One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 12

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2012 on The CW

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    i have to admit I almost cried i can't believe that the series ended
  • One More Episode!!!! :(

    wow ..... this was a GREAT episode loved all the comedy and cute scenes with Logan, Clay and Quinn i thought that was really cute.. i didnt like the fact that they used ice cream to bribe the kid to go into the ocean though lol that was mean lol but hey it worked... anyways to Brooke's parents "if you want to call them that" eww lol did not need to see that meantal picture lol but Sophia's reaction omg i couldnt' stop laughing for at least 10 minutes lol that was hysterical.... i'm a little upset that Tyler Hilton wasn't in the episode that was weird... but the episode was still AMAZING ... now to the proposal ... i'm sooooo happy for Clay and Quinn... like i said last week i've been rooting for them since season 7... i thought it was really cute how the kid helped Clay out with the ring lol .... it was hysterical... now onto Julian and rewriting Ravens it reminded me of "The Creak" i'm soooooo happy that Sophia Bush refrenced that show..... hahaha that was amazing... best line i've heard her say in the whole season i'm a HUGE dawson's creak fan... over all just a really great episode... way to put a cliff hanger on us for next week.... im looking forward to it but im not looking forward to it... i know it's going to be bittersweet... :)
  • Anyone Who Had a Heart

    The penultimate episode and I still cannot believe we have reached this point. This was just not a great episode. We don't even see Nathan and Jamie? And we don't see Dan's funeral? Brooke reuniting with her parents was not a huge part of this show, yet this episode would make you think they had been building to this moment since day one.

    It was solid, some nice lines here and there, but this was an iconic show that is not ending on a high note.
  • Amazing this felt like the 1st Season!!

    Wow I loved this episode, it really brought Tree Hill back to it's roots.

    It was great seeing the burning boat festival back in full swing and it was nice that Haley got to MC it.

    We also got the update on Julian's tv project he decided to use Brooke as the main character and it sounds like it's going to be a complete replica of the actual show Tree Hill, expect it's going to be called An Unkindness of Ravens, and it will use many aspects from Brooke's real life.

    To help Julian write the first script for the show she gives him the diary she wrote while a teen.

    As Julian reads the diary in Karen's Cafe he as well as us the audience gets to see how truly miserable and lonely Brooke was as a young girl.

    It was great that we got back to voice over narration as Julian read the diary it made me feel Brooke's pain much harder it made it palpable.

    After reading her diary Julian finally realized the extent of how horrible his wife's childhood was and after showing her the first draft of the script Julian goes to Brooke's father's hotel room and finally sets him straight.

    It was a powerful scene incredibly acted by Austin Nichols!

    After ward Brooke's parents come to her house and tell her that they have bought back Bakerman for her and promise to be better parents. Brooke as well as us the audience are left in a state of shock.

    She says confused to Julian "What just happened?"

    Julian says "You got your company back."

    Brooke replies still shell-shocked "Who were those people?"

    Julian smiles and says happily "They were your parents it was nice to meet them."

    It certainly was nice to meet Brooke's parents properly, and I think that they are truly ready to be parents to their daughter. That scene was one of my favorites of this episode!

    Meanwhile it was great seeing Clay and Quinn with Logan it was super cute and sweet seeing Quinn finally help Logan overcome his fear of the ocean. Finally what we have been waiting a long time for Clay FINALLY proposed to Quinn.

    Although he didn't have a ring Quinn happily accepted, Logan on que gave his dad his Green Lantern glow in the dark ring as a temporary engagement ring was absolutely adorable!

    It was really funny seeing Millie and Mouth audition people to be her co-anchor, a woman form England or Australia I'm not sure which was a complete wash out.

    So Millie and Mouth opted for Skills, I think "Mills and Skills" are going to make a great team and it was cool to give Skills another job!

    At the end of the episode the 93rd Annual Burning Boat Festival got underway and it was a fantastic shout out to the first season. Haley decided to say a speech form her heart instead of a pre-written one and I think she did a amazing job!

    In a nice pay off for Chase Haley asked Karen who gave Chase the bar, he was happy but quickly said that he that he had no money to pay for it. Haley said that she had a idea, and I think it has to do with the TRIC's 10th Anniversary.

    Finally at the very end of the episode we found out that the network bought Julian's idea and he showed Brooke the layout of the whole show!

    Later that night at the Burning Boat Festival she found her parents sitting out by the river watching the remnants of the boat burn.

    She told them "This is your 300001th chance, please don't let me down."

    Her parents told her that they won't, and she climbed onto the bench with them and watched the boat burn.

    It was amazing ending for Brooke who after so many struggles with her parents and her life finally got what she always longed for her parents and her together just sitting quietly, it was beautiful moment.

    This episode was a incredible second to last episode of this amazing show it was sweet, poignant and wonderfully nostalgic.

