One Piece - Season 2

Fuji Television Premiered Oct 20, 1999 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Key to a Great Comeback Escape! the Wax-Wax Ball!
    Sanji shows up in the nick of time to make the crocs cough up the key to Luffy's freedom, but the ravenous reptiles spit up something else instead.
  • Mr. 2 Bon Clay has discovered Sanji's weakness but Sanji manages to find a way around it and defeats his opponent after a hard fight. Meanwhile, Princess Vivi makes it to the Royal Palace and proposes that they blow up the palace in order to put a stop to the fighting. Chaka finally submits but Crocodile appears before they can commence the plan.moreless
  • Usopp and Chopper are finished with the Mr. 4 pair although Usopp is heavily injured. Sanji is battling with Mr. 2 and managing to hold the upper hand. However, Mr. 2 has stumbled on Sanji's weakness.
  • The Mr. 4 pair makes sport of Usopp and Chopper as Usopp struggles to keep up with their attacks. Chopper has more experience with them but he too is having trouble. Things look bleak but Usopp gets his second wind and the battle continues.
  • With the Straw Hat crew running a diversion, Vivi attempts to stop the Rebel Army but Baroque Works interferes again and she fails. Carue is injured while he protects her and they are attacked by Mr. 2 disguising himself as Usopp. The two manage to escape into the city but Carue is hit by a stray bullet and Vivi must continue alone. Meanwhile, Usopp and Chopper prepare to battle the Mr. 4 pair.moreless
  • The crew closes in on Alubarna but the remains of Baroque Works are waiting for them. In order to confuse their foes, the crew comes up with a plan and they split up. They are chased into the city by the Mr. 4 pair, the Mr. 1 pair and Mr. 2. However, when the 6 people pull back their hoods, Vivi is not among them!moreless
  • The battle with Crocodile does not go well for Luffy and he is left to die by Crocodile. Strangely enough, he is saved from being buried by the mysterious Miss Allsunday. As he lies breathless on the ground, he is met by Pell. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is worried but they make it to Alubarna thanks to some helping hands along the way.moreless
  • The crew escapes the city of Rainbase and is met by Chopper who has found a quick mode of transportation to Alubarna. However, before they can get very far, Crocodile snares Vivi with his hook from long range. She is being pulled back but Luffy frees her and takes her place telling them to go on without him to Alubarna. He then turns to face Crocodile and the long awaited battle begins.moreless
  • While Chopper distracts Crocodile outside, "Mr. Prince" sets about helping the trapped crew. He finds the crocodile that ate the key but when it spits it out something else comes with it. A mummified Mr. 3 who protected himself with his Devil Fruit ability. He throws the key away but is forcefully pursuaded by Sanji to use his wax to make a key. Crocodile returns and finds the cage empty, while outside, Smoker demands to know why Zoro saved him. Zoro turns and says it was Captain's orders.moreless
  • Crocodile sets a Banana crocodile on the group as he leaves and it eats the key to their cage. Unable to do anything, the crew is surprised when they hear Crocodile contacted by a Mr. Prince. Crocodile leaves to go deal with this new distraction and gives Vivi the time to go to find some help.moreless
  • Crocodile's plan falls into place as the member's carry out their respective roles. King Nefertari is framed for a crime while the real king is kidnapped. The fake appears in Nanohana and declares that he will destroy the city and everyone in it since they know about the Dance Powder. Kohza arrives and is shot by a member of Baroque Works. This pushes the rebellion over the line and they gather up to head to Alubarna.moreless
  • Trap in a Desperate Situation! Breaking Into Rain Dinners!
    Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Nami run into Crocodile's casino, Rain Dinners with Smoker hot on their heels. Once inside, all of them easily fall into Crocodile's trap and are trapped in a cage of Kairoseki which negates Devil Fruit powers. Outside, Vivi meets up with Pell a royal warrior. However, Miss Allsunday appears and quickly defeats him, taking Vivi with her. In Rain Dinnners, Crocodiles reveals himself to them along with his deadly Devil Fruit power.moreless
  • The Alabasta War Front! City of Dreams, Rainbase!
    Vivi decides to go with Luffy's plan and they change course to Crocodile's headquarters in the city of Rainbase. However, as soon as they arrive, their bad luck leads them right to Smoker and Tashigi. Even worse, their escape draws the attention of the Baroque Works Millions.
