One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 7

All These Things That I've Done

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

Even though Haley gets into Duke and decides to go with Nathan, things aren't that shiny in NaleyLand; in fact, Nathan owes Daunte $15,000. It turns out Daunte is a gambler: he is ready to forgive the debt if Nathan will win the game, but not by more than nine points. Nathan asks Lucas to help him and does miss two free throws for Nathan. Of course Lucas isn't very thrilled about the whole thing and warns his brother this is the first and last time.

Peyton hasn't been to school in a week. She is just brooding in her house; a house that isn't exactly safe since Derek, the real one, has been able to break in several different ways. She tries not to be scared but she just can't help it. Besides she keep having flashbacks which creep her out. Anyway, thanks to Derek and Lucas, Goldilocks finally starts showing she does want to get through this negative part of her life.

Rachel tells Brooke that Nick tried to hit on her but Nick makes her think it's a lie. Then, during Brooke's fashion show, NN - Naughty Nick gets caught while he is hitting on one of Brooke's models. Brooke slaps him twice. It turns out Rachel actually acted like a real good friend. Later, Brooke tells Rachel she was right. "I'm sorry, Brooke. I wish I wasn't."

Mouth goes out with Gigi; Haley babysits two kids who are definitely wild. Since the kids were getting out of control, she calls up Karen asking: "Is it everything I can do to keep from choking the life out of them." In the end, Nathan saves the day, teaching the kids how to play basketball.

Meanwhile, Deb gets arrested for forging a doctor's medicine prescription slip: yep, she does want always more pain pills. Dan promises to bail her out of prison if Deb lets Karen be the new owner of TRIC. Deb can't help but agree.

And Rachel made the cover of Maxim. Yep, Tree Hill High will never be the same.
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