    I am sad for the ending but if it's anything like this past final season I think I will be satisfied.

  • It had some moments

    I am a die hard OTH fan, from day is almost a sickness so I know my show. This episode was definitely going for cutesy which is not as entertaining to me. I really like Brooke and Julian but it was overkill on the "cute coupleness." Brooke doing the little prissy walk & stance and flirty eyes & the little voice she does repeatedly with the cutesy song in the background... just whole dynamic between them, we have seen it all before. It would have been fine for a couple of minutes but too much of the episode lingered in this area and began to feel like filler. I didn't want to see filler on the next to last episode! Also, a bit too much that Julian kept repeating how he needs to "tell this story" for the TV show. However he completely redeemed himself when calling himself out for referencing Dirty Dancing which was hilarious. Overall, I guess I wanted a bit more realism, I mean Julian doing a TV show primarily about Brooke is just a small twist on Lucas writing a book about Peyton, nothing new. I was a bit bummed about the time dedicated to Brooke and her stalker recently since stalkers are to Tree Hill what half naked people are to South Beach. Anyway that being said I was hoping for some more fresh content for this one. On the other side of the coin however there were some real bright moments that were indeed fun to watch. The Clay, Quinn & Logan scenes were great and the scene **Spoiler*** with Clay proposing was quite fulfilling I was hoping for it before the end of the series but not entirely expected so that was wonderful. It was so sweet and well acted. Also the reunion of Brooke's parents was out of left field and therefore awesome! Quite funny and some very heart warming moments there as well. Can't wait for the next one, although not looking forward to crying in the fetal position on the couch and eating a chocolate cake which is probably what will happen soon after final credits role.
  • 186 episodes watched 1 more to go

    I loved this episode. I'm so glad it wasn't as emotionally heavy as last week. It was more of a nostalgic episode for me. I had a few tears, a lot of laughs, and thanks to Victoria and Ted a moment where I wanted to vomit. I am so not ready for next week. I've been with this show from the beginning and that first day I never thought I would love this show so much.

    This whole episode was like a big throwback to the beginning and was a chance for the cast and crew to basically say thanks to the fans because that's what it felt like to me. It was an hour long love letter to the fans.

    I missed Nathan and Jamie, but Haley and Lydia were so cute. I loved the idea of bringing back Burning Boat. It was so funny that Skills wanted to throw out the CDs he's been hanging on to since he tried to give them to Jamie for his birthday in season 7. And I love that Haley found a flyer from the opening night of TRIC in one of the CDs. I can't believe it's been 10 years. Wow!! I guess with all the time jumps I've lost track of what year it is in Tree Hill time and how long it's been.

    I'm so glad Mouth is skinny again. It's about time. I hated the fat Mouth storyline. It was really nice seeing all the guys on the River Court again, but it makes me sad knowing that it's not there anymore. I loved all the Chase and Haley scenes. We've never really seen them together except on that double date with Naley, Chase, and Mia in season 6. They have great chemistry and make really great friends. I love the idea of Chase owning TRIC, though I feel like it's more Haley's place then Chase's since that's where her music career got started and it's where Red Bedroom is.

    I love that Julian is making Ravens into a TV show. It's very Dawson's Creek and I love that they threw that in right away. I wish we knew what all was written in Brooke's diary especially that page she tore out. But I thought it was really sweet that she trusted Julian to give it to him. I loved seeing Brooke's house again and that wonderful red door. It was also really awesome when Julian told off Ted. Brooke and Julian are so good about defending each other to and telling off each other's parents. I love it. I like the idea of Julian writing himself into the story of the high school years, but rewriting history so that him and Brooke made a sex tape instead of her and Nathan and Julian making the winning basket for the championship....I really hope that's all a joke because you can't change what was.

    I love Clay, Quinn, and Logan. They are a really cute family. It was really sweet of Quinn to bring in the picture of Sara. And I loved them on the beach trying to get Logan in the water. I love the green lantern ring, too. And while that proposal was not the best I've seen on this show and not all that romantic, it was really sweet. And clearly Logan approves because he offered his ring since Clay didn't have one.

    Ted and Victoria: Eww..... I wish there was a way to stab out your mind's eye....Gross!! I can't believe they are back together, but hopefully now things will be better between them and with their relationship with Brooke.

    It was a little random to bring back Kylie. I forgot her name until Mouth said it, but I did remember her. As soon as I saw her I was like "what's that slut from Clay's beach house doing here?" And of course she would suck on the TV show, but now we have Skills and Mills which is weird, but it works. And now Mouth can get back to his first love...sports!!

    Okay wow super long review, but it's the end so I'm going to write as much as I want. And I just want to say in this one that I really am going to miss this show so much!! I'm not ready for it to end!!

    One more episode!!!! :(