  • Luffy VS Vivi! A Tearful Vow for Comrades!
    After their short stay at the Yuba Oasis, the crew prepares to head out again. They bid farewell to Vivi's friend Toto and promise to put a stop to the rebellion. Before they leave, Toto gives Luffy a small barrel of water that he managed to dig up the night before. As they walk, Luffy suddenly stops and says he quits. He tells Vivi that she is being naïve for wanting no one to die and even if they stop the rebellion, Crocodile won't stop. His argument angers Vivi and she attacks him.moreless
  • The remaining Baroque Works Officer Agents gather at a cafe before heading off to finally meet their Boss, Mr 0. Meanwhile, the crew finally arrives at Yuba only to find a terrible sight and even more terrible news from the lone man at the oasis who Vivi finally recognizes.
  • During the trek through the desert, Luffy, Zoro and Chopper become separated from the others due to Luffy having hallucinations and running off. As they try to make their way back to the others, they literally stumble into some strange underground ruins.
  • 2/17/02
    The crew comes across two hungry children who are caught sneaking off with some food. They ask the crew to help them capture a bounty hunter named Scorpion. Ace comments that Scorpion is the man he is looking for since there is a rumor that Scorpion defeated Blackbeard, Ace's quarry. However, the bounty hunter comes to them instead. After fighting him, Ace confronts him and says that he did not really defeat Blackbeard. Scorpion confesses and Ace leaves the group leaving Luffy with a piece of paper and saying they will meet again.moreless
  • Rebel Warrior Kohza! The Dream Sworn to Vivi!
    The Straw Hats continue their journey through the never-ending Alabasta desert. Along the way, Nami questions Vivi about the Rebel Army and Vivi explains about her past and her friendship with a boy known as Kohza. In the meantime, Luffy discovers a giant scorpion and the men decide to make it their lunch.moreless
  • Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu!
    Luffy and the others meet up with Ace and he tells them that there are some people claiming to be the Rebel Army at a nearby village. He points out that they are fakes but Vivi says their may be hope. Vivi asks the crew to put them to the test to see if they are brave enough to stay and fight when trouble comes.moreless
  • Here Come the Desert Pirates! The Men who Live Free!
    With the new camel named Eyelashes, Nami and Vivi go on ahead of the others. Luffy becomes intoxicated by eating some cacti he found along the way and Ace has become lost. Things get worse when Nami and Vivi are captured by some Sand Pirates. They are about to eat the camel when Luffy arrives and somehow sorts things out. While among the Sand Pirates, Vivi meets someone from her past who holds an old grudge.moreless
  • Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Demons that Live in the Scorching Earth!
    The crew sets off from the ruins of Erumalu and continues through the unforgiving desert which seems to try and hinder them at every turn. Along the way, they lose their baggage to some trickster herons, Luffy gets lost AGAIN, and they must endure the harsh weather with sandstorms. While Luffy is trying to catch the birds that stole their luggage, he comes across and camel and saves it from a cannibal plant. However, something far worse emerges afterward.moreless
  • Ace explains that his real mission is to hunt down and kill the pirate Blackbeard but he decides to stay and travel with crew for a while incase he can gather some information along the way. The crew arrives at their first stop of Erumalu, said to be called the Green City but nothing is left but a barren desert. This leads Vivi to bring up the subject of Dance Powder and powerful but dangerous substance.moreless
  • While Ace fights Smoker, Luffy and the others race toward the ship. As they run, the crew inquires as to who is Ace and Luffy smiles saying that Ace is his older brother. Typical Luffy, soon gets lost and separated from the rest of the crew but he runs into Ace and the 2 are reunited. They fight off a batch of Baroque Works employees before heading off to Luffy's ship.moreless
  • Luffy finally arrives in Nanohana where he immediately makes a loud and surprising entrance into a restaurant and unwittingly smashes both Captain Smoker and another man through a series of concrete walls. The man is later introduced as a great pirate named Fire Fist Ace. Smoker pursues Luffy but his path is blocked by Ace. Luffy greets Ace like an old friend and his crew wonders who is this strange and powerful man?moreless
  • As soon as they hit land, Luffy gets lost in the desert of Alabasta as he tries to find a restaurant. He happens across a man who holds a rare substance called Dance Powder. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew find disguises in the nearby town of Nanohana and they try to search for Luffy.moreless
  • In Alabasta, Crocodile shows off his power against some unfortunate pirates who dare to cross him, and gets a round of applause for his "heroics". Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates have a run-in with a stranger who is actually Mr. 2, Bon Clay when they accidentally pick him up as they pass his ship in a steam cloud. It is not until he is picked up by his crew that they find out who he really is.moreless
  • After seeing the culmination of Dr. Hiluluk's research, Chopper and the rest of the Straw Hat crew board the ship and set out from Drum Island. Chopper is having trouble adjusting to being away from the island but he finally gets to see what it truly means to be a pirate.moreless
  • Luffy finally convinces Chopper to join their crew but when he informs Dr. Kureha, she is less than excited. She chases after them with weapons but they manage to escape and Doctor Kureha puts on a final farewell show for Chopper and the pirate crew.
