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  • good anime

    one series good
  • Started to catch up to this a few months ago and I LOVE IT!!!

    Even though I'm not far into the series as others, this is one of the best anime out there that I've seen. I haven't see a lot of it probably because I was watching more of Naruto. Although I think One Piece is coming close to my new favorite anime. Also, I'm not sure why people say it's not good art style wise, it looks pretty fine to me. Oh btw, SCREW YOU 4KIDS FOR RUINING THIS AMAZING ANIME!!!! Sorry to bring that up but you know it's true (even though I find it hilariously bad).

    As of 6/8/16 I'm over half way through the anime and it gets better and better. And I got to ask, how does this show give me feels over a fricking ship burning?
  • Strawhats forever

    Love it.
  • Wow! WOW! Best anime after the Dragonball series! Hands down!

    I really hope that the reason this show has such a low score is because those people mistook this for the 4Kids dub, because there is no way a show this freakin' amazing should have a 6.6 rating! I don't care if I've only just got past the Skypiea arc. I don't care if I'm not even a third of the way into it. This show is FANTASTIC! And this is from someone whose only into a few animes (DBZ, Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail mainly).

    I'll start with the main crew. Sanji flirting with the attractive women and being cold to everyone else while doing it provides many humorous moments, but he's also got a really cool fighting style with his kicks, which has a great reasoning for it, being he's a chef and doesn't want to damage his main means of making a living. Zoro is freaking awesome too. His three sword style shows how capable he is in a fight and his battles are always great to watch. But he's also terrible at navigating and gets lost easily, which is where a lot of his humor comes from. Usopp varies in my opinion. He lies to help get his friends out of jams and to cheer people like Kiya up, and shows bravery on some occasions in the beginning and I like those moments, but then he goes back to being scared all the time. Wtf why hasn't he gotten over that yet? Maybe he does and I just haven't gotten to that point in the show yet. If so, I apologize for my ignorance. Nami's cool mostly, but her obsession with treasure can be rather irritating sometimes. Robin's amazingly calm, even under dangerous circumstances and Chopper's pretty cute with some good fighting and doctoring skills of his own. But Luffy is by far the best character of One Piece. He just personifies the quirky nature of this entire show. He's so dumb most of the time, but knows how to focus clearly when it comes to his friends. I like how chipper and nave he is too, as well as how badass he is when he fights or when he gets angry. All of the Straw Hats have great and well-established backstories too, which make them all the more endearing, even with their unique quirks.

    A lot of the fights throughout the show are really good too. And I love the idea of the Devil Fruits, which show off an amazing variety of powers. I especially love the powers of Luffy, Robin and Ace, and they've shown to be very useful when trying to get something or somewhere, or exploring the fantastic world of One Piece. Speaking of which, let's go ahead and talk about that. I love the Pirate theme, the oceanic world, the idea of the devil fruits and the powers contained in them, and many of the locations throughout the first ocean and the Grand Line. I mean there's an Arabian-like desert kingdom (my favorite area and storyline so far), an island in the sky, winter islands, jungles with dinosaurs, and probably many more that I haven't seen yet. I like the creatures too, like the giant Sea Kings (nice play on Pokmon btw), the Alabasta animals, One Piece even has dragons in it! What? This whole world is just so well thought-out and so beautiful to look at, I couldn't wait to see where the Straw Hats would explore next.

    The art style of most of the characters are very expressive and give good indications about what their like. They can be goofy looking, but the villains are for the most part still threating and downright sadistic, which was nice to see.. but I gotta ask. Why do all of the women look the same? Seriously. All the skinny, attractive girls look the damn same, just with different hairstyles, eyes and clothing. The show's sound, music and voice acting for the Funimation dub are all great too. One problem I do have with One Piece though is how hardly anyone dies, even in situations where it basically shows them die. How is it that Bellamere can get shot and die and yet Pell of Alabasta can survive an explosion that was meant to destroy an entire city? Not that I wanted any of them to die except for villains, but that seriously makes no sense.

    However, as amazing as One Piece is, I'm not sure if I have the will to watch another 500 episodes in order to catch up. That's probably the only real negative I have with this show is that it goes on FOREVER! I really love what I've seen so far, but I'm not sure I want to keep going because of how much more there is still to go. I can handle DBZ, and maybe Fairy Tail after the time skip, but 700 plus episodes is quite another story.

    Oh well, what I've seen is fantastic. Great characters, an amazing world, and an excellent mix of action, drama and humor. The Funimation version of One Piece is a fantastic anime and I highly recommend it, cause it literally blows the 4kids dub out of the water. Though I'll give the latter one thing, if it hadn't been for 4Kids, I may of never gotten interested in the current One Piece. So thanks for that, even if you still horribly suck.
  • A Really Great Pirate Show

    This is and still remains one of the best anime series still running. What I like best about this series is it doesn't use the pirate stereotypes like Hook or Pirates of the Carribean. Each pirate has their own personality. The Strawhats are very likable and some of the villains have humor to them like Buggy the Clown or are completely evil like Captain Kuro. This show is so awesome in Japan there is even One Piece toilet paper. I'm not even joking, this series is that good.

