One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 14

All Tomorrow's Parties

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2006 on The CW

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  • A deeply moving episode with much to say about certain magical moments in our lives

    A deeply moving episode with much to say about certain magical moments in our lives.

    Raised the series to deeper, more profound level, beyond any formulaic teen angst.

    The episode writers deserve real praise.
  • Fun but meaningful.

    Brooke once again goes through a journey that makes us love her more in All Tomorrow's Parties.

    Seeing her out of her depth at the fashion show was quite poignant because she realise how much she loved home and her life. It was a touching moment for the character which ended satisfying when she let loose and danced like crazy at the cheer competition. That's the Brooke Davis we know. Rachel was horrible as usual in how she manipulated Peyton BUT it was nice to see some grief from Peyton about Ellie's death. They are however subtly hinting that she likes Lucas again, quite clever actually.

    Haley and Nathan were sweet as always, and Karen proposing to Keith was brilliant. Skills and Bevin added some nice humour, especially when he revealed he could swim all along.

    Big episodes approaching and the show won't be the same.

  • The Classic, Part 2

    It's time for the Secret Sparkle Classic!!

    Peyton is dealing with grief over losing Ellie and finds comfort in a lot of drinks courtesy of Rachel which ends badly when Rachel drops her off in a room with Lucas expecting them to hook up, but Peyton and Lucas wouldn't do that do Brooke (again).

    Brooke is in New York for Rogue Vogue, but is not having a good time. She decides to blow it off and joins the girls for the classic. The classic is fun. With Bevin being some what of an idiot and Peyton struggling to keep up after getting drunk the night before they mess up. Brooke saves them from embarrassment by doing the robot and the rest of the girls join in with their own silly dances. I love when the guys join them on stage. It's all just so sweet and so fun.

    I wish we had gotten to see the basketball portion of the classic, but Nathan and Lucas hanging out with Tony Battle and his family was fun too though.

    I loved Nathan and Haley in this episode!! The bathtub and the next morning when we see they didn't even sleep in the bed. It was all so perfect.

    Keith and Karen are great in this episode, but watching it now just breaks my heart. I love that she proposed, but I hate when he says "if the rest of my days are like this I'll die a happy man." It's so heartbreaking!!
  • Season 3, Episode 14.

    Brooke is forced to grow up in a hurry when her trip to a New York City fashion show prevents her from attending an annual cheerleading tournament. Nathan and Lucas are influenced by the father of an old friend. Struggling with her mother's cancer, Peyton joins Rachel for a night of blowing off steam, and Haley and Nathan use their hotel room as the honeymoon suite they never had. Ugh, Whitey can be so annoying. I loved when Brooke asked what Lucas was thinking, and the radio was singing, "Torn between two loves." LMAO! Poor Brooke having to make a decision. Great episode, as always.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill brook is forced to leave her cheerleading comptetion to go to new york to meet a fashion show and she must grow up and also in this ep nathan and haley use the hotel there in to use it as a hooneymoon suit they never got to have because of the old issues and lucas and nathan learn things from a old friends father whos mother is dealing with cancer and peyton is blowing off steam with rachel this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting and that is why i gave it a 9
  • A perfect One Tree Hill episode!!!

    This is the One Tree Hill I loved: we got parties, games, cheerleading competitions, drunk girls. One Tree Hill season 3 episodes are all great because there weren't only big episodes but also very entertaining installments. It is time for the cheerleading competition but Brooke has to go to Rogue Vogue in New York so she misses it for the first time. At first she likes New York and the life of modelling business but after a while she sees that it is not how she dreamt of it. She meets a young model who uses drugs and is quickly send to reality. Brooke realises that she misses Luke. The greatest moment with her was her conversation with the taxi driver and also her dancing in the cheerleading competition after they ruined the dance- so hilarious. Peyton is coping with the death of Ellie but she does it as Ellie would want her to- living her life. Peyton spends some time with Rachel and Rachel gets her drunk and puts her into Lucas's room lying next to him in the bed. It gets ver bad when Brooke caught them sleeping next to each other in bed.
    Lucas and Nathan spend time with a family of Nathan's friend where they realise what a true father and family is. Nathan understands that Haley is his family and will be better father than Dan.
    Karen and Keith don't have the opportunity to spend some time together alone as Whitey is sleeping in their room. Also Haley and Karen accidentally watching porn was very funny. Another fun part was Bevin and Skills flirting as Skills lies her that he can't swim. The ending was great- they should party in their senior year no matter what happens. Brooke has no chance of winning the competition as the chearleaders ruin the dance but she decides to put a smily face and have party with her friends.
    Favorite storyline: Brooke's
    Favorite moment: The ending with everyone dancing and having fun
    Favorite character: Brooke
  • One of my favorite OTH episodes!