  • Luffy chases Wapol into the castle and finds that he is in pursuit of Nami. He declares that he will use his key to the armory to eat all the weapons and make them part of his body. However, the key has disappeared somehow since Nami swiped it. Wapol tries to run to his ultimate weapon but the gun has bird's nests in it and it won't work. Luffy has a final confrontation with Luffy while Dalton and the others head for the castle on a ropeway.moreless
  • Wapol uses his Devil Fruit power to eat Kuromarimo and Chess and then fuse them to become ChessMarimo. Luffy asks Chopper to handle them and Chopper pulls out a pill that he calls a Rumble Ball. He explains that he can win in 3 minutes. He eats the ball and attacks using strange new transformations to confuse ChessMarimo. He explains that with the help of the pill, he can get a total of 7 transformations instead of the usual 3!moreless
  • VS Wapol's Army Corps! The Abilities of the Baku Baku No Mi!
    Wapol arrives at the castle and he is faced by Chopper and Dr. Kureha. However, a second later, Luffy dashes out the door and almost punches Wapol clear off the mountain. He uses his Baku Baku Factory to turn himself into a house with cannons and he attacks again aiming for Dr Hiluluk's flag which stands on the tower of the castle. Luffy protects the flag and says that Wapol does not know the meaning of a Pirate flag!moreless
  • When Chopper finds out that Dr. Hiluluk has only 10 days left to live, he immediately goes off to try and find medicine for him. In order to get to it, he must fight the leader of his old herd. He is successful in getting the mushroom he needs but when he returns he is badly injured. Hiluluk has gone to cure the Isshi-20, Wapol's personal doctors since he heard they were ill but it is all a trap to kill him. Hiluluk says a final goodbye and says that people only die when they are forgotten.moreless
  • We go back in time to Chopper's early days when he had been exiled from his herd and when he met his first friend Doctor Hiluluk.
  • Luffy finally makes it up the mountain to Dr. Kureha's place and as luck would have it, she arrives back in time to take care of Nami. Luffy and Sanji are heavily injured from the trip but they are taken care of by Dr. Kureha. Nami awakes and is told that she got a deadly five-day infection. She finds that she would have had only 2 more days to live but now she is safe. As she looks around she meets Dr. Kureha's strange little assistant, Chopper. Meanwhile, Zoro and the others take care of Wapol's forces below.moreless
  • Wapol finds Luffy as he trudges up the mountain holding Nami and Sanji. Wapol wants to fight but Luffy ignores him and keeps walking. They attack and Luffy is forced to dodge but not retaliate because of the injured ones. Luckily he gets help from the mountain rabbits as a favor since he saved their leader who was buried under the snow from the avalanche.moreless
  • Dalton goes and faces off against Wapol who apparently kept the best of Drum's doctors for himself. In doing so he was denying medical care for any of the other inhabitants. Meanwhile, Usopp and Vivi try to catch up to Doctor Kureha to inform her that Luffy is heading to her castle. At the same time, the mountain rabbits cause an avalanche on Luffy and Sanji! When it ends, Sanji is out and Luffy must carry the both of them up the mountain!moreless
  • On their way up the mountain, Luffy and Sanji run into a pack of crazy mountain rabbits that immediately attack them. Luffy cannot fight back without endangering Nami and Sanji has to cover their backs as well as keep up with Luffy so they can get to the top. Meanwhile, Usopp, Vivi and Dalton are told that Dr. Kureha has already come down from the mountain top to a neighboring village!moreless
  • The Straw Hat crew arrives at an island but are immediately ordered to leave by the townspeople who are armed with guns. In the ensuing argument, Vivi is shot. Enraged, Luffy is about to attack but Vivi stops him and says she is alright and convincing him that they need to help Nami first. They learn that the only doctor on the island is a witch and she lives on the highest mountain. Luffy and Sanji set off while Dalton explains the history of their island to Usopp and Vivi.moreless
