One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 5

A Multitude of Casualties

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2005 on The CW
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The Ravens begin basketball practice. New team captain Nathan clashes with Lucas over Haley, and a new cheerleader sets her sights on Lucas. Elsewhere, Dan's mayoral bid takes a surprising turn when an unlikely opponent emerges: Karen.

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  • Rachel...

    Introducing Rachel!

    A Multitude of Casualties was a fun episode, that didn't advance the storylines much further but kept them entertaining. I kind of hated how Brooke is acting with Lucas. She's angry at him for getting with Rachel? Get over yourself, Brooke - you asked for this. Just get together already. I do think Rachel's quite funny and a good addition to the show.

    Peyton was right to be pissed that Ellie lied again but it sucks that she left, I like that storyline. Nathan getting Chris Kellar (who is oddly very attractive this season) to help Haley with her music again is odd but quite interesting. Unexpected at least. Everyone fighting at the game was hilarious and over the top, but great too. Hate how Nathan is being a jerk to Luke for no reason.

    Dan as mayor? Ha. Glad Karen is running too. But Dan and Deb pranking each other is still hilarious, keep this up writers.

    This season is on a role!

  • Midnight Madness

    Basketball season starts with a midnight celebration and a brawl!!! Lucas and Nathan get into a fight over Nathan's treatment of Haley and it spills out onto the court and ends up with the entire team going at it. To force them to work together Whitey makes Lucas and Nathan co-captains. I really just want them to go back to being friends. Enough of this Nathan hating Lucas for stupid reasons crap.

    Chris tries to get Haley to work with him per Nathan's request, but she refuses until Nathan convinces her to.

    Brooke and Peyton hold cheerleader tryouts to find a new girl and they all pretty much suck. I love the tryouts though. It's like watching the Bring It On tryouts which is funny because Haley ends up joining the squad and Joy was in Bring It On Again. We also have someone new who we met briefly at the costume part, Rachel. And I already hate her. It's like when Felix came in last season and started taking over. Rachel is a lot like season 1 Brooke, but worse. I actually liked Brooke, but I can't stand Rachel. Although her being naked in Lucas' car was funny.

    Mouth holds tryouts of his own to have another announcer for No one shows up accept Gigi who starts out really shy and quiet and barely says a word, but when Midnight Madness comes around we see she is a bit of a freak.

    Peyton is trying to get to know Ellie a bit, but asks her to leave when a few more lies come out. Ellie told her she wasn't writing an article, but writes one anyway and she told her she couldn't draw, but does a perfect drawing of Peyton dressed as the angel of death.

    And Dan has some competition for mayor...Karen!! I love when Whitey introduced Dan he said he would get a lot of votes, but not his. So funny!!

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill its basketball time of year again and nathan is annouced the new team captain by whitey and lucas and nathan are going at each other again over the haley situation and there is also a new chairlead that is falling for lucas and dan thinks he is has it all in the bag when a new front runner amerges and karen is that person to run aginst him this was a good ep i thought and it was very excting and that is why i gave it a 9 instead of anyting lowermoreless
  • Season 3, Episode 5.

    The Ravens begin basketball practice. New team captain Nathan clashes with Lucas over Haley, and a new cheerleader sets her sights on Lucas. Elsewhere, Dan's mayoral bid takes a surprising turn when an unlikely opponent emerges: Karen. I loved this episode! Haha, I love when Deb came out during Dan's meeting in the lingerie and with alcohol. Then he showed her pictures of him rubbing her toothbrush in the toilet, on the neighbor's dog's belly, and up the neighbor's dog's butt. LMAO, Rachel. "You just bought yourself a nose job!" LMAO Brooke was strangling her. I loved how everybody was fighting. Great episode! 10/10.moreless
  • It's Rachel first day of practice as a tree hill, Nathan helps Haley with her music. Chris returns to town. Chris and Nathan work together to help Haley with her music. Deb makes things difficult for Dan's election and it's hysterical. Rachel kisses Lucasmoreless

