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Set in the fictional small town of Tree Hill, NC, this teen-driven drama tells the story of two half brothers, who share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent Nathan basks in the hero-worship of the town, as the star of his high school team. And both boys are the son of former college ball player, Dan Scott, whose long ago choice to abandon Lucas and his mother Karen, will haunt him long into his life with wife Deb, and their son Nathan. Until now, Dan has managed to keep his two sons far from each other. But the past and present collide sharply when Tree Hill's basketball coach recruits Lucas for his team, much to the chagrin of Nathan and Daddy Dan. And the siblings natural rivalry only intensifies when they set their sights on the same girl, Peyton Sawyer. The residue of the past lingers far into the future for the residents of Tree Hill, even as a new generation is rising. Tree Hill follows the lives and loves of these two brothers, their friends and their family as they navigate high school, marriage, and finally...adulthood. One Tree Hill theme song: I don't want to be by Gavin DeGraw I don't want to be Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately All I have to do Is think of me and I have peace of mind I'm tired of looking 'round rooms Wondering what I've got to do Or who I'm supposed to be I don't want to be anything other than me

Jackson Brundage

Jackson Brundage

James "Jamie" Scott (Seasons 5-9)

Paul Johansson

Paul Johansson

Dan Scott (Seasons 1-7,9, recurring otherwise)

Robert Buckley

Robert Buckley

Clay Evans (Seasons 7-9)

Hilarie Burton

Hilarie Burton

Peyton Sawyer (Seasons 1-6)

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush

Brooke Davis-Baker

Barry Corbin

Barry Corbin

Coach "Whitey" Durham (Seasons 1-4, recurring otherwise)

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Fan Reviews (1296)

  • Lucas+Peyton_>Brook,"Its always been lucas and peyton"!

    Leyton-The best lovestory ever and allover OTH was based upon real life stories and full of moral of my best fav show
  • seriously

    Okay... i have no words other than BEST SHOW EVER
  • One Tree Hill

    Well I only really watched the show up until Season 3 Episode 16..... Then they had to kill my fucking favorite character. So I quit watching the show. Moral of the story is FUCK DAN. #KeithNation
  • more OTH

    best show ever; I wish it continued - there was so much more that could have been done especially w/Jamie & the other children growing up. I want more!!!!!!!!!!
  • my life has officially ended :(

    OTH is the beset show I've ever watchedit doesn't even feel like a show to me it feels like real lifei cry when they cry and lay=ugh wen they actually cldnt stop crying during the last depressed its over!! i keep rewatching them over and over!! if u haven't watched it yet u btw start! ill nvr watch nethinng btr!! i miss it!!! i wish it never ended!!!!!!!!

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