One Step Beyond

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 1959 on ABC



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    • John Newland: (opening dialogue) The sea is calm now, guns are silent, planes in the sky now carry nothing more menacing than tourists. All things considered it's a good time in the world, it wasn't always so good or quiet. Not so very long ago the sea was a battleground, the sky was filled with death, World War II, it hardly seems real to some of us now, something consigned to history books, but there were things that happened that never made the history books because they were too incredible to be recorded, that is except to the memories of the men involved. They remember and will most certainly never forget.

    • Harris: What next? Dr. Madison what kind of bandages do I put on?
      Stacey: Harris, I told you not to go on without Madison.
      Harris: I didn't.
      Stacey: What do you mean, you didn't?
      Harris: He guided me every step of the way. I couldn't of done it without him.
      Stacey: We contacted the USS Athena, she received two direct hits, one bomb got the radio room killed everybody instantly everybody.
      Harris: What? It's impossible. I couldn't have done this without him, he guided me every step of the way.
      Stacey: Harris, are you out of your mind? There couldn't have been a sound out of that loudspeaker. Dr. Madison was killed ten minutes ago.

    • John Newland: (closing dialogue) Lt. Commander Stacey was right about one thing the heavy cruiser the USS Athena did take two direct bomb hits from enemy aircraft at 10:40 hours March the 22nd 1944. One of the bombs knocked out the communications system of the ship. At the same time killing radioman first class Tom McCrory and Captain Clyde Madison, the senior medical officer aboard the USS Athena. I suppose too, that we reasonable people must agree with Lt. Commander Stacey's on another account after Madison was killed he further transmission of his voice was absolutely impossible, but it was absolutely impossible for Pharmacist's Mate Harris an untrained man to complete this final and most complicated stage of the operation without his voice. To really explain what happened in that hot steamy wardroom we cannot look simply to logic or reason, can we? I can only tell you that there is now living in Southern California a retired naval officer who has a word for it, his word is miracle, his name is Will Fielding.

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