One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 1

4:30 a.m. (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Unknown on The CW
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It's one year later, and new faces are making their way into Tree Hill. Nathan's sports agent, Clay, faces a scandalous accusation that threatens Nathan's entire career just as Brooke and Julian's professional prospects soar with a new fashion line and a big movie. Haley receives a surprise visit from her sister. Meanwhile, Jamie's 7th birthday arrives.moreless

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  • Had it's moments.

    So here we pick off a year after the season six finale.

    It was an okay beggining. They certainley tried filling the Leyton space with the new characters, and Quinn is so likeable she might just do that. The Brooke/Julian beach scenes were really well shot. The Mouth/Skills naked thing was hilarious, especially when they told each other they loved each other and Millie walks in. I am extremely impressed with Millie's transformation.

    Not very interesting, the Leyton abcense makes it weird. Other than that, it's a good start.moreless
  • So season 7, I love my Naley, but man do I miss Leyton!!

    As a Leyton supporter from the moment I saw the pilot I was sad to hear Chad and Hilarie would not be returning. Even though it would be tough to explain I almost wish that we had at least one of them still around. This episode wasn't too bad. It was great seeing Nathan still playing and playing well and Haley working on her music. It sucks that they want to close the studio. I hate there is this woman now who says she slept with Nathan. Seriously people, Naley has been through enough: the porn and pictures of Peyton in season 1, Chris Keller and Taylor in season 2, the limo accident and the Daunte stuff in seasons 3 & 4, Nathan's accident and the psycho nanny in season 5, the psycho nanny again in season 6 and now this woman. Please, just leave them alone. Screw up Mouth and Millicent or something. No one cares about their relationship.

    And in regards to the absence of Leyton, I can't be the only one of who finds it believable that Peyton would leave here company that she has Sawyer. Music is everything to her and I could never see her giving that up or see Lucas letting her. Jamie was as always incredible. He is adorable, funny, and sweet. Jackson has the greatest lines and he plays his part well. And now for Brooke. I am just not sure Julian is the one for her. Even though I was always a Leyton supporter I did like her relationship with Lucas in season 3, but really there hasn't been one guy that I just felt was right for her. I like Julian with her and I liked Chase with her, but Brooke has never had a relationship that I felt was right like Naley and Leyton. So, Dan Scott- Motivational Speaker... who saw that coming??? I know I didn't. He is a colorful character and the resident bad guy, but seriously when is the guy going to die already. I am sick of all his near death experiences.

    And now on to the new guys: Clay seems a lot like Nathan used to be. A bit of ass and a lover of all the ladies, but deep down there is a better person inside him. (Maybe another James girl is what it's going to take to bring that person out). Quinn seems pretty cool. I like her a lot better than Taylor. I am curious as to what's up with her husband. Okay, I know this is long, but one more thing: Naked Skills and Mouth was hilarious!!moreless
  • feels like something is missing

    Season 7, a season that I was not expecting to happen, it started off slow and feeling like something was missing. Well considering that two of the main characters are gone somewhere it really does feel like there was a hole... there were some new faces nice to see. It slowly started to get a little better... no where like it was but I am willing to stick it out a little longer and see how this is going to be playing out without Lucas and Peyton...

    On the total up hand I really love the relationship between brooke and Julian. I want Sam to get back... It looks like they are going to get married... Julian and Brookemoreless
  • The 7th season starts off on a boring note...

    So One Tree Hill is back with a new season that I'm sure a lot of us weren't expecting. To be honest the show has been dragged on too long and really should have ended last season. However they obviously want to continue and so new characters are introduced in place of Peyton and Lucas...I kind of missed the former...but not that much. The one word I can use to describe this premier is boring...nothing really happened.

    I mean the Julian/Brooke scenes were nearly painful to watch in my opinion. I like feisty Brooke but instead we got her moping around. I think some drama and life is needed in that relationship. Mouth and Skills didn't really interest me and the 'new' Millie was sort of...weird. I know they were mirroring Brooke's first scene from the 5th season premier but it annoyed me...

