One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 21

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2007 on The CW

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  • Now that's a season ending!

    Now that's a season ending!

    So good it could have been a series ending.
  • Should've been the end of the series.

    This should have been the ending. It's the perfect ending. The gang celebrates their last day as high school students by having a big party. Dan does the right thing by turning himself in. Karen has a dream she's with Keith and their daughter. This helps Karen wake up. Haley and Nathan become parents for the first time with the birth of their son James Lucas Scott aka Jamie. Chase and Brooke go all the way. Peyton and Lucas talk about Peyton going to Los Angeles. Rachel returns. Karen confronts Dan about killing Keith. It's a very powerful scene. Because of Dan history has to repeat itself. Dan tries to kill himself and it's also a powerful scene. The gang plays one last game together on the River Court. It's similar to the one on one Lucas and Nathan shared in the Pilot, but unlike that one on one this one is all love and respect. The gang promises to meet back at the RC in 4 years.

    The ending still makes me cry. This episode makes you cry and laugh. This is the series finale for me. I enjoyed S5, but it still didn't have the heart and soul that the first 4 seasons had. I hated S6 and disliked S7. I didn't watch S8 and S9. I did watch "Danny Boy" & "One Tree Hill" from S9. The best thing about the later seasons is Dan's redemption. Dan has always been a great character and Paul owned that role.

    It's hilarious how Karen and Haley got their post baby bodies back in two weeks. There's also a funny scene where Peyton tells Lucas, she's going to love him forever, then NH show up. That's a Naley thing. Nathan told Haley that in TDKOL. Peyton isn't as smooth as Nathan Scott. And Leyton just isn't Naley. It was a clever bit. I always thought Mouth was an annoying little b**ch. I don't understand how people were able to put up with him for 8 seasons. He was barely in S1 and it should have stayed that way. I know people liked Rachel, but she also annoyed me. I could never get with Karen and Keith as a romantic couple.
  • Perfect :)

    I have just something to say..

    'This was a perfect ending for a perfect season'

    Season 4 is my absolute favourite, loved every moment of it :D

  • Perfect end to the teen years.

    Sometimes, sappiness and happy endings works - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone was one of those times.

    Watching these characters say their goodbyes was touching and sad, but really entertaining too. And they really pulled at viewers heart strings. Peyton and Lucas vow to be together despite going their separate ways. Brooke and Chase do the same. Haley and Nathan look after their son and plan for the future. Rachel returns and Mouth finally man's up if you will.

    The ending scene at the river court was particularly well done and moving, watching them all have fun on their last night was the perfect ending. The spice girls dance was random but quite funny. Dan's suicide attempt was shocking but the conclusion was deserved. I loved what Karen said to him about Keith - very powerful stuff.

    And they agree to return to the river court in four years - the set up for the next five seasons. This is the cut-off point for Tree Hill - it easily could have ended here and it would of been satisfying. But then we wouldn't get the next series...but is that a bad thing? Re-watching will be the judge of that.

    Perfect end to the teenage of years of One Tree Hill.

  • Season 4 Finale

    High school is over and everyone is preparing to go their separate ways, but first Karen faces a health crisis and Haley gives birthday to her and Nathan's son. Also, Dan turns himself in for Keith's murder!

    I loved seeing Keith in Karen's dream or whatever it was. It was great getting to see him again and see them together. I love that he inspired the name of their daughter. Lily, is so pretty and I love the name. too. I loved the moment when Nathan and Lucas meet in the hospital before they go into the rooms with Karen and Haley. That hug was perfect. It was so sweet. And I love the name they chose. Welcome to the world, James Lucas Scott!!

    And then we have 2 weeks later. The babies and their moms are home and doing well. There is a party to celebrate the end of the school year for the graduating seniors and the juniors who will become seniors when the school computers update and change to make them seniors.

    This really was a nice, fun way to end the high school years of One Tree Hill. With the four year jump coming up it was nice to give the characters and the stories sort of an ending so that when we meet the new versions of them four years older we can start fresh with new stories.

    It was cool having Rachel back and having Brooke give her the diploma. That was sweet. I also loved Lucas and Peyton having their moment by the lake. Brooke and Lucas are perfect to be the God parents for James Lucas Scott. Brooke has become another best friend to Haley and Lucas has always been there for her and he is also the kid's uncle so it works.