    If I had to choose my favorite Strawhat, it would be Sanji because his flirtatious nature is very funny, yet he can be depended on and he is a great cook.

    Now my theory on the 6 rating is because people haven't forgotten the 4Kids dub. I admit I didn't think much on the 4Kids version until I saw the series being done by Funimation. The comparison was night and day and between the two, with Funimation being more faithful to the original than 4Kids.
  • BEST ANIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its the most creative anime ever since 1999. Its better than any other viz media anime including dragonball z, fullmetal alchemist and cowboy bebop. If this ends, I will stop watching animes
  • ONE PIECE Eng SUB 1000tyms >>>>>>>>>>> 4Kids dubbed version

    WTF 6.5 rating ?!?!?!?

    MINIMUM = 9.5 stars..... wtf z wrong with u the eng sub version not d Shitty 4Kids english dubbed version..... d former is 100000000000 tyms better & more EPIC!!!!!
  • The US air date is so slow.

    Its atleast 15 episodes behind the story so thats why proobly bad rating if we dont say about the bad dub voice acting.
  • Why the hell is this show rated so low?

    It's awesome! This is a big anime in Japan, and I do mean BIG! But it seems that in the US this show get's no love compared to Naruto or Bleach. Are people rating it low because of the crappy 4kids dub? Well give it a try with it's new dub. The animation get's better and better with each arc, the music is memorable, the characters you love, the list goes on.
  • One Piece Greatness!

    One Piece is The Greatest Shonen Anime/Manga of all time.

    It features a grand adventure full of colourful and developed

    characters, each with their own unique goals and dreams. The narrative

    is extremely well-paced and intriguing with great writing and

    presentation; the Animation and Music are both incredibly top-notch.

    They give each Arc/Location it's own style of atmosphere which makes

    the series very innovative. This coincides with the genius storytelling

    that balances badass action scenes and hilarious comedic moments. One

    Piece is also a very memorable show with gorgeous imagery and designs.

    An example of this brilliance is in the backstory for the Punk Hazard

    Arc where a character with a Fire-type ability battles an Ice-type

    character for a long time in one location, an island. This results in a

    contrast of settings and characters because half the island is covered

    in Ice while the other half is engulfed by Fire, so different

    variations and ideas are explored in just one Arc!

    Finally, the series just knows how to have fun and not be

    overly-dramatic like many other Animes. This in turn, makes the few

    brilliant dramatic episodes all the more impactful!

    One Piece is a True Classic.
  • 6.4?! Really!!!

    Why?! This anime is great yet it has such a mediocre rating I'd expect at least an 8 or even a 9. But 6.4/10 is just ridiculous. Just shows how underrated this anime is in the US because of the Narutards.
  • I just love one piece!! <333

    I've grown up with this anime. even though I am a girl doesn't meant that you can't enjoy this anime being a girl. I absolutely love the story line and the writing is so good.

    just now I've finished the series. because a year or two ago I started to watch it again with my brother but then I stopped for finals. and in december I had ''some time'' lol, you need to have A LOT OF TIME, so I watched all episodes from 1 until where I left off until episode 628 :-).

    if you are a fan of anime you need to watch this. it's by far the best. the stories might be long sometimes (100 episodes or so per story line) but it is absolutely worth it. because no matter if it's a holiday or something the new episodes always air. like in a year you have 51 episodes, I think there is only a one week break. ONE WEEK!! where as other shows stop for several months.

    favourite characters: luffy, zorro, ace and nami <3

    favourite story line: arlong, cp9/water seven and the war
  • Best Anime

    It is just the type of anime anyone would love

    It has it all.

    Humor, Comedy, Action, Adventure and what not ;)

    It is the best anime out there, and I can say that because I have myself watched many many animes

    So dont forget to watch it :)
  • one piece is awesome!

    BEST ANIME EVER!!!! ^_^
  • One Piece... The BEST anime/manga series ever~!

    One Piece is about pirates going to the Grand Line (basically the sea) in search of the famous treasure: One Piece.
    The series' main pirate crew is the Straw Hat Crew. The funny looking dude is Monkey D. Luffy. The swordsman is Zoro. The long nosed one is Usopp... and more!!!

    The first seasons of One Piece is not all that great, but after around 20-40ish episodes, the show evolved O_o
    And another thing, if you like epic fights (one on one or team battles) you'll LOVE One Piece.

