One Step Beyond

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 1959 on ABC
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Carl Archer, a recovering alcoholic travels to Nevada to try and patch things up with his wife. His wife Helen and son Stevie visit a nearby silver mine when the mine collapses.

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  • Very Spooky And Very Well Acted

    This is a seriously spooky episode of the series with one moment that stands out in terms of a bad case of the creeps. A recovering alcoholic tries to make amends with his wife and son in an attempt to make them one big happy family again. While he waits nervously for his wife's decision, he receives a message that both his wife and son are hurt and trapped at a cave-in at a mine they were exploring. Again, a good case of the creeps in this one but also some astonishing acting by Charles Aidman as the recovering alcoholic. Another signature episode of the series early on in it's life.moreless

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    • Dr. Sanderson: Your wife died instantly when that mine collapsed Mr. Archer. That's a medical fact.
      Carl: Then state the unmedical fact that I'm out of my mind.
      Dr. Sanderson: There's nothing wrong with your mind, but there are certain facts that you have to face. For instance, do you have any idea how your wife got from the mine to the hotel? Her station wagon never left that mine, you know that don't you. It was an extremely hot day, you were fatigued from the long drive and you were under considerable emotional stress. Now isn't that true.
      Carl: Yes, yes it is.
      Dr. Sanderson: Your wife was gone longer than you thought she would be. You were worried that perhaps she would never come back, so you invented reasons why she was gone.
      Carl: (yelling) I saw her, she was standing right here!
      Dr. Sanderson: Alright, come on (trying to calm Carl down), sit down. You saw what you wished to see. You have to believe that, a mirage is quite real to a man who is dying of thirst you know.
      Carl: I didn't wish for that mine to cave in. How did I know about that?
      Dr. Sanderson: Well out of the thousands of wild hunches that people get for one reason or another, some are bound to be accurate.
      Carl: Nobody would believe me if I wasn't a drunk.
      Dr. Sanderson: Mr. Archer as a doctor I also have certain facts to face. Among them that I'm dealing with a man who has a record of chronic alcoholism.
      Carl: I knew you'd get around to that.
      Dr. Sanderson: Yes, if that will help you to understand. Now you were recently released from an alcoholic sanitarium.
      Carl: I told you that.
      Dr. Sanderson: One of the most common symptoms of a seriously ill victim of alcoholism ...
      Carl: Is hallucinations.

    • John Newland: (closing dialogue) Wind in the wires, illusion, hallucination, certainly you have your very own explanation, or rejection, but is it possible that love knows no boundaries, not even death. That sometimes a loving hand may reach out beyond life itself, can reach out to shield the living. Is it possible?

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