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AIRED ON 11/10/2013

Season 13 : Episode 620

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Twenty years ago, Gold Roger was the wealthiest man in the world. He had wealth, fame, and power as the Pirate King. After being caught, he was executed. But before his death, he revealed that his legendary treasure was out on the Grand Line. Searching for the treasure, "One Piece", many pirates set out for the Grand Line in order to find this mysterious treasure. Monkey D. Luffy sets out to find a crew, and enter the Grand Line. With his crew, he attempts to find "One Piece", to become the greatest pirate in the world!


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    • good anime

      one series good
    • Started to catch up to this a few months ago and I LOVE IT!!!

      Even though I'm not far into the series as others, this is one of the best anime out there that I've seen. I haven't see a lot of it probably because I was watching more of Naruto. Although I think One Piece is coming close to my new favorite anime. Also, I'm not sure why people say it's not good art style wise, it looks pretty fine to me. Oh btw, SCREW YOU 4KIDS FOR RUINING THIS AMAZING ANIME!!!! Sorry to bring that up but you know it's true (even though I find it hilariously bad).

      As of 6/8/16 I'm over half way through the anime and it gets better and better. And I got to ask, how does this show give me feels over a fricking ship burning?moreless
    • Strawhats forever

      Love it.
    • Wow! WOW! Best anime after the Dragonball series! Hands down!

      I really hope that the reason this show has such a low score is because those people mistook this for the 4Kids dub, because there is no way a show this freakin' amazing should have a 6.6 rating! I don't care if I've only just got past the Skypiea arc. I don't care if I'm not even a third of the way into it. This show is FANTASTIC! And this is from someone whose only into a few animes (DBZ, Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail mainly).

      I'll start with the main crew. Sanji flirting with the attractive women and being cold to everyone else while doing it provides many humorous moments, but he's also got a really cool fighting style with his kicks, which has a great reasoning for it, being he's a chef and doesn't want to damage his main means of making a living. Zoro is freaking awesome too. His three sword style shows how capable he is in a fight and his battles are always great to watch. But he's also terrible at navigating and gets lost easily, which is where a lot of his humor comes from. Usopp varies in my opinion. He lies to help get his friends out of jams and to cheer people like Kiya up, and shows bravery on some occasions in the beginning and I like those moments, but then he goes back to being scared all the time. Wtf why hasn't he gotten over that yet? Maybe he does and I just haven't gotten to that point in the show yet. If so, I apologize for my ignorance. Nami's cool mostly, but her obsession with treasure can be rather irritating sometimes. Robin's amazingly calm, even under dangerous circumstances and Chopper's pretty cute with some good fighting and doctoring skills of his own. But Luffy is by far the best character of One Piece. He just personifies the quirky nature of this entire show. He's so dumb most of the time, but knows how to focus clearly when it comes to his friends. I like how chipper and nave he is too, as well as how badass he is when he fights or when he gets angry. All of the Straw Hats have great and well-established backstories too, which make them all the more endearing, even with their unique quirks.

      A lot of the fights throughout the show are really good too. And I love the idea of the Devil Fruits, which show off an amazing variety of powers. I especially love the powers of Luffy, Robin and Ace, and they've shown to be very useful when trying to get something or somewhere, or exploring the fantastic world of One Piece. Speaking of which, let's go ahead and talk about that. I love the Pirate theme, the oceanic world, the idea of the devil fruits and the powers contained in them, and many of the locations throughout the first ocean and the Grand Line. I mean there's an Arabian-like desert kingdom (my favorite area and storyline so far), an island in the sky, winter islands, jungles with dinosaurs, and probably many more that I haven't seen yet. I like the creatures too, like the giant Sea Kings (nice play on Pokmon btw), the Alabasta animals, One Piece even has dragons in it! What? This whole world is just so well thought-out and so beautiful to look at, I couldn't wait to see where the Straw Hats would explore next.

      The art style of most of the characters are very expressive and give good indications about what their like. They can be goofy looking, but the villains are for the most part still threating and downright sadistic, which was nice to see.. but I gotta ask. Why do all of the women look the same? Seriously. All the skinny, attractive girls look the damn same, just with different hairstyles, eyes and clothing. The show's sound, music and voice acting for the Funimation dub are all great too. One problem I do have with One Piece though is how hardly anyone dies, even in situations where it basically shows them die. How is it that Bellamere can get shot and die and yet Pell of Alabasta can survive an explosion that was meant to destroy an entire city? Not that I wanted any of them to die except for villains, but that seriously makes no sense.

      However, as amazing as One Piece is, I'm not sure if I have the will to watch another 500 episodes in order to catch up. That's probably the only real negative I have with this show is that it goes on FOREVER! I really love what I've seen so far, but I'm not sure I want to keep going because of how much more there is still to go. I can handle DBZ, and maybe Fairy Tail after the time skip, but 700 plus episodes is quite another story.

      Oh well, what I've seen is fantastic. Great characters, an amazing world, and an excellent mix of action, drama and humor. The Funimation version of One Piece is a fantastic anime and I highly recommend it, cause it literally blows the 4kids dub out of the water. Though I'll give the latter one thing, if it hadn't been for 4Kids, I may of never gotten interested in the current One Piece. So thanks for that, even if you still horribly suck.moreless
    • A Really Great Pirate Show

      This is and still remains one of the best anime series still running. What I like best about this series is it doesn't use the pirate stereotypes like Hook or Pirates of the Carribean. Each pirate has their own personality. The Strawhats are very likable and some of the villains have humor to them like Buggy the Clown or are completely evil like Captain Kuro. This show is so awesome in Japan there is even One Piece toilet paper. I'm not even joking, this series is that good.

      If I had to choose my favorite Strawhat, it would be Sanji because his flirtatious nature is very funny, yet he can be depended on and he is a great cook.

      Now my theory on the 6 rating is because people haven't forgotten the 4Kids dub. I admit I didn't think much on the 4Kids version until I saw the series being done by Funimation. The comparison was night and day and between the two, with Funimation being more faithful to the original than 4Kids.moreless

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