    It's so great that Lucas is going to be an assistant coach for Whitey. It will be great to have Nathan, Lucas, and Whitey together again on a basketball team.

    Mouth kissing Brooke was priceless!! Hands down one of the funniest moments of the series!! I've been waiting for something to happen with them for a long time!! And Chase is no longer a Clean Teen...he lost his virginity to Brooke Davis.

    It was so perfect for Karen to approach Dan like that. She is angry and has every right to be!! And once again Dan could have died when he tried to hang himself, but of course it's Dan Scott so he doesn't die.

    I love that they ended the episode at the River Court!! Signing their names was so cool!! I love that they ended the episode with a one-on-one game with Nathan and Lucas. It was the best way to end the season, the high school era, and what could have possibly been the end of the series. Great episode and great season!!
  • The end of an era

    Karen has a dream where she sees Keith and gets the inspiration for her daughter's name, Lily. She wakes up. Dan turns himself into the police. Haley has her baby boy named James Lucas Scott. Two weeks later, high school has ended for Tree Hill High's seniors. There is a major party celebrating the end. Rachel returns and Brooke gives her her diploma. Nathan and Haley are loving parents. Deb watches James as they party. Mouth and Shelly meet again. They get along. Mouth gets bold and kisses Brooke. Chase and Brooke have sex for the first time. Karen visits Dan and tells him off. Dan is very sad. Lucas encourages Brooke. Haley and Nathan are worried about their son with Deb. Lucas and Nathan decide to never see Dan while he is in prison. Lucas is going to be assistant coach under Whitey. Dan tries to hang himself, but he fails. As midnight passes, Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Haley, Brooke, Mouth, Skills, Rachel, Fergie, Junk, Bevin and Chase all go to the River Court. They promise to reunite in four years. Nathan and Lucas start off a one-on-one basketball game.

    This was an awesome episode! I was so sad when it ended because it felt like the series finale. I missed Whitey! Paul Johansson really did a fantastic job! I actually felt sorry for Dan, even though I don't like him. The party looked totally fun and everything was so believable! I love this episode so much, which is why I give it a 10 out of 10!
  • Season 4, Episode 21.

    As graduation approaches, Haley prepares for the recital of her valedictorian speech and motherhood, Nathan must adjust to life without basketball, Brooke makes a confession that may have great consequences, and Lucas confronts Dan after Karen's life is threatened. Wow, this episode was good! Nathan and Haley become parents! Karen's dream convinced her to name her daughter Lily... Lily Rose Scott. I'm not feeling it. Deb is an awesome grandmother and mother now. "Bring me some drugs." LMAO! :) Rachel's back! Aw, Mouth and Shelley during Spin The Bottle. I loved when Mouth punched that hot jock for Shelley. Hehe. Great episode. Series classic!
  • I first started watching One Tree Hill in Season 5. I wanted to know the whold breakdown of the show therefore i purchased all the seasons. After watching season 4 and this last episode i think the show could've ended here. I wouldnt know it if it did.

    After watching this last episode and all the series editions of One Tree Hill i can honestly say this is one of the best ive ever seen. I started this after i saw my daughter watching this show. I wanted to know more so i purchased every season of it. I wasnt surprised and wasnt disappointed in what ive seen. The seasons 1 and 4 have made me shed more tears then i've did before. After viewing season 4 and the way it ended i think the show had the right to end here. Im glad it didnt because i would have never saw it. The last song in the finale i have purchased and continue to listen to.
  • Graduation and high school are over for the TH gang, Hayley has her baby, Dan comes to grips with what he did to Keith.

    I think that this Season Finale was the best- it just worked perfectly for me, with every thing summed up nicely. I don't think there was a single thing I disliked about this episode actually!

    I loved that Luacs and Brooke were made Jamie's god-parents, and that Lucas is going to stay close to home and help Coach the team Nathan is playing for. I loved that Brooke and Chase are finally really happy as a couple (and kinda a little sad at the same time b/c I know they aren't together in S5).

    I loved the Lucas/Peyton scene where he tells her he doesn't want her to go but he has to, and she says the distance doesn't matter because she'll always love him (again sad at the same time coz of S5). I wouldn't say I loved, but it was good to see Dan realising that what he did to Keith is going to affect him, and that he didnt' get the satisfaction of being able to escape that feeling by killing himself. I loved Karen showing us once again just how strong she is by going to see Dan, and that Lucas and Nathan make the decision never to see him.

