One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 3

Are You True?

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on The CW

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  • don't give up even if it seems like you never had days worse than this one!

    another interesting episode.

    Luke makes the game winning shot and Whitey gives him Nathat's spot. so Nathan's really mad about it and tortures the poor guy in any possible way (even kidnaps him!). but Luke takes higher position -- that's what he's all about...

    btw, he gets many new friends like Jake (such a smart guy!), Brooke (who sees in Lucas her future boyfriend) and Peyton (well, she doesn't admit it but she's interested, for sure!). and remember his best friend Haley who's ready to forget about her principles to help Luke! btw, I thought it was kinda weird that she left the bracelet Nathan gave her on!

    and Karen finally moves on! go on!!!

    FAVE SCENE: Haley tutors Nathan and he gives her the bracelet -- that's how they began their long way together.

    FAVE QUOTE: Dan: Happiness doesn't come cheap. Hell, if it did we would all be smiling.
  • The start of something epic.

    This episode is a top 10 episode for me. Some iconic moments happen in this episode and it's a great episode. Nathan is still being a jerk about Lucas joining the team and Whitey gives his spot to Lucas making him even more mad. Dan being the terrible parent and human being he was at the the time tells Nathan he must do something about that. Meanwhile Peyton's best friend Brooke Davis has a huge crush on Lucas and she's the type who goes after what she wants. Peyton is still bitter because her boyfriend Nathan is a jerk and nobody understands her. Well, no one other than Lucas. He summits her drawings to a local newspaper without her knowledge. Nathan continues to do everything in his power to make Lucas' life miserable so he[Lucas] can quit the team. He nastiest move is to pretend to like Lucas' best friend Haley then drop her like a bad habit thus hurting Lucas. Haley is smart, so she doesn't fall for it and tells Nathan straight up that she is not going to tutor him. Karen tells Lucas that he should keep his head up and not stoop down to Nathan's level, but Lucas says he's tired of getting beat up on and he's going to fight back. Brooke isn't going to give up on Lucas until he's hers, something she never done before. Peyton goes to talk to Luke on the Rivercourt and to apologize for what Nathan did. Lucas tells her that she's making a big mistake by passing on the offer to have her art in Thud magazine. Karen tells Haley to take a chance with Nathan and after the team's hazing of Lucas gets worse she decides to do it. She goes to the other Scott brother's home and tells him she'll help him, but Lucas must not find out. They met up at the dock and he tries to use his charm on her, but she tells him she doesn't care who he is and neither does math. He brings a box of cracker jack and some coffee. He finds a bracelet in the prize packet and gives it to Haley and then he tells her "Don't say I never gave you anything" Later on that night at the burning the boat, Lucas confronts Nathan and tells him he's not backing down. Lucas also tells Brooke that she doesn't have to chase him and she tells him she already knows that, but he's the first guy to say it. Lucas ask Haley where was she and she tells him she was helping someone out and he doesn't know the person. He then compliments her new bracelet.

    This episode is the start of the greatest ship ever. Nathan and Haley aka Naley! It's also the start of Brucas and the Lucas/Brooke/Peyton love triangle. Brooke hides in the back of Lucas' uncle's car naked which was done in future episodes by other characters. The Naley bracelet makes its debut and so does the line "Don't say I never gave you anything"
  • Haley is awesome!

    I really liked this episode because we saw a lot more of Haley and Brooke, and there was a lot less Peyton and Nathan drama.

    I suppose the main storyline for me in 'Are You True?' was Haley deciding to tutor Nathan. It was in character and you don't blame Haley for doing it, but it also adds great tension into her relationship with Lucas and the show itself. I liked how she refused him because she loves Lucas but eventually accepts because she wants to help Luke. Good drama there! And the start of Nathan and Haley's relationship. Liked how feisty she was with him at the the peer.

