One On One - Season 2

UPN (ended 2006)


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  • Find My Wife, Please
    Duane is depressed when he finds out that his cholesterol level is too high. The doctor tells him that it's genetic, so he and Flex go in search of Duane's father. Meanwhile Natalie accidentally finds the engagement ring Flex plans to give her. The search for Duane's dad leads him to a professional who tells him that Duane's father was an ex-con, but is now working for the C.I.A. Flex doesn't believe this guy, but when he digs up some info on Flex that only his family knows he's convinced. The professional also looks up Flex's marital records and discovers that Flex and Nicole are still married! Meanwhile Breanna and Arnaz's finally become a couple. Things are going great for them except for Josh who still has a thing for Breanna, but is heartbroken. Breanna wants to be friends with Josh, but he is unsure. Later on Josh runs into Ginger who comes up with a plan for him to get Breanna, and for her to keep Arnaz. Josh then decides to agree with the plan and becomes Breanna's friend. He takes her to the Burger Hut where they run into Arnaz and Ginger kissing. Breanna sees this and breaks up with him. Meanwhile Flex tries to stop himself from proposing to Natalie, but she keeps dropping him hints. He finally does propose to Natalie to get her off his back, but Duane accidentally mentions that Flex is still married to Nicole. Flex then tries to solve this by contacting Nicole, but he discovers from a message on his answering machine that Nicole and Jayden's safari car was destroyed and they are lost in Africa. Breanna overhears and wonders if her mom is okay but a worried Flex has no idea!moreless
  • Stuck on You
    Stuck on You
    Episode 22
    Nicole comes back and announces that Jayden has gotten a job in Africa and she's gonna be living with him for a short while. Flex fears if she's gonna take Breanna with her but she says that he's got nothing to fear. Besides that Flex says that he's happy that she is having a great relationship with Jayden. Nicole asks Flex the same question and he says that he plans to propose to Natalie. Nicole decides then to help him pick out a ring. Meanwhile Josh and Arnaz pressures Breanna to choose between them while the whole school places bets (thanks to Spirit) on who she will choose. Shortly afterwards she gets tonsillitis. Flex and Nicole go to the jewelry shop and pick out the perfect ring for Natalie to have and it accidentally gets stuck on Nicole's finger while admiring it. During that time she Flex and Duane remember Nicole's pregnancy and that that was the main reason they got married. Natalie shortly comes over and she finds out that Nicole is going to Africa and gives her a going away present. Breanna gets over a tonsillitis, but Duane catches it. Meanwhile at the hospital the ring finally comes off of Nicole's finger. After that they part ways and Flex drives Nicole to the airport. They both then after that say that they will miss each other. Then they have another memory of promising that they'd always love each other in high school. Breanna gives Josh one last kiss and she makes her choice: Arnaz!moreless
  • Heart to Heart
    Heart to Heart
    Episode 21
    When her apartment gets infested with mice Natalie decides to move in with Flex. Flex allows her to stay for a while but has second thoughts when Duane reminds him that he has had trouble in the past with commitment in relationships (Examples: Tonya (Mi Casa Es Mi Casa & Misery), Nicole (Thanksgiving It To Me, Baby)). Meanwhile at McKinley High Ginger discovers the locket that Arnaz gave Breanna at Christmas (Everybody loves Whom), and breaks up with him. Ginger then tells Josh but he doesen't belive her. Then he goes to Breanna and Arnaz himself and connects the two half heart lockets that forms a whole. Josh doesen't break up with Breanna, but instead forces her to choose between him and Arnaz. Meanwhile Flex is still having trouble adjusting to Natalie living with him, so much trouble that he has an anxiety attack. After Natalie brings him to the hospital she discovers the truth. The doctor advises them to work out their problems. When Flex and Natalie return home they try to do just that, but Flex's issues with commitment are just so strong that Natalie breaks up with him. When she leaves Flex is heartbroken. Breanna then tries to cheer him up by burdening him with her problems. She says that she thinks it's time she finally make the choice between Josh and Arnaz, and Flex says he thinks it's time he finally marries Natalie!moreless
  • Checkmate Daddy
    Checkmate Daddy
    Episode 20
    Breanna tries to keep Flex away from McKinley High fundraiser week because of his competitive nature, but when he gets wind of it, he winds up embroiled in a competition with Spirit's mom Leilani.
  • Meet the Parents
    Meet the Parents
    Episode 19
    Flex throws a retirement party for his father. There a nervous Natalie meets his mother for the first time. Eunice disapproves of Flex's girlfriend. Flex doesen't understand at first but when Flex's paternal grandmother still holds her grudge against his mother he starts to understand why. Meanwhile Breanna, Spirit, and Arnaz look after Eunice's dog but it dies when Breanna runs over it with her car.moreless
  • I Know What You Did Last Thursday
    Breanna begins to see Flex, Natalie, and herself becoming one, big happy family—until she catches Natalie on a date with another man.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name
    While his father's away, Flex assumes control of the barbershop, but his tenure turns rocky when a hair salon opens nearby. Meanwhile, Breanna loses tracks of Spirit and her other friends after she begins hanging out exclusively with Josh.
