.
  • Kelly Perine who played DUANE is one of the funniest actors around. He played in the "The Parent 'Hood" w/ R. Townsend... Flex, Arnaz, & Kyla are also defnitely the real deal.. but the chemistry of this show in seasons 1-4 was historic.

    The Final season was creative & featured Stars like Kel Mitchell, & Ray J. Webster/Emanuel Lewis was featured in one episode. To me the difference between seasons 1-4 and seasons 5 must be the target audience. The shows early stages featured fine classy women like: Holly Robinson-Peete, Tamala Jones, & Panamanian/American Melissa de Sousa....... My synopsis: (Compare/Contrast this to Tyler Perry films and creations) One on One show had stars appear on every epsisode seasons 1-4. This put a lot of flavor in the advertising to a key market/viewers. They had star appeal almost too much. If they packed that much star appeal and still could not make it in TV-land(Not the channel) then that says how hard show business really is. TeenNick is showing One on One, but at really late hours of the night. So who does the network think is watching Teen Nick at 2AM in my area of the country? And What is being marketed at that time of night? It's the questions...???
  • One on one is about a girl name Breanna and her father Flex who doesnt come into her life until she is a teenager. Her mother moves away, so her father raises her. Together they go through life, learning new lessons, and growing together as a family.

    I wish that there would be a season 6! How could they just end it right when Breanna and D Mack got together. Plus, i wanna see more of Flex.

    A bunch of people should petition for there to be a season 6. They bring back shows by popular demand sometimes, and they show it in syndication, so they should put it back on the air. I always watch the episodes in syndication, but i would like to see a season six with more of the adults, but also what is going to go on with Breanna and the others in the house.
  • Fairly funny.

    I have to say that this is a show that I use to like to watch on a regular basis. I don't like the fact that it was chnaged in theme during the last two seasons, so I quit watching after season 2. But the first season was really entertaining and also was very funny. I liked the characters and I also thought the storylines were decent enough to be interesting. I must say that I liked the humor, but some of the time it was predictable. Overall, this was a good show to watch for the first two years. Thank you.
  • I enjoyed watching this show and wish it would be brought back.

    I agree with the person below.. you can't end a TV show like that! It just got GREAT! What happened? Did Arnez find out? Did Arnez get to Michelle? I bet Arnez and Michelle didn't work out and he came back.. and BAM! Breanna and D-Mac are together. That would be great. What happened with it all? This show seriously needs to come back and start where it left off. There was no reason for it to be cancelled. BRING IT BACK!! Atleast for one more season, and don't end it so juicy next time!! I agree with a petition. This should be considered a classic.
  • How can you end a show that was getting so good i think we should sign a petition to bring it back!!!! lol but seriously

    How can you end a show that was getting so good i think we should sign a petition to bring it back!!!! lol but seriously...this was a interesting episode but i wish it didnt end the whole show like that. I really think the CW should havd just taking the show when UPN crossed over. Anyway this episode was ended with such suspense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Please bring it back!

    I love this's the only one I make sure to watch everyday. Please bring it back! I want to know what happend after that last episode! There is so many things that have happend and they just left us there hanging! A lot of people can relate to this show and it's nice to be able to watch something that isn't full of trash. Please bring this show back! I also think it teaches parents how to communicate better with their children and also that the children can have confidence in talking to their parents about their lives and whats going on with them. Again...Please bring it back!

    This show is amazing i would have to say this is the best show every made. i love everyone of the acters, although spirits was taking out i still enjoy the show. I would run home everyday to watch it and Thats the only time my sisters and i would get along. i swear it gets better and better every season.This is the kind of show that never gets old, most show that shouldnt be on tv those are the one with 50 season and shows like this only has 4 i am waiting for the new season i hope there will be one lata...:)

    Ps.. Im still watching re-runs..thats how much i love the show.
  • My summary is that I really enjoyed this show it was clean & entertaining! please bring it back!