    The team are hazing Lucas and it's getting him down. It was funny when they stole his clothes and he had to walk around school with a basketball over his crotch and one over his butt. I liked this storyline because it really pushed Lucas to his limits. I've never liked Lucas but he's actually okay at the moment. Karen calling that Shelley woman a bitch was brilliant! Again, I've never been a fan of Karen but I liked her in this episode.

    Peyton's artwork is good and I'm glad she get over herself and submitted it. She can be quite whiny. Brooke hitting on Lucas is really funny. When she was naked in his car - that was brilliant. Again, it's interesting to see the way things develop in these early episodes.

    Really enjoyable episode. More Haley and I'll be happy.

  • Don't Say I Never Gave You Anything...

    The beginning of Naley!! Again, I was never a couple shipper before One Tree Hill but in addition to Lucas and Peyton I was a full Naley supporter from the beginning. They were cute together from the very beginning!! They have so much chemistry it's hard to believe that James & Joy aren't as close in real life.

    I love this episode. I love seeing Lucas finally play well as a Raven. And Brooke's infamous backseat move was hilarious!! I love going back and seeing how different Brooke was compared to the Brooke we have now. She has grown so much and I love watching her grow and change throughout the seasons.

    I love the Burning Boat idea. It's a nice way of letting go of things that don't matter or that you should stop worrying about. I read somewhere that Burning Boat is going to be in season 9 so I am excited to see that again. I'm glad they brought it back. It's a nice sort of full circle kind of thing.
  • This series just keeps getting better.

    This episode showed that this series is planning on being around for awhile. I love how this episode wasn't only based on the Lucas and Nathan story line. Adding some more story lines to the series really made me want to tune in to see what was going to happen next. Jake is adorable and he's the only member of the team that is being friendly to Lucas. I really like him and hope he stays around. I think its cool that Peyton is an unhappy cheerleader. Lucas' mom gets a dose of what Lucas is going through from the Booster Moms, whom she knew from High School.
  • One Tree Hill.

    Annoyed by Lucas's growing popularity, Nathan searches for his weak spot and finds it in Haley James, Lucas' best friend. After convincing the team to aggressively haze Lucas, Nathan seeks tutoring help from Haley and tries to befriend the girl. After all, nothing could hurt Lucas more than seeing his best friend help his worst rival. Meanwhile, Brooke develops feelings for Lucas, Karen must face some not-so-friendly acquaintances from the past, and Peyton becomes furious with Lucas when she discovers that he secretly submitted her drawings to a local newspaper. Yes. Yes. I'm still reviewing. I love the way the episode starts in the game we left. I love the way Lucas makes them win with his shot, and the way Nathan and Dan act when that happens. I love the little after scene with Keith and Karen talk to that other parent, who turns out the be a .... I love the scene with Brooke and Lucas in the car, and Coach is there, ew. I love the scene between Nathan and Peyton because the way Nathan is sulking and then he doesn't take and interest in Peyton. I love the scene between Lucas and Hayley with the burning things. I love the way Thud Magazine wants Peyton. I love the scene between Lucas and Peyton because I actually love them together. I love the way the boys are still messing Lucas about, yummy by the way. I love the scene between Lucas and Keith. I love the scene between Nathan and Dan, I kind of feel sorry for Nathan. I love the way Nathan gets all of the team against Lucas. I love the way Jake is, he is really cool. I love the way Nathan wants Hayley to tutor him. I love the I love the classroom scene with Lucas and Brooke. I love the scene between Peyton and Brooke talking about Lucas. I love the scene with Karen and the other parents because there all horrible. I love the scene where Lucas is cleaning up the Riverside court, and Peyton comes along. I love the scene with Lucas and Jake, he sticking up him. I love the way they steal Lucas and leave him in the middle of nowhere. I love the scene between Lucas and his mother. I love the way Hayley goes to Nathans to make him stop doing this to Lucas but she wants him to leave him alone. I love the scene with Nathan and Hayley it's Awesome. I love the way Peyton doesn't change her work. All in all, another awesome episode.
  • this was a great ep i thought

    in this ep lucas is growing in popularity big time and nathan is tired of it so he conivinces the team to haze him really bad and nathan is tring to find his weak spot by going after his best frined for help in school haley decides to help him as lucas just thinks its away to get at him and as for peyton she is starting to have feelings for lucas. this was really good ep i thought and it shows how good the show really is. and that is why i gave the show a 9.0 and ithink it deserves that.
  • I don't remember high school ever being this viscious...

