One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 19

Ashes of Dreams You Let Die

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 30, 2007 on The CW
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As the end of the school year approaches, Peyton considers participating in a music internship in Los Angeles, while Brooke tries to reconnect with Chase through yearbook signatures, and Haley struggles to write her valedictorian speech. Meanwhile, Dan suggests that Lucas get professional help when Karen worries about his obsession with theories about Keith's murder.moreless

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  • What an ending again.

    If there's one thing Tree Hill knows how to do best it's an ending.Ashes of Dreams You Let Die dealt with Lucas's confrontation with Dan and how Karen struggles to believe his accusations. It really was hard to watch Lucas so tormented and hurt but that ending was amazing. He points a gun to Dan's head, insists he confesses and then Karen collapses. He orders Dan not to touch his mother 'She's my mother! I swear to god I'll kill you' - talk about intense.

    Brooke and Chase with the yearbooks was amusing. I quite liked how they got back together in the end. Also liked Peyton taking the internship. But what was also incredibly powerful was Mouth creating that yearbook for Jimmy. It was such a touching scene when he gave it to Jimmy's mother. Well done writers. And Nathan faced the consequences of his actions but still managed to get Haley her speech! She's too are so sweet. I love how Whitey is helping Nathan too cos Haley asked him too.

    All in all, a brilliant episode with a real final tone to it.

  • The End of Senior Year

    The school year is coming to an end and yearbooks are out. Everyone is signing each others yearbooks including Brooke and Chase who are thinking about their feelings for each other. Haley is the class valedictorian and spends the episode working on her speech. Peyton has gotten an internship with a record company in California and considers taking it. Nathan loses his scholarship to Duke and now struggles to figure out his future. But the biggest story of the episode is Lucas reporting Dan to the police for murdering Keith and his showdown with Dan at the end.

    I love that the episode was semi-centered around the yearbooks and the signing of them. It was really sweet of Gigi to help Mouth make that special yearbook to give to Jimmy's mom and have everyone sign it. I like that Brooke and Chase are reconnecting through their yearbook signatures. They are sweet together. I really don't want Peyton to go to California. As I expected Haley is valedictorian. I feel bad for Nathan that he no one wants him to play for them, but he will find his way. I know it.

    I think it was a little naive of Lucas to go to the police like that. I mean, did he think they would believe him or that Dan would just up and admit it? But the end...when he showed up with that gun. Wow!! I just couldn't believe it. I was so scared for Karen when I first saw this episode. And for Lucas and Dan too. I really thought Lucas shot him. Good episodes!!moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 19.

    As the end of the school year approaches, Peyton considers participating in a music internship in Los Angeles, while Brooke tries to reconnect with Chase through yearbook signatures, and Haley struggles to write her valedictorian speech. Dan suggests that Lucas get professional help when Karen worries about his obsession with theories about Keith's murder. Wow, this episode was good. I like how the end of high school is approaching for the characters. It just feels like it is the end of an era, and an important one at that. I can't believe how horrible Dan is! He is the worst father on the planet, without a doubt. But he is involved with good storylines, though. I liked Lucas going to the police, and the episode was just a great combination of great plots.moreless
  • Yearbooks!

    The seniors get their yearbooks and prepare for the real world. Peyton has gotten an internship in LA for a music company. Brooke is going to LA too and she says they could spend time together. Principal Turner doesn't let Haley have a valedictorian speech because of what Nathan did. Duke takes away Nathan's scholarship. Haley goes to Whitey for help with Nathan. Brooke is nervous about what to write in Chase's yearbook. She pours her feelings into it, but Chase doesn't at all. Later, Chase explains why he didn't and he and Brooke kiss. Nathan gets Haley's speech back. Mouth notices that Jimmy isn't in the yearbook. Gigi helps him with that. She puts Jimmy in the yearbook that his mom ordered and Mouth gets people to sign it. Dan and Karen want to put Lucas with professional help after Lucas accuses and attacks Dan saying he murdered Keith. Lucas takes Deb's gun and loads it. He threatens Dan with it. Karen falls to the ground, so Dan tries to help her and Lucas shoots at Dan.

    This was a fantastic episode! I no longer like Dan now. I was really starting to like him, but now I don't anymore. I like what Mouth did for Jimmy! He's a great guy! Gigi was cool too! The ending was incredible! So suspensful and I can't wait to see what happens! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • High School is close to ending but the problems remain..

    It was a very exciting episode.. Lucas accuses Dan in a straight way and attempts to report him at the police.. But Dan denies everything and drives Lucas crazy.. So, Lucas deals with Dan with a gun in his hand.. He's determined to make Dan tell the truth and admit that he killed Keith but Karen collapses.. Peyton got accepted for an internship in a record company in Los Angeles and asks for her friends' advice.. Both Brooke and Lucas urge her to accept it and especially Brooke who will spend the summer with her parents who live in Los Angeles.. Nathan and Haley face the consequences of Nathan's acts..moreless
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Renee Vincent

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Stephen Colletti

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    • (Nathan walks up to Haley, and realizes that everyone is staring)
      Nathan: I guess it was only a matter of time until the entire town found out i went cheater.
      Haley: Sorry. You know when i was in school and everybody was like laughing at me after the tour, and whispering, and making fun of me and stuff. I went to school one day, and i wasn't so interesting. It kinda blew over. I think this probably will too.
      Nathan: I hope you're right.