    To explain why some characters have these "powers" eg. Luffy can stretch his arms... *spoilers*
    If someone or something consumes a 'Devil Fruit', he/she will gain a random power. Such as transforming into a leopard, controls fire, turn invisible, become a dinosaur, etc. You name it.

    One Piece = Awesome
  • Grand Line here I come.

    How to review One Piece... That's really hard, it has so many nice points (and some weak ones of course)...

    When I first saw One Piece I was deeply disapointed, a lot of friends told me about this new anime that the main character was a pirate and would fight other pirates and stuff and I was really curious. Then it came the day I started watching, ok let me tell you this, if you start watching One Piece, don't really mind about the first 30 (more or less) episodes, as they are really weak in my opinion. The first time I started watching this I stopped after the fight against Captain Buggy the Clown (it was just way too childish).

    Now after those 30+ episodes, it starts getting really interesting (more or less like bleach, first season was not that interesting), once it get's to the Nami Arc it starts getting more sentimental, it makes you want to watch more, it makes you feel something for the characters, it gives them a personality, and that for me is the most important in an anime.

    This is the story about a boy named Luffy who wants to be the Pirate King (the pirate who rules over the seas or in Luffy's mind, the person that's most free in the world) and his quest to acomplish his goals. During this quest Luffy will find many nakama (something like friends, comrades, but with a stronger feeling of closeness) to help him. Now the fighting get's "awesomer" every freakin' arc, I never saw one anime getting the action bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger each following arc, it's absolutely amazing.

    And one of the most important thing, it has to be the comedy part of the anime, you'll laugh your ass off most of the time, sometimes even in the heat of danger, you'll still laugh of how funny the character's are.

    To sum up, this is absolutely a must see for anime fans, you'll have a lot of fun seeing this, believe me.
  • its about luffy who gain nakamas in his adventure to become the pirate king!!

    A boy named Monkey D. Luffy, inspired by his childhood hero "Red-Haired" Shanks, sets out on a journey to find the legendary One Piece, to become the new Pirate King. To accomplish this, he must reach the end of the most deadly and dangerous ocean: The Grand Line.

    Luffy captains the Straw Hat Pirates first through the sea of East Blue and then through the Grand Line. He follows the path of the deceased Pirate King, Gold Roger, from island to island on his way to the great treasure One Piece. On his way his crew grows to have a swordsman, a navigator, a sniper, a cook, a doctor, an archaeologist, a shipwright, and a musician.

    During the course of the story, the crew contend with both other less moral pirate crews and the Navy. The latter are the subordinates of the World Government, who apparently seek justice by ending the Golden Age of Pirates. Many background story elements involve the delicate balance of power between the World Government and the world's most powerful pirate crews.
  • The most original, creative anime series I have ever seen.

    One Piece is a great series with a wonderful set of unique characters. The show is blended perfectly with a fine set of emotion, action, and comedy. The series is very unique and not cliche at all. The farther you get in the story, the more you want to watch it. The fights, plot, and characters are all quite amazing and it always leaves you wanting more after the episode if over. Everything in this show is simply beautiful. I highly recommend this show for any poor anime watcher that hasn't seen this yet. You won't regret watching a series like this.
  • I Can't miss this show

    Considered by some to be the heir to the throne of Dragon Ball in terms of Japanese market penetration, One Piece is certainly a phenomenon. The manga's print run recently outpaced Dragon Ball and the series, at more than 130 episodes, is still going strong. It's easy to see why; One Piece follows a very simple and very successful shonen action formula. It worked in the past for Rurouni Kenshin and Dragon Ball and it's working wonderfully for One Piece. The premise is pretty basic. Luffy D. Monkey, an irrepressible youth, ate the Devil's Fruit, which gave his body extra-strength elasticity. He's searching for the One Piece, a legendary treasure that will make him the King of all Pirates and finally allow him to prove himself to his childhood idol, a selfless pirate by the name of Shanks. Along the way, he collects an army of somewhat freakish rogues, including a tough swordfighter named Zoro who fights with a sword in his mouth, and Nami, a spunky thief. Together they have wacky adventures, beat up the bad guys, and collect treasure. It all sounds pretty harmless, right?

    Well, right, it is. One Piece is completely harmless entertainment. The battles can be surprisingly brutal at times, but overall, this is pure shonen action entertainment. It is entirely unpretentious and knows exactly what it wants to be, and excels at that. That having been said, One Piece is not a particularly deep show, although the characters are well developed. The focus seems to be on the crazy villains and the endless string of fights the main characters go through. Luffy and his crew of misfits go from town to town, saving the repressed masses and eliminating evil pirates who stand between them and the One Piece. In some ways, it's very reminiscent of Rurouni Kenshin. Kenshin and Luffy are both laid-back badasses with hearts of gold that surround themselves with surprisingly capable outcasts and defeat circus freak-style enemies in episode after episode. If you like that sort of thing, One Piece delivers. If you don't, One Piece is going to bore the faith out of you.

