One Step Beyond

Season 2 Episode 11

Dead Ringer

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 1959 on ABC

Episode Recap

Esther Quentin suffers from high fevers and the doctor is at a loss as to what causes them. Every time she has one of her spells, a fire has occured at an orphanage. Esther blames her evil twin sister Emily Harkness of the deed. She wills Emily to call, when a call from Gainestown, New York at 10 pm. proves to her husband and doctor that yes, she does exist. Esther experiences another one of her fevers she is concerned that once again Emily has set fire to an orphanage. Chief Wilson calls Gainestown to find out if there is an orphanage or convent and discovers that St. Anne's is located there. He proceeds to call St. Anne's when Sister Agatha explains that the alarm bells are ringing and voices screaming and hangs up. Convinced that Esther is telling the truth, Bill asks to her bring Emily to their home in Cedar Falls on the train.