One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 10

Brave New World

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on The CW
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Lucas and Peyton take a road trip together to find Ellie. While out of town, Lucas reconnects with a friend from his past. Brooke, Haley and Mouth successfully launch the Clothes Over Bro's website, only to find that demand far exceeds supply. Deb reveals to Nathan that she tried to kill Dan.moreless

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  • Brave New World.

    Parts of Brave New World were great, while others were sort of so so.

    Peyton visiting Ellie was great in developing that storyline and I'm glad that despite arguing, they decide to work together in the end. Although we all know it only ends in more heartbreak for Peyton. Brooke was quite funny when she went crazy oer her fashion website - loved how it mirrored with Lucas's friend Faith saying how horrible cheerleaders were. Speaking of, I found those parts of the episode a little tacked on and underdeveloped. It would have been far more interesting if he visited Anna or someone we actually knew.

    Deb leaves - a bit rushed. What about Karen and the cafe? Why do Tree Hill parents just wander off? This made little sense to me cos the only reason Deb stayed was to keep Nathan safe and now she's leaving him alone with Dan. At least Nathan has Haley as they seem to be getting back on track. And Brooke is brought to the River Court - Lucas's world.

    So a good episode, but some of it stronger than others.

  • Clothes Over Bro's

    Brooke officially launches C/B but freaks out when the orders star pouring in faster then she expected them to. Lucas joins Peyton on her trip to find Ellie. And Nathan goes to find Deb.

    I feel so bad for Brooke. She is an amazing designer. She was really mean to everyone when they were just trying to help get everything done, but I don't blame her. She was incredibly overwhelmed by the whole thing and was also terrified that the love triangle with her, Lucas, and Peyton was going to happen again.

    While Peyton is visiting Ellie, Lucas visits an old friend. Faith is really cool and like her a lot, but it was weird. We never met her before. It would have been better I think if we had seen her before she moved or had some mention of her before now.

    Peyton's visit with Ellie didn't go so well, but I'm glad that in the end Ellie came to Tree Hill and decided to work with Peyton on the album!! I was unsure of Ellie when she first showed up, but I really like her. I just feel bad for Peyton because she is going to lose another mom.

    I'm glad Deb told Nathan what she did. He deserved to know, but I agree with him (at least for now) that while Dan is a bad guy he hasn't done anything so bad that he deserves to die. Or at least he hasn't yet.moreless
  • Overall, poorly written.

    I looked forward to this episode of One Tree Hill for a month, and was let down big time. The only scenes I thought were worth my time were the scenes between Nathan and Deb. Those scenes were excellent, both in writing and performance, and that is the only reason I rated this episode as high as I did. As for the other stuff, I thought it sucked.

    What was the point of Peyton dragging Lucas out to her mom's place just to have her go in by herself? (And I'm not talking character-wise, but from the aspect of the writers.) What was the point of this female character Lucas used to be really good friends with? She was a good actress, but her character was absolutely pointless, and it was pretty awful writing. We didn't need this one character who had never been mentioned before and probably will never be mentioned again just to remind Lucas of basketball and blah blah. We saw him throw away his heart pills. He'd already chosen basketball.

    The Brooke storyline was also pointless. Why do we care? What does this add to the characters and their actual storylines? Um, nothing.

    Yes, I'm pleased that both couples are back together. Very pleased. Ecstatic, even. But this episode was a major letdown in every other avenue, except that I think they might finally go in the right direction with Dan and Nathan, and with Dan's abusive and controlling ways to Nathan. I see that coming to a head soon and I'm glad. It's been there since season one.

    That said, the next few episodes had BETTER be better, or this girl will not be watching this show anymore. (And THAT said, this show is one of my favorite shows, but as you may see, I am so utterly disappointed and displeased with this episode.) Brave New World was the least well written, least enjoyable episode of the entire series, and I was not a fan of season two.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill peyton and lucas are going on a road trip to go see her mother and turns out lucas ends up reconnecting with peyton and deb goes and final gets the courage to go tell her son nathan that she was the one that tried to kill dan and brook and haly and month go and launch cloths over bros and turns out it begins to be such a really good hit and they end up not being able to keep up with the demand of the site this is why i gave it a 9 because it was really good epmoreless
  • Season 3, Episode 10.

    Lucas and Peyton take a road trip together to find Ellie. While out of town, Lucas reconnects with a friend from his past. Brooke, Haley and Mouth successfully launch the Clothes Over Bro's website, only to find that demand far exceeds supply. Deb reveals to Nathan that she tried to kill Dan. Haha, Dan. "At least Peyton was pleasant in the morning." "Mouth, I did not call you over here to showcase your counting skills!" LMFAO! I love Brooke. :) LMAO "This is tutorial girl." Haha, I love Brooke. I think Deb did the right thing, since it's only TV. And she did it for her family. "I'd hate to interrupt the MALE bonding." Haha I loved this episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: As Peyton walks into the room containing Ellie's vinyl collection, a crew member is briefly visible through the door on the left side of the screen.

    • When Nathan comes to the apartment door at the end of the episode, you can see the door is red. Brooke mentioned in season 2 she would miss being the girl behind the red door when she moved so Lucas painted his bedroom door red for her to tell her she could stay there. Now, she is, again, the girl behind the red door.

    • When Ellie comes to Peyton's door and says that Haley's song is good but it needs backgroung vocals, if you listen to the song it already has background vocals.

    • Goof: In the additional scene with Mouth and Haley, Haley's hair switches to the front and back between shots.

