One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 8

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 29, 2012 on The CW

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  • A Rush of Blood to the Head

    Not the most action-packed episode of One Tree Hill, but a well-paced episode that sees the characters take things into their own hands to differing consequences. I did not like a lot of the developments and the lack of an update on Nathan, but let's just see how things play out. Slow-moving, but effective, I can't stop watching.
  • Deb returns!!!

    Wow, what a great episode. SOOO full of emotions that is for sure. I might as well first say, i am very impressed by Joy's acting in these past few episodes.Joys acting in this episode was phenomenal!! She is so great with the emotional scenes. Haley's voiceover during the morgue scene had me so teary eyed, but it was such a great voiceover.

    Deb returns to tree hill and i am very glad that her return was far better than lucas' return. I love seeing her comforting Haley and everything.Having her being a mother figure right now is really what haley needs. And Deb's scene with Dan was amazing!!!!

    Now, i just wanted to say that i hope i am not the only one who got soooo angry at the police officer in this episode! Now that we know that he is in on Nathan's kidnapping, and knows exactly where he is, seeing him lie straight to Haleys face like he did was very frustrating. And it was even more frustrating to see him have no sympathy at all when she broke down in tears.!!

    Haley/Dan-I am so looking forward to Dan andHaley working together. It should be very interesting. Now that Dan has a lead on Nathans whereabouts, i am SURE Haley will do anything to get closer to finding him.

    Loved the Brooke and Haley scene. Brooke is such a great friend to her. I actually loved that when Haley had said that she would have died right there if it wasNathan under that sheet. Only because there were so many people who were thinking that it would be Nathan, but i knew right off the bat just by seeing Haleys reaction.

    Ok, on to the Brooke and Xavier thing. I am really not crazy about the whole storyline because i find it stupid that they even brought the guy back in the first place. I like seeing ANOTHER side of Julian this season. He seems tougher. Now that he is working with Dan, and even with the Xavier thing. I personally dont think he would have been like that the last time we saw Xavier.

    And as for the Chase and Chuck thing, I am very undecided on what i think of this storyline. It is still very nice to see Chase being very protective over Chuck though.

    Now, before i end my review, i am disappointed in the lack of Chris Keller!! We need more of him. He makes the show funnier just by him opening his mouth. My main interest and focus this season seems to be Nathans kidnapping. I like it the most. After each episode ends, that is all i look forward to getting more information about.

    5 more episodes left :( so sad! :(

  • Amazing!!!

    This season is great with the kidnapping story, making OTH a bit more like a thriller or something like that!

    I really like this episode because it was full of emotions: a lot of sadness and a bit of fun!

    My favorite part was the Clay/Logan storyline. I was kind of telling to myself that they look alike but I've never imagined that Logan is Clay et Sarah's son. Now I'm waiting for Quinn reaction but I'm not worried because she loves Clay and they can get through this!

    - the Xavier storyline will end badly, i think

    - what chase did for chuck and his mum was brave.

  • WHOA, what a amazing episode!!

    It seems everyone in this episode seemed to be facing incredible challenges

    First: Haley was trying her hardest to remain calm and collected in the face that Nathan still hadn't been found. Bethany Joy Galeotti was simply fantastic this episode, she stroke the perfect balance between utter desperation and inner strength, it was also really nice to see Deb back.

    Second : Dan was using all of his "connections" to find some lead on where Nathan is, once again Julian is helping I am so loving their "partnership". It was also really nice to see him and Deb semi-reunite.

    Third : Brooke was dealing with the fact that Xavier was released from prison and it seemed that his mission for now is making Brooke feel as paranoid and terrified as possible. Brooke however held her own and I thought Sophia Bush was really great.

    Fourth: Skills miscalculation about Lauren was super funny and added incredible levity to this extremely dark episode!

    Fifth: Chase and his drama with Chuck's dad was super strong but I did think that his reaction was bit over the top.

    Sixth and last: Poor Clay I am loving his therapy sessions sprinkled into each of these last few episodes they are truly great! His revelation at the end was truly the stuff tv infamy is made of, it totally caught me off guard!

    Final thoughts: I thought this episode was amazing it made me laugh and cry I am so excited to see the final five episodes!

  • Nearing the end (spoilers)

    I've been a hard core one tree hill fan since the beginning but never has a scene got to me like Haley's scene in this episode- It was so beautifully crafted and emotion- i mean wow!!!!!!!! Joy was absolutely BRILLIANT in both the voice-over and when they pulled back that sheet. She should be recognized for her amazing talent. Is scenes like her's that make me love one tree hill so much!! Perfection!!!!!

    Now the rest of the episode- Brooke struggles with Xavier being out- also another great scene. Julian and Dan continue to be M rated verson of the Hardy Boys (must say I really like their scenes-its such an odd partnership but it really works), Deb returns to comfort Haley and Miss Lauren thing was just a fill in for me- wasn't something I was interested in and in my opinion was rather boring.

    Chase and Chuck- I've always loved those two and Chase has become like a big brother to Chuck and so very protective of him. I'm not sure how i feel about him beating up (hopefully not killin) Chucks dad but it does show what he'll do for Chuck. Could have been done better but it was still good material.

    Clay has a son- Logan- I think thats great. They were so sweet together and I hope that Logan gets to go home with Quinn and Clay- that would be perfect.

    Overall this has to be my favourite episode of season 9 so far- also in my top 5 favourite of the entire series just because of that one Haley scene!! Worth watching over and over again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Deb!!! Only 5 more!!!

    Only 5 more episodes of this great show. I can't believe the end is getting so close.

    Haley: Joy was amazing in this episode. I believe she gave her best performance of the season in this one and possible the best in the series. Her voice-over gave me chills and made me cry. And when they pulled back the sheet and she burst into tears, I lost it. As hard as it is to watch, this is why I love One Tree Hill.

    Deb: It was really nice seeing her again. I loved seeing her with Haley and even her with Dan. When she said she can't lose Nathan because he is all she brought me back to season 5 when Jamie was kidnapped.

    Clay: Wow!!! I'll admit, I cheated. I was curious as to what was going on and had a suspicion about Logan so I looked at a spoiler site. So, I've known for a couple weeks that Logan is Clay's son. It will be interesting seeing how Clay and Quinn deal with this. Clay has to be feeling just awful that he forgot he had a son.

    Dan/Julian: Really liking them together. Glad Dan is making progress on finding Nathan. Although since he is working with Julian this whole time it makes me wonder how we are going to get to that point when we see Dan and Chris together.

    Brooke: I love her!! This was also a very good episode for Sophia. She did an amazing job!! I love that she told of Xavier. I still can't believe he is out!! I hope she kicks his ass again!!

    Chase: Wow!! I'm glad he has Chuck's back, but wow!! I can't believe he did that!!!

    Lauren/David: Eh!! This is stupid. Their relationship and pregnancy was just an excuse to keep Allison in this show.

    Overall, amazing episode of One Tree Hill, but should I expect any less.. they are all amazing!!