    Brooke's fashion career just started, with her having to go to New York for a RogueVogue fashion show. Brooke is so happy about it, but there's one problem. The Sparkle Classic cheerleading competition is the same day as the fashion show. After realizing that she would be happier at her competition, she flies back to Charlotte so she can be part of it. When the Raven's cheer routine gets ruined, Brooke jumps in and just starts free-style dancing. The Ravens basketball team gets on stage and starts dancing too. It ends up being a fun, crazy, routine and different school's cheerleaders and basketball players get on stage and join.

    This episode is definitely one of my favorites from One Tree Hill. It seems like such a carefree, fun time. I love it :)
  • Fun!

    The cheerleading tournament is here! Brooke's Rogue Vogue is also here! Will she manage to do both? After Peyton, Brooke and Haley go to New York, Brooke's fashion show is delayed. Haley and Peyton go back to the tournament. Rachel gets Peyton drunk and manipulates her into going to Lucas' room. Brooke comes back before the show after experiencing a young girl taking too much heroine and some perverts at a club. She talks to a cab driver and inspires her to live life! Haley and Nathan have a good time! Whitey doesn't want Karen and Keith to be a repeat of last year with Karen and Larry. Karen proposes to Keith. Nathan and Lucas visit a good family! It's Tony from High Flyers. His father is a wise caring man and it inspires Lucas and Nathan. Bevin and Skills also spend some time together.

    This episode was great! It really reminded me of the season 1 episode for this tournament. I loved the ending! It was cool! This episode gets 10 out of 10 from me!
  • SUPERB!!!!

    It's superb!!!!!! I love it... so much joy and.... happiness!!! I love how it ends a great idea for life: "We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever." I'd like to make it my motto... live life!!! I feel so good after seeing it, man I have a taste for life now, i feel like I want to go in the street and dance all night!! What a sentiment... it's the best!!! And the one thing that I've learned for sure from this episode is never regret always be happy and free... and my God it feels good!!!

    All for friends!!! And for now and ever: Have fun!!!!!!!! I love you One Tree Hill!!! Brooke, Peyton, Haley, Lucas, Nathan, etc etc etc Love you all!!!!
  • This episodode is amazing i love it so much. Pluss I love the one tree hill.

    Anyway if anyone wants to know this is great epsidode it shows the cast in its true potential and i like that about a show. Pluss if you ask me this episidode couldn't get any better.I love how they show everyone bonding this epsidode and how everyone are just getting along. Brooke just wants to presue her future but keep the past so she needs to choose between which road to take. The fact that nathan and hayley are together and enjoying themselves is just excellent. If you were to ask me this episode is perfect because it is probaly a start to a new plot
  • This episode is amazing! the groups are enjoying themselves.

    Brooke realises she isn't ready to leave high school behind her so she Leaves NY to join her friends in Charlotte.When she reach back she sees lucas getting dressed and peyton is still in bed and she walk away and lucas run after her and tell her that nothing happen between he and peyton.
    Nathan joins Haley in the tub with his clothes on.Nathan thought that Lucas put the candles in the room.
    The cheerleading squad is doing their routine and something goes wrong. Brooke startes to do the robot,everyone is dancing along and rachel walk off and i am glad that all of that happen and its good for rachel. Karen proposes to Keith but keith said he was going to proposes and she kiss him.
  • This episode is amazing! The group are enjoying themselves competing in the classic's.

