One Tree Hill

Season 3 Episode 7

Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • Date night

    Date night. Again.

    Lucas and Rachel were good in that she didn't just totally try to screw over Brooke. Funnily they have actual chemistry. BUT Brooke slept with Chris Kellar? Drunkenly maybe but still a massively stupid move to make. More trouble for her and Lucas a head. Karen and Deb on the billboard was funny and light-hearted, I like these two as friends still. Nathan and Haley were sweet if not a little to soppy at times. Bevin and Skills was brilliant and funny! Peyton and Mouth was a little too much of an obvious push for Peyton towards Ellie but was a nice storyline too.

    Tension is rising now!

  • Boy Draft Dates

    Karen and Deb get stuck on one of Dan's billboards when they go up there to change the message and give his picture a mustache. This is so funny. I love how great of friends they have become. It would be easy to hate each other, but they've found a way to work through it all.

    The draft picks have been made and now they are all going on dates.

    Skills/Bevin: They are an odd paring but they work together. Their date was funny. It's so great that Bevin "Notebooked" him. It is a really great movie though.

    Mouth/Peyton: So fun!! It's really sweet that Mouth goes to visit him grandpa like that even if Mel won't remember it and these two are great together. They are such good friends and Lee & Hilarie work so well together.

    Lucas/Rachel: It's a fun date, but Rachel is just being Rachel and I'm sick of her already. And while Lucas made the shot and says Brooke is the one, I'm still a Leyton supporter.

    Chris/Brooke/Nathan/Haley: They had a sort of double date. Brooke didn't want to go and I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to go on a date with Chris Keller either. I wish Nathan and Haley could have had their date alone. Going to the beach to their wedding sight was such a sweet idea, but it sucked that it was gone. I love that Haley wanted to show Nathan her prediction and that he decided to make one of his own. Brooke said Lucas is the one for her, but again I'm a Leyton fan so I really don't care. And that ending....can't believe she slept with Chris. Brooke and Lucas do make a cute couple and I can tolerate them together so I felt so bad for Lucas when he saw them together.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill its the fantasy boy draft and it has begun and lucas ends up with rachel in a very formuila setting and brook and malth and payton are having a double date and peyton thinsk she really took it out on her real mother about something and karen and deb think its tiem to take it to another level when they decide to ruin the big sign that dan has up this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and intense and that is why i gave it a 9
  • Season 3, Episode 7.

    I haven't really seen a lot of One Tree Hill before this episode. I saw one season five episode with my cousin and maybe parts of other episodes. However, this episode really made me want to watch the show. The episode title itself is very creative and something I would never be able to think about. It's very clever. I also enjoyed viewing the episode. Brooke's face when her clothes were in the store window was just so magical. I am a Sophia Bush fan, after seeing The Hitcher. I can't believe that Brooke would do that to Lucas though. That disappointed me on her part, but I saw it coming as soon as Lucas walked into her bedroom. Regardless, this episode rocked, especially with the simple loving moments between Nathan and Haley. This is definitely a series classic for me, even though I haven't seen enough episodes to classify it as one.
  • Reminded me of the Boy Toy Auction in season 1.

    The cheerleaders go on a date with their respective boy drafts. Haley is planning the perfect night with Nathan. Brooke has to go with Chris Keller. Lucas goes with Rachel and Mouth goes with Peyton. Skills goes to Bevin's and they watch The Notebook. Karen and Deb go to vandalize Dan's billboard.

    Lucas tells Rachel the Brooke is the "one" for him. Mouth takes Peyton to visit an old man. He has Alzheimer's disease. He is also Mouth's grandfather. Brooke reluctantly goes with Chris Keller. She and Chris double-date with Nathan and Haley. Haley's date doesn't go as planned. Brooke finds out that her sketches to a clothes store were accepted. Haley and Nathan end up having a nice night together. Lucas goes to see Brooke, but she is in bed with Chris. Karen and Deb bond while they get trapped on the billboard. Skills and Bevin have a nice night too.