    Why did you let Breanna sleep with D Mack? That really messed things up. Breanna & Arnez had something special & even though they would argue & break up, they should have never slepted with anybody, the first time for Breanna should have been with Arnez, Everybody I know that watches "one on one" say the same thing, why did she sleep with D Mack? Bring the show back & somehow make it show that she didnt have sex with with D mac, but they just fell asleep together & have her & Arnez get back together! Bring it back soon!
  • went downhill during college season

    this show was the best on upn.a father and daughter show about a celebrity named flex washington who found out that he has a 14 year old daughter named brianna he never knew about and he's forced to take care of her because her mom is leaving to africa.i like this show because the storyline is deep and feel of drama.the storyline is mostly about the relationships flex and brianna go through.brianna is in love with her friend named arnez but dates other people before they actually started dating.flex on the other hand has trouble keeping a woman but towards the end of the high school season flex finds his perfect girl.but after i watch the college season i was extreamly flex,no dwanye.but weak college roomates name cash a photographer,d-mack a wannabe thug,lisa a desperate phliopino.this show used to be good but the college season is the reason it got cancelled
  • I haven't watched all of the episodes yet, but I've watched enough to make up my mind, that this is my new favorite show.

    The show "One on One" revolves all around the life of a spoiled teen, Breanna Barnes. Kyla Pratt, now one of my favorite actresses, playes Breanna. Her best friend is a girl named Spirit Jones, played by Sicily. As I mentioned in a review for Sicily, she was like the only character that never seemed to irritate me in the show.

    Breanna's father, Flex, is played by Flex Alexander. Flex's job is a sportscaster in a show called the Flex Files. He was the most annoying characters in the show for me, because he always came between Breanna and Arnaz, one of my top three favorite television couples. To Arnaz, he's a friend of Breanna's. Throughout the whole show, Arnaz wishes to be Breanna's boyfriend and more. During the first few seasons, Breanna doesn't feel the same way. In fact, she did have a boyfriend named Josh.

    But she finally came through in the final season or so. They both loved each other and were boyfriend and girlfriend for most of the fifth and final season, until they broke up, and.. I haven't seen the final two episodes, (I Love L.A. Parts 1 and 2) but it says Breanna sleeps with one of their roommates D-Mack. So.. unfortunately they're showing reruns on The N and they've gotten passed the break up, so those episodes are coming soon.

    I guess I like this relationship so much because it kind of reminds me of me and the girl I like. It has been months since I have started liking her, but she hasn't returned the favor-so of course she just likes me as a friend. Hopefully, this will just be another One on One, and she will pull through.

    But enough about me, we still have to explain the roommates. See, in season five-Breanna and Arnaz as a couple, moved to a house in Venice Beach, California-where Breanna would go to college and Arnaz would try to start a music career. Surprisingly, the small house they bought already had four residents in them. Two boys, two girls.

    I'll start with the boys-D-Mack and Cash. D-Mack is the cool, gangster one, that already showed signs of stealing Breanna earlier in season five before I Love L.A. (Parts 1 and 2) I've always had to watch him. The other is Cash, who makes cash by catching celebrities unexpected by camera or film and selling it, well, for cash. He's been an okay character throughout the show, never had to watch him.

    The girls included the Asian Lisa, who had a small crush on D-Mack during the fifth season. She's okay, but because she's never had an episode where the plot is pointed mostly towards her, than I don't care much about her. Sara, is the hot blonde, but the dumb one. Well, she wasn't as dumb as other series had made characters, but she wasn't the smartest you could be. Actually, I hate to break it, ut Arnaz was pretty dumb, too.

    So.. the one character who I didn't mention earlier was Duane. He's one of Flex's best friends. He's a little on the short side, but for some reason, that might make him funnier.

    So to finally finish this review, the show is great. I started watching it back in fifth grade, but I got so pissed because when it finally came on, my parents would be telling me to do my homework.. I guess that really didn't matter though. I picked up watching it, here in Summer of 2008. Unfortunately for me, it comes on late at night. Around midnight to 3AM. Sometimes, it has gone on all night, and I don't know how many times I've gotten in trouble or how many times I've had to make up an excuse to get out of trouble from staying up so late.. yeah, but I'll take the risk to watch One on One.
  • There were too many questions left unsolved.

    I'm kind of upset that the show ended that way. It left waaaay too many cliffhangers, such as what happened between D. Mack and Briana. I know it isn't the writers' fault that the series ended, but I still have a slight grudge against how it ended. But that isn't my only grievance.

    Flex, Spirit, and Duane are no longer main characters. Flex shifted to the position of third-string character (the landlord appears more than Flex), and Spirit and Duane are no longer there. It seems One on One has traded up what made it a good show for something worse.

