One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 19

Ashes of Dreams You Let Die

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 30, 2007 on The CW

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  • What an ending again.

    If there's one thing Tree Hill knows how to do best it's an ending.Ashes of Dreams You Let Die dealt with Lucas's confrontation with Dan and how Karen struggles to believe his accusations. It really was hard to watch Lucas so tormented and hurt but that ending was amazing. He points a gun to Dan's head, insists he confesses and then Karen collapses. He orders Dan not to touch his mother 'She's my mother! I swear to god I'll kill you' - talk about intense.

    Brooke and Chase with the yearbooks was amusing. I quite liked how they got back together in the end. Also liked Peyton taking the internship. But what was also incredibly powerful was Mouth creating that yearbook for Jimmy. It was such a touching scene when he gave it to Jimmy's mother. Well done writers. And Nathan faced the consequences of his actions but still managed to get Haley her speech! She's too are so sweet. I love how Whitey is helping Nathan too cos Haley asked him too.

    All in all, a brilliant episode with a real final tone to it.

  • The End of Senior Year

    The school year is coming to an end and yearbooks are out. Everyone is signing each others yearbooks including Brooke and Chase who are thinking about their feelings for each other. Haley is the class valedictorian and spends the episode working on her speech. Peyton has gotten an internship with a record company in California and considers taking it. Nathan loses his scholarship to Duke and now struggles to figure out his future. But the biggest story of the episode is Lucas reporting Dan to the police for murdering Keith and his showdown with Dan at the end.

    I love that the episode was semi-centered around the yearbooks and the signing of them. It was really sweet of Gigi to help Mouth make that special yearbook to give to Jimmy's mom and have everyone sign it. I like that Brooke and Chase are reconnecting through their yearbook signatures. They are sweet together. I really don't want Peyton to go to California. As I expected Haley is valedictorian. I feel bad for Nathan that he no one wants him to play for them, but he will find his way. I know it.

    I think it was a little naive of Lucas to go to the police like that. I mean, did he think they would believe him or that Dan would just up and admit it? But the end...when he showed up with that gun. Wow!! I just couldn't believe it. I was so scared for Karen when I first saw this episode. And for Lucas and Dan too. I really thought Lucas shot him. Good episodes!!
  • Season 4, Episode 19.

    As the end of the school year approaches, Peyton considers participating in a music internship in Los Angeles, while Brooke tries to reconnect with Chase through yearbook signatures, and Haley struggles to write her valedictorian speech. Dan suggests that Lucas get professional help when Karen worries about his obsession with theories about Keith's murder. Wow, this episode was good. I like how the end of high school is approaching for the characters. It just feels like it is the end of an era, and an important one at that. I can't believe how horrible Dan is! He is the worst father on the planet, without a doubt. But he is involved with good storylines, though. I liked Lucas going to the police, and the episode was just a great combination of great plots.
  • Yearbooks!

    The seniors get their yearbooks and prepare for the real world. Peyton has gotten an internship in LA for a music company. Brooke is going to LA too and she says they could spend time together. Principal Turner doesn't let Haley have a valedictorian speech because of what Nathan did. Duke takes away Nathan's scholarship. Haley goes to Whitey for help with Nathan. Brooke is nervous about what to write in Chase's yearbook. She pours her feelings into it, but Chase doesn't at all. Later, Chase explains why he didn't and he and Brooke kiss. Nathan gets Haley's speech back. Mouth notices that Jimmy isn't in the yearbook. Gigi helps him with that. She puts Jimmy in the yearbook that his mom ordered and Mouth gets people to sign it. Dan and Karen want to put Lucas with professional help after Lucas accuses and attacks Dan saying he murdered Keith. Lucas takes Deb's gun and loads it. He threatens Dan with it. Karen falls to the ground, so Dan tries to help her and Lucas shoots at Dan.

    This was a fantastic episode! I no longer like Dan now. I was really starting to like him, but now I don't anymore. I like what Mouth did for Jimmy! He's a great guy! Gigi was cool too! The ending was incredible! So suspensful and I can't wait to see what happens! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • High School is close to ending but the problems remain..

