One Piece

Season 1 Episode 1

I'm Luffy! The Man Who Will Become The Pirate King!

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1999 on Fuji Television

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  • Absolutely fabulous pilot episode to possibly the greatest anime ever.

    The Alvida pirates led by the grotesque Alvida raid a ship for its treasure. Coby, a weakling with no self esteem that joined by accident makes a fateful encounter with Luffy who by accident, boarded that ship. After getting to know each other for a bit, Coby stands up for himself against Alvida after learning a lesson or two from Luffy's sheer will. Luffy, revealing that he ate a devil's fruit that makes him rubber, easily defeats the pirates. His next step is acquiring a crew, and he sets his eyes on the demonic and infamous pirate hunter Rorona Zoro.

    Straight from the get go One Piece had my captivated. The pacing is absolutely perfect and the comedy and tone is just consistently top notched and great. I have a thing against "one speech wonders" where people seem to learn life changing lessons in unrealistic ways, but the way Coby learned from Luffy made it really realistic in a sense. Even though I'm basically caught up with the anime (chapter 520 in the manga) and I know the One Piece universe pretty well, this episode did such an astonishing job introducing the base, goals, theme, in such a smooth way. Often times in shounen, several terms and concepts are thrown at you which you get a grasp of later on, but you already feel comfortable with the One Piece universe just 10 minutes into this first episode.