One Step Beyond

Season 3 Episode 21

Night of Decision

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 1961 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • George Washington: (speaking to God) When will Spring ever come. Oh God, do I have the right to decide the fate of so many, of so much? Help me, help me.
      Otumcas: Your God has come to your aid before, he will again. I am Otumcas, Chief of Shawnee.
      George Washington: Otumcas.
      Otumcas: Twenty two summers have come and gone since we met. Battle of Monongahela. I was leading a detachment to Virginia under the command of General Braddock.
      George Washington: Yes of course July 17, 1755.
      Otumcas: Red coat stood tall in sunlight like field of dry corn waiting for harvest time.
      George Washington: Yes it was a slaughter. We lost half the British colonial army that day.
      Otumcas: All British officiers in field fell, dead or wounded. All but you Washington.
      George Washington: Yes I remember well.
      Otumcas: Otumcas fired at Washington again and again, fifteen bullets at the heart, not one found it's mark. Has caused Otumcas much wonder.
      George Washington: I was very fortunate that day
      Otumcas: Not fortune, the great spirit protected Washington that day for good and great purpose.
      George Washington: I wish I could believe that.
      Otumcas: Believe it.

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