One On One - Season 3

UPN (ended 2006)


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  • Bright Lights, Big City (2)
    When Holly finds out that Flex is not in love with her, she decides to get even by sabotaging their chances of getting syndicated, but after they make fools out of each other at the broadcast awards dinner, her plan backfires as they are offered a deal to go national. Meanwhile, when Flex chooses to attend the awards dinner instead of Brenna's play, she decides to follow her dreams and run away with Arnaz to New York. Meanwhile Candy moves in with Dwayne, who is now trying to hide the fact that Big Sal's has closed down & he is now out of a job.moreless
  • Bright Lights, Big City
  • The Play's the Thing (1)
    When "Flex Files" has a chance of going national, their producer Geraldine convinces Flex and his co-host Holly to fake a romance in order to generate publicity and secure syndication, but things get complicated when Holly starts to have real feelings for Flex. Meanwhile, after learning that Arnaz has decided to move to New York, a devastated Breanna uses her broken heart to deliver an emotional performance that lands her the lead in her high-school play.moreless
  • The Play's the Thing
  • Splitting Hairs
    Splitting Hairs
    Episode 22
    When hair-care mogul Jack Sherwood buys the family barbershop from Flex, Kevin is forced to co- manage the place with the new owner's spoiled daughter Tiffany, but they immediately butt heads over their different views of how the salon should be run. Later, Kevin and Tiffany agree to incorporate both of their ideas under one roof, making the shop a place where men can hang out, watch sports and have a beer all while getting a haircut, and at the same time be an urban oasis for women and men; where they can offer massages, highlights and lattes made to order.moreless
  • Phatheadz
    Episode 22
  • The Prodigal Brother
    When his career as "hairdresser to the rap stars" ends abruptly, Flex's younger brother Kevin returns home hoping to take over the family barbershop, but after Flex sells it out from under him, he agrees to let Kevin stay on as manager. Later, Flex and Kevin team up to confront Kevin's former employer, a gangster rapper, in order to get the money he owes Kevin. Meanwhile after Flex grounds her Breanna tries hard not to break her punishment.moreless
  • No More Wire Hangers
    In order to escape his mother Cheryl's drinking, Arnaz hides out in Breanna's room, but after Arnaz turns to Flex for support, his mother physically abuses him, forcing Flex to convince Cheryl to get some help for her problem.
  • Sleepless in Baltimore
    When Breanna secretly goes online to find her dad a date, she believes she has found his perfect match in Pamela, but she is shocked to discover that Flex and Pamela had dated 10 years earlier and, to make matters worse, Flex has no memory of ditching her the first time.moreless
  • Cabin Fever
    Cabin Fever
    Episode 18
    Flex becomes jealous when Breanna starts to admire her Drama teacher more than her. He gets so jealous that he goes to McKinley High School just to tell the teacher off, but because of a huge snowstorm he, Breanna and the entire school gets snowed in. Meanwhile, because of the snowstorm, Duane is the only one left in the building so he tries to find ways to entertain himself. Flex's father comes back from a trip and helps Flex out with his jealousy.moreless
  • Spy Games Reloaded
    Spy Games Reloaded
    Episode 17
    Flex lets Breanna stay at home alone, for 2 reasons. 1- It's her last chance and 2- To look after Duayne who is recovering from his surgery. Arnaz spills cherry cola on Flex's new expensive chair, then Spirit's stain removal burns a hole in the cushion, so the 3 teens sell some of their stuff to make the money to buy a new chair. They reaise the money, but accidentally sell Flex's flat screen television. Duayne, who was given $10000 by his dad as thanks for the kidney, decides to give the kids the money for the TV, but as long as they look after him.moreless
  • He's Not Heavy, He's My Half-Brother
    Duane's father returns for the kidney operation. When Duane goes to the hospital to get the kidney transplant he disocvers that his kidney's not going to his father, but instead his half-brother he never even knew about Dewayne. Duane is shocked by his existance and also discovers that while he was father-less his entire life Dewayne was not and the only reason why Duane even got a chance to meet his real father is because Dewayne needed a kidney donor. Feeling left out and unloved Duane runs away. Duane eventually comes back to the hospital and Vaughn apoloigizes for not being apart of his life. Duane forgives him and accepts his half-brother. Meanwhile at WYNX, Flex lands a high-profile interview that is critical to his plans to go national, but he's blind-sided by his sexy co-host Holly whose feminine wiles steal the interviewee away. Flex eventually gets jealous that Holly is attracting more viewers than him but thanks to Breanna he realizes that he has no reason to be jealous and that he and Holly make a great team. Also, Breanna starts to recieve lots of presents from her secret admirer. Arnaz gets jealous and Spirit eventually discovers that Breanna is her own secret admirer. Breanna says she did it to show Arnaz that she's over him, but Spirit lets her know what the right thing to do is. The next day Breanna sends herself one last note to herself saying that it's over. Breanna then opens her locker and finds a whole bunch of flowers from her other secret admirer. Spirit says she thought Breanna stopped doing that, but she says she did and it turns out Arnaz gave her those flowers!moreless