    It was a very exciting episode.. Lucas accuses Dan in a straight way and attempts to report him at the police.. But Dan denies everything and drives Lucas crazy.. So, Lucas deals with Dan with a gun in his hand.. He's determined to make Dan tell the truth and admit that he killed Keith but Karen collapses.. Peyton got accepted for an internship in a record company in Los Angeles and asks for her friends' advice.. Both Brooke and Lucas urge her to accept it and especially Brooke who will spend the summer with her parents who live in Los Angeles.. Nathan and Haley face the consequences of Nathan's acts..
  • Naley goodness.:]

    Wow. The end of that was like crazy intense. Dan and Karen dead maybe dying, the babies coming. Lucas shooting at Dan, hitting maybe?

    How cute was Naley. I liked it when Nathan went and talked to Principal Turner, and then when he told Haley and was like I'll order something bad, and she started fliping out. The beginning scene of them was like a flashback to their season 1 tutoring. Did anybody else cry when Mouth gave Jimmy's yearbook to his Mom with all the signatures in it? Plus what does everyone think on the whole Peyton internship Lucas ordeal?

    Brooke is really funny too when she like poured herself into Chase's yearbook and he wrote like glad were friends, and then they got back together. :]
  • Haley tries to write her valedictorian speech, mouth gets people to sign jimmy's yearbook, peyton decides to spend the summer in LA with Brooke. Lucas confronts Dan about Keith's murder.Brooke and Chase reconnect.

    Great but sad episode. Approching the end of High school, the end of an era. It seems like Lucas is turning crazy when he pulls a gun out on Dan! Brooke and Chase are finally together and Chase tells us why he left clean teens! Luke signs Jimmy Edwards yearbook, probably because he knew that dan killed keith. There was a really sweet moment with mouth and Mrs. Edwards. Haley is getting bigger. Whitey has finally packed up his things and left, but people are still coming to his house for advice. Fab ending, leaves us all on a cliff-hanger!
  • no matter what happens remember i love u

    this was a pretty good episode. i'm glad that people wrote things in the dead guy's yearbook & that mouth & his x made a special yearbook just 4 the mom. gigi was really cute & they should have had them hook up again. chase is annoying but i'm glad that he showed up at brooke's place just so i can see her smile. that woman is beautiful & i say it everytime she is onscreen. it's too bad that lucas couldn't think of another way to trick dan so that his mom would have proof that dan shot keith. hopefully he isn't dead. i also hope whitey called duke & told them that it was all his fault & saves nathan, cause that would suck. what is going 2 happen next year?
  • Episode was v good but the ending made it 10 times better!!!

    Loved it!!! Why doesn't karen believe him? stupid women!!! Glad peyton was given a good thing with the intership, she should take it! Lucas beating up Dan at the start was great. Muth was a nnoying but it was a nice moment with jimmys mother!! Brooke and chase are better then brooke and lucas so i was happy!! I loved the ending!!!! "yes i am" was just great and then he roared at him, she's my mother!!!! can't wait for next two episodes!!!
  • Okay, I haven't been writing these reviews for a long time, but after this eppy just had to. This was nearly as amazing as the eppy with State Championship, car accident and Leyton reunion.

    Finally an episode that made me to feel lots of things. I have liked almost every eppy on S4 but this was one of the best ones. Parts that really touched me, were about Jimmy's yearbook. I already write an comment on forum how great thing it was from Mouth to do this final favour to Jimmy: to make his mother feel that people will remember Jimmy from other reasons than the shooting. I couldn't be crying.

    CMM was great on this eppy. So sad that Abby has left and Luke is now only one on Tree Hill who knows Keith's murderer. Final part of eppy while Karen and Dan were eating and Luke appeared with gun was owesome. Great acting from all of them. Can't wait till nest eppy.

    Hopefully Luke will now tell Peyton the whole story. And hopefully they wont use Dep only on useless stuffs, they should give her good storylines or just forget her.

    But after all, an excellent eppy!
  • Just a wicked one, where the ending totally made the episode. Lucas aiming a gun at his father Dan's head, and eventually pulling the trigger.