    I must've went to an extremely tame high school, because Tree Hill High School is insane. Not just the students either, but the mothers and fathers who seem incapable of moving beyond their own high school years. I'm glad that Lucas didn't completely give into the popularity surrounding him now and turn into a Nathan.. I don't think my brain would be able to take that this early in the show.

    I also like how the relationship between Lucas and Peyton is slowly developing and not just happening fast in order to create drama. The comic strip should make for an interesting story line.

    Not too much happened in this episode though.. besides a little hazing from Nathan and Haley connecting with Nathan, not too much significant happened. Then again, a lot of the little plot points from this episode might carry on (Brooke flirting with Lucas or Lucas' mom visiting the moms of the team).

    Otherwise, it was a pretty decent episode. Nothing too special though.. entertaining nonetheless.
  • Season 1, Episode 3.

    Annoyed by Lucas's growing popularity, Nathan searches for his weak spot and finds it in Haley James, Lucas' best friend. After convincing the team to aggressively haze Lucas, Nathan seeks tutoring help from Haley and tries to befriend the girl. After all, nothing could hurt Lucas more than seeing his best friend help his worst rival. Meanwhile, Brooke develops feelings for Lucas, Karen must face some not-so-friendly acquaintances from the past, and Peyton becomes furious with Lucas when she discovers that he secretly submitted her drawings to a local newspaper. Wow, I can't believe that Nathan didn't notice that Peyton used to have sketches up. YAY for Brooke naked in Lucas' car! Woot woot! What a great way to meet. =] The first two episodes weren't very great but this one was pretty cool.
  • This is an episode where Haley and develop. I love the whole burn boat idea and the way Karen treated her old classmates. I also like the fact that Lucas became famous, Brooke made her move, and how the town joined together.

    Are You True? aired on October 7 of 2003. It is the third episode of the whole series and I thought this episode was great. Nathan and Haley changed in this episode from a nerd and a jock to a girl being used and a jerk using a girl. I also like the fact that they made Brooke be Brooke by making her movie on Lucas. The way Karen treated Sherri and her old classmates was magnificent and the way she taught them to get out of high school. I also liked the burning boat idea because it shows how close the town is within themselves. This episode is a great one.
  • A good episode, though not brilliant.

    I liked this and it was enjoyable but I think that the show really gets good from episode 6 on .... at least thats what I'm thinking now. You see I'm rewatchting this season on DVD and whilst before I rated this episode a ten, now I've changed my mind.

    My favourite character at this point is Haley, I think she is believable, funny and an overall good character. My least favourite is probaly Lucus, mainly because he just annoys me, little things really, he says things that I don't think teenagers would say. The whole hazing thing was kind of entertaining .... Nathan is okay, gets better later I think. Peyton is an interesting character but again, I think she gets better later. First appeareance of Brooke, she wasn't irritating, shocker.

    I liked Peyton standing up to the magazine guy, telling him, he either takes it or he doesn't. Hayley telling Nathan she'd tutor him if he let Lucas alone I liked, it definately could give us some interesting storylines. Brooke's interest in Lucas was .... fairly interesting. Karen facing her old world was enjoyable, i smiled when she called Sherry a b i t ch.

    So yes this was good, but not One Tree Hill at its best.
  • What a great episode!