    I thought this episode was hysterical. I absoutely loved it. I'm very excited that Nathan was named Co captin. it was very emotional to see that. I loved Ellie in this episode in this episode with Payton I think she is good with her. It was very shocking to see that drawing of Payton's on Ellie's table Payton had every right to freak out the way she did in my opinion. I don't like the whole non exculsive dating crap that Brooke has going on with Lucas. I think it's wrong but it was very funny what Rachel did with Lucas to piss off Brooke OUCH! that must have sucked. Brooke offers Haley to be a cheerleader but Haley doesn't want to do it. Haley thinks that Nathan knows that chris is back in town and she thinks that Nathan thinks she had something to do with it but she didn't. (if that makes any sense.) Payton thinks that Ellie is a lying junkie who doesn't have cancer then she gives Ellie a drawing that she did and she tells her to get out. she tells Payton that she should know that her trust is more important to her then any other artical and she rips the artical in half and she throws it away and she leaves, leaving Payton confused and upset.moreless
Danielle Motley

Danielle Motley

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Frances Civitano

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Johanna Collins

Johanna Collins

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Brett Claywell

Brett Claywell

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Tyler Hilton

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    • Chris: Want that autographed?
      Haley: God!
      Chris: I knew you'd be happy to see me. So, how's married life?
      Haley: What're you doing here, Chris?
      Chris: Truthfully, I was thinking you and me should work together again.
      Haley: Huh, are you kidding me?
      Chris: Come on, you know Chris Keller. Sorry. Haley, you and I made great music together. Remember?
      Haley: Yeah! I remember exactly what happened. Do you?
      Chris: Yeah, so things weren't always easy but if you just set that other crap aside
      Haley: That other crap was my marriage, Chris.
      Chris: Details, Haley. Come on. Me and you. Just music. Whaddaya say?

    • Brooke: So I've been thinking about our whole non-exclusive thing and about how you haven't been holding up your end of the bargain.
      Lucas: I didn't know it was a requirement.
      Brooke: Lucas, in order for this to work, there has to be a balance. I kiss a guy, you kiss a girl. I kiss two guys...
      Lucas: I kiss you twice.
      Brooke: You kiss someone else. Which is why I'm gonna pick a girl for you. Say somebody like her. Okay? Go ask her out.
      Lucas: Really? You want me to ask her out?
      Brooke: Yeah.
      Lucas: You're sure?
      Brooke: I'm sure. She's the one.
      Lucas: Okay. If you insist.

    • Nathan: You wanted to see me, Coach?
      Whitey: Nathan, good timing. Look at this; triangle offence. It all runs through you.
      Nathan: I'm ready, Coach.
      Whitey: I know you are. You know, it might not come as a surprise but, um, I'm making it official. I'm making you captain of this years squad.
      Nathan: I don't know what to say.
      Whitey: There's nothing to say. You've earned it.
      Nathan: Well, in that case, I promise to do whatever I can to get you that championship.
      Whitey: Nathan, I appreciate that but if we get that far, that trophy belongs to the team, it's not mine. Team unity.
      Whitey: That's the captain's responsibility.

    • Rachel: I'd like to thank you on behalf of myself and the group, and I hope we pass the audition.
      Brooke: I'm sorry, what?
      Peyton: John Lennon. The Let It Be album. Girl knows her music.
      Brooke: Too bad she was late. Sorry, Betty, was it? We'll be in touch.
      Rachel: It's Rachel and I hope so.
      Peyton: So, I guess we found our girl, right?
      Brooke: Oh, you just like her because of that stupid BeeGees thing.
      Peyton: No, I like her because she's good.

    • Brooke: You know what hit me today? These are our last cheerleader tryouts ever.
      Peyton: Yeah, I'm really broken up about it.
      Brooke: Come on, how can you not love tryout day? Just the smell of it! Like sports bras and desperation.
      Peyton: Hm, speaking of desperate, how's life in the non-exclusive dating world?
      Brooke: Lucas isn't playing fair.
      Peyton: Maybe he's not playing at all.
      Brooke: Exactly, I mean, unless you count him dancing with that slut at the masquerade ball, he's been totally monogamous. He knows the rules. Why can't he just follow them?
      Peyton: Brooke, when're you going quit this crap and accept the fact that a really great guys wants to be with you? Nothing good can come of this, okay? What are you going to do, force Lucas to go out and see other people.
      Brooke: P. Sawyer, you are a genius.
      Peyton: Okay, that is not what I meant.

    • Rachel: (after Brooke slaps her) You just bought yourself a nose job.