    I liked this episode a lot! Everything from Lucas going to the police and been made fun of by Dan to the phenomenal ending which shocked us all.

    Brooke finally told Chase how she feels, though he was kinda late in returning her feelings. Hilarious! The look on Brooke's face and the little "Oh, no!" when she read what he'd written in her yearbook was priceless.

    Haley was after a lot of consideration from Mr. Turner allowed to hold the speech, and I'm glad.

    And Coach Durham is trying to pull some strings to help Nathan. Who knows, maybe he'll get his dream fulfilled after all.

    Great episode! Look forward to seeing how the whole Lucas-Dan-Karen situation plays out.
  • Lucas confronts Dan about his killing Keith but Karen doesnt want to believe him. Chase and Brooke show their true feelings for eachother. Peyton gets an internship in LA and Mouth fights for Jimmy.

    OMG!!! First of I cant believe Luke shot Dan! Even though Dan had it coming to him for being an a** in the episode and through out the whole 4seasons. I cant believe Karen wouldnt believe Luke. I cant believe she kissed Dan! I liked the crazy Luke its a side we havent seen of him especially when he is pointing the gun at Dan. I love the Peyton and Brooke friendship its almost like old times and I like the Brace moments. The are still crazy about eachother. The only things i didnt like about this episode was there was hardly any Leyton moments and i hope Peyton doesnt go on that internship to L.A the show would suck without her. Nathan as always is such a sweet guy and when he went to see the Principal for Hayley that was soo sweet. Lastly I loved Mouth trying to get Jimmy in the year book and asking everyone to sign it for him. When he gave Jimmy's year book to Jimmy's Mum it was such a nice thing to do.
  • one tree hill no more drama teen ?

    it was a good episode... but i liked more qhen the story was abou love, and teen drama... i know, they grow up... but all the dan-karen-lucas drama, it's like too mucho, too over exaered... i like it, biut i prefer teen dramaa... maybe because i'm 15, but well, that's what i think

    lyeton are relly apart, ok? they had just one escene in three episodes... and ok, lucas has too much troubles, but if their love is stronger than they said, why they don;t even talk?
    brase relachion, is good, pretty, cute... but a poor ending for brooke
    and naley, well... i love them, but i have nothing to say... but, anyway... i loved oth, i love oth and i will love it forever
  • Lucas confronts Dan about his killing Keith, Karen refuses to believe it. Chase and Brooke reveal their true feelings for eachother, and Peyton gets an internship in LA. Haley loses her spot as valedictiorian. Mouth remembers Jimmy through his yearbook.

    One of the best episodes this season, and quite possibly the entire series. It was gripping, yet had great comedic relief when it was needed. It was very well-written, and well acted by Chad Michael Murray. There were times in the episode where I believed he actually gone nuts with grief. Playing off of Jimmy's death, and allowing everyone to cope and heal with that day through Jimmy's yearbook was a great touch. Also, in this episode, you actually see that Debra is pretty crazy, and hasn't coped well with her sobriety. Missing for a little while, episode 17 and this episode really show how close Lucas and Haley have been through this entire series, although it hasn't been shown much since the first season. Great episode in my opinion, but it is kind of sad that they left an episode like this until almost the end of the series (hopefully there will be a season 5, as there are rumours).
  • The yearbook moments were the best part of the whole episode.

    This episode was fantastic.
    I loved all the yearbook moments between characters. We found out Nathan's middle name (Royal), what his goals, Lucas' goals and Brooke's goals. I would have liked to see Haley's yearbook picture though. I loved the conversations between the characters also. I love the Lucas and Haley moments 'You're the greatest fake boyfriend ever!' Seeing Mouth and Gigi was also cute. She was really nice, helping mouth be a good friend to Jimmy and fix his yearbook for his mother. It was awesome to see Lucas sign Jimmy's yearbook, it was a good time as well, after he found out about Dan and everything. I cried when Mouth took Jimmy's yearbook to his mother. It was the cutest moment ever. She looked so happy to know that Jimmy was loved at the school. I think she really appreciated it, I couldn't imagine losing a son like that.
    It was a great episode, even though the ending wasn't that great. I would like to see Dan punished for what he did, and am still annoyed that Karen believes Dan over her own son! I wish she knew what really happened.
  • Almost perfect episode.