    This episode was great! I actually liked the idea of a Peyton and Mouth couple. That would be cool! Also, I can't believe that Brooke slept with Chris. Of all people, she slept with Chris! I sort of want to see The Notebook now. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • So they did the boy-draft, now it's time for the dates! Haley with Nathan, Peyton with Mouth, Bevin with Skills, Rachel with Lucas, and Brooke Chris Keller! One word: Drama!

    I love it so much, it's one of over-all faves! I nearly cry everytime Nathan hands Haley the purple wild-flower and says 'Don't say I never gave you anything"...awh! It's so cute!
    And when Skills gets 'notebooked'
    By the end of the night, Lucas ends up at Brookes and everyones happt taht they're gonna have a reunion, but he sees her in bed the the Keller himself! Nice move Brooke!
    "I would rather tongue-kiss a puss infected sore than EVER go out with Chris!" She did more than that!! But Lucas' face at the end,kinda tugs at ya, you can't help but go "awwh!"
    I love the music in this episode, well in all of them really. And this is he epsidoe where you finally think "awh a Naley reunion is definetly soon!" It;s kinda where he realises that he can't not be with her anymore.
    Great episode!
  • The fantasy bot draft dates.

    I thought that this episode was really good. I liked that the boys apporched the girls for their dates. i felt bad for Tim that no one picked him but I wouldn't either because i find him really annoying. I like that Peyton went with Mouth to visit his grandfather and that she showed hima good time evan though he will not remember it. I fell bad for Peyton that she is regreting sending her birth mother away. I was happy to see Nathan and Haley getting along on their date and that he showed her he still cares. I thought that it was funny that Deb and Karen would vandilize Dan's billboard then change their minds about it. The way they left it was really funny.
  • The Fantasy Boy Draft begins. Some Ends Happily, While Others Turn Wrong.

    Okay so i have to admit, i love one tree hill but the start of the season to me had a few ups and downs. But this episode clearly got it back up to it's classic position!
    I'm in tears everytime i watch it. Lucas finds out that Brooke didn't pick him for the Fantasy boy draft so she could pick Chris Keller, and Rachel tells him she picked Lucas. Ohmigawd how sad was the "Well at least somebody wanted me". Haley and Nathan .. They really got me thinkin that this was going to be yet another episode of "I Love You But I Can't Be With You" thing. And i really thought it would be, i mean after what Nathan said to Brooke that "It's Not That Easy" In the mall. I Thought it still wouldn't be the time for one of those special naley moments! GOD WAS I WRONG
    The Ending for me with them two on the roof was just the best. My heart just sank to the floor when Nathan gave Haley that purple flower. His speech aswell "The Roots Are Still Their, It Just Takes Time. Don't Say I Never Gave You Anything" .. Awwwh i just loved it.
    I kinda like haley's predictions at the end where she talks about hoping she'd end up in his arms again. Well she got that! Bless i love them too!
    Peyton And Mouth, it's quite weird because it use to be more Brooke and Mouth seeing eye to eye. But they are just as a great combination, and yet again i just lost it when Mouth told Peyton about the disease and the grandfather bit aswell. It really does show Mouth is a amazing person and like the rest of the cast he has to deal with problems aswell. I really hope Peyton takes it into consideration now that she seen how she can still change her regrets about her mother. I didn't feel that much emotion for Lucas throughout the episode only until the end. Though i did like it when he made the shot for Brooke and it worked. Butt god that Rachel just has to get naked again.But it's great to see Lucas taking his temptation and just putting it away. I just hope he stays like that now he has seen what Brooke is capable of doing.
    BROOKE! OHMYGOD Why? Okay give me a slap, but i genuinely feel sorry for Brooke, even though pretty much it takes two to tango. But as we saw throughout the episode, She genuinely disliked Chris Keller. However he did seem to get her very drunk so i really do blame Chris for taking such advantage of her. I mean she must of felt very lonely and vulnerable at the time. I really hope Lucas can give in and forgive her as she done with Him and Peyton. I mean, people who are meant to be together always find their way right?
    Karen And Deb. Ehh they were amusing, but Deb seems to be getting to close to be childish. Which is unusual as she mostly likes to get back at Dan with either Sleeping with someone else, or taking drugs. But hey i'm sure she'll find a way to really crack Dan
    Overall i loved this episode. By far the best out of season 3... SO FAR!
  • Almost all the right moves. It's fantasy date night in Tree Hill. As some couples move closer, others move farther apart.