    • Dan: In the spirit of your little fashion show earlier, I decided to take up photography. I call this exhibit "Deb's Toothbrush". Here's me armoralling the tires with your toothbrush, cleaning the toilet, the neighbor's dogs, oh and my favorite, here's your toothbrush up the dog's…

    • Dan: It's a little early to be drinking, don't you think?
      Deb: Oh come on, it's noon somewhere, right?

    • Mouth: (Commentating) Lucas Scott throws a roundhouse to Nathan Scott's jaw. And over on the other side, Brooke Davis is choking the new girl. There's a hair pull, oh, an eye gouge, there's a painful shot to the groin. Now this is truly midnight madness.

    • Brooke: (To Rachel) Cool it, this isn't the pole dancing you do on weekends.

    • Karen: Nathan, you're okay?
      Nathan: Yeah. My dad just ruined my life, and pretty soon he'll be Mayor and he can ruin everyone else's too.

    • Haley: (Answers the door to find Nathan on the doorstep) Hey, I wasn't expecting you. Come on in.
      Nathan: I can't stay, I just... there's something I wanna talk to you about.
      Haley: Chris.
      Nathan: How'd you know?
      Haley: Please, all this weirdness between us, I just figured. Nathan, I didn't know he was coming back into town, you have to believe me, I would never work with him again.
      Nathan: Actually I think you should.
      Haley: You what?
      Nathan: He's good for your music Haley, and that's what you should be focusing on right now.
      Haley: Nathan, working with Chris nearly killed our marriage. Do you remember how jealous you were?
      Nathan: Yeah, and that's just it. I told you I needed to be able to trust you again, this is your chance.
      Haley: So this is like a test?
      Nathan: You can call it what you want. If you work with Chris and you end up having feelings for him again, I guess I'll have my answer.
      Haley: That's ridiculous, Nathan. That's not fair.
      Nathan: Maybe not. But like I said, it's your chance.

    • Deb: Can you see my a** through this.

    • Nathan: She said no?
      Chris: Among other things. That girl has a real potty mouth when she wants to.
      Nathan: So you just gave up? I mean, you didn't so easily last time.
      Chris: Whoa, whoa. That's unfair... and entirely correct. Listen, you know I don't like to get in the middle of other people's relationships... but Haley wants you man. I don't get it, why is it so important to you that she and I work together.
      Nathan: I have my reasons.
      Chris: Well, you wanna share them with me.
      Nathan: Haley's music was a big part of her life, without it she's just not Haley.
      Chris: So what, she gets music back, you get her back.
      Nathan: No, it's not about that. This is about Haley.
      Chris: Well, it doesn't matter anyway, she's not gonna go for it.
      Nathan: We'll see about that.

    • Lucas: She's your wife. And you treat her like this, manipulating her, pushing her back to Chris.
      Nathan: Alright, you need to back up. Now.
      Lucas: Really. Is that an order captain? (Flicks Nathan's C (for captain) badge).
      Nathan: Don't push me, b***h.
      Lucas: Why? You gonna do something about it? You're a coward, you love Haley, but instead of dealing with it, you avoid it, you treat her like dirt. God, I used to wonder why you did it, and then I realised something. Your. Just. Like. Dan.
      (Nathan punches Lucas in the face, and a fight starts, which spills out onto the court in front of all the people there for the pep rally)

    • Lucas: If I tell Whitey I have a heart condition, I'm off the team.
      Haley: Yeah, and if you don't tell Whitey about your heart condition, you're off the planet.

    • Brooke: (To Rachel) Naked in the backseat? That's so last year it's two years ago.

    • Peyton: What part of this are we going to miss again?
      Brooke: One spot on the team and there's no one to fill it? Those were like dance auditions for Crap the Musical.

    • Ellie: (voiceover) It's tough to get to know Peyton. Like me, she tends to keep the world at arms length. But in those fleeting moments she has let me in I've seen in her, such indomitable courage and heart – a young woman anyone would be proud to call her daughter.

    • (listening to Dan talk)
      Whitey: Lord, Lord, where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?

    • Lucas: You're the one who wanted to be non-exclusive. I'm just doing what you wanted.
      Brooke: What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me! I wanted you to say there is no one else that you could ever be with and that you would rather be alone than without me. I wanted the Lucas Scott from the beach that night; telling the world that he's the one for me.
      Lucas: How was I supposed to know that?
      Brooke: You just are.

