One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 6

Catastrophe and the Cure

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2012 on The CW

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  • Amazing!

    This episode was amazing. Poor Haley and Nathan they have GOT 2 find him! I am SUPER worried about that man!

    Onto more positive notes Chris Keller was a wonderful comic relief in this episode which was for the most part extremely intense! I loved how he played at Karen's Cafe he is so loyal and really funny!

    Haley is one strong and stubborn chick and that's what I love about her and I know she can hold herself and her family together until Nathan is found which had better be soon!

    We find out in this episode that poor Clay is getting worse in one of his fugue states he nearly went AWOL form the hospital! Luckily Quinn came to his rescue

    I am loving Clay this season its amazing that we are getting to know so much more about him but I wish he would open up more to his Doctor.

    I am also loving Clay's friendship with the small yet insightful little patient Logan super cute! Their interactions in these past few episodes have amazing highlights for me!

    Julian's downward spiral has gotten a bit tiresome.

    I am somewhat happy that Dan of all people helped him see the error of his ways it was kinda cute that he let Julian "investigate" with him.

    Their interactions are also amazing!

    It was really cool to let Dan pass on some of his wisdom to Julian.

    Julian is a amazing father and I am so glad that in this episode he was able to finally see that!

    All in all I thought this was another fantastic episode of One Tree Hill! I really hope that Nathan is found soon!

    I cannot wait for next week!

  • awesomeness!

    This episode was absolutelyy amazing. I enjoyed every single second of it. OK, So let me start off with .......

    This Nathan storyline is exellent. It keeps me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole entire episode, and when an episode does that to me, it means it is good! I feel so horrible to see Haley and jamie this a mess. I thought the scene between Quinn and jamie was really cute. The scene where jamie was watching a video that Nathan sent him while he was in europe. Even though i have that feeling that nothing is going to happen to Nathan, it still gets to my emotions. Especially when we saw Lydia walk. Nathan had said "no walking until i get back" and she walked. It is just so sad that he missed it. We are going to see a very worried Haley the next few episodes, but i am excited to see it all.

    Dan/Julian-A very unlikely pair that is for sure. They have never had a scene together and now they have a whole storyline together. I am looking forward though. Its nice to see everyone helping out to find Nathan. Even Mouth is helping.

    Ok, the funniest part of EVERY episode.....Chris.!!!!! Dont know what it is about him, but all he has to do is talk and it makes things funny. I dont even have to like his storyline with Chase. BUT i did love him playing at Karens cafe because he found out about chase and tara. And the live music reminded me of the early years of OTH. When Chris kicked chase, i couldnt help but laugh, and the comment he made after about his guitar hands.....priceless!!!

    Amazing episode i can't wait til the next weeks episode. CMM comes back which is exciting, and gives me something to look forward to. I cant believe we are now down to the last 7 episodes ever :(

  • Catastrophe and Cure

    Great episode to mark the halfway point of the final season. A lot of things going on and what I like is that OTH is going out with pride, maintaining the kind of storylines we have seen for years like the fighting between cafes, the cheating, the singing. This is definitely not the last season of Entourage where everyone became too different.

    The hunt for Nathan is interesting and a great suspense for the past few weeks. One of the best episodes of TV so far this week.
  • Lucas is back next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 Down, 7 To Go!! And next week Lucas is back!!!!

    Going to try to make this short!!

    Naley: I know in my heart he will be okay. I know Mark Schwahn would never do anything to Nathan or to Nathan and Haley, but the whole thing just makes me so sad. I hate seeing Nathan like this and I hate seeing Haley hurting. I'm not really fond of the reason he was kidnapped, but at least it's a tad believable and it appears that Dan didn't actually have anything to do with it, so I guess that's good. I am so glad Haley finally did something about Dan. I felt bad for the guy in the beginning of the season, but I didn't want him staying at the house. I don't trust him. She is so strong in how she is dealing with all these, but I'm not surprised, she has always been strong.

    Jamie: "What did you do to my dad!!" Even though I'm positive Dan had nothing to do with Nathan's disappearance, I'm glad Jamie finally told Dan off.

    Brulian: I love her more every time I see her. She is such an amazing wife, mother, and friend. I'm glad she told Chris about Chase and Tara (even though it was by accident) because he deserved to know. It's weird that Julian is helping Dan. I'm glad he is starting to get back to his old self. It will take time, but he will get there.

    Clay/Quinn: Not much to say.Quinn was just kind of there, but I liked her advice to Jamie. I love Clay and Logan. They are so sweet together. I hope Clay will start to figure out what his problem is soon.

    Chris/Chase/Tara: With Chris knowing about Chase & Tara hopefully this stupid love triangle will come to an end. And with Chris performing at Karen's Cafe hopefully the other cafe will come to an end as well and Tara can leave Tree Hill!!

    Dan: I still don't trust the guy, but I loved his scene with the cop. That was brilliant. Dan is an amazing character. Just a few weeks ago I was feeling sorry for the guy even though I know all the bad he has done. And now while I still know everything he has done and don't trust him at all, I still kind of feel bad for him.