    It's a night of breakthroughs but not all is rosy in Tree Hill. At long last, Hayley and Nathan make a connection and appear to be moving towards reconciliation. And Peyton bonds with Mouth who brings her to visit his grandfather at his nursing home. Spending time with them reminds her not to take her own family for granted. But Brooke and Lucas are pushed farther apart when she relunctantly agrees to go on a fantasy date with Chris Keller and ends up in bed with him. This episode is funny and touching, but breaks your heart a little by the end.
  • great episode with all the fantasy draft dates

    this episode was great i thought with all the little dates and that i thought it was great to see mouth and peyton just messing about and having fun on go karts and stuff like that.
    i thought it was sooooooooo great when lucas scored blindfolded!!!!
    when lucas saw brooke and chris in bed you could see his heart breaking in his eyes it was soooo sad i got a tear in my eye!!!
  • In tears...

    Okay, so I just finished watching 3.07. And I have to say I LOVED it. I was in tears by the end.

    First, for the thing that had me in the most tears…

    Mouth and Peyton. When Mouth said that Mel was his grandpa, I lost it. And even though I then saw it coming, I lost it even more when he said that Joe is his dad. I loved what his grandpa said to him about someday having a son of his own, and that he’s be a good man.

    Second thing that had me in tears…

    Nathan and Haley, of course. But they were happy tears. When he said “I just have to trust you.” It made my heart feel happy. And then he gave her the little purple flower, oh my god. And then he made the moment even better by saying, “Don’t say I never gave you anything.” There is hope for them! Woo hoo! I think they will make it work. I loved that Nathan made his own prediction. It means that he still plans on being with her in a year! I’d do anything to know what he wrote on that piece of paper. Hopefully that he and Haley will be back together. I loved how he freaked out when Chris put his arm around Haley. And we know that Nathan could hear what was happening, so he knows that Haley had nothing to do with it. I also loved that Haley told Chris that her and Brooke are both wondering why Nathan hasn’t pummeled him yet. Lets hope that he does before all is said & done. Maybe him and Lucas can do it together, and THAT will be what reunites them.

    I love that Skills has been in it more. That they’re giving other minor characters more storyline. I think it adds to the show. Poor Tim, not being picked! I loved how when he was complaining to Mouth, you could kinda see Mouth trying not to gloat.

    I feel bad for Lucas. But I sway on the Brucas front, so I don’t know how I really feel about it. What I CAN say is that I HATE Chris Keller. Now I know I tell my preschoolers that hate is a bad word, but it totally applies here. Did you see that evil grin he had. And I mean, really, comparing Brucas to Naley was low, although totally typical Chris.

    I just hope Lucas doesn’t do something that he’s going to regret now. I think he and Brooke are now even. Though he never slept with Peyton, he was sneaking around with her behind Brooke’s back.

    Deb and Karen! I absolutely love the two of them. The stuff at the billboard was hilarious. Especially what they revealed by stripping away their graffiti! And I loved Karen’s line, “I promised myself that I would never again be naked in front of that man.” That was classic!

    So, I know that wasn’t as long as my last review, but I think I summed it all up.
    I just have to say again, yay for the great Naley scenes! I think good things are in store for Naley fans!

