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The Ultimate Team to defeat Luffy?

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    [1]Jul 9, 2012
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    As we all know, Luffy has made a variety of powerful enemies and he's fought a great fight with a great deal of them. But i have to ask, what would be the ultimate team against him?

    As you may recall, Buggy and Alvida teamed up to track him down in Roguetown and almost lopped off his head. So what be the perfect collection of villains to defeat Straw Hat?

    Yeah, i know, of course Luffy would survive, he's the hero. But which villains do you think would be a perfect to bring together in order to defeat, capture and possible even kill Monkey D. Luffy?

    I only ask because, it seems like no matter who Luffy fights, he always has the upper hand in a battle. It would probably be more intense if he was in a fight where he was struggling just to stay alive.

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    [2]May 3, 2013
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    I'll have to disagree.

    He has nearly lost his lives in fights and he doesnt always win.

    But if you're talking about villians, then any of the Yonko should be enough for him..

    Or maybe..Doflamingo + Crocodile..

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    [3]May 10, 2013
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    Crocodile denied Doflamingo's request to a partnership. However Crocodile is in the New World with #1.

    We know that Luffy can lose, but what really interests me is who Luffy honestly can't fight. I'd say that if Luffy were to honestly fight Zoro that he'd lose. Mostly because Luffy would have more heart than Zoro. Granted because of the writing Luffy hasn't killed anyone but Zoro has made multiple attempts to execute his enemies and I'd see Luffy as no different in a true fight.

    Obviously the story is being written to make Blackbeard Luffy's ultimate rival but my choice would still be Zoro.
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