One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 22

Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You ...

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on The CW
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Haley tries to overcome her depression by joining Nathan, Jamie and the rest of the Tree Hill gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian's film.

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  • Woah, now that was a finale

    Wow, so I fought hard for season 8. I wasn't ready to let the show go I sent tons of letters to The CW and spent this whole episode just waiting for the end because the filmed two ending to this episode. One would work if they didn't come back for another season and then the ending we got with the massive cliffhanger. So I waited for the end of this episode because I knew whatever ending we got would tell me if we got season 8.

    I loved the opening of this episode. It was really scary though, too. But I loved all the Naley moments.

    I loved the whole film festival idea. I loved that everyone was in Utah having fun. It was also a nice way for Haley to try and let go of the pain she has been carrying around and try and move on with her life. The movie is a success. Everyone loves it and Julian is able to sell it which is awesome.

    And....Brooke Davis finally gets the boy. I'm so happy Julian proposed. It's about time Brooke got the happily ever after, too. Now she just needs the baby, too.

    Speaking of babies..Haley is pregnant again!! Yeah!! I'm surprised they waited this long to have another kid, but I am so happy for them anyway.

    And Alex asks out Chase as Mia sends him a text that says she thinks breaking up was a mistake. Here we go..Tree Hill love triangle number what....IDK, it's too many. I like Chase and Mia, but seeing Alex and Chase in this episode and the last one, I really like them, too and honestly I don't care who he is with. It doesn't really matter to me.

    And that ending....WOW!!!! Up until that point I though we were in for another neatly wrapped up season like 4 and 6, but then they hit us with that shocker. The only good thing was seeing that final moment meant we got another season because Mark Schwahn would never end the series on a cliffhanger. My only thought on this ending though is how did Katie get back into the house? Wasn't she in police custody or something and wouldn't they have changed the locks again considering she got into the house several times before?

    Anyway, overall great episode!!! I loved every minute of it.moreless
  • Great

    This season reminded me why I originally started watching the One Tree Hill and what I like about it. A return to quality writing and characters you can care about and feel for. Sophia Bush is definately a stand out this season. Her character arch is great and gives more depth to Brooke that the viewer is willing to believe and is grounded in reality. Bethany Galeotti is also great dealing with the shock and disfunction that often comes when dealing with the death of a close family member. The reality of Haileys situation cut a bit too close to home for me though. Two thumbs up!moreless
  • I LOVE ONE TREE HILL! **spoiler alert**

    i am in loveee with one tree hill! i lovee how this season has brough every emotion to me! i cried when haileys mom died, cried at the end when quinn and clay got shot and i swear if they are dead i will not be able to watch this show anymore!

    i thought the whole episode was really good, ass after a few quite gloomy and sad episodes it was really cheery and i loved seeing the whole gang together but i have to say i knew it was all way to happy and that stupid stalker girl who is really creeping me out didnt make an apperence till the end, and at about half way through i started looking for her, i just knew she would show up somewhere and in true Oth style it wouldnt be a happy ending(even though last season was a happy ending!)

    as for the ending i dont know how people can say it was bad! it was not a happy ending but it was excellently acted out and a great plot to end the season on,if we'd had 2 seasons in a row where it was a happy ending it wouldnt of been as good, and even though i am a happy fairytale ending person, i loved that drama as i KNOW i will tune in for the next season:D!(

    LOVES(L) xxxmoreless
  • clay and quinn dialog is pretty stupid

    i wasn't impressed with this episode. i find the dialog between quinn and clay stupid ... the loosing thing is stupid and i don't find its relevance. I know they are trying to make jamie a prodigy but I find him annoying and not representing his age. jamies takes too much space and they try to make him something he is not. The marriage proposal julian makes could have been better.

    haley is also annoying because at the beginning she wasn't depressing and now she seems without hope. the wrote the depression backwards. the only good thing is alex... I like her ... i hope to see a lot more of hermoreless
  • wtf?! what kind of ending is that??!!

