One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 7

All These Things That I've Done

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on The CW

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  • Not a fan of these storylines.

    Bit of a strange episode. Things happened but it felt almost filler.

    All These Things That I've Done saw Brooke' affair with her teacher end after only two episodes and gave Mouth a dilemma of whether to go on a date with a model or not. Don't care about either really - although I liked how Brooke slapped him twice. Hopefully this will push her and Rachel closer as friends. Peyton's storyline was better, but more of the same, as she grows closer to her real brother and to moving on. Haley looking after the kids was funny if not a little OTT. And Nathan making dealings with thug Daunte and involving Lucas is a dangerous move and not that exciting right now...and Deb going still on drugs was amusing but all done before.

    So really, this episode just went through things we've seen before. Unremarkable.

  • Nathan & Haley are going to Duke

    Haley decides to go to Duke with Nathan. Nathan faces trouble with Daunte who wants either his money that Nathan owes him or he wants Nathan to shave points in the next game. It's exciting that they are going to go to Duke together, but this thing with Daunte is scary.

    Brooke shows her designs at a fashion show and is a huge success. Rachel gets on the cover of Maxim and their English teacher, Mr. Chavez hits on her because of it. Brooke breaks up with him after she goes to his place and he is there with one of her models. He also gets fired after Rachel tells Principal Turner about his relationship with Brooke. I'm glad to see this storyline end. I wasn't a fan of it. Brooke is 18 so technically it's not illegal for her to date him, but it's still weird.

    Peyton is still living in fear, but with help from her brother she is slowly getting back to being herself. And Deb has really lost it. She wants her pills so bad she forges a prescription.

    And while he hated it, Lucas had Nathan's back and missed a couple free throws on purpose to help him out with Daunte and now the Ravens get to play for the State Championship!!!
  • Season 4, Episode 7.

    This episode was average. Deb got arrested for making a phony subscription for pills. Haley and Nathan are still having money problems, and Nathan may lose his car if the team wins by more than 9 points. Haley is baby-sitting and realizes how hard kids are. Rachel is very sexy. She lands the cover of Maxim! She tells the principal about Brooke's relationship with Nick. Brooke and Nick go out, but Brooke finds out that Nick is seeing other women. She slaps him twice! He deserves it! Lucas sacrifices game points to help Nathan. Great episode. Peyton's storyline was pretty boring, though.
  • I loved this episode!

    Derek helps Peyton with her fears of going back to real life. Brooke's fashion designs are great! Nick hits on Rachel after she is on the cover of Maxim. Brooke doesn't believe Rachel when she tells her and Nick tells her otherwise. Mouth meets Tia, a hot model, who offers him a date with her and her friends and possibly a chance to lose his virginity, but he has a date with Gigi and now, a big dilemma. Daunte offers Nathan an ultimatum: win the game with less than a 10 point lead, and they'll forget about his debt. Haley has to babysit for extra money. It's a nightmare! Brooke finds a model with Nick and apologizes to Rachel for not believing her. Mouth chooses Gigi. Skills would've chosen otherwise though. Derek gets Peyton a punching head for her to take her pain off. The Ravens are ahead by exactly 9, and Nathan is benched. It's up to Lucas to throw the free throws in order for Nathan's debt to disappear. Lucas chooses to miss. Deb is arrested after assaulting the pharmicist for the pills after getting a fake persricption. Dan bails her out on one condition: she gives Tric back to Karen.

    This episode was great! Deb is so crazy! She really needs to get her life back in order. I love Mouth! He chose Gigi over Tia! The right choice! I love Hilarie's face when she has to act scared or paranoid. It's really good! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Haley babysits and has a bad experience.

    I thought that this episode was really funny and some of the characters really disappointed me. I thought that it was really wrong and bad that Nathan would shave points off of the game in order to pay off a debt. I was evan more disappointed that Lucas helped out Nathan but I was happy that Lucas told him never again. It was really funny to see Haley babysitting the kids. I think that it was a real big wake up call for her because her kid may be like that. I think that Haley seemed to be fine when she seen Nathan with the kids.
  • Between Nathan dealing with Daunte, and Peyton still scared, a lot of drama occured in this episode.