    And most of all I loved how the final scene ended- going right back to the Pilot episode with Lucas and Nathan playing basketball on the RiverCourt with all their friends watching them- only this time its as brothers, not as enemies.

    In fact, this whole episode actually made me a little nostalgic for my own HS days, and the ending of TH's HS made me a little sad- even a few tears came out!

    Great episode, that's all there is to it :)
  • Last day as seniors of Tree Hill high : making decisions for the future and enjoying one last parties with your best friends.

    I got interested in One Tree Hill quite recently (thanks to one of my cousins who kept talking about it), and started with season 5. I wasn't so excited about it but it definetly made me want to know all that happened before that because there was some major gaps inmy knowledge. Thanks to TV cable and Dvds i've managed to see all 5 seasons, and i'm definetly addicted. I have to say that this episode is definetly my favorite, it had everything: nostalgie, few tears, lots of laughs. It catched exactly the way i felt when i finished my studies, being with all your friends and not wanting to let go so you enjoy every minute of it and want to make it last forever. Though i'm happy the show still goes on, i think this would have been the perfect ending : young and friends forever...
  • That is the last episode of the fourth season and it is about high school being over and the friends deciding what to do with their future!..

    High school is over and Peyton will go to Los Angeles after she took an internship for a record company there.. We don't know exactly what Brooke will do but the sure is that she will spend the summer with her friend Peyton and her parents in Los Angeles.. We find out that Lucas will be Whitey's coach assistant in the college where Nathan will play.. This episode takes place in a party held by Rachel who came back to say goodbye to her friens.. She is surprised when Brooke gives her her yearbook and tell her that she gratuated.. Nathan and Haley are new at the whole parenting thing and behave funnily and disturbingly..
  • High school and season four are over.

    After four seasons, at last high school is over and everybody has a different path to follow. It was a great series finale. Luka gave a decision about what he will do in the future and chose to stay unlike others. The last scene of the episode was a good choice, two brothers played basketball again as rivals but this time they were good friends. High school ended as everyone wanted it to end. Luka and peyton were together, Brooke was happy with Chase and Brooke and Peyton were again best friends. I am looking forward to season five to see how they managed their lives.
  • High school is over.

    This was probably the worst One Tree Hill season finale yet. I think the reason most people didnt like this episode is because we are used to seeing big shocking events happeing at the end of the season and what we saw at the end of this episode was a bunch of painful goodbyes. The only good thing about this episode is that we kind of kiss the Brooke/Peyton/Lucas love triangle goodbye for good. God knows how many times we had to live through that hell. One bad thing about this episode is that we have to sit through more Leyton drama.
  • hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"

    hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"hey idolfreak, can't say anything about the hip-hop song, but the one playing in the beginning is called "lightning crashes" performed by "live"
  • Great setup

    This episode was great because everyone was happy at the end. I was utterly confused though because I thought it was set up to be a series finale. Glad to hear that the show is coming back for a 5th season. YEAH! I'm glad that Dan finally got what he deserved and I'm really hoping that he doesn't come back for this next season. I love that Mouth finally gets the girl and that everything seems right with the world. I'm sure the upcoming season will throw something new at the crew. I do have to say that the dance scene was obscenely cheesy. haha
  • what is the name of the song and artist that plays at the very beging? and what is the name of the old school hip hop song nate plays for james?

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  • The entire episode was great!

    I absolutely loved all of it! I especially liked when Mouth punched out that guy for Shelly. And when he walked up to Brooke and kissed her. The dance scene was kind of funny, I mean how did they all know the moves. I like Bevin i hope she's in the new season, along with Skills. I hate Dan and I hope he's not in the new season. I can't wait to find out if Peyton and Lucas are still together. Or if Brooke and Chase are still together. I really like them as a couple. I can't believe they finally slept together. I'm looking forward to the new season.
  • A great season's finale, after all the drama and troubles these guys have had on this season, they deserved a happy ending.