    • Peyton: (about Lucas and Nathan fighting) What happened?
      Brooke: Who knows? (Looks at Rachel.) Maybe someone was being a full on diva skank!
      Rachel: You'd know. (Brooke slaps her.) You just bought yourself a nose job.

    • Haley: I know, I-I get it. I just… I think that if I join the cheerleading squad, Nathan would see it as some, like, pathetic attempt to get close to him.
      Brooke: That's funny. It seems to me like worrying about what Nathan thinks is pathetic is actually pretty pathetic. Forget about Nathan. Why don't you do what you want for once?
      Haley: OK, I thanks!

    • Brooke: One spot on the team and there's no one to fill it? Those like… dance auditions are for crap, the musical.

    • Haley: Hey, I was hoping I'd catch you.
      Nathan: Why's that?
      Haley: Um,… I don't know, I think we should talk.
      Nathan: About what?
      Haley: About what happened the other night at the masquerade ball.
      Nathan: I can't, Whitey wants to see me before class. But… it wasn't that big of a deal, anyway.
      Haley: It was to me.
      Nathan: It was a nice moment, Haley, but it's over now.

    • Peyton: (On her podcast) Hi guys. As you know, I recently met my birth mother, and I really didn't like her. As a matter of fact I drove her away, and now she's gone. But, the part that really sucks. You know that thing about judging a book by its cover? It's true. Sometimes you gotta read the whole thing and even then you still might not know the whole story.

    • Dan: (to Karen) You came in second place then, what makes you think it'll be any different now?

    • Mouth: (watching the cheerleaders and basketball players fight) This is truly midnight madness! Gigi, I don't suppose you have anything to add.
      Gigi: Actually, this kinda turns me on.

    • Brooke: (to Rachel) You know, I think you're in the wrong store. You're looking for Slut Barn downstairs.

    • Brooke: What don't you do what I want for once? (Haley half-laughs.)C'monnn. Fine. Oh, did I mention that Nathan is very often shirtless at practice? You know, taut, sweaty and bulging in all the right places. All the girls notice. Hm. Okay see ya.

    • Brooke: I just had a great idea!
      Haley: Does it involve trigonometry? (Brooke pauses)
      Brooke: I don't know what that is so I doubt it.

    • Lucas: You're breakin' her heart you know.
      Nathan: Lucas, this is a pep rally. Where's your pep?

    • Brooke: Oh and one more thing..
      (walks over to Rachel and punches her) Don't ever hit me again!

    • Lucas: You're kidding.
      Nathan: No, I'm captain.

    • Whitey: Damn your sperm, Danny.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Turkey: Thursday, November 16, 2006 on CNBC-e

    • This is the first episode to feature Kelsey Chow as recurring character, Gigi Silveri.

    • Mark Schwahn and Danneel Harris introduce two unaired scenes on the season 3 DVD set. They also talk about Rachel's tryout scene.

      The first scene is with Karen and Dan in Karen's Cafe.

      The second is with Lucas and Haley talking about Nathan's mind games.

    • Although credited, Craig Sheffer (Keith) didn't appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "TKO" by Le Tigre
      "All Over" by The Obscurities
      "Play" by David Banner
      "Silver Sparkler" by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up
      "There She Goes (Instrumental)" by Radius
      "Sleeping Song" by Sebastien Schuller
      "Body 21" by Morningwood
      "Rock and Roll Part Two" by Gary Glitter
      "Vila Rada" by Nikola Sarcevic


    • Whitey: Lord, Lord, where's Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?

      Lee Harvey Oswald is the man who, according to many different investigations by US government organisations, was responsible for the assasination of US President, John F Kennedy. Others believe him to be the fall guy for a much larger conspiracy.

    • When Rachel surprises Lucas by being in the backseat of his car, naked, she then starts flirting with him.
      This is reminiscent of how Brooke tried to get Lucas in the first season. Brooke even points this out when she says "That's so last year, it was like, two years ago." This is very true, as it did happen last school year for them, but since their 1 school year lasted two TV seasons, it was literally 2 years ago.

    • Episode Title: A Multitude Of Casualties

      "A Multitude Of Casualties" is a song by The Hold Steady off the record, Separation Sunday.