One Tree Hill

Season 7 Episode 17

At The Bottom of Everything

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2010 on The CW

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  • Very sad.

    At The Bottom of Everything is going to be sad. I know it. Already sad because Lydia wants everyone to be normal at breakfast. But she's dying and they can't take their minds of it. Ha, Alex and Alexander sleeping together ended up quite funny. I like feisty Alex. Julian and Brooke being nice to each other - I'll take that. Nathan's trying to help and that's sweet. Horrible seeing Haley like this...Owen's at the same meeting as Millie. Awkward. Now Lydia's spending time with Jamie. :( Aw Nathan got Lydia some help. More sweet. Too sad. Too sad. Victoria's taken a lover. Haha. And it's Alexander. Obviously. Woah has Owen fallen. Just look at that facial. Proper meltdown. Are we just forgetting that Mouth and Millie were together? Lauren is next on Mouth's agenda anyway. They flirting big style.

    Jamie doesn't want Lydia to die. Haley hugs him. They really want to make us cry, don't they? Alex doesn't seem impressed to see some actor guy. And he's totally gay. Haha. Really gay. Oh dear Millie walked in on Lauren and Mouth playing video games. Lol. Another powerful scene with Haley and Lydia. And Haley agreed to accept the illness if the next doctor says the same thing. More Julian/Brooke angst. Blah. Miranda hate a pickled egg. Erh. Nathan has been the rock this episode. They want us to root for Grubbs and Miranda. I try. I do try. Owen and Millie - this seems kind of forced. Woah, Jamie may have just made things worse by saying he was crying for Haley. Lovely scene with Nathan and Lydia too. Now Owen and Mille are bowling. Yawn. Sorry Millie, Mouth likes Lauren now. Another Julian rant. BLAH.

    Miranda got naked for Grubbs. Aw. I'm sick of hearing about Brooke and Julian. From both of them. Are we meant to think they were gonna sleep together? This is a stupid plot device and Brooke's gonna go crazy. Does she think he slept with her? This has to stop. Lydia is going to die. Sad. Mouth asked Lauren on a date. YES. Better than him and Millie. LOOKS LIKE CLAY's DEAD WIFE. And Jamie made Christmas for Lydia. Oh my god what a sad ending.

    Sad once again.

  • Sara's Doppelganger

    I feel just so bad for Haley. She can't face the truth about her mom and goes in search of anything or anyone to help. I love that Nathan spoke to the team's doctor about it, but he had to have known there was nothing anyone could do, but he did it anyway for Haley. I loved the moment with Nathan and Lydia. That was so sweet. Seeing them talk about the day Nathan came to ask permission to marry Haley. It seems so long ago, but yet not at the same time. I also feel really bad for Jamie. He already misses Dan because he left town, but now Lydia is going to be leaving forever. It sucks.

    I love that Clay wanted to stay, but Quinn encouraged him to go off in search of more clients. It's seriously creepy though that he found a girl who looks just like Sara.

    I like where things are going with Brooke and Julian. They are talking and laughing. That other actor is well not an appropriate word to write. Alex and Alexander would actually make a good couple I think if she wasn't so in love with Julian. I hate they made it seem like Alex and Julian hooked up. Alex may like him, but neither of them would do that to Brooke.

    I loved the ending with Lydia, the girls, Nathan, and Jamie having Christmas one last time. It was sad, but sweet.
  • Episode focused on the James family..

    So mamma James is dying and she just wants to be with her family. Fair enough.
    Of course, Hailey doesn't accept that but we all know better..

    The whole episode could be divided in 2 parts: the James drama and the ex-couple stuff, meaning, Julian with Brooke and Mouth with Milly.

    Grubbs' thing was just for kicks but it was good to see a bit more of Miranda, literallly.. lol

    I don't know what was the deal with Victoria and I'm pretty confident Julian just offered his room for Alex, given the old dudes were so loud she couldn't sleep properly.
    Mouth on the other hand, apparently just tried to move on since he thought Milly was doing the same..
    Now Clay.. well, did that girl just happen to look like his dead wife or was she her cousin or something? Probably the first option just to make Clay go all dreamy about her and cause some tension between him and Quinn..

    Anyways, looking forward to watching the next one!

  • It's sad that the best part of this episode was the record lady taking her clothes off.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to women wearing less (much, much less), but this show used to be such a brilliant high school drama and the one thing you were not embarrassed to say you watched on The CW (except for Aliens in America when that was on, awesome show.)

    Seeing Owen come back, even if it was just for one night irritated me. Never been a fan, and never will be. Just let him go play the Twilight rip-off werewolf character on True Blood and stay far away from Tree Hill, North Carolina. Something big needs to happen soon. Wasting Bethany Joy Galeotti with this dumb story arc is a huge mistake.