    So, if you watched the previous episode, you would know why Peyton is scared out of her mind to go out of her house, must less worry about school. Nathan is dealing with Daunte, mostly money problems. The problem is that because Daunte offered a lot of money to Nathan (because Dan would not help his own son), and Nathan must win the basketball game by no more than 9 points. If you ask me, you are just asking to crush a kid's dream. Right now it looks as if Nathan will win the game, by no more than 9 points, but has to face the guilt of telling a teammate, which ended up to be Lucas. And I bet you can guess what Lucas thought of it. Let's just say he supports everybody but Nathan...
  • This episode, pretty good. Haley recieves an acceptance letter from Duke, Nathan seems to be getting himself into trouble with Daunte. Brooke finds that Rachel was telling the truth about Nick.

    So brooke is preparing for her fashionshow which Mouth is helping her with. Rachel tells Brooke is badnews, but she thinks Rachel is saying that only because she is the one manless and she\'s just jealous. And a model seems to get friendly with Mouth and asks him for a date, the same night as the date with GiGi, which will he chose? GiGi of course! And brooke goes to Nick\'s house wanted to go out and she goes in for something, and sees her dress that she let the same model asking mouth out keep, and opens the bedroom doors and there she sits in sexy launcheray(sp?sorry). So she decides to slap him, twice, yay Go Brooke! Haley gets accepted to Duke and she wants to go with Nathan, yay, good for her. I\'m so happy for Naley, things seem to be looking up! Well, besides the Daunte guy, Nathan is just getting himself into trouble with him, i can tell, this isn\'t gonna turn out pretty! Haley decides to do some babysitting and shes in for a treat. These kids are out of control, and she can\'t handle it. It\'s actually kind of funny, but sad, I hope this doesn\'t effect the way she thinks for her kid. Nathan is going to be an awesome dad, the little kid scene was adorable! Peyton is having a hardtime getting through the days, day by day, one step at a time, all she can think about is the past, it shows a lot of flashbacks for her, i hope she turns out ok. OTH - I love you!
  • Brooke has her hands full between working with the model for the T.A.R.T. fashion show and her new boyfriend. Haley's babysitting job proves to be a lot more difficult than she imagined. Derek forces Peyton to face her fears.

    Peyton's been through a lot. She's been shot at and attacked, and that's just the short list. She's lost most of the people who she loves. But will the pity party ever end? The girl can't even make it five minutes at school before having an embarrassing panic attack. Is Lucas right to keep babying her and rescuing her? Or should she stand up for herself like her brother suggests?

    Haley got accepted to Duke and she wants to go there with her man. But Nathan isn't doing so well -- he owes Dante $15,000. Dante's ready to forgive the debt if Nathan will win the game, but not by more than 9 points. Seems Dante's a gamblin' man. And he's gamblin' that Nathan will help him win a ton of money. Peyton hasn't been to school in a week. She's just hanging out, brooding in her house -- a house that isn't exactly safe. Derek (the good one) has been able to break in several different ways. And Rachel made the cover of Maxim -- and Tree Hill High will never be the same.
  • God, why is Nathan so stupid! I love Lucas for helping him, but I’m also glad that he let Nathan know how he felt about it. Nothing good is going to come of this.

    I like that both Nathan and Haley said that they’ll like their kid. I’m also glad that Haley got her acceptance to Duke. Though, I hope they both have a fallback plan… I’m glad Karen got TRIC back, and honestly, I think Deb deserved what she got. Sad thing is, it won’t help her. I’m just glad that Karen doesn’t appear to be backing down on her resistance to Dan. I’m glad Brooke saw the truth. Though, it’s not fair to Lucas for her to go back to him. Now it’s an insult. At least in my opinion. But I also don’t see this being the end of the Nick thing… I’m also proud of Mouth. Not that I had a doubt, but I’m glad he did the right thing. As for next week… I hope Lucas tells Brook that he’s moved on. The title of the episode is “The Only Thing Left to Say is Goodbye.” I hope Lucas is saying that to Brooke, and it’s not Nathan saying it to his basketball career. Though, I don’t have high hopes for that…
  • At Start of OTH I was a Peton fan and was sad when Lucas got together with Brooke but this season really hating the Peyton Character. She totally messed with Brooke and him and has no remorse.shame she didnt go through window

    At the Start of OTH I was a Peton fan and was sad when Lucas got together with Brooke but this season I\\\'m really hating the Peyton Character. She totally messed with Brooke and him and has no remorse. Its a shame she didn\\\'t get threw through the window. She needs to get a life. Great Episode. Painfull to watch Peyton. And whats up with Chad;s hair and make up this season?
  • Nathan has to step out of his principle just to pay the money that he owes form Daunte, which he used to suffice his family's needs, which his so called parents refused to give him.Lucas, although against his will help Nathan get through.