    One of the highest points of the season.Lucas can't take it anymore and decides to shot Dan. Karen faints and her life may be in jeopardy. Nathan hopes of a scolarship fade away but he gets Haley to make the speach.Chase and Brooke unit again and Peyton is going to an art internship in Los Angeles. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was that so many people signed Jimmy's year book since everybody or didn't know him or hate him because of the shooting. Sure it makes him look good and maybe Mark thought as a way of remembering Jimmy but I think that a few thoughtfull signs would have been much more honest. I am really enjoying the final episode of the season although this one wasn't particulary awesome.
  • Holy Mary Moses it's Lucas and he's pointing a gun at Dan Scott's head. Oh dear....

    Oh. My. God. I know Lucas was really pissed when he found out about Dan and Keith but I never expected him to take it that far!!!! I mean, it's Lucas!!! He quotes poetry and writes sensitive novels for god's sake. He's not ur archetypal gun-toting psycho (ie not Deb hehehe).
    Apart from the events at the end, this was quite a sweet episode, I thought. Principal Turner was nice enough to let Hayley make her valedictory speech even after the incident with Nathan and the point shaving, Mouth got the seniors to sign Jimmy's year book (sob, sob!) and Peyton is offered an internship in LA. Oooo, and Brooke and Chase...well I'll leave at least one thing unsaid 4 those who haven't seen the ep yet!!!!
  • One of the better episodes this season.

    "Ashes of Dreams You Let Die" is referring to Nathan's dream of playing college basketball at Duke University. Due to the point shaving scandal, no college is willing to touch Nathan, and that just makes things harder for him and Haley.

    Nathan tries to find a way to get back on his feet, while Haley losses and finds something she has been working 4 years for. Lucas works on proving Dan's crime while Dan does everything to cover his tracks. Brooke opens up to Chase and gets a bittersweet response, and Peyton makes a very tough decision. Mouth defends the death of his late friend, Jimmy Edwards and gets a lot of support.

    When Nathan realizes that he is going to have to work so much harder to get into college now, he seeks the help of his coach and the comfort of his wife. He tries every school that has offered him a scholarship, but when you start gambling with the gangsters, colleges don't seem to want to have anything to do with you. I knew when the Daunte story was up that life couldn't be all that easy for Nathan, for God's sakes, it's Nathan! Nothing ever goes right for him. His shortcomings also bring down the love of his life, his wife, Haley. Principal Turner tells Haley that she can no longer deliver the Valedictorian speech due to Nathan's gambling scandal. Just like any other hardworking high school senior, Haley was upset. I would be too if I worked as hard as she did and a stupid reason like that caused me the chance of giving the speech that I've worked my ass off for 4 years. Well, eventually Nathan goes talk to Principal Turner and gets Haley her speech back. I liked Nathan's argument to Turner, but the mere fact that Haley lost her speech because of something her husband did, I think, was just stupid.

    Lucas catches his mom and dad “Frenching” around, and unlike most kids who see their parents kissing, Lucas attacks his father. He spends the better part of the episode trying to prove Dan's crime, but eventually he came up with an actual good plan. Anyway, I found this sub-plot a little dull and boring before, but when I saw Lucas with his plan to take Dan down, it got so much more interesting for me. The end of the episode between Lucas, Dan and Karen was the highlight of this sub-plot, but it didn't work hard enough to be the highlight of the episode for me.

    When the yearbook comes out, most students at Tree Hill would ask their closest friends, friends and significant others to sign their yearbook. Brooke opens up to Chase on her write-up for him in his yearbook, but when it seems like Chas doesn't feel the same way, she's the most embarrassed SOB out there. Eventually though, things work out between them, which I think was a little forced, just because they didn't want to make Chase disappear.

    Peyton gets an offer for an internship in L.A., where she'll live with Brooke and Brooke's parents during the summer if she decides to go. Lucas pushes for Peyton to go and tells her that he'll still be there for her when she comes back. I think it's weird that the internship just suddenly popped out, like they needed a story for Peyton.

