One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 3

Are You True?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lucas plays a brilliant match and his popularity definitely increases. Nathan isn't exactly thrilled about this, and after Dan's 'uplifting' words, seems pretty sure it's time to bully: thanks to an incisive pep talk, Nathan convinces the whole team to haze Lucas. Meanwhile, Peyton treats Lucas badly because he did submit her drawings without her permission. Meanwhile, someone doesn't look that mad at Lucas: a popular cheerleader - and Peyton's best friend, as well - named Brooke, happens to be half-naked in Lucas' car. He turns her down. And yet she clearly doesn't plan to give up. Lucas' sporty success affects his mother too. Actually, some of Karen's old schoolmates (former cheerleaders) invite her to join the Raven's booster club.

Nathan and the team start hazing Lucas but the kid doesn't seem too scared so Nathan comes up with a back up plan: getting Haley to tutor him in order to upset Lucas. Of course, Haley makes it clear that she's not going to be his tutor. Ever.

Meanwhile, Karen attends the booster meeting but her old schoolmates do not act in such a nice way. In their opinion Lucas doesn't deserve to be the shooting guard and they resent his starter status. They start arguing and Karen eventually storms off.

Lucas stops by the Rivercourt, where he used to play basketball before joining the team. It turns out Nathan and the others have already been there: the Rivercourt is totally trashed. While Lucas is trying to clean it up, Peyton comes over. She went to see the editor, but he wanted to turn her darker drawings into something completely more different. Lucas remarks the editor is wrong. Later, it turns out Peyton follows Lucas' advice and pays a visit to the editor. "This is how I am. And 95% of the time there isn't a moral, or a victory, or a silver lining. Take it or leave it but if you leave it then you'll miss that other 5%. Your mistake."

Elsewhere, Haley gives in: she'll be Nathan's tutor, but only if Nathan will leave Lucas alone. And only if Lucas never finds out. She doesn't think Lucas will understand why she is helping his nemesis.

It's Burning Boat Night in Tree Hill. Time of decisions. While bad karma is burning on the boat, Karen apologizes with her old schoolmates and lets them know she'll do her best to give them the benefit of doubt, because she does want to move on. Anyway, she looks pretty happy watching her old cheerleader sweater burn. In the meantime, Lucas lets Nathan know he had better accept that Lucas is part of the team because he's not going anywhere, now or ever.

Good news: at Peyton's, the editor leaves a message on the answering machine. Yep, accepted her drawings as they are.

The night is almost over and Lucas catches up with Haley. She tells him she has been tutoring for the whole morning, but when Lucas asks her if it's anyone he knows; she hesitates a bit but her answer is negative. Ouch.