One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 1

Asleep at Heaven's Gate

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 14, 2010 on The CW
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Clay and Quinn fight for their lives while they have an out of body experience. Haley and Nathan prepare to tell Jamie about the pregnancy. Brooke finds herself in more troubles dealing with the latest problems with Clothes Over Bros.

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  • How the mighty have fallen...

    One Tree Hill up to season 6 was such a good show to watch. They were memorable; you could watch episodes and seasons over and over again, and I don't know about you, but I felt I had a connection with the characters, I could relate with a situation and it would mean something to me, that's what made it so good. Now it has lost that completely. The characters are just too boring, everyone just coasts through the show, without any story actually developing; then they throw something in. I agree with one of the reviews where they mentioned about Clay and Quinn..the most annoying and pointless characters I can remember from any show. When Brooke came into the store after being released from jail, Victoria and Millicent were trying to be funny about the situation, but it just wasn't. You could see they were trying to be funny about it, but honestly no. As a viewer, I just wanted to know what was happening rather than being left wandering what is happening here? For me, and I'm sure for a a lot of fans, letting Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) go was the biggest mistake the producers have made. For the first time, I actually look at the time when watching One Tree Hill, at times it is like a chore; I only watch it because have been a fan since the beginning. I really do hope it picks up or just please stop and end its misery.

    But the one good thing is that they have brought back the intro music by Gavin DeGraw!:-)moreless
  • This episode is the worst start for season 8

    This episode is the worst start for season 8 , I have been watching One Tree Hill for 6 years and was a fan since season 1. But I started losing interest the end of season 7 and gave it a chance till the first episode season 8. The show is becoming too predictable and too dramatic, I dont think I will be watching any more episodes , it was the last straw for me. Maybe season 7 should've been the last season for this show as except the last scene in the final episode it could've been a good ending.moreless
  • Eighth Season Premiere.

    One Tree Hill returned for it's eighth season recently and it was a pretty great premiere. One Tree Hill is one of the best teen dramas to ever be on tv. and it lasted through the four year time jump, which is always a little risky.

    This eighth season premiere was definitely a great one, but there were many things in the premiere that left me pretty angry.

    One really big thing is that it felt exactly! like last seasons premiere, with just a few character switches and a few different storylines. The Clay/Quinn story this episode reminded me too much of Brooke and Julian last season opener, - they open with them laying on each other kissing on the beach! (ring a bell anyone?)

    Overall good premiere, hopefully it stays as great or gets even better!moreless
  • In the eighth season premiere, Brooke encounters a huge problem that could determine the fate of Clothes Over Bros; Clay and Quinn are still in the bedroom, having been shot; Nathan is ready to leave for camp, Haley's pregnant, and Mia is sour with Alex.moreless

    Eh. So-so premiere. I thought it was realllllly bad in the first half, but it got better. This Brooke thing reminds me a little bit of the Nathan scandal back in the beginning of season 7. The intro sequence... I thought that wasn't too good. I mean, really? It looked..very cheap. And I think Lucas and Peyton are coming back soon or something because they sure mentioned them alot. The Jamie storyline was very funny with the computer! The Clay/Quinn thing already has me bored, and it's really annoying how they're still there. How are they gonna survive if they've been like bleeding all day? This whole episode was a mess. Enough said.moreless
  • Nathan and Haley deal with Jamie's curiousty, Brooke is very close of losing the store thanks to her mother and Millie... and we have a very twisted ending to the episode.. welcome back one tree hill... seriously welcome back!!! great episode....moreless

    WOAH and we're back.. I forgot how to do this for a minute its been a while great episode opener.. although that opener couldve been two hours and lasted longer but great episode... i loved the ending and the illusion was just brilliant!!! Brooke and Julian were hysterical with the Grease thing i couldnt stop laughing.. that was great comedy haha Millie is acting like a robot literally and it's pissing me off.. i did like Victoria though.. that 50 age comment was sooo funny hhaha i have to give a point to Millie for that... that was great haha Daphen's reaction was just brilliant haha... soo awesome... lol the computer thing with Jamie and Chuck was hysterican but it sucked that Jamie got grounded for something that wasnt his fault.. poor kid... that was Chuck's fault... and jamie told him not to do it.. thought that was pretty screwed up.. now lets get to the illision i really thought that they were okay after we saw clays dream wow... Mark you totally screwed with our minds haha good job loved the camera work in the episode as well great job.. cant wait til next weekmoreless
Terry Loughlin

Terry Loughlin

Doctor #1

Guest Star

Henry Bazemore Jr

Henry Bazemore Jr

Police Officer #1

Guest Star

Rasool Jahan

Rasool Jahan

Doctor #2

Guest Star

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele

Mia Catalano

Recurring Role

Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti

Chase Adams

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Daphne Zuniga

Daphne Zuniga

Victoria Davis

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    • Nathan: We have money; you have time. Stash the kid with Brooke and you get my baby and my other baby to Charlotte as much as possible. Promise me.
      Haley: I promise, cross my heart.
      Nathan: Alright. Don't make me ground you. You've see how I lower the handle, I don't mess around.
      Haley: I have. It's pretty scary.

    • Nathan: It's like a dream. This night, the way you look, the way you are, my life. Tomorrow I leave for my job in the NBA. I leave this house that I own, my miracle of a son, my wife who is so far out of my league, I hope she never figures it out.
      Haley: (laughs) Yeah, right.
      Nathan: You know, I want a daughter just like you. I want to look into her eyes and feel my heart break because she reminds me so much of her beautiful, kind, strong mother.
      Haley: What if we have a boy?
      Nathan: Then we'll sell him, try again.

    • Nathan: He's like a 3 foot tall "Where do babies come from?" Ninja!

    • Julian: (wakes up and sees Brooke looking at bridal magazines) Oh no, not again. This happens all the time, I sleep with a girl and the next morning it was so amazing she starts planning the wedding.

    • Julian: I've been planning my dream wedding since I was nine. Pink and Black color scheme, first dance "Hopelessly Devoted to You" peonies for the flowers, and a pineapple and orange tort cake. Did I mention I love Grease 2?

    • Julian: That ring looks sexy on you.
      Brooke: You look sexy on me.

    • (Sitting in empty Clothes Over Bros store)
      Brooke: Everything's gone.
      Julian: I'm not.

    • Haley: I love you. I'm in love with you. It's nice after all this time.
      Nathan: It's everything after all this time.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Norway: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 on FEM
      United Kingdom: Monday, June 27, 2011 on E4/E4 HD
      Turkey: Monday, September 12, 2011 on CNBC-e

    • Although credited, Lee Norris (Mouth) does not appear in this episode.

    • This episode marks the return of a previous element of the show : the opening credits sequence, featuring the Gavin DeGraw song "I Don't Want To Be". This is the first time since season 4 the credits and song have played.

    • Featured Music:
      "All In A Day" by The Open Sea
      "Happy" by The Daylights
      "I'll Do Better" by Jarrod Gorbel
      "Stick To Your Guns" by Onward, Soldiers
      "The Search" by Setting Fires
      "There's A Light" by Jay Malinowski
      "We Did It When We Were Young" by The Gaslight Anthem


    • Episode Title: Asleep at Heaven's Gate

      This is the name of the third album by the indie rock band Rogue Wave, which was released on September 18, 2007.