  • The Catch
    The Catch
    Episode 15
    Breanna and Spirit hold audition for a new cheerleader on their cheerleading squad. So far all the people who try out suck except for one girl who just recently moved to Baltimore and transferred to McKinley. Her name is Charlotte and not only does she make the squad but she and Breanna quickly become friends. While getting to know each other Charlotte tells Spirit and Breanna that even though she just moved to Baltimore she was still here over the summer visiting her Grandmother. Charlotte also mentions that during the summer she met a guy and had sex with him. Breanna and Spirit get really curious and ask her who and she says Arnaz! When Breanna discovers that she's the girl that Arnaz lost her virginity too this makes Breanna mad putting a dent in her new friendship with Charlotte. The next few days Breanna starts to treat her really cruelly, but Spirit knocks some sense into Breanna by saying that she should really be mad at Arnaz. During the annual school cheer-off Breanna and Charlotte make up. She also tells Breanna that even though she had sex with Arnaz, Arnaz had told her that there was already a special girl in his life who he had given a special half-heart locket which is Breanna. Meanwhile Flex and Duane go up against each other for the condo board presidency. Flex tells Duane that since Flex is a "celebrity" he has no chance against Duane, but Duane gets a celebrity of his own to campaign him. Duane gets R&B star Ruben Studdard to sing to the voting comittee board. Eventually it turns out that both Flex and Duane lose and the position goes to Ruben.moreless
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hip Hop World
    Breanna, Arnaz, and Spirit plan to drive all the way to West Virginia to a Hip-Hop Palooza. Breanna tries to get Flex's permission to go there all by herself, but instead Flex decides to tag along and make it a memorable family memory for her. On the road Flex annoys them with road trip games and the kids quickly get bored. The car runs out of gas and Flex decides to go look for a gas station out alone while the kids are asleep. When Breanna, Spirit, and Arnaz wake up and discover Flex gone they think that he abondanded them. They are stranded on the road until Angie Stone pulls up with her limo and decides to give them a lift. Meanwhile at a restaurant Flex tries to contact the kids but fails. Eventually Breanna and Flex are reunited. Unfortunately the Hip-Hop Palooza gets canceled because of a heavy downpour but Breanna thanks Flex anyways for giving her a good family memory to reflect on. Also Duane and Candy try to go a whole entire weekend without sex to find out what they have in common.moreless
  • East Meets East Coast
    The Korean shop-owner next to Flex's barbershop raises unexpected objections when his daughter begins a mini romance with Flex. Breanna teams up with Nightmare for the Chemistry project. Flex doesn't approve but realizes he's just like him when he was a teenager so he decides to let them date.
  • Dream Seller
    Dream Seller
    Episode 12
    With Flex's father out of town it's his job to look over his father's barbershop, but things become complicated when he has to balance out his job as manager of the barbersop and leading sports cast anchor at his news job. Unfortunately after he fouls up an interview with R&B artist Anthony Hamilton he gets fired forcing Flex to have a permanent job at the barbershop. Meanwhile Duane, Breanna, Arnaz, and Spirit start a fashion buisness, and decide to sell their latest fashions to the students at McKinkley Highschool for a high price.moreless
  • It's a Miserable Life
    Nicole comes home announcing that she is pregnant and plans to marry her boyfriend, Jayden, shattering Breanna's hope that her parents will remarry. While planning the wedding Breanna falls asleep at Duane's and sees what her life would be like if her parents were still married.
  • Spy Games
    Spy Games
    Episode 10
    When Flex falls for Sheila, an ambitious, sexy sports columnist, he is willing to do anything for her, including bribing Breanna to tutor her son Eric. But when Eric is caught stealing Flex's stories from his computer to give to his mother, Flex and Breanna team up to seek revenge.
