One Tree Hill

Season 4 Episode 4

Can't Stop This Thing We've Started

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on The CW
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Rumor surfaces that Brooke might be pregnant, causing Karen to worry as she fears that the baby might be Lucas'. Meanwhile, Rachel continues to get closer to Nathan when she confesses that she saw Keith during the accident.

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  • Born again virgins?

    Born again virgins.

    Reminds me of Oscar Levant's quip about Doris Day.

    "I knew her before she was a
  • Creepy...

    Somehow everything became more interesting in Can't Stop This Thing We've Started.

    Peyton's 'brother' Derek was even more creepy - sniffing her hair, taking more pictures and finally hiring a hooker to dress up as Peyton. WTF, creepy or what. I like how Luke is on to him though. I do think it's well done, maybe a little OTT, but I think it would have been nicer if it wasn't the next episode when he revealed himself. But I do like ow intense the storyline is. Also, it's finally revealed that Haley is pregnant, not Brooke. It sort of became pretty obvious half way through but I liked how Lucas was the first person she told.

    I still don't like this Rachel and Nathan thing, but it'll be over soon. I quite enjoyed Brooke's storyline with Shelley, the clean teen girl. It was good how it went from a amusing storyline to more serious with Brooke realising she'd had an abortion. I do feel for Brooke a little - Rachel saying she'd be a bad mother and such. Deb being even more into to junks was horrible, but slightly funny. I strangely quite like Karen and Dan together....weird.

    So yeah, much better. Creepy ending!

  • Brooke's not pregnant!

    Peyton throws another concert at Tric. This time featuring Lupe Fiasco. "Derek" gets even creepier as he continues to take pictures of Peyton, sniffs her hair, has that angel of death drawing that Ellie did tattooed on his back, and even hires a hooker to pretend to be Peyton. If he really were her brother then I'd say he needs some serious help, but One Tree Hill isn't that twisted.

    Rachel tells the whole school that Brooke is pregnant and Brooke gets some unwelcome new friends in the Tree Hill High Clean Teens who offer her their support. Meanwhile Rachel poses for Maxim and Nathan buys a motorcycle after Deb chooses pills over him after their unsuccessful intervention. And Karen talks to Whitey and Lucas about him coming back on the team.

    I loved Deb's intervention. It was so funny. I love how they talked about Deb sleeping with Keith and setting the dealership fire and Haley didn't know about either of them. Her face was priceless. And when Dan told the therapist he killed his brother. I so wanted him to actually be admitting it for real not this twisted version of letting Keith go into the school and getting shot. Rachel also tells Nathan that she saw Keith too (LIAR!!)

    And finally after word of Brooke's pregnancy gets around to everyone (including Lucas) Brooke finally comes clean to Mouth when he takes her home that she is not pregnant and Haley tells Lucas the truth as well. She tells him that she pregnant, but it really scared to tell Nathan. Lucas was so sweet. I love that he said the baby and everything would be okay because the baby will have a great uncle in him since he learned from the best, Keith!!.moreless
  • Season 4, Episode 4.

    This episode was great! I really enjoyed it a lot! The whole Brooke pregnancy thing is finally resolved. It is revealed that HALEY is actually pregnant, which I knew all along, because I saw an episode from season five before I saw this. I really wish I didn't. Oh well. This episode was great. Derek is a little creepy, but it has been extremely obvious since Episode 3 that "Derek" isn't actually Derek, or Peyton's brother. It was a very good episode, though. I liked that he had the tattoo on his back. Although the storyline is a little dark, it is very enjoyable, like every episode of OTH.moreless
  • I loved this episode!

    Derek seems obsessed with Peyton and jealous of her feelings for Lucas. Everyone thinks Brooke is pregnant, including Shelly, a girl who is part of a Clean Teens club. They want to remain virgins until they get married. It is revealed that Shelly is not a virgin, but a born-again virgin. She had an abortion after a fling at church and she doesn't want Brooke to go through that. Nathan gets a motorcycle. Rachel poses for Maxim. Whitey and Karen offer Lucas a chance to join the Ravens again, but he declines. Dan sees a therapist. Karen, Dan, Nathan and Haley try to convince Deb to go to rehab. She chooses pills over Nathan. Dan might still be in love with Karen. Derek is attracted to Peyton. Haley tells Lucas that Brooke is not pregnant. She is pregnant. Rachel tells Nathan that she saw Keith in the water.

