One On One - Season 4

UPN (ended 2006)


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  • The Graduates
    The Graduates
    Episode 22
    Feeling guilty for meddling in Breanna's love life, Flex admits to her that he persuaded Arnaz to let her go to California without him. Later, Breanna's plans for college take a surprising turn when she announces to Flex that she is living in Baltimore with Arnaz.
  • Cap And Frown
    Cap And Frown
    Episode 21
    With graduation quickly approaching, Flex's ex-wife Nicole (Tichina Arnold) convinces him to meddle in Breanna's love life, hoping she will choose a college in California over staying in Baltimore with Arnaz. Later, Arnaz tells Breanna that she should go to California to follow her dreams, but she thinks it's his way of breaking up with her.moreless
  • Save The First Dance
    After Flex hurts Danielle's feelings by teasing her for being fat in high school, he tries to make it up to her by recreating the prom she never got to attend. Meanwhile, after agreeing to let Spirit design her prom dress, Breanna is furious when she shows up to the prom in the dream dress she wanted to wear.moreless
  • Glug, Glug
    Glug, Glug
    Episode 19
    When her boyfriend cancels their date for the senior party because she won't have sex with him, a depressed Spirit gets drunk on way to the event and misses all of the festivities. Meanwhile, Danielle and Candy are convinced they are being stood up by their dates with Flex and Duane, but unbeknownst to them, the guys are being held up at gunpoint by a man (Chingy) down on his luck.moreless
  • Accidental Love (2)
    Accidental Love (2)
    Episode 18
    Flex tries his best to make things work with Tonya (guest star Tamala Jones), but that becomes more difficult when he learns Danielle's true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Breanna's obsession with being crowned "cutest couple" with Arnaz for her school yearbook causes a rift between them
  • Accidental Love (1)
    Accidental Love (1)
    Episode 17
    An epiphany following a car accident sends Flex back into the arms of his old girlfriend, Tonya (Tamala Jones), much to the dismay of his therapist, Danielle, who suddenly realizes that she has feelings for him.
  • Contract High
    Contract High
    Episode 16
    Flex gets frustrated with his co-star's favored treatment and hires a powerful agent (David Faustino), hoping to get what he believes he deserves. Meanwhile, Spirit decides to quit designing after someone else rips off her creations.
  • Rock and a Hard Place
    It starts when Breanna, Spirit, and Arnaz standing in the hallway at the school. Arnaz auditioned for a "Battle Of The Bands" competition and is waiting until the scores get posted. Then A-Train (Lloyd from the INC) appears and says that he will loose against his group. Then Arnaz makes a joke about his name and A Train says that at least he has a nickname. Spirit laughs which catches the eye of A Train and he asks what is Spirit's name. Meanwhile, Duane tells Flex that he wants to marry Candy. Flex doesn't like the idea because they just got back together. They have a little minor "argument" which leaves Duane walking out the apartment. At the practice of Arnaz's band, Spirit gives him and his band new outfits and he doesn't like them. He says that they look like "hip hop butlers." Spirit states that she was doing a friend a favor. So Spirit goes to A-Train's group and gives them the outfits she made for Arnaz, without Breeana and Arnaz knowing, which gets him jealous. Meanwhile, Flex and Duane go through "friends counseling." At the end, Arnaz's band wins The Battle of the Bands and Arnaz apologizes to Spirit, who does not forgive him.moreless
  • Lock Blockin'
    Lock Blockin'
    Episode 14
    To get Flex out of a deep depression, Duane surprises Flex with an opportunity to sing with his favorite group, New Edition.
  • Goodbye, Mr. Chips
    Goodbye, Mr. Chips
    Episode 13
    Flex brings Duane with him to the annual celebrity poker tournament. Flex pays against Kevin Frazier (as himself). NBA legend John Salley and Claudia Jordan guest star as themselves.
  • Shock Jock
    Shock Jock
    Episode 12
    After making some comments on his show "Flex Files." Flex jeopardizes Breanna's chances of getting college scholarships from some organizations who think Flex is a pig. And also Duane secretly sells the uniforms that Spirit made for him as a favor.
  • Mojo No Mo
    Mojo No Mo
    Episode 11
    When Flex and Duane find themselves with no plans on New Year's Eve, they devise a plan to win dates at a charity auction. Meanwhile, Breanna is disappointed when Arnaz decides to take gig on New Year's Eve, instead of spending it with her.
  • Lost In The Headlights
    Breanna wants to stuff her bra so she could appear in a national commercial at a movie-themed restaurant, where women with large breasts are the main attraction.
  • Who Brought The Jive Turkey?
    Breanna plans a perfect romantic Thanksgiving Dinner for Arnez and her. But later in turns sour when his friends show up. Meanwhile Flex wants to have a nice dinner with his neighbor Danielle but Flex accidentally stumbles upon a support group for singles, all of who have dated Flex.
  • Daddy's Home
    Daddy's Home
    Episode 8
    When Arnez hires a sexy back up singer for his band, Breanna is full of envy. Beacuse she thinks that Arnaz may have a passion for more than just the music.
  • You Don't Have To Go Home...
    When Miss Swain finds out that Arnez is using school as his home. Arnez turns to his father for help. So when his dad can not help, his dad puts him to work at the family business at the "Crab in a Barrel."
  • Manic Monday
    Manic Monday
    Episode 6
    During Halloween, Flex and Breanna are put under a mysterious spell causing them to inexplicably switch bodies and forcing them to see each other's point of view, so Breanna (as Flex) must pull off an interview with Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Gary Hall Jr. while Flex (as Breanna) must deliver a convincing performance in her drama class.moreless
  • Rock The Vote
    Rock The Vote
    Episode 5
    Breanna, excited to take part in the political process, ends leading a McKinley High protest against her cousin.
  • Dirty Laundry
    Dirty Laundry
    Episode 4
    Breanna and Flex decide to see the new attractive family therapist who has moved into their building.
  • Follow That Car
    Follow That Car
    Episode 3
    When Breanna and Arnaz admit to Flex that they are dating, he pretends to be happy about it, but really can't handle it, so he goes to great lengths to keep an eye on them, even as far as placing a locator chip in Breanna's car to track her every move.moreless
  • Zen Daddy
    Zen Daddy
    Episode 2
    When an accident to Flex's co-host puts his syndication deal in jeopardy, Flex comes up with a great idea to have a sports show with his buddies, but before he has a chance to pitch the concept, he finds himself forced to take on his boss' new Croatian girlfriend as his new sidekick.moreless
  • We'll Take Manhattan
    After running away to New York City, Breanna, Spirit and Arnaz quickly learn that fame and fortune is hard work after spending the night in a grungy apartment with other starving artists and being forced to panhandle for money. But when Breanna gets advice from a friendly stranger named Glinda who sends her to see "A Raisin in the Sun," she realizes what is most important to her. Meanwhile, after learning that Breanna has run off with Arnaz and Spirit to New York City, a frantic Flex drags Spirit's mom Leilani and Duane to the city to find their kids and bring them home.moreless
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