    Lucas's popularity is growing after he makes a winning shot. Brooke starts pursuing Lucas. Nathan gets the team to start hazing Lucas. Nathan wants Haley to tutor him, just to anger Lucas. She rejects him at first, then reluctantly offers to tutor him, thinking that he really needs help. Peyton meets with someone from THUD magazine. He wants her to change her drawings, but after refusing to, they accept what she has drawn. Karen meets with old high school classmates.

    This was a great episode! Lucas's shot was so sweet! I felt really sad when the park was destroyed. When Lucas was cleaning it, it really showed how good of a person he was. I think Peyton should break-up with Nathan. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • the changes begin

    And the games begin. Lucas does the winning basket and everyone talks to him. He is popular lol.
    Dan is upset because of it.
    The editor for Thug magazine calls Peyton about her sketches.
    Nathan talks to the guys, he turns them against Luke so they start with the jokes. Hiding his cloths when he is in the shower was one of them. Lukas keeps up and tries to ignore them.
    Nathan is failing English and asks for a tutor and who is it? Haley!! She says no.
    Peyton goes to the magazine and the editor is impressed by her work, he asks her to some as a test but wants something cheerleader style.
    The pranks continue. They trash the playground and kidnap Luke. After this he is done ignoring. And so is Haley...

    She talks to Nathan and agrees tutoring him under two conditions, first Luke can't know and second the pranks stop. He agrees.

    At the boat ceremony, Karen burns her old cheerleader jacket and Lucas his basket banner.

    It all ends well, even with Haley lying to Luke about him knowing the guy she tutored...
  • Lucas does well on the basketball quart and Nathan tries everything he can to get him to quit the team

    In this episode it is really fun to watch Nathan and Lucas compete to see who can get the upper hand. Watching all the hazing Nathan does is so funny. I can not believe the lengths that he would go through to get Lucas off the team. I also think it is crazy that his father would encourage him to be that way. I really like how Lucas is able to make it through it all and he even does well on the basketball team, by making the winning shot and getting Nathan’s position as shooting guard. I also really like Nathan’s plan to get Haley to tutor him. After watching it I was really excited to find out how Lucas would react when he found out about it. The conflict between the two brothers makes this into a great show. Another great part of this episode is watching the development of the Peyton, Brooke, and Lucas love triangle. It is so sad that Peyton likes Lucas but doesn’t say anything and Brooke goes after him. I thought it was so funny how Brooke went into the back of his car naked.

    The other two main storylines were not as good but it was still interesting to find out how Karen dealt with the people from high school and to see what Peyton did about her drawings.
  • Lucas wins the game. Nathan gets hassled by his dad. Brooke is naked in the backseat of Lucas car. Shari is not so nice to Karen. BURNING BOAT! Hazing starts for Lucas and Jake is there to back him up. Haley decides to tutor Nathan, Lucas is unaware.

    All I have for reviews is BALL BOY!! Nice wasn't it ladies. Brooke is as Peyton put in a slut in mittens.
    Nathan is a jerk and mean and cruel.
    Love Jake so sweet.
    Karen was great calling Shari...well you know what she called her.
    Keith is great being there for Lucas and trying to make him understand to take the hide road.
    I think it is very noble of Haley to tutor Nathan even thought she isn't sure if she can trust him. That she is doing it so that the guys will back off of Lucas.
    At the point when nathan gave haley the bracelet you saw something there that you could like about Nathan
  • Everything changes for Lucas, he decides to fight back and not give up his place on the team despite Nathan's best attempts