    One tree hill is one of my favorites TV shows, and although, we all love drama, it is necessary to see a happy ending once in a while. I was tired of the killing, and of the psychos (even though that's why I watch the show), so it was great to see everyone happy at least once. I believe that it needed a few tears more, and maybe some whining, but it is still great. I loved it, I wanted to see a happy ending, after all the drama, and trouble these guys have been into.
    It is a season's finale were you don't want to watch the next episode just because something horrible happen and you don't know what will happen next, it is an episode that reminds you how great is this series, and why you started to watch it at first.
  • Everyone gets ready to move on and start their post high school lives

    This season fanally was a perfect ending to high school I think it made them all get a chance to move on and make there lives better i think this epiode made everyone closer in a way and i think that it. I think it showed that Nathan and Haley will have a good future and nathan and Luacas will always be close. It seemed like Brooke had made a break through and her payton were back were they should be and Mouth had came a long way kissing brooke that was relaly brave of him and i am proud i think that episode was very stifying
  • Best of the series have funny girls dancing to wannabe skiez singing sweet

    karen has a dream of keith and her baby meeting Lucas and Nathan have one on one at the reiver court haley calls home from a pary rachel thows deb doesn't awesar her and nathan go home to find that they both called to check in Karen tells dan off at jail she names her baby LilyRoescott
    Brucas are the god parents of james Naleys son the scott go to college with whitey coahing there bBall team
    Moth kisses brooke and Puched a guy who was mean to shelley
    Rachel gets her deploma from brooke girls dance to wannabe spice girls !
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    This episode was great! Even though there were not that much big reveals or cliff hangers it was still one of my favourites! The end made me cry. Because as i am still in high school, it made me think that that would be me in a couple months and I'd have to say my good byes just like they did in this episodes. The end was really powerful.

    The Tree Hill senior students have graduated and its the graduation party, at midnight there is a countdown for the juniors to then become high school seniors. Lucas and the gang head to the river court for a game of girls vs boys basketball to finish the night! Then like they the pilot Lucas and Nathan had a one-to-one game with Mouth comentating. Awesome episode.. leaves you wanting the next season to start straight away.
  • Season 4 finale.... One of the best episodes of this tv series.

    In my opinion I feel this episode was great. It reflects back to previous episodes and seasons (which is great) and also sets up for what is yet to come. This is a very powerful episode especially toward the end when the "gang" goes down to the river court to spend one last night together. All of the characters are parting ways after that night but none of them get sad because they know that after college or whatever they decide to do that they will always remain close and that most of them (if not all) will be right back in Tree Hill...
  • High school is over everyone has to go to college they all say their goodbyes.

    High school has ended lily and James are born lucas,nathan,brooke,peyton,haley,mouth,chase,and Skills go to a graduation party it turns out it is Racheal's party they remember high school and think about college they go to the river court to play a hoops match they say goodbye and say they will all come back here after college Nathan and Lucas have a one on one match. The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end The end until 4 years later
  • Hmmm...I miss...

    No weirdness, no cliff hangers. Just what some of us need for a season finale! Even though a cliff hanger could add the suspense throughout our many waiting months for next season. The fact that we had to wait for so long makes it a good thing that there no cliff hangers. Everything you'd expect to happen: James' birth, Karen's recovery, Dan turning himself in (well, not all of us...) Except for Dan's suicide attempt , well, that was just... weird. Not to mention Lucas deciding not to go to collage, what was up with that?! Not that all these things are bad, it was just a like filler episode, just enough dose of One Tree Hill to keep us waiting until next season.
  • I really liked this episode cause it had a bit of everything in it...

    I think in this episode, everyone got I thought they would...

    Let's start with Dan, at last he confessed of what he did, I think the things that were doing to him really effected him in the end..cause he was really feeling bad when he saw 'murderer' or 'i am watching you' being sent to him. I dont blame Abby Brown for not confessing it must have been hard to hide that secret.

    Tree Hill High...they are no longer students there now but the way it ended was really cool. Lucas is going to be an assistant coach now with Whitey.. that's awesome and Whitey was great when he helped Nathan out to get a place in college.

    Haley and Nathan had a baby boy and Karen had a baby girl. That's so sweet. Peyton and Brooke are firends again.Deb is doing much better and that was really responsible of her taking care of the little boy. It was funny how Nathan and Haley kept calling all the time though.

    Mouth is a really good friend and it really shows when it comes to his friend Jimmy who did a suicide. It was nice that he gave the year book to Jimmy's mum. Last but not least Keith, the uncle who was murdered by his own brother because of jealousy. Keith is seen in Lilly now. We can see that even though he is gone he is still making a differance in their lives.