    I gave the series an eight because I loved the older episodes. They were cute and made me laugh. I loved the delicious drama between Briana and Arnaz. Even when Duane fell into some sticky situations made One on One a golden series. So, an eight is what the show needs.
  • One on One

    One on One is about : Intelligent and outspoken, the in-your-face 17-year-old Breanna Barnes (Kyla Pratt)(The Proud Family, Love & Basketball) loves attention. Anywhere there's a crowd, you can bet she's at the center of the action. Breanna's sportscaster dad, Flex (Flex Alexander)Gas, Where I Live)(, is a fun-loving ladies' man who not only wants to be a responsible parent, but also wants to be his daughter's best friend. Flex is happy giving Breanna the freedom to make her own choices, but only if she is willing to accept the consequences. Flex's best friend and Breanna's godfather, Duane (Kelly Perine), is a constant presence in their lives for better and sometimes worse. A used-car salesman who lives next door, Duane has a way of repelling women the way Flex has attracting them. Keeping Breanna busy is her best friend, Spirit (Sicily), with whom she creates a lot of mischief, while her best guy-friend, Arnaz (Robert Ri'chard), is the object of her on-again off-again affection.

    One on One is a great comedy and drama movie.
  • I personaly love this show i watch re-runs on dtv on channel 303

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  • One on One was a pretty good show. It had its funny moments but was overall a decent show.

    Briana is just like her father Flex. They`re both loud, proud, and funny. Personally I kinda liked One on One before Briana and Arnaz went away to California ( i think thats where they went ). Flex was a good contribution to the show and they shouldnt have let him go. The show was still okay after Flex obviously but i still think he was great on there. Arnaz and Briana were a pretty cute couple and they had a "Briana wears the pants in this relationsip" relationship. Arnaz was the type of guy to listen and do whatever u say. But One on One was a great overall show !!!! =D
  • This show is absolutely fabulous, and this show is the best, and this show needs to come back

    This show is absolutely fabulous, and this show is the best, and this show needs to come back, because this show had a lot of drama in it and it had a lot a funny stuff in it, and i was so mad that UPN cancelled it, becuase why couldn't it get cancelled and go on to the CW, because One on One is one of my favorite shows and i used to watch it every night untill it got canceled on May 16, 2006, and Kyla Pratt was one of my favorite characters and i would do anything for One on One to come back
  • I still watch it from time to time.

    One of my favorites. Since the fact that is has to deal with a daughter that wants to live with her dad for a while since she lived with her mother her whole life, almost. Nicole and Flex broke up but never really ended the divorce legally. Brianna has 2 best friends and has too deal with the constant struggle of being a teenager. Her friends are named Arnez and Spirt. Spirt is a costume designer and Arnez used to go with Brianna and there an off and on kind of thing. Flex best friend is this guy who lives across the hall.
  • It was good up until...

    I loved this show when it first came out. I used to watch it every week. At first it got better as time passed by. And it was obvious that Brianna and Arness were gonna hook up. But I didn't like how when she moved out they took off all the old characters and put load of wack characters. It just away from the show. The show was supposed to be about father and daughter. Not daughter and her roommates. But I guess the show needed to end because it was running of ideas. Brianna got older and you can't do too much with that.
  • A 14 year-old girl moves in with her father when her mother gets a job out of the country. She grows up with her playa dad and really lives on an emotional rollercoaster. She later moves to LA. She never gets off the coaster.

    I love this show! The entire show was very funny but realistic. I really love the last season, when Arnaz and Breanna are in LA together. This was probably the most dramatic season of the show. Everyone waited 4 seasons for them to be the perfect couple, and then the season ended with Breanna losing her her roommate, while Arnaz chased the same roommate's sister. NOT RIGHT. I wish there had been another season, or at least another episode. I did miss Duane though, and I missed the old Spirit. I didn't really miss late-Season 4 Spirit, though. She became a bit too dark during the end of Season 4.
  • Nice show!

    One on One is a very gooood show! It stars Kyla Pratt, as Briana. Who has secret feelings for Arnaz, who also has feelings for Briana. Both of them do not know about their secret feelings for each other. One on One is also a very funny show. I like it when they crack some jokes too! One on One also deals with teen issues like peer pressure and other things a lot of teens must face today. Many teenagers can learn by the actions of the characters. One on One is a very nice show and has a positive influence on teens.
  • A life and times of Breanna Barnes.

    Just getting started on this review is hard. Obviously I haven't watched this show in a while based on the fact it took me over five minutes to write the summary of this review. All seven words of it. Its mostly because I've forgotten Breanna's name, and I've forgotten her last name, Barnes.