    "Has everyone forgotten about Jimmy Edwards?" I'm sure that's the question Mouth wants to ask everyone at Tree Hill High. When the yearbook comes out and it seems like every single photo of Jimmy has been cropped out, Mouth complains to Principle Turner, but like the unreasonable person he is, he didn't find the need of Jimmy Edwards being in the yearbook. Mouth eventually goes to Gigi for help on coming up with a few pages of Jimmy for Jimmy's mom's copy of the yearbook. He gets a lot of people to sign Jimmy's yearbook, giving Mouth the best story for this episode. I'm glad they didn't discard Jimmy just like that and that they showed that he would still be remembered, which he should be because High School is an awful place for someone like Jimmy and even if his actions weren't just, it still was not all his fault.
  • The Seniors get ready for their last days of School, while Lucas comes to a breaking point after finding out that Dan is the real murdered of his Uncle Keith

    Such a great episode and real good acting for Chad in this exciting conclusion. It was nice to see that people still remember Jimmy Edwards even after all that happened and seeing that Year book signed by all those that miss him was even great. This season has been the best yet and this episode left you wondering what will happen next. Is this the end for Karen is Dan dead this time (we hope not because both are such great actors and have a great role to play in the series,)and will Lucas have to pay for his mistake by taking the law into his own hands. We really enjoy this show and how it represents real life situations just a few episodes left for this Season and then will have to wait a while for the next to start, but we hope that its as good as this one and that the show can continue to enlighten for more seasons to come.
  • Intensity by surprise...

    I really enjoyed the episode but then again when haven't I enjoy an episode of One Tree Hill. I thought it was nice of everyone to sign Jimmy's yearbook and I have to admit getting a little teary at the sight of Jimmy's mom hugging Mouth after viewing the yearbook. I especially have to say awwww at the Chase and Brooke scene when Chase confronts Brooke about how he feels about her. Ugh Dan is a son of an itch. I can't stand him now. Lucas does not need therapy if anybody needs therapy it's Dan himself. But woah I must say the ending was intense indeed. Great episode.
  • Lucas tells his mother who murder Keith and confrots Dan.

    I thought that this was the best episode that One Tree Hill has put out this entire season, It is one of the very few episodes of the season that I felt like it deserved a high ranking. I can not believe that Karen did not believe Lucas when he told her that Dan Murder Keith and that Dan want Lucas to get professional help. Didn't Karen question why Lucas would be accusing Dan of Murder and Dan wanting Lucas to get help. I think that is a sign to Karen that Lucas is telling the truth. I thought that Lucas looked really hot pointing a gun a Dan. Princple Turner really ticked me off in this episode, tellin Haley she cannot give a speech because what is going on with Nathan then taking Jimmy out of the yearbook because of the school shooting. I thought that it was really nice that Nathan spoke to Turner and convinced him to let Haley give the speech. I have no problem to admitting that i had tears in my eyes when Mouth took the yearbook to Jimmy's mother it was so nice of him and to have Gigi put in a special section in his so his mother will think that the school has not forgotten him. It was nice of everyone to sign his yearbook and i thought that it was great that Lucas was the first person to sign it.
  • i cant believe lucas actually shot dan!!

    So this episode was good but not one of my favorites. Brooke and Chase were cute....but i miss brucas.
    I hope peyton takes the internship...she totally deserves it.
    plus nathan was soo sweet for talkin to prinicipal turner like that. Naley is adorable each episode.
    Mouth is such a sweet guy...i love what he did with jimmys year book.
    And finally i CANNOT believe karen didnt believe lucas. and Dan god i hate that guy more each episode.
    Ever since Lucas found out the truth about Keith...hes been going kinda crazy..i mean he shot dan...
    overall i liked this episode
  • This is exactly the kind of episode of One Tree Hill I've missed for so long.