  • Take This Job and Love It
    Breanna takes a job at a burger joint, but her ideas to improve the working environment don't sit well with her boss. Elsewhere, Flex lets Walt cut his hair while Malik is out of town, then goes to great lengths to hide the fact. Meanwhile Duane and Candy go on a date.moreless
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 15
    Natalie informs Flex that he has to be tested for HIV before she considered having sex with him. Flex takes the test but is scared that he might have HIV after waiting a long time for his results. Meanwhile Spirit feels left out because Breanna and Arnaz have dates and she doesen't, but when she suddenly finds a date for the Saddie Hawkins dance Breanna and co. start to think she's crazy.moreless
  • The One About Your Friends
    Natalie wants to spend more quality time with Flex but he wants to have time for himself to watch his sports games, so she starts to spend time with Duane instead. When Flex finds out he becomes jealous. Meanwhile at a sleepover Breanna discovers that Spirit has kissed Arnaz before, causing a problem in their friendship.moreless
  • Daddy's Other Girl
    Daddy's Other Girl
    Episode 13
    Flex's little sister, Bernadette has come to Baltimore to announce to her brother that she has given up her sucessful career in law to become a fashion model. Flex tries to figure out how to break the news to their dad. Meanwhile when Breanna gets a baby from her Home Economics class Josh and Arnaz become competitive to be it's father.moreless
  • Daddy, I Don't Need an Edumacation
    McKinley High is taking the PSAT's and every student is doing their best to prepare for the test. Nicole starts to go all out and she gives Breanna many studying tools to prepare for it, but Breanna doesen't take the PSAT's seriously. After taking the PSAT's the results come on Parent Teacher Night. By the time Flex and Nicole get to Breanna's teacher to learn about her results they discover that Breanna scored the lowest in the state. They ask her why and Breanna says she scored that score because she just wrote down anything. She doesen't want to go to college because she wants to become an actor. Flex and Nicole then come up with an ingenious plan to show Breanna the error of her ways. It works and when Breanna retakes the test she gets the highest score in the state. Meanwhile Duane tries to give his apartment door an artistic decor but the landlord refuses to let him keep it.moreless
  • Everybody Loves Whom?
    Flex is excited to be spending Christmas with his current girlfriend Natalie, but quickly becomes jealous when his ex-wife Nicole comes over with her new boyfriend. Meanwhile Breanna exchanges kisses and gifts from both Josh and Arnaz.
  • Is It Safe?
    Is It Safe?
    Episode 10
    After he accidentally injures pro-football player Michael Irvin during an interview, Flex is targeted by a stalker. Meanwhile Breanna's plans to be named sophomore queen at the Harvest Moon Dance may go for naught when an overly paranoid Flex restricts her and himself to the apartment. WWE Superstar Big Show guest stars as Flex' bodyguard.moreless
  • Crappy Birthday
    Crappy Birthday
    Episode 9
    It's Breanna's 16th birthday, and Flex's fulfills her greatest birthday wish by getting her a car. Knowing just how expensive cars are Flex tries to get Breanna a cheap used car by going to Duane'a car lot and pulling a fast one on him. With alot of negotiations Duane allows Flex to get the best car out of the lot for a really cheap price. When Breanna, Spirit, and Arnaz drive it suddenly breaks down after a mile or two. When Flex tries to get Duane to pay for fixing the car he refuses and they decide to take it to court and sue each other on "Judge Joe Brown's Court". When they arrive their it seems that both of them are guilty for trying to scam each other so nobody wins. In the end Flex and Duane realize their mistakes. They make up and both of them decide to pay for Breanna's broken car.moreless
  • A Fla-dap by Any Other Name
    Breanna starts to date a new cute guy at her school named Josh, but Flex plans to end their relationship when he finds out that he is the son of his rival for his Sport's Casting job. Meanwhile Arnaz seems to be getting bored with his relationship with Ginger. He wants to get with Breanna again but he soon discovers that she and Josh are dating now.moreless
  • A Fladapp By Another Name
  • Give'em an Inch, They'll Throw a Rave
    Arnaz and Spirit's parents have complete discipline and strict control over them, but not Breanna's. Breanna's dad completely trust her, and defends her. Breanna then decides to take this to her advantage and throw a rave at an old abandoned warehouse to raise enough money for a car. Unfortunately two teenagers mistake the rave to be at Breanna's house and Flex finds out. He then gets Spirit and Arnaz's parents to help him find their kids. Meanwhile at the rave the party gets a little wild and uncontrollable for Breanna to handle but then suddenly Method Man appears and calms down the crowd with his rap music. Arnaz's mother being the owner of the abandoned warehouse figures out where they are and Breanna gets busted. When they arrive home Flex realizes that he's too trustworthy. He tells Breanna that her little stunt made him realize that he has to be a father to her not her friend.moreless