  • The crew decides to try and find a doctor since they are lost without Nami as their navigator. However, their search is interrupted by the arrival of a pirate crew under a man named Wapol. Not willing to waste any time, Luffy sends Wapol flying and Zoro and Sanji repel the other boarders. Meanwhile, Smoker and Tashigi intercept parts of Sanji's conversation with Mr. 0.moreless
  • Nami comes down with a very high fever and has to be put to bed. However, the crew does not have a capable doctor to take care of her. Everyone is all for letting her rest but Nami pulls out a newspaper that states that 300,000 Royal Guards of Alabasta have defected to the Rebel Army. With time now against them, what can the Straw Hat Pirates do?moreless
  • Sanji stumbles across Mr. 3's wax hideout and happens to arrive in time to have a conversation with Mr. 0 over Mr. 3's Den Den Mushi. Mr. 0 is unaware of Sanji, so Sanji tells him that the Straw Hat Pirates are taken care of. However, during the conversation, the Unluckies arrive and Sanji is forced to take care of them. His fight gains him an Eternal Pose to Alabasta as a reward. The crew prepares to leave Little Garden but there is one more challenge they must face.moreless
  • With some quick thinking from Usopp, the spell on Luffy is broken and the fight continues. Luffy battles Mr. 3 who forms a great suit of battle armor around his body. Meanwhile, Usopp realizes that the wax can be undone with fire and he sets about trying to save the others. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine are not about to let it happen but with Carue's help he manages to set them free.moreless
  • Luffy Attacked by Magic! Colors Trap!
    Luffy arrives to save his crew and the giant Brogy and succeeds in destroying part of the wax setup that is turning them into wax figures but unfortunately all he does is speed up the process. Before he can fix his mistake, he is caught in a trap by Miss Goldenweek and put under a spell that prevents him from helping his friends. Can he possibly break free and save them in time?moreless
  • With Dorry out of the way and Brogy concerned with his victory, Baroque works makes their move. Mr. 3 steps forward and restrains Brogy as well as Vivi, Zoro and Nami with his Doru Doru power of controlling wax. After revealing that he sabotaged the duel, he traps them all and creates a massive setup that will turn all of them into perfect wax figures!moreless
  • Though Luffy tries to stop Dorry from going into battle, the injured warrior will not agree to stopping their never-ending match. To prevent Luffy's interference, he puts a gigantic rock on top of Luffy and marches off to the battle. Unfortunately, even though Dorry fights bravely, Baroque Works interferes through Mr. 3 who causes Dorry to lose his footing and gives Brogy the chance for a finishing blow.moreless
  • While the two giants prepare for their next duel, Dorry drinks some ale that was given to him by Brogy. However, the ale suddenly explodes in Dorry's stomach and Dorry angrily claims that the Straw Hats are the only possible suspects since it came from their ship. Luffy is furious that someone would try to sabotage the great duel of the giants and he concludes that someone else is on the island somewhere.moreless
  • Left alone on the ship, Nami and Usopp are frightened out of their minds when a large shadow stands over them. It turns out to be a giant named Brogy. Meanwhile, Luffy and Vivi are met by Brogy's rival a giant named Dorry. Dorry saves Luffy from death in a dinosaur's stomach and the two become friends. They all learn of the duel that has lasted for 100 years between the two giants.moreless
  • Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates finally arrive at their destination of Little Garden. They are being very cautious because of Miss All-Sunday's words that they will not survive Little Garden. Undaunted, Luffy goes off to explore and Vivi goes with him, riding Carue. What they find is very unusual and they conclude that they could only be on a prehistoric island seeing as their are dinosaurs walking before their very eyes!moreless
  • After the incident with Morgan, Vice-Admiral Garp takes Coby and Helmeppo to Marine Headquarters where they work as Zatsuyou(odd job people) again. However, they decide that they need to train if they want to move past being Zatsuyou and they work hard together to get stronger.