    But that doesn't mean I hate this show. In fact, this show rocks. I'm quite fan despite the limited amount of episodes I've seen. I'd really like to see some more episodes, PEOPLE!!! So if you can direct me to them, I'll give you $1000 in Monopoly money.

    So its about this teenager Breanna Barnes, who is practically just living her "not-normal" life with an over-protective and embarassing dad who is now guarding her after her mom goes somewhere in Europe. Interesting way to get stuck with your dad, eh?

    I am really struggling to get this review up and running, because I haven't seen many episodes so I can't really sum up the show in my review. The only reason I've gotten to 100+ words on this review is the random talk I'm speaking about in this paragraph, and the first two paragraphs.

    This show is awesome. HA! 200 words, and I haven't seen this show in a long long long time! Congrats to me, and congrats to the creator of this show, as he has produced a very awesome show to the viewers at home. Thank you!
  • Breana Barns (Kyla Pratt) is took in by her sportcaster father (Flex Alexander) when her mother (Nichol Uknown) moves to africa and shes a normal kid and a few years later she moves to L.A and meets new roomates goes to colloge to be an actor and have fun

    A sportscaster (Flex Alexander)takes in his 14 year old daughter (Kyla Pratt as Bre Bre Barns) when her mother moves to another country she discovers new friends which are Spirit and Arnez (Silicy and Robert Ri"chard) and they go to high school and enjoy thereselfs a few years later Bre moves to L.A meets new roommates and goes to school to learn how to be an actress she stars in the show lives in a house walks to the beach sometimes and she just plays as a normal boy lover that goes wild go into watching one on one. ,
  • The main reason i watch this show is to find out what happenes betwean arnez and breana. I luv watchin those to have ther moments and i love watch arnez because he is so sweet and a nice guy to breana.

    This is a very interestin show i think.I luv it so much i watch it every time it comes on. I am very upset that new episodes are not comin on anymore.Me and a whole lot of friends are. Well i hope that the just come up with a new season out of nowhere because so many peoplz watch it and so many peopl wanted to know what was going to happen with Arnez and Breana. That is one of the main reasons i watch the show.I think that they sould really try and start the show back and have lots more seasons havin to do with arnez and breana. They would make big money for it cause as i said before so many peoplz want to kno whats gonna happen betwean them. There is a really big chance it wont happen but i hope it will. Cause i would watch it everytime lol.
  • Great show the first couple of seasons, but I wasn't feeling it when they moved to CA.

    I have such a huge crush on Kyla Pratt, it's been like that since the show first came out, and I loved the show. When she started to like Arnaz was when the show really heated up. Flex had some good storylines too, but when they moved to California, it lost the heat. No as a matter of fact, I think it lost all of the thunder when Breanna and Arnaz got together. When they were in their relationship, Spirit was basically non-existant. Did they really have to get rid of her? I mean, I liked Spirit. I just didn't like those new characters in California. I do wish they could bring the show back, but only if they move back to Baltimore and have Spirit and Duane come back.
  • Dissapointed in the Networks

    One one One was a nice little family show. Why did the network have to end it the way they did? And why all of a sudden are the nice African-American family shows being cut off the air so fast? I really don't care about the new "CW" and their new "lineups"! They could of at least had a series finale of One on One, instead of leaving it a total cliffhanger. If they axe Girlfriends, I swear I will never watch the "CW" ever again!! And why did you cancel Reba, you #@$$$$@!@!!!!?!?!

    I need to know what happened with breanna and d-mac! I have always wanted them to get together and it finally happened so i need to know! i was so happy and shocked when i saw them kiss!But im not sure if they really slept together or they just like fell asleep but im pretty sure they did!i also want to know wut happened to arnez if hes going to get back together with michelle (brandi).but i really want to know about d-mac and breanna so please bring back the show!i have to know i even set it to record when im not home!please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A sportscaster takes in his daughter.

    Let me start by saying that this show is really funny. But the network that bought UPN is raciest and didn't continue it! One on One is about Flex Washington and his daughter Brianna. They have crazy adventures in the themes of love, father-daughter-relationships, teen angst, growing up, sex, friends, family, and work. I love the show. Brianna's sexy. I don't care what no one says. Arnez is funny because of his dumbness. This is another show that rely s on character humor. When the show ended with Brianna losing her virginity to D-mac, i was so salty, and mad! I wish they continued it so we could see what happened.
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