    Until after Thanksgiving,

    Okay, I can\'t believe I so forgot one of the other Naley things that Totally sucked me in...Nathan telling Haley that he doesn\'t blame her for any of what has happened. I mean, WOW! He said she didn\'t want to get married, and she replied in the right, and truthful way, she was scared. Then he goes on about how she\'d be a big star, yada yada yada.

    had it not been for Nathan, she never would\'ve been discovered. It was him who encouraged her. She\'d never polayed for anyone but him before doing Tric. She didn\'t even want to do that. He\'s the one who forwarded her music to Peyton. So she wouldn\'t have the music without him.

    But, you could also look at it in the way, that, had he not doen the music thing, she never would have ever had a reason to leave, or have even thought about it. She would\'ve been perfectly happy.

    I loved it too, when she told him about when she decided to leave the tour. The moment that she knew for sure that none of it meant naything without him. I think he needed to hear that.

    Yay for Naley!

    So, I guess I should\'ve realized when my review was so short that I\'d forgotten things....ARGH! Sorry!
    I forgot to mention that I LOVE the whole thing they\'re doing with Brooke having a clothing line. I think that is totally awesome! I am so excited for her. And it gives the writers yet another way to expand the storyline! Woo hoo!

    Okay, I promise that\'s the last relpy to my own email...until someone else adds some points!
  • Everyone went on their dates. Haley and Nathan weren't really together in the beginning, but they ended the night together. Lucas and Rachel went on a date together and they played basketball. Brooke went out with Chris and ended up sleeping with him at t

    This was a really good episode. I\'m glad that Haley and Nathan got a chance to hang out and talk and everything its really important right now that they reconnect and catch up, but i cant believe that Brooke slept with Chris! POOR LUCAS! but i know that later on Brooke and Lucas will get back together =)
  • Chris Keller = one funny asshole. When i was just about to watch this.. i thought nothing exciting was gonna' happen.. just the same people trying to win each other's love. P/S I thought lucas was gonna get rushed to the hospital.. c

    So how do I start?
    WEll Tim is just funny when he was so disappointed he didnt even get drafted.. aww..

    Chris Keller picking up coin from the fountain = priceless. He is a big asshole but real funny.

    Brooke... well I was kinda hoping she would know better than to go drinking with Chris. he's trouble.

    my heart wanted to Tear up during the last scene where Lucas sees Brooke in bed. I was thinking, "i know that Chris has to be lying there beside Brooke.. but pls pls god hope im wrong".
    I feel soo bad for Lucas.

    We see Character development for Lucas. He does not give to temptation easily anymore. I gues he has finally learnt his lesson.

    That Rachel girl is conniving.. but i gotta' admire her for her mind games.

    `~Last but not least: Nathan and Haley.~~~

    How sweet were they? i almost wanted to cry at their scene on the roofotp. They love each other soo much. At least Haley's working her way back into his heart.. she needs to work a lot.. after the pain she caused.

    Deb & Karen are both crazy middle aged women.. haahahaha

    Who knew Skills & that cheerleader would be soo entertaining to watch?!

    I feel soo bad for Mouth... He's so kind. At least Peyton learned something about "regrets". I know I did.

    well written.

  • Chad Michael Murray still hasn't had a chance to say anything!

    Brooke,oh...Brooke. I would think in my mind that it is her fault that she spelt with Chris but I don;t. I think it IS her fault that she only picked him because she wanted to get back at Rachel. Chris kinda of got her tipesy enough to take her to bed.

    I guess in a way that it is good considering the fact that Sophia(brooke) and Chad(lucas) have broken up. Sophia is saying that she is keeping her work and love life apart but has anyone asked Chad? Does he keep it apart too or is it eatting away at him? Come on I want to know!!!

    I think that this episode of One Tree Hill was really good. Haley and Nathan are finally close to working things out. And I thought it was really cute how he gave her the purple flower and told her that the roots are still there .. they just need time to grow. This scene brought tears to my eyes. It was really cute.

    But I really have to say that I hate Chris Kellar. All he does is cause problems. Lucas resisted Rachel all night, just to go to Brooke\\\'s house to find her and Chris in bed together. There is no doubt in my mind that this is completely Chris\\\'s fault. It was sad to watch Lucas find them, because you could see the tear in his eye.

