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ABC (ended 1961)


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    I found about this show listening to the audio track on the THRILLER DVD COLLECTION. I was curious to find about it myself. Other than COZI's halloween fest showing this show. I think this a show that makes one think about what is possible and not possible and why? I love the way the episodes are introduced by having Mr. Newland come in like part of the story and at the end to sum it up. His direction is amazing considering that this is 60s tv. The show has so many guest stars that went on to better careers like Charles Bronson, Susan Pleshette and Mike Connors among others. If you like Twilight Zone, you should have this next to it.
  • Wishing Paramount Would Put Out The Second and Third Official Seaons on DVD

    We have been waiting forever for Paramount to put out the second and third seasons of "One Step Beyond" to no avail. The first season must have performed below its expectations. That said, they charged too much for it. They should have put out all three seasons on one DVD. A great show, nothing like it. The good news is there is a new CD out of composer Harry Lubin's music from One Step Beyond titled, "More Music From One Step Beyond," but it's being sold exclusively at Ebay. Not expensive however. Now if Paramount would follow this example!
  • Oldie but Goodie!

    This was one of my favorite shows of the past. I also watched the Twilight Zone and another show called Science Fiction Theater. SFT wasn't generally spooky. One episode that comes to mind was about a scientist experimenting with a hormone/chemical that kept insects like bees constantly active. Once the substance was isolated he tried it out on humans - with the result of people dashing about as they did mundane activities like mowing the lawn, etc. They used filming subjects in slow motion, then speeding the action up to display the results.

    I might add that some years ago I bought a CD with music from One Step Beyond - except for the main theme it was pretty much a waste of money. Shows like this stirred the imagination for lots of kids - one reason I became a science teacher.
  • One Step Beyond

    This is the one show that probably kept me sleepless more nights than any other TV show. There were some real corkers. I just ran through the season listing and I believe I spotted them, like the one about the two glider pilots jealous over the affections of the same woman. THAT ONE CREEPED ME OUT. And the theme music!!!! OMG!!! It would raise the hair on the back of my neck EVERY TIME. This is GREAT STUFF!!!!
  • I am so glad I found this show!

    One Step Beyond is just as good as The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery if you ask me: BRILLIANT! John Newland was a mastermind like Rod Serling. Although I have only recently discovered this show I can sure tell that I'm gonna love it because of it's Twilight Zoneiness. The first episode I saw was the episode with the little girl and the haunted nursery with the dolls. I didn't know what it was at the time I was just channel surfing when I stumbled upon it. Then I sort of researched on the internet and found out about One Step Beyond. Even though I've only seen three episodes so far I already know this is my new third favorite show!
  • Eerie Classic!

    I grew up watching this show and was really disappointed when the series finally met its demise. It was a black and white classic horror (or at least what we called horror back in those innocent times) that I never missed. The strangest part of this series was the music. Whenever something weird was about to happen, they started playing part of Gerschwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". That particular music could never be called frightening by any stretch of the imagination but there is a slow movement in it that was used in all the One Step Beyond episodes. That sound, when combined with host John Newland's sour-faced narrative always sent a chill up my spine and still does even today whenever I hear it.
  • Basically a true life Twilight zone type show.

    I got a box set of 4 discs and 50 episodes of One Step Beyond for Christmas this year.My Family all know i'm into strange tales and things of that nature so they bought it for me and i absolutely love it! I had never heard of the show up until now because it was only on air 2 years between 1959-1961,before my time.What intrigued me the most was that every episode was based on true unsolved events in peoples lives.Some were a little hard to swallow but that's usually the case with dealing with the supernatural..I completely loved it and only wish i would've grew up with it.I think if they brought the show back in this day and age the folks of today would really enjoy it as well.. Thanks for listening.
  • A twilight zone that has stories that are based on real life events!

    If you love twilight zone you'll love this great and highly interesting show that is (like the twilight zone) an anthology so it has different supernatural stories that dont have the same people everytime. And plus, its based on real life events!!! It has the same drama, the same spookiness, and the same interesting stories as the beloved "twilight zone." Most of you will definently not have heard of it and think that you wont be able to watch it but that's not true. Just this Christmas i got a whole DVD set that has the 50 best episodes on it. It was awesome!!!!!!!! But unfortunately, in my opinion this show is not as entertaining as TZ. TZ has more interesting plotlines than one step beyond and draws you in a lot more than "one step." Despite this i really think you should watch it you could probably look in a Wal mart or something for the DVD I got i'm not sure where my parents got it from.
  • An Important And Underrated Show

    The Grandfather of all supernatural television shows. One Step Beyond is an atmospheric, spooky excursion into the land of the paranormal. Unfortunately, it is disregarded or forgotten when shows of this type are discussed but it laid the groundwork for all that came after it including The Twilight Zone. The series went to great lengths to stay true to and as factual as possible to the field of paranormal study at the time. It's creators cared about the subject and it showed despite it's rather small budget. This is one seriously spooky show and one that deserves much more credit then it is given.