    This episode was not that really exciting but when Lucas helped Nathen, it turned the episode so GREAT! Lucas loved his brother so much that even if it's against his will, he helped him with his problems. Likewise, when Nathan is with the kids, it really melt my heart since he told haley that he hate kids. He tried his best to be a good husband and a good provider to his wife...that is why he went out of his way... did everything even loaning money from a total stranger just to do his resposibilities. Peyton and his brother showed also what a true brother-sister relationship eventhough they are total strangers to each other.
  • Few important things happen in this episode but it is funny and has impotant character developments.

    Rachel knows about Brook's secret relationship with her teacher. Rachel confronts him about it and they tell Brook conflicting stories about who came onto who in that class room but it is never actually shown. Brook blames Rachel and then finds out her boyfriend cheated on her and makes amends with Rachel.

    Haley babysits two kids and has a lot of trouble getting them to mind her. She doesn't expect it to be so hard and gets overwhelmed. She loses the kids and searches for them all over she finally finds them in the gym playing with Nathan and having a great time. Lucas and Derek help Peyton deal with her stalker and move on.

    Daunte tells Nathan that he has to win the game by less then 10 points. He tells Lucas and gets him to throw the game. After the game Lucas tells Nathan "Never again."
  • It wasn\'t the most thrilling but it was still a good episode

    Derek\'s being pretty hard on Peyton who has gone through a lot in the last couple years, I mean i\'m suprised she didn\'t loose it sooner. The suspence on whether Rachel was telling the truth about Nick was definitly a plus b/c it made you wonder who was lying, but hands down the best moment was watching Nathan play with the kids Haley was sitting for
  • Nathan owes Dante money. Dante tells Nate to win the basketball game but not by over ten points. Nathan does this, but Luke gets put into do freethrows. Luke and Nathan had a talk, and Luke ended up miss them on purpose to help out his brother.

    This episode was simply amazing, u didnt know if luke was gunna help out nathan, if the team was gunna win or if haley was gunna have trouble with the kids. At the end when Nate was teaching the little boy how to play basketball it just was so heart warming. I thought that the whole thing with Dante was a little weird, but i am sure that they will go more indept with it next week.The whole thing with Peyton and Derek is really starting to get intense, I love it. Brooke learns that Rachel is a true friend. But it made it seem like rachel came onto the teacher.. so i just dont know what a great friend she it. This show just keeps getting better and better.
  • Awsome Eppy. When Nathan was with the kids was most definitly a tearjerker. He's gonna be and awsome dad! And Bethany did a great job in the episode. it was different than what we usually see in her character! I like Peyton and Derricks relationship.

    The episode was funny, touching, and edge of your seat all in one. I really enjoyed it. I believe Derrick is really hard on Peyton because it will be the only thing to help her. Nathans money problem really kept me watching. For him to give up some of his game for money had too be hard. And him asking lucas, who only gets 15 minutes to give up points was even worse! I hope Deb gets better. Dan needs to back off from everyone. I hope Karen doesnt let him back into her life. I just cant wait to watch the next episode!
  • I loved this episode. Nathan with the kids was a touching moment. <3

    This episode was one of the best so far. I especially loved the Nathan & Haley moments. They were the most touching scenes. And I appreciated what Lucas did for Nathan even though Nathan shouldn't have borrowed the money in the first place. Gigi and Mouth are so cute together; glad to see he made a right choice. And Rachel and Brooke, kind of odd but it's good to see that there's some nice side to Rachel. The only thing that I wasn't interested in was Peyton's scenes. It's all the same; her scared of everything. Overall, it was a good episode.
  • Certainly stepped-up