    When everyone said that the season finale would go out in a BANG, i actually just thought it would be truly amazing, and i wasn't dissappointed, until the 20 last seconds...

    OMG are you guys for real?? i mean come on!! You're pushing this a little too far...

    When i first saw Katie on the series, don't remember which Episode it was, i kinda just thought she would be the ultimate test for Clay, to see if he really could let go of sarah for ever. I thought she would just symbolize the last and biggest obstacle he had to overcome on his path to his future with Quinn. But it never would have even crossed my mind for a second that she would be another psycho, i mean hellooo?! Déjà-vu...

    Right to the last 20 seconds i thought it would be a finale like the fourth season's, which in my opinion was truly amazing, no drama, happy ending. And i thought it would be the same here, i even think without the last 20 seconds, it would be the best OTH finale ever. In the last couple Episodes you could see how the writers were trying really hard to create more drama, there weren't anymore problems the gang had to deal with. But seriously? another psycho? there was no background story whatsoever to the Clay - Katie relation, she's turning psycho just because she looks like sarah? i'm not buying that story, its just too fake. And because that's just not enough(!!), she keeps coming back over and over to do something even more stupid and fake than the last time...

    Anyway that Episode was truly amazing, but the end just ruined it, i hope Season 8 will be better, this time with some reasonable drama pls...moreless
Borzin Mottaghian

Borzin Mottaghian


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Anthony Reynolds

Anthony Reynolds


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Tanya Buziak

Tanya Buziak

Wakey!Wakey! Singer

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Amanda Schull

Amanda Schull

Katie Ryan

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Paul Teal

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Gregory Harrison

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    • Julian: Everyone says that the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, my career, my life. Well... the next thing I want to do is ask you to be my wife and tell you how much I love you and how nothing else matters. When I look into your eyes, Brooke, I see the rest of my life. And I see it with you. (kneel his knee and puts the ring her finger) Marry me, Brooke Davis.

    • Brooke: Is this the V.I.P. snow fort?
      Haley: You don't have to check on me. I'm fine.
      Brooke: I'm not. I needed fresh ice... (scraping the ice wall) for my cocktail.

    • Haley: Please don't think that I take that for granted. I'm so grateful for who you've been through all of this. And how you've been.
      Nathan: There's no other way for me to be. You've saved me so many times. I worry that I've been selfish with you. That I've taken advantage of your strength and your selflessness... And that I've-I've broken you somehow.
      Haley: No, no. You haven't. You didn't. I just have a weight in my heart now that I didn't have before. It was lighter today, though.

    • Julian: My whole life my hair has been out to get me, like it resents my forehead for taking up too much room.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: Monday, November 1, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 on FEM

    • Although credited, Lisa Goldstein (Millie) does not appear in this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Almost Everything" by Wakey!Wakey!
      "Carry You Home" by Nashville Skyline
      "Don't Wake Up" by The Kissaway Trail
      "Golden Love" by Midnight Youth
      "How Long?" by Jarrod Gorbel
      "Light Outside" by Wakey!Wakey!
      "New Year" by The Kissaway Trail
      "Off Track" by The Features
      "On Time (feat. TuPhace)" by The Disco Biscuits
      "Poor Boy" by Blind Pilot
      "The Temporary Blues" by The Features
      "Timshel" by Mumford & Sons

    • The song "Carry You Home" used for the sequence of scenes near the end of the episode was created especially for this segment over three days in Nashville, Tennessee. Creator Mark Schwahn brought Mike Grubbs of the band Wakey! Wakey!, who also plays the character Grubbs on the show, Matthew Ryan, Dallas Green of alexisonfire, and Courtney Jaye, who had previously worked on the show, together to form the band Nashville Skyline. Schwahn himself played bass and was a member and founder of the band whose sole purpose was creating one song for One Tree Hill's Season 7 finale.


    • Episode Title: Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said the Last Time I Saw You...

      This is the name of the first album from the band Wakey!Wakey!, released in 2010. The band's frontman is Michael Grubbs, who plays the role of Grubbs, the bartender at Tric.