    Brooke enters Rogue Vogue, but realises she isn't ready to leave high school behind her. Leaves NY to join her friends in Charlotte.

    Funny scenes with Whitey, Karen & Keith. And Skills with Bevin in the pool :-)

    Nathan joins Haley in the tub with his clothes on. That man is in love. So romantic with the candles in the room, and Nathan thought that Lucas did it... :-)

    The cheerleading squad is doing their routine and something goes wrong. Brooke shines as she do the robot and everyone is dancing along. Karen proposes to Keith and they kiss.
  • Brooke is entered into a fashion show.

    Aw in this epsiode Nathan and Lucas got a little taste of what a real father is. I thought that it was really nice to see Nathan and Lucas invovled with a family whose father actually cares about his family more than he does about basketball. I felt bad for Brooke because she had to be in two place at once but i was glad to see her find out where she would rather be. I also falt bad for the model that was suppose to be modeling Brooke's clothes she looked so happy that Brooke got out when she is unable too. It was good to see everyone having a good time at the end of the episode.
  • Brooke is in New York managing her clothes in a fashion show. She realizes that the world of fashion ain't so sweet. Peyton and Haley are at a cheering competition with the basketball team & the rest of their squad. Nathan and Lucas connect over Dan.

    This episode is extremely eye opening for brooke. She thinks that if she gets into the world of modeling and fashion, that she will be all set. But after hanging out with Solaris, she realizes how badly it might mess up her life and how it affects people. Solaris is only 15 and she's already partying every night and doing herione. Brooke realizes how bad this situation is. I thought it was extremely shocking when the manager guy tried to make a move on brooke, but she knew to get the heck out of there. I thought brooke was extremely responsible in that situation. I loved this episode.
  • ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! its nice to watch couple happy episodes when everything goes great between karen and keith, haley and nathan are getting closer and brook suprisingly quickly stops the fuss about luc and payton sleeping in the same room together

    its just great to watch one episode without dan in the background but anyway he always adds a bit of pepper!
    everything is great luc and nathan enjoy a good family dinner learning about important values of life. brooke makes her decision between fashion and cheerleading. peyton tryes to cope with ellies death in good few drinks, luc is there to support her which does not look good when brook comes in the room and sees them together luckily lucas makes her calm down and everything is turning out right!haley and nathan start to think of themselves as a family not only a couple which brings their relationship into a new level.great end with lots of fun on the stage unites everyone!
  • Brookes goes to a fashion show to show off her new designs whilst the tree hill ravens cheerleading squad attend tehre annual cheerleading competition, where nathan meets up with an old friend.

    This episode was so funny, im really happy that brooke decided not to go on with the fashion show, i felt really bad for the 15 year old girl doing all that stuff and living a life like that but im so happy brooke didnt go throught with it. When i first watched this episode i was scared that lucas and brooke would break up because rachel made peyton drunk and put her in lucas' bed, but im happy it worked out, i wish everyone would back off and let lucas and brooke get on with thier lifes. Its a funny episode although they dont win the cheeleading competition they still had fun and brooke is really good at the robot haha but i thought the best dancing was hayleys its so funny. Classic episode. Well they all are to me :].
  • Truly Amazing Episode