    Nathan misses his shot and Lucas ends up the ball with a few seconds remaining on the clock, he shoots and it goes in, he wins the team the game. Nathan is not happy!!!!when Lucas gets back to his car, Brooke, one of the cheerleaders just happens to be waiting inside for him and is getting changed in the back. Dan tells Nathan to find his weakness and attack it. The team come together against Lucas and start a campaign to get him off the team. They steal his clothes while he is in the shower, they soak everything in his locker, they kidnap him and dump him somewhere so he has to walk home, they trash the rivercourt and if thats not bad enough Nathan now has his eyes set on Haley. He plans on getting her to tutor him and despite refusing to help him she realises this may be her chance to stop Nathan from hurting Lucas. Whitey tells Nathan that now Lucas is the shooting guard instead of him which Nathan does not take too well. The magazine which Lucas submitted Peyton's work to calls and says they would like to meet. Peytons hand in her first comic strip. Karen struggles to leave the past behind when confronted with all the other mums of the varsity team, but in the end she realises she needs to move on. Haley makes a deal with Nathan, she will tutor him on the condition that he leaves Lucas alone.
  • Luke wins the game for the Ravens and Nathan does not take it too well.

    I really like this show. I think that the acting and the actors are perfect in this episode. I reliezed in this episode that right now i am not a big fan of Nathan and Dan. I see Nathan as a younger verson of his father evan though it seems like he does not want to be like him but he is for the fact that he is treating his brother like crap. I was happy that Peyton's art work made it into the town's magizine and that Lucas is the reason it made it there. I thought that Brooke was a little slutly for being in Lucas car naked. I found it real funny that Tim's septmother told Karen about the booster club meeting at six but what she really meant was five and bascially backing Karen into a corner until Karen called her a b*tch i thought that was great but i did not think that Karen should have appoligized to her at the boat burning cermony. I do not think that it was right of Nathan to ask Hailey for help and i do not hink that she should have said yes evan thought the reason she did was to get Nathen to leave Lucas alone. I think that Nathan should man up and be nicer to Lucas and start being a jerk to his father who really deserves it.
  • Frustrated by Lucas' growing popularity at school, Nathan searches for Lucas' weak spot, and has the team begin to iniciate hazing incidents against him. Nathan also tries to seek tutoring help from Haley. Brooke begins to fall for Lucas.

    I am in love with this show. I absolutely adore Chad Michael Murray, and am so glad I made the time to sit down and watch this show on its' premiere night. I haven't missed an episode since. This show is full of lessons for teens with a crappy attitude towards life, and it doesn't hurt that Chad is one of the characters teaching us these lessons. Yes, the story line is a little crazy and hectic, but deep down, there is a lot of love between characters. Hilarie and Chad look wonderful together on screen and have an undeniably great chemistry. James and Chad have a good chemistry as well, and I can't wait to see how their relationship evolves. I am hoping that they will become better friends. I wouldn't miss an episode for any reason. I am obsessed, and I'm perfectly alright with that.
  • LOVE IT!

    So as Lucas gains superstar points, Nathan is only more angry and probably more jealous since Lucas has a thing for Payton. Nathan gets his teammates to hurt Lucas. Nathan has done his homework too, besides getting his teammates to hurt Lucas, he asks tutoring help from Lucas' bestfriend, Haley James. Haley James doesn't want to tutor Nathan because she knows how difficult it will be for Lucas. Meanwhile Brooke develops more of a liking for Lucas. Lucas submits Payton's drawings to the newspaper place. Payton is furious at Lucas for submitting it without her permission and tells Lucas to mind his own business.
  • very well written episode

    I thought this episode was very well written

    Lucas is on his game. He takes Nathan's spot in the lineup, so Nathan organizes the other players into a hazing team. Plus: haley has a new tutoring student- Nathan, who's in danger of being booted off the Raven's basketball team is his grades don't improve.
  • Unbelieveable and a true unforgettable.

    This episode was so good!! :) :)!!! I loved it. They did so many mean things to Lucas. Some were similar to real life events and others were over the top. This episode was the very beginning of something between Nathan and Haley. She is such a true friend to tutor the person she despised for her best friend. Haley shows how much she cares about Lucas and what extremes she will go for for him. Lucas had to tell his mom what happened. Although, she won't really understand. He can do so much and recieve so little. Haley is a friend he will always have.
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