One Piece

Season 1 Episode 2

The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter, Roronoa Zoro!

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1999 on Fuji Television
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Luffy and Coby end up on Shell Island. While Coby is there to join the Navy, Luffy searches for the infamous bouty hunter, Roronoa Zoro. Recruiting Zoro will be quite hard, as the tyrant leader of the island, Captain Axe-Hand Morgan has Zoro imprisoned.

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  • Roronoa Zoro, Luffy's first new comrade!

    Luffy and Coby finally reach an island and conveniently, it is the same one that Zoro is being held captive. Coby does his best holding Luffy back into making Zoro his companion, but the two soon learn that it is actually Zoro that is the good guy and the Marines, most particularly Captain Morgan and his son Helmeppo that are the evil ones. In spite of it all, Luffy is determined to make Zoro his ally no matter what and raids the Marine base.

    These first couple episodes of One Piece are just so packed with quality that it makes it feel like I've watched 4 episodes when this is just the 2nd. We are already introduced to three major characters in this short lived arc, Axe Hand Morgan, Helmeppo, and Zoro, but their development progressed rapidly and smoothly in just this half hour alone. One Piece has a habit of making you absolutely hate any given arcs main antagonist, and Helmeppo and Morgan have already reached that stage. It just makes it sweeter to see them go down.moreless
  • Enter Roronoa Zoro

    This episode starts off with Coby and Luffy heading to a town that has a Marine base that holds the fearsome pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro. Luffy is trying to see if he's a good guy and if he is he will try and get him to join him in his quest. The marine captain Morgans wimpy son is the one who tied Zoro to a cross after he defended a little girl from being attacked from a wolf that belonged to him. The deal is if he survives for a month he will let him go. Definitely an episode to watch.moreless
Mika Doi

Mika Doi


Recurring Role

Emi Uwagawa

Emi Uwagawa


Recurring Role

Banjou Ginga

Banjou Ginga

Axe-Hand Morgan

Recurring Role

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