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ABC (ended 1961)

help identifying an episode

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    Hi. I don't really think this is a OSB episode, bu the folks I asked on the old movie site thought it might be. It's been driving me crazy for 20 years. Maybe someone can help.

    The ending, at least, goes like this:

    So, it was black and white and the woman I remember in the movie had on one of those 40s or 50s dresses: the bell shaped skirt passed the knee. I think the family is in a country house somewhere and I believe they are there because of one family member: the woman in the dress. They think she's crazy or is having some sort of nervous breakdown. The entire family leaves for some sort of outing and decides that she should stay home and rest. She doesn't want to be left alone, but I think they give her some sort of sedative and make her stay home. So, when it gets dark, these creature things come out, of the vent somehow I think, and come after her. Because she's sedated, she's not fully able to pull away and these creature things drag her down a huge old fashioned stair case. On the way down, she pulls over a little table/stand of some sort and gets her hands on a camera. She takes pictures to get the flash to go off—apparently the creatures don't like the flash. But that only buys her a little time. Eventually, the creatures win and drag her down into a vent either near or on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I think that's how it ends.

    Any of this sound familiar to anyone?

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    I just watched 15 episodes on a DVD pack called Television Classics: Classic Sci-Fi TV and nome of them had that story line. There are 3 more on another disk in the set. I'll let you know once I get to them. Also there are other shows on this disk. If any of them match up I will let you know.

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    You have described (except for the black and white part) to a "t" an American made for tv movie called "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" starring Kim Darby and Jim Hutton. It has everything you said: creatures dragging her off, and as they do this she grabs a camera and hits the button and the flash bulb goes off (I remember using these in the early 70's!!!) and they flinch but she still gets dragged away. Scared the living crap out of me!!! I was 7 years old, and this and another tv movie called "Crowhaven Farm" left me with many a sleepless nights in my youth!!! Sorry for rambling, I don't know what else it could be but that movie!!! Hope it helps!!

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