One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 9

Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on The CW

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  • Happy Thanksgiving Tree Hill

    Another holiday episode of One Tree Hill. I was really hoping for a Christmas episode, but I guess since we had that early Christmas at the end of that one episode with Lydia last season they figured that was good enough. But I loved this episode.

    I loved that everyone had issues with their dinners and had to go to the Scott house for Thanksgiving. They are all really one big, sometimes happy family. They've been friends for so long it made sense.

    I loved Brooke trying to make dinner and almost succeeding. If she wasn't so stressed out with the wedding and Sylvia being around she might have done better. And it was perfect that what ruined Skills, Mouth, and Millie's dinner was a live turkey. And of course Skills was afraid of it.

    Someone on the show must really like Jell-O salad. I hate it, but I thought it was really funny that it was the one dish that everybody brought.

    So Victoria is out of jail and bonding with Sylvia. That cannot be good.

    I loved that Skills was checking out Sylvia and flirting with her. So funny.

    I love Mia and Alex, both but really sick of the fighting and the love triangle-ish stuff. But Chase was really funny this episode.

    And love that Quinn is back, but a little scary that she has all these pictures of Katie. And Nathan never actually graduated. Hmm..did not know that. He must have been picked for the draft before he finished school and then just never went back until now.

    Overall, loved the episode!! Great job directing by BJL!!
  • 11/16

    I have complained about One Tree Hill in the past for making these once small town characters larger than life superstars and celebrities. But this episode felt really old school, circa season 1-2. No one was getting shot at by the paparazzi, the characters were just interacting in the way that only Mark Schwahn can have them.

    I want Alex to end up with Chase, but I think we all know that is not going to happen. I also want Brooke and her mother to make up, something that might just happen, to an extent.

    But this was a solid episode, minus the Quinn scenes. She's terrible.