  • Tears of a Clown
    Tears of a Clown
    Episode 9
    WYNX has a new producer named Geraldine. Geraldine has fired the old producer Hank and hired a new sidekick named Holly to help Flex out with the Flex Files to increase ratings. Holly at first seems like a dumb blonde, but she later on proves her inelligence to Flex as she proves that her "dumb-blonde" act is just a tease she uses to help get more viewers. Meanwhile Duane finally meets his father, but it turns out that he's only come because he needs Duane's kidney. Also Breanna tries to figure out who Arnaz lost his virginity too, while Spirit works on a unique design to get her way into a fashion college.moreless
  • Keeping It
    Keeping It
    Episode 8
    Asanti, the most popular cheerleader in Breanna's cheerleading squad shares good news with the other cheerleaders about her losing her virginity with her boyfriend Rodney. The entire squad is happy for her, but when the cheerleading squad discovers that Breanna and Spirit are still virgins their popularity is threatened. Giving into peer pressure Breanna and Spirit decide to lose their virginity quick. Meanwhile after a burglar almost rob's Duane's apartment he and Flex decide to patrol the building to catch the crook. Also Arnaz's mom, Cheryl is worried about Arnaz and his raging hormones so Flex decides to talk to Arnaz about the birds and the bees. The next night Breanna decides to have sex with Arnaz to lose her virginity and remain popular but she changes her mind when Arnaz reveals he's not a virgin! After a long talk with Flex she realizes that she made the right choice and decides to wait until she's all grown up to have sex.moreless
  • I Hear White People
    After a freak accident, Duane inexplicably hears the thoughts of white people around him and becomes more aware of the racism that exists in their minds, so Flex decides to use Duane's new power to find out if his job is in jeopardy after suspecting the new station management is discriminating against the African-American employees.moreless
  • One Hand Washington's the Other
    In an effort to improve his show's flagging ratings, Flex uses Breanna to get an exclusive interview with a Russian basketball star who is playing at her school.
  • 2 Young, 2 Curious
    2 Young, 2 Curious
    Episode 5
    Flex, feeling old, meets a young girl at a club who is, unbeknownst to him, a classmate of Breanna's.
  • PTAmore
    Episode 4
    After Flex comes home and finds Breanna taking pics of hot young boys for a beefcake calendar for school Flex then decides to go to the PTA and argue over it. He then discovers that Spirit's mom Leilani is the president of the PTA and the beefcake calendar was her idea. Flex then decides to overthrow her and he does by providing the other women in the PTA meeting advice on their love lives. Meanwhile Arnaz decides to form a strike against the beefcake calendar because Breanna didn't include him in it. Also Duane buys a new refrigerator for his apartment but winds up getting stuck behind it.moreless
  • Creepin'
    Episode 3
    Flex and Breanna swear off dating, deciding they only need each other, while Candy & Duane host a speed dating party.
  • Stepmom, Misstep
    Stepmom, Misstep
    Episode 2
    Natalie tries to ease Breanna's broken heart by inviting her and Spirit along on her romantic weekend away with Flex, but her first attempt at being "step mom" backfires when she ends up being too overprotective about the little things and too lenient when it comes to boys.
  • It's a Family Thing
    One month later in order to find Nicole, Flex gets fellow newsreporters to help him find her. Suddenly she then turns up at his door unharmed arriving from Africa. She says that she and Jayden escaped the jungle and were living in a tent for a month. Flex then drops the bomb on Nicole and says that they are still legally married which shocks Nicole. Meanwhile Josh comforts Breanna in her time of need. Arnaz tries to get Ginger to tell Breanna the truth about what really happened at the Burger Hut but Ginger only makes the situation worse by saying they slept together. To get back at Arnaz she and Josh plan to have sex, but Arnaz catches them. Arnaz then accuses Josh of helping Ginger to break them up. Josh denies this and he and Arnaz start fighting but then Breanna tells both of them to leave saying that she does not know who to believe anymore. Meanwhile in divorce court Judge Mablean says that because of the fact that Flex and Nicole are still legally married and the fact that they have had sex 2 years ago on Thanksgiving 2001 she will not grant them their divorce and she suggest that they go to marriage conseling. They go their and Flex and Nicole resolve their issues and realize that maybe they should've made their marriage work. After the marriage consel session the judge also says that a divorce can't be made until they seperate for one year. When Flex tells the news to Natalie she gets mad and says that they should break up not only because of the fact that he's still legally married but the fact that he still hasen't gotten over Nicole. Also after a talk with her father about love Breanna talks to Arnaz and decides that they should not date yet until both of them are ready and keep their friendship.moreless