    Well I wasn't satisfied with the previous episode, but this one did it for me. Peyton has been staying in her house for around a week, afraid to go out because of Fake Derek. Real Derek breaks in and shows her how weak her lock is and that anyone can get in. Peyton trys and trys to not be afraid, but can't do it. Derek trys an alternative way to train Peyton for Fake Derek. Meanwhile, Brooke holds her fashion show. Nick hits on Rachel and he also hits on one of Brooke's models. Brooke uses her palm of death on him... twice! Rachel is on the cover of MAXIM magazine, which is cool. Deb gets arrested for faking a doctor's medicine prescribtion slip for her to buy her pills. Dan promises to let Deb out of prison if Deb signs TRIC to Karen... Deb agrees and Karen is now th owner of TRIC. Nathan owes Daunte 15 grand and he doesn't know where to get the money. Daunte made a deal that if The Ravens lose by less than 10 points on their game, Daunte would forget the dept that Nathan ahs to pay him. Lucas finds out about it and misses two free throws for Nathan so that The Ravens win by exactlly nine points. Lucas isn't very happy about Nathan's choices and is kind of pissed at him. Haley is baby sitting two kids who are really wild. She brings them to the game and Nathan teaches the kids how to play ball after the game and that gives Haley a smile on her face. I loved this episode because it stepped up from the last one and Brooke is finally done with Nick. Laso because Rachel was on the cover of MAXIM and Karen got TRIC back. Also because Peyton is getting braver and can proibably defend herself for awhile.
  • Thanksfully Slowing a Bit

    This season has been good but fast. Things are happening way to fast for my liking but the show still has that thing that keeps me watching. Nick thing happened fast and I am not happy that with every guy Brooke dates they cheat on her. People do feel sorry for Peyton and I do too but every relationship problem she's had she has caused.It was odd seeing Rachel not the one betraying everyone but it was a nice change. Also Nathan being super-dad was very cute and poor Haley getting stuck with those kids was terrible. I'm liking the way the sh ow is going minus the Leyton thing
  • Finally slowing down again

    As I've already posted all across, I didn't like the recent developments on One Tree Hill and I was really disappointed that they speeded it up so much. Not to mention the psycho Derek-storyline, I still can't handle that one...
    But this episode was finally a little more of the OTH I know and love.
    Nate's getting himself into some really bad things and I just hope he can handle it and won't mess up his family over that...
    I was really surprised by Rachel. Okay, in the beginning she seemed like the evil witch again, but in the end she turned out to be a real kind of friend to Brooke. Looks like I thought wrong about that nick guy.
    However, I can't wait to see how this effects Brooke. I just watched the trailer for the upcoming eppy and I can hardly wait. Looks like a whole lot of high school drama. And that's what I want this show to be about. So, hopefully I'll have regained my faith in the world of Tree Hill by next week :wink:
  • Another fine example of a great episode of One Tree Hill.

    This episode is another reason why I love this show. You think you know what is going to happen and the exact opposite does!!! I was on my toes this entire episode!! From the drama regarding Nathan to Brooke to Peyton, this episode held it all. One of the best things about this show is they give each storyline the amount of time it needs to play out well. Brooke is someone we will continue to feel bad for because of her consistent bad luck in the love department!! Hopefully one day she will get someone that she loves and loves her back!! When will she open up her heart?????
  • Nice episode...

    I am glad that Haley is trying to practice and being a good mother and that she realizes early on that it won\'t be easy. It was so sweet to see Nathen become fatherly toward the kids that Haley was watching. I felt so sorry for Brooke, this is the second time that she has let a boy close to her and then they cheat on her. It must make her feel like \"is is me that they don\'t like?\". I realize that people are thinking that brooke is this big **** but how would you act after it happened again, in like 2 years. It is hard, and sadly, Peyton is in her line of fire. I am sure that Brooke isn\'t looking to get back together with Lucas, she just misses a friend. Even though I miss Brucas...Leyton is going to happen if I like it or not. Us Brucas fans should be happy for what we got, season 3 was filled with tons of Brucas love and I guess I am going to have to live with that and let the Leyton fans have their fun this season.
  • this episode was cute, interesting, and revealing all at the same time.