  • Give Me Some Credit
    When there's a sale at their favorite store Breanna and Spirit want to buy everything there but Flex won't allow them to. He tells Breanna that when he was a kid everything he got he earned for, so Breanna applies for a credit card. Meanwhile Flex continues to see Breanna's art teacher but Breanna warns her that he usually breaks up with girls on their 30th day. Back at the mall Breanna, Spririt, and Arnaz buy out the entire mall with her credit card, but when she can't find it when they go home she reports it stolen. Duane finds it near the couch and assumes it Flex's. He gives it to him and drowns out his sorrows for losing Stacy. At the store Flex and Duane use the card but it get cut up by the cashier because of Breanna's report. Flex then winds up in jail and loses his relationship with Natalie. Breanna eventually finds out what happened and she bails them out and explains the whole thing with the credit card. Flex then goes over to Natalie's house, explains to her everything that happened, and saves his relationship.moreless
  • Pop Art
    Pop Art
    Episode 5
    Breanna gets a new art teacher at school called Ms. Natalie Odessa. Unlike all of her old boring teachers Breanna likes Ms.Odessa because she can relate to her students. Unfortunately on a parent-teacher conference Flex tries to hit on Ms.Odessa and Breanna dosen't like this. Fortunately Natalie dosen't fall for all his corny pick up lines. Flex thinks he can still get her but Breanna makes a bet that he can't. Meanwhile Duane tries to move out of his momma's basement. The next night Flex invites her to dinner, but Spirits evasdrops on them, tells Breanna, and she shows up at the dinner instead. She informs him that he's lost the bet but Flex still tries to get her. He attends her annual art fair and once again tries his corny pick up lines but they don't work. Then Natalie shows him a work of art and Flex expresses his feelings towards the painting. Flex realizes that Natalie forced him to be real and she starts to like him. They start to date and Breanna realizes she lost the bet. Also Duane finds an apartment right next to Flex's.moreless
  • Daddy in Overdrive
    Daddy in Overdrive
    Episode 4
    Breanna tries to get her learner's permit, so Flex decides to teach her how to drive. All seems to go well until he freaks out and becomes overprotective of Breanna on the open road. Meanwhile Duane is interested at a woman at his gym but she only likes to date built men so he takes diet pills. Breanna, annoyed by her dad gets Arnaz, Duane, and her Grandparents to teach her how to drive but they all react just like Flex. Flex then realizes how overprotective he is but he tells Breanna it's because he loves her. Flex suggest that maybe she should get a proffessional teacher who doesen't know her and Breanna agrees. Duane gets off his diet pills and wins the woman's heart in the end.moreless
  • Unemployment Up, Pride Down
    Nicole struggles to get a new job in Baltimore. Meanwhile when Flex comes back to his Newscaster job he finds out that he's been bumped down to a weatherman. Breanna tells Arnaz and her firends that she's not moving.
  • I Believe I Can Fly (2)
    Flex struggles with being a 33-year-old rookie in the NBA. Breanna bumps heads with Nicole over her strict parenting style. Nicole says to get used to it because she's going to Nova Scotia. Breanna then tells all her friends goodbye and she and Arnaz share a goodbye kiss. Seeing how sad her daughter is Nicole decides to give up her dream job and stay in Baltimore. Meanwhile Flex gets fired as a basketball player because he doesen't put any heart into the game like all the other players do and he realizes that his heart belongs to Breanna instead. He comes back home and Nicole and Breanna have returned. Breanna says the Nicole is going to live in Flex's apartment with them until she gets a new job and apartment.moreless
  • I Believe I Can Fly (1)
    Arnaz comes over to Breanna's house with the tape and taunts her with it. Breanna denies what she said to Arnaz on the tape, but he says that he'll get her to say those words again if it kills him. Meanwhile Nicole tells Flex that she's taking Breanna to live with her in Nova Scotia, but Flex says he can work it out. Nicole then says that he has to choose between his dream career as a professional basketball player on the NBA or giving it up for Breanna. Breanna then comes in and she and Flex both try to reason with Nicole but her mind is made up. She asks Flex why should Breanna have a half-time dad when she can have a full-time mom. This makes Flex give up and decide to join the NBA. This saddens Breanna and she and Spirit spend some final time together as friends. Arnaz comes and he once again confronts Breanna about her true feelings. Just as she's about to admit them one of Arnaz's old girlfriends, Ginger comes and steals him away. Spirit encourages Breanna to catch Arnaz but she says its no use because she's moving to Nova Scotia. Meanwhile Flex goes down to a barbershop to drown his sorrows and gets encouragement from all his friends to join the NBA. Flex is unsure until Breanna comes and decides that she'll let her father live out his dream if it'll make him happy...moreless