    This episode was truly a classic! I really think that there was a good character development with Brooke. She really shone out of the whole episode i reckon. I think she had to make a really difficult decision on her future to early and as nearly her life has had a few ups and downs that seemed to be juggling her view on staying in Tree Hill as a normal student (eg: All the drama between her and peyton and lucas triangle) however she really made the best decision and the end proved it so much! Another classic ending for ONE TREE HILL! I really liked it when Rachel was saying to the squad to do this and do that and Brooke just went "Oh and Girls, Have Fun" .. Truly Sweet .. and by the looks of it they really did! Brooke's Robot dance was amazing, well a bit off but i liked her spirit as having fun and enjoying the moments that shall live on forever was a great thought! Lucas's speech at the end was so sweet aswell. OTH! You are great! Haha. Nathan and Haley awwwh so cute, i'm glad they're on the right track now.. KEEP IT UP! Peyton, i deeply feel sorry for her, she seems to be dealing with Ellie's death in the wrong way.. not letting anyone in and just hiding it away. And also going with Rachel, yeah not the best choice. Saddest part with her is the picture of her and Ellie, so sweet. Brooke though was amazing, she really learnt alot in this episode that Being kid is more important right now than any job. Her cab driver too was sweet. Though what idiots at that job place, drugs and everything. Yuck. Oh the bit with the people at the end and the model "Can you believe brooke walked away from all of this" and then you just see the model smile.. that was sweet. Showing she really did make the best choice.
    Congrats are in order for Keith And Karen, FINALLY! However i feel that something bad is going to happen.. Well lets all pray no!
    Overall a good lesson to be taught here in this episode. Live life, Save Drama For Later. In this case, i feel this happiness won't last long. :[
  • I luv luv luv this episode so so so much!!!

    Okey, yah ive watched this episode so many times. n what can i say..i absolutely luv it. i luv this episode so much. i luv in the beginning with brooke, peyton, n haley are driving. n she asks i wonder what lucas is thinking about right now, n she turns on the radio n the song that is played is "torn between two luvers." that part is so funi lol. n i luv the end with all of them dancing. that is lke seriously one of mi favourite moments of OTH, its so cute, n it gives mee that lke hapi feeling. i luv this episode so much!
  • Put the bases of relationships further developments. Funny, smart and touching. Great!!

    This episode is very interesting because we get to know more about what each character feels (especially Peyton’s grief, well played by Hilary Burton) and what they would like their relationships to become (Nathan & Haley, Keith & Karen, Brooke & Lucas, but also Bevin & Skills). Moreover it’s also a very funny episode, in particular when Nathan’s High Flyers friend little sister thanks God for sitting Lucas next to her during the family dinner, when Karen and Haley select an X-rated movie on the TV hostel by mistake, or when Brooke shuts Rachel’s mouth when coming back from NYC unannounced. Above all, I got to say I cried like a baby during the last scene when everybody gather on stage to dance around with the TH cheerleaders and Karen asks Keith to marry her. It’s one of these moments when almost everything’s right... Those were happy tears...
  • Exciting

    This one was good in so many ways. I love brookes clothes and i think is is awesome she gets a chance to show them off. I am glad she decides to go back to the classic to be with her friends tho. Rachel needs to get hurt or something what she did to peyton was just wrong. It is about time Keith and Karen got in engaged. I think what whitey was doing to them was funny. Lucas is so in love with brooke i hope they stay together a long time. This show was a very good one.
  • awesome

    this epsiode was really really funny. bevin and skills were so funny. he had to get her back for notebooking him lol. Brooke was really good in this episode. i really liked trhe scene where she was talking to the cab driver lol. that scene had humor but she was also vulnerable and sad. rachel was such a **** im glad that brooke did not care that peyton messed up in the cheer routine. the whole dancing skit at the end was really funny and cute. whitey was so funny in this episode lol. also karen and keith were so sweet when she proposed. Great episode!
  • amazingly funny!

    this episode is all about the cheerleading competition and also the fashion show that brooke went to instead of her cheerleading. then bevin changes rooms with everybody so that nathan ends up with haley. then brooke learns about the life of her model solaris who is only fifteen years old and does drugs, smokes and parties at the clubs every night. there brooke takes a cab ride home which changes her life.
  • nice episode... so frindly!

    great episode... the las quetes, in lucas voice... it was really nice, and so friendly... peyton and lucas, just friends... i don´t like them like a couple... brooke and her dance... jua jua... i lugth like an idiot... nad the parts og nathan and haley... they are so cute... with their bath and nathan´s jokes... jeje

    love oth

    baar .
  • Okay, so I absolutley LOVED this episode! It had me laughing quite a bit!

    Okay, so I absolutley LOVED this episode! It had me laughing quite a bit!