    This was a great episode! I think that a Clean Teens club is cool in high school. Teen sex is so common nowadays. It's really sad to me. Derek is really creepy now. The ending was so weird and scary. I actually like Dan's attitude a little. I hope he's not faking it. This episode gets a 10 from me!moreless
Cari Moskow

Cari Moskow


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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco


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Bill Melon

Bill Melon


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Amber Wallace

Amber Wallace

Glenda Farrell

Recurring Role

Elisabeth Harnois

Elisabeth Harnois

Shelly Simon

Recurring Role

Matt Barr

Matt Barr

Ian "Psycho Derek" Banks)

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  • QUOTES (31)

    • Derek: Tonight was amazing, you did a great job. I'm sorry things with Lucas didn't go as well as you planned. You want to kill the messenger?
      Peyton: Nooo, god knows if we did that in this town every time someone got pregnant there'd be nobody left.
      Derek: Well, don't take it to hard about Lucas and Brooke, there's a guy out there for you, Peyton, I know it.
      Peyton: Thanks.

    • Brooke: Okay, listen to me, who I am and how I choose to live my life is none of your business.
      Shelly: So your decisions are your own, then?
      Brooke: That's right.
      Shelly: What about your baby's decision to be born?

    • Lucas: There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment, who will you be? Will you let down your defenses, and find solitude in someone unexpected. Will you reach out... Will you face your greatest fears bravely, and move forward with faith... or will you succumb to the darkness in your soul.

    • Haley: I need to tell you something.
      Lucas: Is it true, about Brooke?
      Haley: Don't be mad at Brooke, she's been a great friend.
      Lucas: I just can't believe she wouldn't tell me.
      Haley: Luke, it's not Brooke, it's me. I'm pregnant. Nathan's just been working really hard and all of his dreams are so close, and it just changes everything.
      Lucas: Nathan isn't Dan. He'll understand.
      Haley: I'm really scared Luke.
      Lucas: It's gonna be okay.
      Haley: How do you know?
      Lucas: Cause this kid's gonna have a great uncle. I learned from the best.

    • Karen: Deb fired me.
      Dan: Fire is her speciality.

    • Haley: Stay away from him! For all I care you can go to hell, but I won't let you take Nathan with you.
      Deb: Talk to me in a few years Haley, when your dreams are dead and your child betrays you. Then we'll see what kind of mother you'll be.
      Haley: No, no, I will never, ever be like you Deb.
      Deb: Pretty soon Nathan's going to realize playing college basketball is a lot more fun than playing house. I'll save you some pills.
      Haley: Who are you kidding Deb? Junkies don't save pills.

    • (Haley is cleaning Nathan's wounds from wrecking the motorcycle)
      Haley: Nathan, I know that it's really hard for you to explain what happened to you down under that water and maybe Keith did save you, maybe you saved yourself. I don't know, but the point is either way it means that you are supposed to be here right now.
      Nathan: Hales, that's not it. My mom came into school today and in front of everybody chose pills over me.

    • Dan: Everything we say in this room is confidential, right? I killed my brother.
      Therapist: You say you killed your brother. Can you explain that?

    • Haley: Hidey-Ho neighbours.
      Lucas: How was the 'Manson Family Reunion'?
      Haley: Oh, you know, it was kinda like the end of 'The Lion King' when all the hyenas gang up and eat Scar.

    • Rachel: It's practice for the Maxim magazine shoot this afternoon. They're looking for Tree Hill's 'Hometown Hottie'.
      Brooke: How 'bout 'Hometown Hussy'. You've got that one in the bag.

    • Brooke: I told you, I'm not pregnant!
      Rachel: Whatever you say, but you can't have the baby--you'd be a terrible mother.
      Brooke: Why would I be a terrible mother?
      Rachel: Because we all turn into our parents. I mean as soon as Brooke Junior hits puberty, Brooke Senior hits South Beach.
      Brooke: I will not.
      Rachel: I thought you said you weren't pregnant.

    • Deb: Shove it up your ass; I know I'm an adict. Live a week with these people and you will be too.