  • In a twist of fate, Coby and Helmeppo bear witness to a transfer of Axe Hand Morgan to Vice Admiral Garp. Morgan is to be taken to Marine Headquarters to stand trial. However, he is determined not to go quietly and he takes Helmeppo hostage. Coby finds his courage and goes after them.moreless
  • Thanks to Nami's timely intervention, Luffy finds out what is going on and the battle stops. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine are no longer a problem since Luffy and Zoro knocked them out for interfering in their fight. Vivi reveals that she infiltrated Baroque Works to find who the Boss, Mr. 0 was. She accidentally blurts out that he is really one of the Shichibukai, Sir Crocodile. In doing so she marks all of them for death!moreless
  • Luffy awakes to go to the bathroom and notices all the bounty hunters lying around unconscious or dead. He does not realize that they are bounty hunters and one of them tells him that Zoro did it. Furious, Luffy goes after Zoro himself while Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine go after Princess Vivi who Zoro is supposed to protect.moreless
  • It turns out that the welcoming people of Whiskey Peak are not so welcoming after all. With the entire Straw Hat crew asleep, the people prepare to capture them for the bounty. However, they are interrupted by the voice of Zoro who says he will take on the 100 bounty hunters of Whiskey Peak and their organization: Baroque Works!moreless
  • Luffy agrees to take Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday back to their island home called Whiskey Peak. On the way however, they get an experience of what it means to sail on the Grand Line. After a crazy weather trip they finally arrive at Whiskey Peak to find that they are being welcomed and applauded.moreless
  • Luffy and the others learn of Laboon's past from Crocus the man living inside him. Crocus explains that he followed some pirates in the Grand Line but they left him there and never returned. After the group leaves Laboon through a door in Laboon's side, Luffy provokes Laboon and fights him. After a while, Luffy calls it a draw and says he will return one day to settle the score.moreless
  • Upon entering the Grand Line after Reverse Mountain, Luffy and the crew come across what looks like a giant rock in their path. However upon closer inspection they see that it is a giant whale. Luffy stops their decent with their cannon but the crash is still enough to break off the head of the boat. Enraged at losing his special seat he punches the whale's eye and it eats the ship and everyone on it except Luffy who escapes. He thinks all is lost for his comrades but the inside of the whale is not what it seems.moreless
  • 3/7/01
    After Luffy defeats Erik and sends him flying, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates bid farewell to Apis and the others and continue on to the entrance to the Grand Line. They make it through a dangerous spot where Luffy manages to save them from crashing into the Red Line and then on up Reverse Mountain. Erik makes one final attempt for revenge but Nami knocks him off the boat and the way is clear.moreless
  • Ryuuji tries to fly at Admiral Nelson's ship but is shot down before he gets there. Furious, Luffy flings himself over to Ryuuji and lands on his back. He urges Ryuuji not to give up and throws back the harpoon the Nelson's ship fires at them. Ryuuji roars out loudly and suddenly the sky is filled with Sennenryuu and finally the location of the Dragon's Nest is revealed.moreless
  • As the crew heads back to Gunkan Island, their path is blocked by Admiral Nelson Royale the man who hired Erik. With a massive fleet he surrounds Luffy's crew on all sides and creates a barrier with chains. Meanwhile, in true double crossing fashion, Erik heads forward in a rowboat to get the Ryuukotsu and eternal life for himself.moreless
  • The crew falls into the underground temple and finds strange drawings covering the ceiling. Nami is the first to notice that they are not on Lost Island. However they notice something even more shocking. The Dragon's Nest in the drawing is drawn exactly like Gunkan island. Realizing this they prepare to head back but Erik the Whirlwind will pose a problem as he arrives to end their search once and for all.moreless
  • After escaping Gunkan Island the crew heads out to try and find Lost Island where the Dragon's Nest is located. However, Lost Island supposedly sank a long time ago and it will be hard to find. With Apis' Devil Fruit ability that lets her talk with Ryuuji, they are able to get a relative direction and with some luck they find a hidden island. They set off to explore and find a temple as well. Is this what they seek?moreless
  • The crew finds that Apis has been hiding a sick dragon, one of the Sennenryuu. At the same time however, the Marines arrive under the command of a mercenary called Erik the Whirlwind. They manage to escape the island in one piece along with the Sennenryuu who Apis calls Ryuuji. Then they set off to find the Dragon's Nest where Ryuuji should be able to regain his strength.moreless
  • The crew arrives at Gunkan Island and are greeted by Apis' grandfather. He explains that the Marines were looking for Ryuukotsu or Dragon bones according to the legend of Gunkan Island. This legend states that the Ryuukotsu will provide an elixir that gives eternal life! Apis sneaks off during the story and Luffy and Nami follow after to find that she is keeping a great secret.moreless
  • Luffy and the gang run into a strange young girl named Apis who explains that she escaped from a fleet of Marines. She cannot tell them any details however and after convincing her that they are not evil, they agree to take her back to her home Gunkan Island.