    I think that the show did a good job of providing us information about Mouth\\\'s background. He is considered a main character now, so we should know a little bit more about him. I also think it was good how Peyton went along with him to visit his grandfather with ahlzeihmers? disease who didnt remember him, because this reminded Peyton to not take for granted the people in her own life. I think that she is going to appologize to Ellie in the next episodes, and they are going to become closer to one another.

    I was disappointed that Dan wasnt in this episode. I think he is really funny, and I missed him, haha. But aside from that, this was an amazing episode!
  • I really liked this episode a lot. It\'s one of my favorites. I like the storyline a lot. The whole mouth/peyton, chris/brooke, hayley/nathan, and rachel/lucas pair ups.

    Well i was really disappointed that i had to go on a retreat wednesday and was going to miss this episode but i had someone record it for me so when i got back on friday i finally watched it and it was soooooo goood. i was really happy with this episode. It\'s great how Brooke finally realized that lucas is \'the one\' and how lucas told rachel that to. Lucas shows that he really loves her bc he kept rejecting rachel and well hey he made the shot right lol. I think peyton and mouth\'s date was funn going to the go carts with his grandfather who has alzhiemers. and im so happy for nathan and hayley there is still hope!! overall this episode was great. the only thing i don\'t like is the deb acting like a child! her and dan need to be more mature.
  • I can't believe Brooke would do that to Lucas.

    Here Lucas is with Rachel, going on about how he's just absolutly in love with Brooke. And what happens? He goes over to her apartment to tell her that he's in love with her only to see her and Chris were sleeping together. He looked like he could've cried. I felt so sorry for him! Before I knew it I felt tears pickling at my eyes too! I love ONE TREE HILL!
  • With fantasy date night here, Brooke and Chris double with Haley and Nathan which turns out wierd. Lucas goes out with Rachel and she relizes he loves with Brooke. Peyton regrets hurting Ellie. Brooke makes a mistake that hurts Lucas and could end their r

    I think this episode was so good. I think it was wierd to see Haley and Nathan with Brooke and Chris. It sucks that their date wasn't good, but that changed in the end. When Haley and Nathan hugged and got close, I thought that was so cute. I think thy are getting closer to getting back together. I liked how Lucas thought Brooke was the one. I felt bad for Rachel though. She likes him. I totally don't like Brooke for sleeping with Chris. She's so stupid!!! I mean, she relized Lucas was the one, but than she sleeps with Chris. It hurt Lucas so bad. Thats just so wrong. I'm staring to get some sympathy from Rachel. At first I was on Brooke's side, but now, Rachel's looking pretty nice. I want to see what happens next with the whole Lucas Brooke thing.
  • The people of Tree Hill all go on fantasy dates. Cheerleaders and Basketball Players. Some turn out perfect. While others just shocking.

    I think that this episode was amazing bt I really hated the very last liike 30 seconds of it. I can't beleieve she did that. UGHH. i was liike so shocked and mad. It was almost all perfect. i liked everything and about Nathan and Haley and Peyton and Mouth. But the whole Rachel, Chris, Brooke, Lucas thing I just really hated. It was like exciting but the way everything worked out was just so UGHHH. I mean Rachel's a whore and when Brooke realizes that Lucas is THE ONE she goes on effing sleeping with CHRIS. That's right, she sleeps with Chris effing Keller. Like seriously when you realize you like someone don't sleep with the person closest around you!
  • It's funny how the writers of this show can do exactly the right thing in one storyline and totally the wrong thing in another, all in one episode.

    This episode was mostly enjoyable; sadly I hated all the scenes with Lucas, though, because Rachel was in them. I have to say that the writers of this show really don't know how to introduce new characters at all. Last season I hated Felix and Anna, and I thought things with Jules was rushed. This season, Rachel is way worse than any of them. She's a cheap Brooke rip-off, and the writing for her doesn't pull her off the way it did for Brooke. Do the writers realize that there are other ways for girls to express insecurities than overdoing it with sex? And there are also other ways to put her in conflict with Brooke without making her unlikeable and then trying to change our minds.