    I love the Nathan and Haley thing! All of it! They are so sweet together, and I think Nathan was inspired by his friend's family....

    Haley and Karen "watching" porn was great too!

    I loved Karen's proposal to Keith...and him saying he was going to do it! YAY!

    I missed Mouth. But, I did NOT miss Dan.

    Whitey made me laugh...sabatoging Keith and Karen!

    And Bevin, with all of the room switching....that was great.

    Rachel is evil, not that we didn't already know that...but I think she finally got hers...

    The cheer competition was great...I like that Brooke came back for it, and that she took it in stride...their crazy dancing was great! And everyone joining on stage. I loved the moments they showed with Nathan & Haley, Brooke & Lucas, Bevin & Skills, and Brooke, Haley, and Peyton dancing. It was perfect.

    While I understand why she's hesitant, I think Brooke needs to get over her fearand trust Lucas (not that I don't think it will bite her in the ass...because I think it will).

    I do think Peyton meant Luke, not Jake....and that Luke was who she was talking to Ellie about last week.

    Oh, and I was totally laughing at Bevin and Skills....especially the Titanic reference.....but I was laughing even more when he told Lucas that he 'swim-lessoned' her....that was GREAT!

    Anyway, I know my review is short, but it was just an awesome episode, that I think was just meant to give us a calm before the storm....

    Onto next week....
    I thought the time capsule wasn't being released until the following episode....I was shocked! It's NOT going to be good. I don't think it's Nathan and Lucas fighting...although that's what we're meant ot believe. I know Nathan and Haley are going to come through it fine (with his whole, "Getting married was the biggest mistake of my life" comment). She's totally going to understand what frame of mind he was in...she knows how hurt he was at the time she came back....and she heard from Lucas how bad he was right after she left....she's going to be hurt, and a little mad, but it's not going to be a big deal....
    I can't believe Brooke stripped....what's THAT about!
    I can't wait for these next few weeks, they look EXPLOSIVE! And I think they are definately going to keep us on the edge of our seats. This season had brought me back to the level of estaciness from the first season that I lost last year....
  • Very great episode!

    Oh my god! What a great episode! We can see that brooke has grown since the 1st season with the cheerladeers tournament, before she said that win was the most important and now she said \"have fun\"!( take this in your face Rachel!)And the last scene is too fun, and the song handsome!
    Special dedicace to Cm² you are too cute :)
  • Best episode this season so far!

    What a great episode!

    It's the weekend of the cheerleading tournament/basketball classic. Brooke, Peyton, and Haley are on a roadtrip to New York for Brookes big appearance in the Rogue Vogue fashion show. Things however take a turn for the worse when Brooke finds out there designs have been pushed back 1 day and must choose between the fashion show and the cheerleading tournament.

    Back at the motel, Nathan gets a surprise visit from a friend from the past, and both he and Lucas join the Battle family for a banquet and a game of street B-Ball. Meanwhile, a lonely Peyton and Rachel enjoy each others company whilst throwing tequila down their throats back at the. Peyton however is un-aware this is just another one of Rachels plans to hurt Brooke.

    While in New York City, Brooke takes a long taxi ride in which she makes some tough decisions with the help of a friendly taxi driver. After experiencing first hand just what life in the modeling business is like, she makes the decision to skip the fashion show and joins her friends for the cheerleading competition. With the rest of her life ahead of her, she wants to enjoy being 17 with her friends while she still can.

    Brooke arrives at the hotel the morning of the cheer classic to find Lucas dressing himself on the same bed Peyton is in. Brooke un-aware that this was the work of Rachel, begins to walk off and is disappointed in Lucas, but later realises Lucas's behaviour was innocent.

    The Ravens cheerleaders all meet in the lobby preping themselves for the big tournament, and much to Rachels disappointment, Brooke shows up ready to cheer.

    What happens next will go down as probably the most enjoyable 10 mins of One Tree Hill we've seen. Just before the squad take the stage, Brooke tells her girls to have fun, no matter what the outcome. This does not sit well with Rachel as she is stand-in captain and really wants to win.