    This is one of my favourite episode...
  • This is the finale of the season and everyone's story finally comes to an end. Dan plans suicide inside the jail cell but was not successful. Lucas and Peyton end up together while Brooke and Chase make it as a couple. Nathan and Haley have their baby.

    This is a spectacular season (and maybe series?) ender. I love it so much as it is both sad and joyous. I would definitely love to see them come back for another season but there would be no storyline anymore as everyone has closure. I especially love the part where Keith reappears to Karen in a sort of dreamlike state.
  • Too Darn Good

    So i watched the Season 4 finale today and i cant beleive how amazingly good it was. man o man it was brilliant. the way they ended (at the court and freezing on lucas and nate in mid-air) was just perfect. seriously two thumbs up from me. everything from seeing Keith again, Dan drowning in grief, Rachel throwing an awsome grad party, Mouth punching that dipstick (shelley's ex), Mouth kissing Brooke (woo hoo!), and everything else from the birth of James to the last moments of the was pure awsomness.

    COS it was so darn good it has left me wanting more! man im finding it hard, 4 hours after watching the finale not being able to watch the next ep haha. Well i just hope Leyton stay together in the future hey seriously i love Leyton =). anyways Season 5 will be off the doubt about that. above all great finale..ace stuff!
  • The Season 4 Finale and exactly what u can expect from a finale. In my opinion this was the best episode of season 4.

    It all began where the last episode has ended. In the middle of her speech Haley's water breaks and the gang helps her to the ambulance. The songs in the few first minutes was just perfect for the things that where happening. Haley going into labor, Karen in a coma (and having a dream about Keith and their daughter) and Dan turning himself in.

    The scene in the hospital where they are pushing Haley and Karen through the hallway and then into their seperate rooms. The hug between the brothers when they see each other just shows how much they care for eachother after 2 years of high school.

    Before we know it the episode jumps 2 weeks into the future and we find Lucas helping Peyton with her car, although nothing wrong, she wanted to be reminded about they first met, this shows they have come full circle.

    Later we find the gang at a party to celebrate that the seniors graduate and the juniors becoming seniors. We find out Rachel threw this party and that she graduated from Tree Hill High (Brooke hands over her diploma). We also see Haley asking Lucas to be James' godfather and Brooke to be godmother. Brooke is saying goodbye from everyone because she is leaving for LA. Lucas tells Haley and Nathan he is gonna accept an assistant coaching job with Whitey. Nathan and Lucas decide to not visit their father and Mouth finally kisses Brooke. The worst scene in the episode was Brooke and Chase having sex in his car, but that could be because I don't like Chase. Maybe the best scene at the party was the girls dancing on a Spice Girls song.

    The season 4 finale ended where it al began, the River Court. The gangs put down they names on the court and promise they will be all back in 4 years after college. The last shot was from a one on one between Nathan and Lucas and was referring to the pilot where Lucas beats Nathan and joins the Ravens.

    I found this by far the best episode of the season and it could be a perfect series finale. I am glad it aint because I'm interested in season 5 which will be 4 years in the future, just like Lucas comment in this episode.
  • I cried in almost every scene..

    This was a perfect finale for season 4. Every moment was sheer gold. The next season will see the gang four years in to the future so there was no cliffhanger this time. That is probably a good thing since the show isn't returning until January and the wait for a resolution just might kill us die hard fans! Plus it would be very hard to make a cliffhanger that would work four years later. Anyway I thought it was just perfect; Keith in Karen's dream showing her their daughter, Shelly and Mouth finally talking about what happened between them, Rachel returning to host a grand graduation party, Nate and Hailey being crazy-obsessive parents, Dan finally getting what he deserves, Luke telling Brooke what he wrote about her in his book and soooo much more..Can't wait for season 5. Until revoir my fellow fans.
  • 6 Months!!!!

    How will we survive lol. I loved this episode...from the birth of James to seeing Keith again. For four seasons, OTH has shown us just how complicated but amazingly entertaining the lives of these high school kids really are and I can't wait for a fifth season! My heart literally broke when Keith and Karen hugged for the first time in ages...I miss him so much. Brooke and Chases finally consumated their this Marks way of opening the possibility that Brooke might have a 3 year old mini chase in season 5? I think so. Great bring us our DVDs!
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