  • The Legend Has Begun! Head To The Grand Line!
    In an unbelievable twist, Luffy is saved by a bolt of lightning which takes out the execution platfrom just as he was about to be beheaded. Luffy rises from the wreckage while everyone else can only look on in shock at the miracle. The Marines then close in and Luffy escapes with Zoro and Sanji. He runs into Smoker again and is about to be captured when an unknown man comes to his rescue. Smoker seems to know who he is but Luffy can only wonder. Finally the Straw Hat Pirates set out to continue their journey to the Grand Line!moreless
  • Buggy's Revenge! The Man who Smiles at the Execution Platform!
    Luffy finally gets to the execution platform and sees what Gold Roger saw in his last moments. However, he is interrupted by the arrival of many people. First an officer trying to get him down, then a beautiful slim woman who claims to be Alvida and finally Captain Buggy the Clown who captures Luffy and prepares to hold his public execution!moreless
  • A Burning Culinary Battle? Sanji vs. The Gorgeous Chef!
    A strange woman approaches Sanji and challenges him to a cooking battle. She claims to be the best chef in all of East Blue. Sanji does not care much about the contest and he has decided not to enter but he changes his mind when he finds that the prize is a super rare Blue Finned Elephant Tuna. Sanji enters the contest and the final round comes down to him and his challenger, Carmen.moreless
  • Usopp vs. Daddy The Father! Showdown At High Noon!
    While out shopping in Loguetown, Usopp comes across a pair of goggles that he wants to buy. However a little girl beats him to them and he gets into an argument with her. He finds out later that her father is actually the legendary bounty hunter Daddy Masterson nicknamed: Daddy the Father. In order to settle the argument, Usopp is challenged to a life or death duel!moreless
  • Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri! Zoro's New Swords, and the Female Sergeant Major
    Zoro heads off on his own to try and find a shop where he can replace his two broken katana. On his way, he meets female Marine who resembles Kuina. Zoro approaches her with her dropped glasses but accidentally breaks them when he sees her face. He is forced to do chores at a nearby Marine base but runs off when some Marines recognize him. He finds a katana shop and comes out with 2 exceptional blades. Meanwhile, Smoker finally encounters Luffy but their fight comes to a draw when Luffy propels himself halfway across the city.moreless
  • The Town of the Beginning and the End - Arrival at Loguetown!
    The crew arrives at Loguetown called the town of the Beginning and the End. Immediately after arriving Luffy heads off to the execution platform to see where Gold Roger died. The others split up to do their shopping and prepare for entry into the Grand Line. However things become complicated when Captain Smoker of the Marines gets involved with the chase of the Straw Hat Pirates.moreless
  • One Piece The Movie: Chopper's Kingdom Of Strange Animal Island
  • One Piece The Movie: Clockwork Island Adventure
    When the Going Merry gets stolen by a fleet of playing card-themed pirates called the Trump Siblings, the Straw Hats chase after it and end up meeting the Thief Brothers, Akisu and Borodo. In the ensuing battle against the Trump Siblings, Nami is kidnapped, and the Straw Hats (accompanied by the Thief Brothers) end up following her to Clockwork Island. Clockwork Island also just happens to be where the Thief Brothers' next target - the Diamond Clock is. A spiraling, trap-laden staircase, a quintet of powerful (and wacky) opponents, and a weapon of mass destruction being built by the Trump Siblings' leader are just some of the things that await the Straw Hats in an adventure that they'll never forget!moreless
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