    Lucas finally confronts Dan in this episode, and we get it not once, but several times! It's about time it happened, and wow, was the final scene ever pulled off well. I think Chad Michael Murray stepped his acting up in this episode, and it really shows when he's pointing that gun at Dan. Karen was also really interesting to watch. Maddening, but interesting. I kept thinking that she should believe Lucas, but what proof does she have? I think she was starting to realize there might be some truth to it when she collapsed though. I'm happy that Peyton got the internship, and I really hope she takes it. Naley was very cute, and I loved the Brooke/Chase scenes too. And it was great to get another Haley/Lucas scene, I've missed seeing them together all the time.

    I really enjoyed Mouth's need to correct opinions about Jimmy. It was a very moving scene when he delivered the yearbook full of signatures for Jimmy to his mother, and his and Gigi's creation of the memory pages was a nice touch.

    Deb had a funny bit with the gun, which I thought was pretty pointless at the beginning, but made sense by the end. It would have been completely out of nowhere if Haley had said that Deb kept a gun in a cookie jar, and then where would Lucas have gotten it? I really didn't think Lucas would pull the trigger, and I'll be very on edge until I find out what happens next. Lucas played it pretty smart in this episode, and I'm happy this was such a great nerve-wracking, important episode.
  • Lucas confronts Dan about killing Keith (finally)! Peyton gets an internship, Haley gets to right the validictorian speech.

    Another nerve-wracking episode has gone by for One Tree Hill. Lucas is 10 steps forward into getting Dan out of his life and hopefully behind bars if the ending wasn't truly him killing Dan. I was actually proud of Haley when she got the right back to speak for the class on graduation day and she gets to make the validictorian speech. I was proud of Nathan for standing up for her to. That was a perk to being married. The episode was good. Acting was a bit shaky for me. I thought the emotions could have been better when it came to Dan and Lucas fighting. Except the end, with Lucas and Dan. That was great acting and hopefully that emotion will spill into the Season finale next week. Snaps for One Tree Hill. They did alright this episode.
  • this episode was great.

    I loved this episode ( i think it was better than the last one- which was still good). I loved the lucas peyton scene as well as the lucas haley scene, they were really cute. "you were the best fake boyfriend ever" lol. Oh it was also funny if u look at lucases yearbook page, one of his goals was to find big foot before haley. There were also alot of other funny parts in this episode.I cryed during the jimmy edwards scenes they were so sad yet happy at the same time. I was happy Chase and Brooke got back together i think there good for eachother. Im not sure peyton is going to take the internship, even though lucas told her to she seems really worried about him, and if she finds out about the gun thing or if something happens to lukes mom (promo) I dont think she will want to leave him, but i dont know. Also the ending left me with my mouth hanging open, I think lucas missed though. He was aiming at dans head but dan was ducking down to help Karen. As much as we hate him and wish he would die, it would kill the show. O after that the promo left me in shock, It would be so awful if anything happened to Karen, especialy after just having a baby. We'll just have to keep our fingers cossed and hope for the best.
  • Oh my god!! I can't wait till next episode!!

    Lucas shot! He really shot! Is he going to kill Dan? Then he's going to jail, that doesn't sound real. I hope he didn't kill Dan, and that he missed or something like that! I feel sorry for Peyton because what is she going to do when she hears about Lucas shot Dan. Should she break up their relationship? That's sad, because she finally is happy! I think Peyton will go to LA. That's so great for her! But does that mean that she isn't in season 5??
    I so can't wait till next episode!
    Nathan isn't going to Duke. It's sad, but it is his own fualt in my opinion. He did a good job for Haley. Now she can have her speech! Everyone was signing Jimmy's yearbook. That's so great! But I think they only did that because Lucas did. If Lucas didn't, then no-one signed.
    Brooke was writing her feelings in Chase's yearbook. They are finally back together! I think they are a great couple!
    Karen doesn't believe it when Lucas tell her that Dan killed Keith. That's so unbelievable, she doesn't believe her own son! Karen has fainted. Is there something wrong with the baby? I hope not, because it's Keith's!
  • Lucas reveals to his parents he knows who killed Keith. Nathan's actions have an affect on Haley's chance of being Valedictorian. Brooke and Chase take a step forward. Gigi helps Mouth pay tribute to Jimmy. Peyton's future & relationship conflict.