    • Haley: Brooke! Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.
      Brooke: Hello Haley James Scott.
      Haley: Are you drinking?
      Brooke: Why wouldn't I be? Tree Hill High thinks I'm a slut, Lucas thinks I'm giving birth to Chris Keller the second, and my gossipy roommate thinks that I'd make a terrible mother. And she's right.
      Haley: Okay, I'm just gonna take you home.
      Brooke: No, I can't do this, Haley. I can't be pregnant anymore.

    • Mouth: Tough night, huh?
      Brooke: Stupid rumors.
      Mouth: Brooke, um, the other night at the party, you and Rachel thought I was asleep, but I wasn't. I heard you talking and I know Rachel thinks you shouldn't have this baby, but she's wrong. You are gonna make a great mother. I honestly believe that.
      (Brooke hugs Mouth)
      Brooke: I need to tell you something.

    • Peyton: So.. what do you think?
      Derek: I guess i'm suppose to tell you, you have too much makeup on, your skirt's too short, and the boys are only out for one thing...but, you look beautiful.

    • Brooke: Uh... burn me at the stake, but I like boys, and I like sex.
      Shelly: So did I....but...
      Brooke: So did I? Wait a minute? You have a virginity club, and your not even a virgin...
      Shelly: I am now. I'm a born again virgin.
      Brooke: A what?
      Shelly: Just because you make a mistake, doesn't mean you can't start over. I made a pledge, i'm recommitted.
      Brooke: Shelly, I hate to break it to you, but your either a virgin, or your not. And a pledge... does not a broken hymen mend.

    • (Nathan cleans his motorcycle accident wounds as Haley walks in)
      Haley: Nathan? God... what happened?
      Nathan: It's okay...don't worry. These days can...I don't know...they can graft skin from my ass.
      Haley: Are you hurt anywhere else?
      Nathan: No, I'm fine. The bike's pretty messed up though.
      Haley: Bike.... great. Okay... I want you to get the car back as soon as you can because I need you on this planet.

    • Haley: Nathan bought a motorcycle.
      Brooke: Well Rachel...(lowers voice to whisper) thinks i should have an abortion.
      Haley: Okay...yours is worse.

    • Lucas: Don't you think it's a little weird that he's always taking pictures of you?
      Peyton: It's for his photography class...
      Lucas: Yeah.. right... What's the assignment: pictures of Peyton's ass?

    • Lucas: So tell me, how are things going with Derek the instant brother?

    • Brooke: (to Rachel) How many after photos does Jenny Craig need anyways?

    • Deb: Hey... Billy. Scotch straight up.
      (Karen shakes her head no)
      Deb:What makes you such a tight ass, Karen? Is that what happens when you don't have sex for seventeen years?
      Karen: Look... I know that you're upset about the intervention, and I am sorry for the ambush, but it was the only way.
      Deb:Oh..No..I completely understand. It's called tough love, now I have some for you. Your fired.
      Karen:I don't have time for this.
      Deb:Well you better get some. partnership at the cafe was never on paper, but I am the majority owner of Tric. Which means you can get the hell out...right now. Sorry to ambush you Karen, but it's the only way.
      ( Debs looks over to Billy)
      Deb: Now pour the drink or your fired too.

    • Brooke: Okay, just think of it this way. Most guys buy a motorcyle because they are compensating... for... you know. Nathan wears size 14's!
      Haley: Thanks, I feel so much better now!

    • Rachel: So you're completely celibate
      Shelley: Pretty much.
      Brooke: What's pretty much mean?
      Shelley: Well... we Brooke ourselves.
      Rachel: I'll join!

    • Rachel: I'm sorry uuumm... when you "Brooke" yourself, do you do that alone or is it a group thing because if it's a group thing I'm totally in!

    • (after finding out about Haley's pregnancy)
      Lucas: It's going to be okay.
      Haley: How do you know?
      Lucas: Cause this kids gonna have a great uncle, I learned from the best.

    • Haley: Who are you kidding, Deb? Junkies don't save pills!