    • Peyton: Maybe you should have opted for that 'skateboarders are cool' version.
      Brooke: This is not funny. You know what this means don't you? I can never show my face at the school again.
      Peyton: Yea. It's a good thing high school's almost over.
      Brooke: Shut up.

    • Chase: Everything you wrote to me, I feel it too. I just didn't know how to put it in words.
      Brooke: You just did.

    • Lucas: (after Karen collapses) Do not touch her. Mom? Mom are you okay?
      Dan: She could be having a miscarriage.
      Lucas: You stay right there! Do not touch her!
      Dan: Lucas!
      Lucas: That is my mother, I swear to God I will kill you! (shot fired)

    • Peyton (after Lucas kisses her): Excuse me I have a boyfriend.
      Lucas: Really? Where is he?
      Peyton: Good question I've been wondering that myself for two days.
      Lucas: Yeah, I guess I deserve that.
      Peyton: Makes a girl feel cheap. Give it up in Honeygrove and then poof vanishing boyfriend.
      Lucas: Poof?
      Peyton: Poof!

    • Whitey: (to Nathan) When somebody says you can't do something you fight back. You prove them wrong.
      Nathan: They took away my scholarship coach, they don't want me anymore.
      Whitey: Then find somebody who does. Nathan, where is the fire that made you the best player I ever coached?. Show me it's still there. If it's not, put down that ball and walk home. People love a guy who rises from the ashes. Remember that.

    • Lucas: (to Karen about punching Dan) He killed Keith he shot him!!
      Dan: I should go.
      Karen: Why would you say...
      Lucas: (interrupting) Cause it's the truth!!!
      Karen: Stop it, Jimmy killed Keith (shouting) so stop it!

    • Peyton: (about Chase) Well, he is seriously cute. Too soon?
      Brooke: (looks at Peyton shocked) To soon?
      Peyton: Sorry.

    • Whitey: Nathan, where is the fire that made you the best player I ever coached? Show me it's still there. If it's not, put down that ball and walk off the court. People love a guy who rises from the ashes. Remember that.

    • Chase: Aah, you already looked me up in the yearbook. That's good to know.
      Brooke: Don't get cocky. I didn't look you up. I just opened it to a random page and there you were.
      Chase: Some people would call that fate.
      Brooke: I'd call it a coincidence.

    • Nathan: Do you have a wife, Principal Turner?
      Principal Turner: Yes, I do.
      Nathan: Is she the best part of you? Would you want for her to pay for your mistakes? We all make mistakes. And believe me, I'm paying for mine, but Haley's a good person. And she's worked for four years to be valedictorian, and she deserves to be recognized.

    • Haley: Coach, he's still that guy that helped you win all those games. He's got that heart of a champion. You know that. You've watched him grow... you know the kind of person that he is. Can't you just help him be more that person... Help him for all those times he's helped you.

    • (Lucas at police station)
      Detective: Can I help you?
      Lucas: I'd like to speak with a detective.
      Detective: What's this regarding?
      Lucas: I'd like to report a murder.

    • Peyton: Well maybe I have. I applied for this internship with Sire Records a few months ago. I just found out I got it.
      Brooke: Seriously?
      Peyton: They need an answer as soon as possible.
      Brooke: So say yes.
      Peyton: It's in Los Angeles.
      Brooke: Wait, we can spend the summer together in LA. We can stay with my parents. And, this is kinda perfect.
      Peyton: Yeah I know, I just have to tell Lucas.

    • Brooke: Do you know what today is P. Saywer?
      Peyton: Umm, shot in the dark; Yearbook Day.
      Brooke: No, it's the last Wednesday of high school.
      Peyton: Mmm. The beginning of the end....
      Brooke: Do you always have to put a dark and twisted spin on things? (Peyton laughs evilly) My point is that after this week we actually have to figure out what we're gonna do with our lives.

    • Haley: (measuring her stomach) You know, I think I am actually getting fatter by the minute.
      Nathan: I hope so.
      Haley: You are just saying that to make me feel better.
      Nathan: No, I'm saying that because the bigger you get, the taller our son's going to be.
      Haley: So it's alright if I look like a weeble wobble as long as our son can dunk a basketball?

    • Haley: I can't believe high school is almost over. Do you remember the first day of freshman year?
      Lucas: Oh yes, you asked me to pretend to be your boyfriend so the other guys wouldn't bother you.
      Haley: Oh, no… you were the best fake boyfriend ever!
      Lucas: Seems like forever ago, huh? Did you ever think this is how senior year would end up?
      Haley: What me married, pregnant, living with a recovering junkie who's packing heat? Absolutely!

    • Dan: What are you going to do, shoot me?
      Lucas: Yes. I am. Just like you shot my uncle Keith.
      Dan: Don't listen to him Karen, he's delusional.
      Lucas: Hey! Maybe you should tell the truth when I have a gun aimed at your head.

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