One Step Beyond

Season 1 Episode 2

Night of April 14th

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 27, 1959 on ABC
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A woman has a nightmare that her fiancé dies by drowning. The next day he announces that the couple will honeymoon aboard the Titanic.

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    In 1959 two great sci-fi series launched in The Twilight Zone and One Step Beyond and they are still on some stations to this day. Now no network can launch a single show in this genre, and not too many are even trying at this point.

    This episode dragged on for a bit too long, but it played off the idea that a woman had actually seen the Titanic's destruction come to her in a nightmare. I do not know if that happened or not, but I think The Twilight Zone would have done a better job with this.

    The pace is too slow and the host is not nearly as good as that show.moreless
  • Visions of a disaster at sea.

    A top notch episode of this series starring one of my favourite TV stars of the '60s who I met after a play he was in in Toronto many years ago, Patrick Macnee.

    His wife to be in this episode forsees danger on the sea. He arrives at her home early one morning to surprise her with a change in their planned honeymoon trip -- now a trip to New York in April (1912) -- aboard the unsinkable Titanic.

    The story reveals other people aboard the ship and even in Canada who also had visions of a disaster -- or a feeling that people are in peril on the sea.

    The version on "The Very Best of One Step Beyond" is the best copy of this episode I've seen, and includes original advertiser Alcan, with product pictures during the ending credits and short ads at the commercial breaks.

    Very good!moreless
  • A young woman has a dream where she sees the Titanic sinking but no one believes her.

    Despite the intriguing premise this was boring as hell for the most part. I think they revealed too much at the beginning and it would have been better had the writers wrote up actual suspense for this.

    A young woman dreams about the Titanic sinking and no one believes her. The dreams are not really that scary to be honest. They might have been scary back then but it comes as very average. Maybe in the hands of another writer (Rod Serling) or another tv show (Twilight Zone) this episode might have been more suspense. It's too straightforward witht he story and leaves no surprises.moreless
  • An Important Episode For The Show

    One Step Beyond hits a home run very early on in it's life with this episode. It really lays the groundwork for what this show is all about. Despite the flaw of not fleshing out it's lead characters, the premise is very interesting and the atmosphere thick. A bride to be has nightmares that she is drowning in icy waters and is later shocked to find out that her fiancee has booked passage on the Titanic for their honeymoon. The story gets more interesting as it goes along and the twist at the end was a neat surprise. What really makes this episode interesting and important is the "psychic wave" that envelopes parts of the world. A minister at a church changes the hymm at a service the night the Titanic sinks to "Pray for those in peril on the Sea" before any news reaches land. A cartoonist draws a ship hitting an iceberg and sinking before the disaster. This is what One Step Beyond is all about. But the kicker is a book that host John Newland holds in his hand. A novel entitled "Futility" written in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic disaster, about an ocean liner that strikes and iceberg during the month of April and sinks with massive loss of life. The ships name in the book? Titan! Goosebumps anyone? Watch the episode for more shocking similarities between the "Futility" novel and the actual Titanic disaster. One Step Beyond was off and running.moreless
Barbara Lord

Barbara Lord

Grace Montgomery

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Patrick Macnee

Patrick Macnee

Eric Farley

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Isobel Elsom

Isobel Elsom

Mrs. Montgomery

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Parson Morgan, has a vision in Winnipeg, Manitoba as well and the hymn he wants to have sung that night is 4:46. "Here father while we pray to thee, those in peril on the sea".

    • Harry Teller, an artist in New York, is compelled to draw a sinking ship in icy cold water.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • John Newland: (opening narration) The amazing drama you're about to see is a matter of human record. You may believe it or not, but the real people who lived this story -- they believe it, they know, they took that one step beyond.

    • Mrs. Montgomery: (responding to her daughter's nightmare) Nothing, absolutely nothing, and in four days you will be married and in Switzerland on your honeymoon. The happiest bride there ever was. And you can't drown in Switzerland, nobody ever does, all they do is bang into trees on those foolish skis, but drowning (shaking her head) no.

    • John Newland: (closing dialogue) Do you remember this book? It's a novel published in 1898, 14 years before the ill-fated vessel was even dreamed up. The title "Futility" it's author Morgan Robertson. It's a story about the largest liner ever built, carrying on it's maiden voyage the rich and great of the world. Then on an April night it struck an iceberg. The vessel in this book was 70,000 tons, the Titanic 66,000 tons. The length of the ship in these pages 800 feet. The Titanic 882 feet. Both made 25 knots, both carried about 3,000 passengers, both liners had lifeboats only a fraction of that number, and both were considered unsinkable. Oh and one more thing, the author called his ship "The Titan".

  • NOTES (1)

    • Based on the sinking of the Titanic. The 1953 film version starred Barbara Stanwyck, Clifton Webb, Thelma Ritter and Richard Basehart.