    • Deb: I'm not leaving here till I get my damn pills.
      Nathan: Go ahead, take'em! But I'm warning you, it's either the pills or me.
      (Deb picks up the pill bottle and walks off)

    • Nathan: So have you heard...about Brooke?
      Haley: Nathan, I..I don't think this is the place.
      Nathan: You knew about it, didn't ya? Aaaah! You remember that fight we had about birth control?
      Haley: Yeah, how could I forget it?
      Nathan: Brooke and Lucas both heard that entire thing. You'd think after something like that they would use TWO condoms. And how could she just not tell him?
      Haley: She's scared to death!
      Nathan: Yeah, she should be. I mean, how do you just tell a guy that his life is over?

    • (Talking to Lucas about the pregnancy)
      Haley: Its not Brooke, its me. Im pregnant

    • Lucas: (voice over) There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path? Will others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be haunted by your choice? Or will you embrace your own path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simly give up?

  • NOTES (13)

    • The Maxim magazine photo shoot that Rachel does in this episode is an actual shoot. On stands on the week of Oct 14th 2006, there is a cover with Hilarie Burton (Peyton), Sophia Bush (Brooke) and Danneel Harris (Rachel). What Rachel wore for the photo shoot session is the same outfit that the girls wore for the actual front cover spread.

    • On the season 4 DVD set, this episode is titled "Can't Stop This Thing We Started".

    • The season 4 DVD set features 6 unaired scenes.

      The first is with Derek, Lucas and Peyton. Derek passes out flyers for Lupe Fiasco.

      The second features Rachel and Nathan. They talk about Nathan's motorcycle and Rachel's photos for Maxim.

      The third is between Nathan and Whitey. Whitey doesn't want Nathan to ruin his chance of basketball by getting into a motorcycle accident.

      The fourth one is with Karen and Lucas. Lucas assures Karen that he'll be with her every step of her pregnancy.

      The fifth scene is with Karen at the doctor's asking about Lucas' heart condition.

      The final one features Haley and Nathan.

    • Although credited, Antwon Tanner (Skills) didn't appear in this episode. It's his first abscence since he became a regular.

    • The shot where people were entering Tric was reused from a previous episode.

    • The bathroom used for Rachel getting ready for her test shoot pictures was built just for that scene.

    • The Clean Teens Virgins For Life Club idea came from a talk between the show's writer Mark Schwahn and Hilarie Burton. Hilaire was actually in a club like that in high school and the Clean Teens t-shirts are identical to the ones Hilarie would wear.

    • It was Bryan Greenberg (who plays Jake) who suggested having Lupe Fiasco play on One Tree Hill. Mark Schwahn called him up for his opinion on a hip hop artist for the show.

    • There is commentary available for this episode through the OTH Writers Podcast. Mark Schwahn and Terrence Coli (Executive Story Editor) take part in the commentary.

    • While filming the episode, Bethany Joy Galeotti thought Haley should ask Brooke, "Are you drunk?" instead of "Are you drinking?" Because Haley knows Brooke isn't the pregnant one, Bethany felt Haley wouldn't be surprised to see her drinking, but would be surprised to see her drunk.

      The director had to explain to her the point was Brooke was Haley's cover, and Brooke shouldn't be drinking because it would cause suspicion from those who believed Brooke to be pregnant.

    • First appearance by Elisabeth Harnois (Shelly Simon).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: Sunday, January 21, 2007
      UK: Sunday, April 29, 2007 at 5PM
      Latin America: Sunday, September 16, 2007
      Turkey: Friday, October 19, 2007 on CNBC-e
      Italy: Friday, October 26, 2007
      Greece: Saturday, December 1, 2007 on Star

    • Featured Music:
      "Kick, Push" by Lupe Fiasco
      "I Gotcha" by Lupe Fiasco
      "Cool Kids Keep" by The American Analog Set
      "Back Together" by Citizen Cope
      "Crash and Burn" by Utah
      "Allison" by Jeremy Kushnier
      "I Am The Highway" by Audioslave
      "Post Blue" by Placebo
      "Downtime" by Dr. Caligari
      "Everybody in Da House" by Selectracks


    • Haley: Hidey Ho Neighbors!

      This is a popular saying by Ned Flanders on Foxs' animated series, The Simpsons.

    • Episode Title: Can't Stop This Thing We've Started

      "Can't Stop This Thing We've Started" is a song by Bryan Adams in his albums So Far So Good, The Best Of Me and Waking Up The Neighbors.