    So Lucas now knows Dan killed his Uncle Keith, he catches his murderous daddy making out with his mother, and attacks. Karen and Dan realize their son may be dealing with Keith's death in a negative way, and may have lost his mind. Lucas's case is weak, I mean we all know Dan killed Keith, but it is Dan, he is a snake and this is just the sort of thing he can get himself out of. I don't think Lucas shot Dan, as we are made to think, Dan ducked and the bullet missed him.

    Now onto Nathan, he has dug himself into a deep whole is now taking Haley down with him, hopefully she will not lose her scholarship to Duke too, also I find it odd they are the only two who know where they are going to college. Glad to see that Whitey is goign to help Nathan and that Haley will get to make her speech, and that Peyton also has future plans.

    Peyton, is realizing the loneliness Brooke used to feel dating Lucas, how his life and the immense bond he forms can sometimes distract him from the one he really cares about, not a good strategy. I mean she just wanted him to tell her to stay with him, cause I mean they have been together what a month or two in Tree Hill time. This episode set up Peyton's future as a record company exec, in season 5 I expect her to be in charge of new bands or something.

    Brooke find love with Chase, good it was abotu time.

    The most touching story was Mouth's it looks like he took what he said to Skills in Honey Grove to heart, he didn't mind being everyone's friend, even Gigis.

    Next week, I am predicting Karen has a dream where Keith tells her to open her eyes.
  • Oh, what happens next?

    Lucas finds out that Dan killed Keith... finally. And they ended with Lucas shooting off a gun. A cliffhanger! Dan needs to admit to that. It's driving me crazy. Peyton decides wether or not to accept a music internship and Hailey is able to give her valadictorian speech. Natahan has trouble getting into a college and Mouth gets Jimmy's yearbook signed. All in all, a good eppisode!
  • Lucas confronts Dan about killing Kieth. Everyone else gets their yearbooks and prepares to leave high school.

    I was so glad that we finally got to see what happened when Lucas found out about Dan. Because I had been waiting for it so long, I really enjoyed these scences. The way Dan tried to make Lucas look crazy, made it into a really good storyline. Karen has to decide which one of them to believe. They did a really good job using a suspensful ending. I just can not wait to see if Lucas shot Dan and if Karen is ok. I am glad this is not the season finale, because I would not be able to wait. It was cool to see how things were going at the end of their senior year. I like how they made a few storylines about the yearbooks. Mouth did a really good thing, when he made the yearbook for Jimmy's mom. I found it a little unrealistic that they all signed it, since he was invisible before, but it does not have to mean they all knew him persononally. I thought the storyline with Brooke was cute, although it was predictable. Peyton's storyline really showed that their life as they know it is coming to an end. It is said that she is living Lucas to go to L.A.. It made it realistic how Nathan was still sufering the consequences of his actions. I really hope Whitey will be able to help him out. I also could not believe that what Nathan did affected Haley's speech. I loved how Nathan went to the principle and got her speech back. This episodes main plot was really good, and it also had some interesting, end of the year subplots.
  • Amazing Episode !

    Lucas attacks Dan when he sees him kissing his mom. But Karen refuses to believe that Dan killed Keith. She keeps telling him Jimmy did it. Meanwhile Haley is preparing her speech, but later on in the episode, principal Turner says she's not allowed to give it after everything that happened with Nathan. Whitey is getting ready to retire, but he tells Nathan to be the person he used to be and that he has to keep fighting. It's Yearbook day and everyone is getting their yearbooks signed. Brooke and Chase traded yearbooks to write how they feel about each other, but Brooke is really disappointed by what Chase wrote, because she opened her heart for him and really told him how she feels about him. But Chase catches up with Brooke later and tells her he feels the same about her but that he didn't found a way to write it down. Peyton got accepted for an intern in LA, and Lucas tells her she has to go. Dan tells Karen he wants to get Lucas help, because he's getting crazy over Keith's murder. At the end of the episode Lucas is pointing a gun at Dan and he shoots. Karen has fainted.
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