    Now the birthday party was hardly exciting...Jamie was still kind of annoying. Now at least they put a bit of life into Nathans boring old basketball storyline with new character Clay and a twist that Nathan might have slept with someone on the road. Is it true? Who knows but it will lead to some Naley drama no doubt...Clay was alright but not a great character yet.

    Haley is my favourite character and I enjoyed the opening scene with her singing in the background. As for the whole Red Bedroom Records closing down...I'm not sure what to think to be honest. I'll have to wait and see. Her sister Quinn was once again an okay addition but I predicted the 'I broke up with my husband' thing that she revealed. The Dan storyline with him having some talk show wasn't really in the episode...the bits that were...kind of stupid really.

    Sorry Tree Hill but this isn't looking good...I'll watch to see if it takes a good turn but things aren't too great.moreless
  • Flash forward 14 months... Lucas and Peyton are off (somewhere) and some new faces are in town. A sister we never knew and an up and coming young sports agent join the group in Tree Hill.moreless

    No Lucas + No Peyton = No One Tree Hill

    Somehow the show survived the shark jumping flash forward once because of a cast with great chemistry and a storyline that viewers wanted to see more of. Not twice, and more importantly, not without the THE main character. From episode one through the finale of season 6 the show has revolved around Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). The new faces might eventually develop and prove me wrong but One Tree Hill as it was, is officially no more. The change is just too big this time. Luckily, the season 6 finale doubled well as a series finale and left us with Lucas and Peyton driving happily into forever.moreless
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Jerry Rice


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Sasha Jackson


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Brooke: I'm scared. What if we ruin it?
      Julian: What are you talking about?
      Brooke: The feeling that I get when I see you after a month...and the way my heart aches when I smell your skin. I don't want it to go away.
      Julian: It won't. We won't let it.
      (they kiss)

    • (After walking in on Mouth and Skills standing naked in their apartment)
      Millie: Good to know the stereotype's not true!

    • Brooke: Peyton used to say "People always leave". Who knew she was actually talking about her own stupid ass?

    • Julian: You know what I wished for?
      Brooke: What?
      Julian: Skinny dipping. (Takes off his shirt) Are you coming or what?
      Brooke: That's what she said.

    • Jamie: Uncle Skills' gift next…(opens a box of used CDs) CDs!
      Skills: That's right, old school hip-hop. Run DMC…that's what's up.

    • Quinn (to Clay about Nathan): Listen the Bobcats have no depth in the back court so get this guy paid, Jerry Maguire.

    • Jamie: Aunt Quinn is here she surprised me with a cake.
      Clay: The last time a girl surprised me with cake…
      Haley: Lets open gifts!

    • Clay: Speaking of Jamie..he's got a birthday coming up, any idea what he wants for a gift?
      Nathan: You spoiled him with all the signed jerseys…just working down your client list. I think you're up to Jerry Rice.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Austin Nichols (Julian) is now credited as a series regular. Shantel VanSanten (Quinn) and Robert Buckley (Clay) also join the regular cast.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, June 14, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 on FEM

    • Featured Music:
      "Belated Promise Ring" by Iron & Wine
      "Chasing The Daylight" by Phillip LaRue
      "Devil May Dance" by A.J. Roach
      "Heart" by Annie Stela
      "Hollow Notes" by Novi Split
      "Love Like a Sunset, Part II" by Phoenix
      "Out of Reach" by Matthew Perryman Jones
      "Quicksand" by Everly
      "Rock.Paper.Scissors" by The Parlotones
      "That Look You Give That Guy" by The Eels


    • Quinn: (to Clay, referring to Nathan) Look, the Bobcats got no depth in the back court, so step up and get this guy paid, Jerry Maguire.

      Jerry Maguire is a 1996 movie about a sports agent who suffers a nervous breakdown and decides to became more honest. Tom Cruise played the role of Maguire and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

    • Episode Title: 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)

      This is the title of a Roger Waters song from their album The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.