One Step Beyond

Season 3 Episode 11

Tonight at 12:17

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 1960 on ABC



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    • John Newland: (opening dialogue) No everything is not alright. There is a theory not yet proven, when a woman is carrying a child the five sense she uses in everyday living become infinitely more accute, but what about the sixth sense, that sense we barely acknowledge and then with a skeptical smile. What happens with the sixth sense?

    • Doctor: What's happening to you is your going to have a baby. I mean if you behave yourself and get plenty of sleep and don't become a neurotic woman, you will have a baby. This is no time for one of my bedside manners. If you start acting silly even at this late date, you can still have trouble. You've got a pretty good history of trouble in that department.
      John: Come on, lay off her.
      Laura: But I heard the plane, everytime it was closer. What do you want me to say, that I didn't hear it?
      Doctor: Alright so you heard it, but since there is no plane, you heard it hear (pointing to his mind).
      Laura: But why?
      Doctor: What differences does it make why? Why do most pregnant women develop their peculiar and ridiculous food wants? It's part of the pattern of sensitivity. Oh why couldn't you have been nice and normal and merely need pickled pigs knuckles and strawberry sherbert or something.
      John: Would you lay off her Doc.
      Doctor: Her blood pressure was nowhere near as good as it was last week. Her pulse is going a mile a minute, now if you want yourself a nice friendly old doc, you go someplace else.

    • John Newland: (closing dialogue) Perhaps the motto is, You can't change fate, but if you know it's coming, you can duck.

    • Sam Blake: You see, since I cracked up in '51, I'm the original careful kid. I'm the guy who wears a belt and suspenders.

    • John Perkins: What are you, a gypsy or something... I don't know what, with a Ouija board?

    • Doctor: I want you to be absolutely convinced that it was your imagination and therefore meaningless.

    • LAURA PERKINS: I heard it!
      JOHN PERKINS: Did I say no?
      LAURA PERKINS: But you didn't. You really didn't.

    • JOHN NEWLAND: There's a theory, not yet proven, that when a woman is expecting a child, her five senses become extraordinarily acute. But what about the sixth sense, the sense we barely acknowledge, and then with a skeptical smile? What about the sixth sense?

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