    Half way through the routine, the laughter begins. A drunk Peyton stumbles causing half the squad to fall over. Brooke and a few others see the funny side and all the girls being to do their own thing on stage. Rachel walks to the side of the stage disappointed at what has happened, but none of the squad care. In the end the Ravens basketballers join their cheerleaders on stage to what becomes a huge group dance. A great ending to a truely great episode.
  • Brooke learns some resounding life lessons, Nathan and Lucas get an eye for what Dan could have been like, and attempted romance for Keith and Karen gets thwarted.

    This was a pretty good episode. It had some pretty good stuff to say in it, mostly that Brooke learned that while time wouldn't wait for her, she was still young and had plenty of time for her life and she should be having fun in her senior year. I really liked that whole plot. I think it was well done and Sophia Bush did a good job with it.

    Nathan and Lucas had dinner with one of Nathan's old friends and his family, and the brothers got an insight to what kind of father Dan could have been to them if he'd been able to get past his resentment over losing his dreams. This was also well done, and I really loved that Nathan and Lucas finally had some positive interaction this season. The little girl with her major crush on Lucas was a little overdone but cute. The speech at the end by the friend's father connected the dots a little too much--I wish the writers would have given the viewers enough credit. I think viewers got the connection they were trying to make, and both Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty are good enough actors that they could have gotten it across without that speech being given. Otherwise, though, I think this little plot for this episode was brilliant.

    We finally see beyond a doubt that Rachel is a not nice person with a capital B. What she did to Peyton was messed up, and what she tried to do to Lucas and Brooke was even worse. The team finally saw that they preferred to have Brooke as their captain over Rachel. Why Rachel thought she could take over the team like that was beyond me--Brooke should have thrown her off the team in my opinion.

    My problem with characters like Rachel is that the writers go too far with them. It's more interesting for some issues to be internally caused, not externally. Obviously not everything, but it gets boring when everything is caused by an outside person. We get enough of this from Dan.

    Over all a pretty good episode, although this episode was a perfect oppurtunity for Keith to have some good quality scenes with both of his nephews, and instead he didn't have a single one with either of them. Karen and Keith's stuff was pretty funny, with Whitey practically scheming to interfere, and then Haley accidentally interfering, and the whole adult film thing. Hilarious. Good stuff. Although I wish there had been more build up to Karen and Keith actually getting together, because when he left in season two, Karen did love him but wasn't IN LOVE with him. He comes back and bang it's love? Hmm.

    Classic scene: Nathan (talking about Dan): Actually I play better when he's there.
    Lucas: What, like some sort of twisted good luck charm?
    Nathan: No, more like a gun to the head.

    One serious omission: Mouth. He was at last year's classic, and Mouth never misses a game!! Memissedethed him.

    I keep complaining when I mean to praise, lol. Good episode. Would definitely watch again.
  • A feel-good episode

    a fantastic epsiode which kind of stayed away from the usual dramas of Tree Hill (def a gd idea since 'the wind that blew my heart away' got a bit to emotional for me). So glad Brooke came back and loved how she realised it wasnt all about winning and that everyone was beginning to realise what an evil bitch Rachel really is. Brill ending and they played the Go! team!!!!(going to see them this week!!!!!)
  • Funny episode not much big drama but thats okay

    I liked this episode even though there there were no ig shocks or cliff hangers. There is so much drama usally on this show that it was good to see the charcters take a break and have fun.The cheerleading competion was fun to watch and I liked the Brooke and the fashion show. The end was really funny even though it was cheesy. In the previews for next week it looks like lots of drama so I was glad for a break.
  • Great episode! Really exciting too. I loved the way that Brooke turned the tables on Rachel, its about time she gets what she deserves.

    Great episode! Really exciting too. I'm so glad that Nathan and Haley will be getting back together. Not a gripe, but I could have sworn that the previews showed Peyton and Lucas kissing, but nothing happened. I wonder if they will shove Lucas and Peyton back together. It would be kind of interesting to see. I loved the way that Brooke turned the tables on Rachel at the tournament, its about time she gets what she deserves.
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