    wow!! i have to say, GREAT EPISODE!!! This episode we find out that Haley got her acceptance letter from Duke and she discides to go with Nathan. i am happy, because thats what i wanted to happen. aww, in the same scene, i thought it was so cute how Nathan was so protective of Haley. oh, soo adorable =)
    and also, im really hating that Daunte guy. Nathan is getting himself into some trouble. thats not good. hope everything turns out ok though. Haley does some babysitting, and little does she know, the kids were out of control. haha she was kinda in over her head, but i was kinda expecting her having alittle difficulty with it. wow! and i really thought that little scene with the kids was just adorable. He is going to be a great father, and they are going to be great parents =)
    i felt so bad for Peyton in this episode. She was trying so hard to not think about what happened and go through her normal rutine, but she kept having all those flashbacks. aww, she will get through it. all she needs is alittle support and have her brother be there for her every step of the way. i was so mad at Nick in this episode. He made Brooke think that nothing happened, but she was wrong. Nick made Brooke think that Rachel was the one lying, but it was the other way around. Nick was the one lying. haha im proud of brooke!! She slapped him TWICE!! She does not have luck with any guy. i think She deserves better than BOTH Lucas and Nick. She needs that someone who cares about her so much. and........Mouth goes on a DATE!! w/ gigi. they are so cute. maybe she will become his girlfriend and Mouth will finally have a girl lol. awesome episode. i thought it was really great! cant wait until next week =) =) =)
  • Shame on you if you missed last's night episode. That was the classic series episode! Great work on all fronts!

    What a great ensemble episode! Best of the season and one of the best of the series!

    Nathan/Haley: I knew they would go to Duke. Haley wanting Nathan to get his dream...true love. Loved it when she jumped up and down and the flirting. He is HOT, Haley! Nice save when Nathan said that he would like their kid. Loved how in the end, Haley was feeling the same way. The "Kick Me" sign. I used to do that and thought it was so funny...! Haley and the whole babysitting thing! Joy was so good when the kids were throwing things at her.

    Nathan/Daunte/Lucas: James did a great job of portraying stressed and worried Nathan tonight. Lucas came through for his brother even when it was completely against his conscience. I was little worried he wasn't going to miss those shots. In the end when he tells Nathan he will always be there for him but he would do the point shaving again...I really felt for both of them. I don't think we have seen the last of our friend, Daunte! Somehow those type of guys just don't go away that easy. Dan to the rescue??

    Brooke/Nick/Rachel:Even though Rachel's ways are questionable, she was able to show Brooke what Nick will really like. Nick...teacher scum!! Loved when Brooked grabbed the red dress before she walked out. Caridee wasn't getting to keep that! Thought she did a good job as well!

    Karen/Dan/Deb:Loved the Dan and Deb jail seen! All three actors do the job so well. Deb and the pharmacist was priceless! What did she call him? Stubby? Very funny! Nathan was funny when he went to get the money from the safe and found it empty..."Damn it, Mom!" Yay, Karen got TRIC back!

    Peyton/Derek:Even though I am getting tired of poor defenseless, Peyton, I am enjoying Brother Derek. Love their interaction. I have a feeling she is going to need all his tips because we all know Psycho Derek is coming back!

    Skillz/Mouth/Gigi:I love Skillz's line about his "Baaadaayy". Anton is so good. Mouth deciding not to follow Skillz's advice and he goes out with Gigi. How pretty she was!

    Great, great episode! I thought the writing, directing and actoring were perfect.
  • Interesting, catching and with some unaspected twists.

    I defined this episode "revealing" because some things happened that revealed some shades of the characters that we didn't know. I would never thought Nathan would accept to be blackmailed about the game or that he would be so irresponsible to jeopardize his future, and Haley's, mixing with low people. Also I didn't think Lucas would actually help him, even if just for once. Good people making the wrong choice.
    Then we see Brooke being heartbroken by her teacher, and actually Rachel acting as a good friend and warning her even when Brooke had to discover the truth in the hard way by herself.
    Bad people making the right choice. Unaspected by Rachel!
    I'm tired of Peyton being a victim but it seems she is finally showing some guts so hopefully she'll be back in her usual role anytime soon.
    Mouth was uplifting in this episode, such a positive character, while Mayor Scott is the usual double-face bastard but I can't help myself, I really like him!
    Go Ravens! They won today big match anyway!
  • Cute, Interesting, and Capturing

    Why did Nathan involve himself with those people?!! Why?! Why?! Why?! Ok I'm done freaking out lol. I can't help it because I won't be able to take it if something goes wrong with Nathan and Haley. They're so adorable! =D Speaking of adorable I must say it again "Awwwwww" haha Mouth chose the right girl in the end and I'm very happy for that. But ewww for Mr. Chavez I'm still shocked Rachel was being serious! Poor Brooke =/ Deb is a real wreck and I'm tired of it. All in all it was another great episode and as always can't wait for the next.
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