    • The list of contacts we see on Haley's phone are:

      Brooke Cell
      Lucas Cell
      Nathan Cell
      Peyton Cell

    • The bridge that Nathan drives on to go to see Deb, is the same bridge that Lucas and Keith drove on in the season 1 finale when they left Tree Hill.

    • At the end of the episode when Lucas and Brooke are at the river court, Lucas starts to play and Brooke sits beside Mouth, Lucas shoots, scores, Mouth says "Nice shot" and in the next scene we see Brooke is walking toward Mouth while it is zooming out.

    • In Season 1, Lucas and Peyton went on a road trip to see if her father was dead. In Season 3, Lucas and Peyton go on a road trip again, but this time to see how her biological mom is doing, after learning she has cancer.

    • If you watch the preview in slow motion, you'll notice that Dan is the doctor and Tim is the nurse. The room they are in is the guidance counselor's office, which is clearly written on the door.

    • When Faith and Lucas were walking out of the basketball court to Peyton's car, Faith's sling back was on her right shoulder, then, left shoulder and right again. It changes between shots.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Deb: I'm so sorry Nathan,I am, but the fire at the dealership - it wasn't an accident. We were going to get out, remember. But your father wouldn't have that. It was me. I tried to kill him. (Nathan shrugs off Deb's hands). I was so miserable that day because of your father. I hadn't been out of rehab long and it had been a difficult day. I had to find some strength, some courage, to find a way out, and that's when I found one. There were just four things left to do. The first was to type the card. The second was to deliver it. The third was to light it. The fourth was to ask God to take me far away from this person I'd become. I'm sorry Nathan, I did it for both of us, to free us.
      Nathan: No. (Starts to walk away).
      Deb: Please Nathan, wait.
      Nathan: No. You didn't have the courage to leave him, but you had the courage to kill him.

    • Deb: (To Nathan). As far back as I can remember I've had to rely on others. I've never been able to be alone. I've never been very strong. But now, it's time for me to try. I have to. (Pause). I'm not going back to Tree Hill, Nathan.

    • (Peyton and Lucas are driving in her car and Lucas just told her that he and Brooke are together now)
      Peyton: Oh no, I am an idiot! No, you know what? Scratch that, you are an idiot! I didn't know any better.
      Lucas: What are you talking about?
      Peyton: Lucas, you guys have been together what? Just a couple of hours and you're in the car with me? WHy didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have even asked you to come.
      Lucas: Peyton, I made you a promise. Besides, you should be able to turn to me for help. I love being that guy for you!
      Peyton: Well, does Brooke love you being that guy for me?

    • Peyton: Look, I hate to ask, ok? But over the summer you kinda promised that if I ever wanted to go and find Ellie you would come with me!?
      Lucas: Yeah, I remember. Did you find her?
      Peyton: (nods) And I think I wanna go see her.
      Lucas: Today?
      Peyton: Right now actually, cause if I don't go I never will and I need to. Will you go?
      Lucas: Sure. A promise is a promise.

    • (When Lucas shows Brooke what this really means to him)
      Lucas: This is my world Brooke. Or at least it used to be.
      Brooke: I have been here before you.
      Lucas: I know but I just never told you what this place is to me. It's not just a court, it's where I came from it's where I belong. It's my world.
      Brooke: So do I get to be part of this world?
      Lucas: The biggest part.

    • Brooke: Here kids you can take these CDs (hands out Haley's CDs)... thanks for all your help.
      Haley: That was a really nice thing to do Brooke.... with my CDs.

    • Haley: Mr. Scott, can you please leave? You're really creeping me out.
      Dan: You know, at least Peyton was pleasant in the morning.

    • Brooke: Mouth, I did not ask you come over here to showcase your counting skills.

    • Brooke: Mouth, you didn't exactly break any speed records driving over here, you know.
      Mouth: You called me 17 minutes ago and I drive a bicycle, Brooke.
      Brooke: Well, I'm fresh out of medals.

    • Dan (to Haley): Oh, by the way, I'm still waiting on those annullment papers. I hope you don't think a one-night stand's gonna change that.

    • Brooke: See you later, boyfriend. (Lucas looks at Brooke happily) What?
      Lucas: Nothing. Just... feels good to hear you call me boyfriend.
      Brooke: Feels good to say it.

    • Lucas: We just have to trust each other this time.

    • Lucas: I'm sorry, Brooke. It was Peyton.
      Brooke: Peyton? As in my best friend and your ex-girlfriend, Peyton?

    • Lucas (voiceover): Ida Scott Taylor once wrote, "Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone and do not be troubled for the future for it is yet to come. Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."

    • Brooke: Go and get them, boyfriend.

    • Ellie: You're right. The song's good. It needs background vocals.
      Peyton: Yeah. It's just a demo.
      Ellie: It's a business arrangement.
      Peyton: Of course.

    • Haley: Hey. What's up?
      Nathan: I just wanted to see you.

    • Haley: Brooke no dream is worth changing who you are, trust me.

    • Brooke: What are those?
      Bevin: They're cookies.
      Brooke: No. What are those little people thingies. (talking about the children surrounding Bevin)

    • Nathan: (about Dan) He doesn't deserve to die for that.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Episode Title: Brave New World

      Brave New World is a song by Iron Maiden, off the record of the same name.

    • Episode 2.02: The Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
      Karen walks in to see Lucas and Nathan talking. After Nathan leaves Karen says "Brave new world, huh?"

    • Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley. In this episode Lucas quotes it after seeing that his old friend Faith, who had moved to River City from Tree Hill, is reading it.