    So, for fans of formulaic action shows, One Piece is a well-animated bit of fluff that sports decent music and some well-done action scenes. Unfortunately, the bizarre character designs are sure to turn a lot of folks off. One Piece is not done in a traditional anime style. It's very unique and it's bound to rub some people the wrong way. Otherwise, if you like your anime rife with fight scenes that last several episodes, declaratory statements ("Ore wa Kaizokuo ni naru da!" or "I will become the Pirate King!" is Luffy's favorite thing to say...), screwball humor and a touch of originality, One Piece will not fail to please.
  • Very Unique And Awesome Show

    The ORIGINAL One Piece Is So So So Awesome, but the thing that caught my eye was the unique fighting styles of the characters, like luffy has the power of a Mysterious fruit that was called the gomu gomu no mi, which lets him sretch any part of his body like rubber, next is, zoro who fights with 3 swords, also sanji who just fights with his legs, also theres nami who uses a unique weapon called the complete clima-tact which lets her fight wit heat and coldness and lightning, also there is usopp, who uses a giant slingshot which gives him better aim, theres also chopper who has the power of the human human fruit which lets him turn into different forms like human mode, animal mode, and hybrid mode, and he also created a ball called rumble ball which adds 5 more modes for chopper, theres robin who has the ability of the hana hana no mi which lets her bloom out any limb oh her body to another place, theres franky who is a cyborg, theres brook, who uses a cane that turns into a sword for brook, im just saying that one piece has very creative and interesting characters
  • Pirates battle each other on the harshest ocean in the world, The Grand Line. The main character, Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro start off and form a crew to achieve their respective dreams, picking up numerous new crew mates along the way.

    This show starts off somewhat childish, however as the second major arc is introduced the story picks up and gets more serious and more entertaining. The story is well done and stays true to the manga.

    As with most animes based on mangas fillers can be a huge downer, especially if you know in advance that a certain arc is not going to add anything to the final story. Also with a series of this length there are bound to be long stretches of boringness. Episodes which set up a major event but aren't as fun to watch as the event itself. However these episodes are usually important for the story even if they aren't all that entertaining.

    The anime hardly ever overstretches manga chapter resulting in nothing-happening episodes which is a major problem with some animes.

    The animation quality can be choppy at times especially in the first 200 episodes. However since the Enies Lobby arc I have hardly seen such moments. The openings can be annoying since they are usually pretty crappy, especially since theres a 4 minute introduction to each episode. Recently the length of the openings have been extended to twice the length of a regular anime opening, at around 2 and a half minutes.

    The characters are diverse and fun to watch and its always emotional when someone new joins the crew. There are numerous tear jerking, laugh out loud and just overall WOW moments.

    The awesomeness of this series can not be put into words as easily as its faults but it is without a doubt an amazing series despite minor issues.
  • Nothing beats the original uncut One Piece!

    Well it's been a while but the original Japanese One Piece has earned its own forum, and it's well deserving.

    I'll start off with the epic romance that is "One Piece". Never before have I seen a story so intently and thoroughly made than One Piece by Oda-sama. Everything in One Piece has a meaning and sooner or later, it will probably have a great coincedence. A lot of research goes into One Piece, and there are countless references from the real world such as real Pirates, Mythology, and celebrities.

    The characters in One Piece are of a strange variety to say the least. However some characters prove to be more than they appear to be, and they will always do the unexpected. The Straw Hat Crew is one of the most colorful combinations of people ever seen: A Strawhat wearing Rubberman, A pirate hunter wielding 3 swords, the navigator/thief/ money loving lady, the Sharpshooter dreaming to be a warrior, the incredible chef who fights only with kicks and seems to be immune to cancer, the half-reindeer, half-human doctor, the archaeologist with a dark past full of betrayal, the cyborg shipwright with a fascination with speedos, and the musician/swordsman who happens to be an afro bearing skeleton. All these characters contribute so much to the show, including comedic and heroic acts. Most of all, they all have their lovable nature.

    The villains are all dynamic and well made characters. Each having their own story and reasons for their treachery. The villains are also a colorful bunch including a devilish clown, a self-righteous marine, a military assassin group, and practically the rest of the world. The villains all have their own incredible abilities and power. The greatest villain is the World Government, which is currently at war with the Strawhat Pirates.

    Finising up I have one more point to make: the show is full of twists. You can make thousands of full-proof theories about what will happen next and chances are, you'll still be shocked at what happens. Odas storyline is full of twists and turns which draw you in and keep you on the edge of your chair (that is, if you haven't already fallen off). This unpredictable story has stayed strong for over a decade, and will surely continue for another.
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