    I had a problem with Brooke getting her clothes in the window; she's a freaking teenager, a senior in high school. Can the writers please remember that? I have also had a problem with how she's been acting lately, laying ground rules with Lucas and then expecting him to know to fight for her, what is that? And sleeping with Chris... I don't think even Brooke can pull this one off. I don't care if she was feeilng vulnerable, she's been realizing Lucas is the one and then she slept with CHRIS, of all people! One word: slut. She and Rachel are made from a similar cloth, although Rachel's isn't as good quality.

    Um, do the writers remember that Dan, Deb and Karen are parents? Why haven't any of them had any truly significant scenes with their children lately? Does the war between Dan and Deb not affect Nathan AT ALL, considering the things they're doing to each other? He is living with them afterall, and no matter what's happened they're both still his parents, and we have seen already that Dan can still really get to Nathan. This is a major oversight.

    Other than that, this episode was great. I really enjoyed Peyton and Mouth's scenes. We finally got some background stuff on Mouth, and putting Peyton there with him was a really good decision! Awesome job. I love Mouth and I am excited for this. Lee Norris deserves a storyline.

    Everything going on with Nathan and Haley was excellent, it totally made this episode. Finally, some real raw truth and emotion between these two, struggling to get through past the last few months and find each other again. I was back to really liking Nathan in this episode. The last scene between these two was spectacular, Naley in fine form! Hope to see more of that soon.

    Also hope to see some Nathan and Lucas action soon.
  • Its fantasy date night in Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley double date with Chris Keller and Brooke. Lucas finds himself playing strip basketball with Rachel.Mouth and Payton hang out with Mouths grandfather.Nathan and Haley get a little closer while Brooke

    Its fantasy date night in Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley double date with Chris Keller and Brooke. Lucas finds himself playing strip basketball with Rachel. Mouth and Payton hang out with Mouths grandfather. Nathan and Haley get a little closer while Brooke and Lucas begin to come apart. Deb and Karen give Dan a mustache. Skills get Note booked by Bevin. Lucas tells Rachel that Brooke is the one only to find Brooke in the bed with Keller. Haley takes Nathan to the rooftop to show him her wish for the new school year and Nathan makes his own wish. Keller sucks!
  • The way this episode described things with the whole Haley and Nathan situation is amazing. This show just keeps getting better and better. Every season is always something new and exciting. I hope there will be like eight seasons . .

    This episode what just unbelievable it opens up as a dream reality. It amazing how the writers are so tricky about what they put in their commercial. They know just what to put in to catch everyone\'s attention, so keep that up! The dream was weird but gave a certain humor to the show. I just love Nathan\'s personailty and can relate to some things. It was nice that they went to their wedding spot but also I was devastated to find out it was gone. Then they went to mall and I just loved the part where Chris puts his arm around Haley and its get Nathan upset and he finally says something!! I really likes Chris\'s character even though most of the population doesn\'t! At the end though I just thought it was the sweetest thing between the whole Nathan and Haley scene. It was so romantic when she said \"I cant belive it\'s not there the trees the purple flowers, then he puts it in his and is like dont say I never gave you anything\" Which was in a previous episode! Then hes giving her a chance I just hope their gunna be together again and that we find out what he wrote in that tin box. Maybe it was to re-marry her again. I hope soo!! I really want them back together. Also people stop hating on chris! Hes nice
  • One Tree Hill returns to top form and has truly outdone itself in this episode.

    One Tree Hill returns to its past form tonight, proving to critics and fans alike that it can survive on its new night and time (Wednesday, 8PM). This episode had everything that good television should have. There were the parts that made you laugh, the parts that mad you angry, and tonight there were even parts that brought tears to more than a few eyes at my weekly viewing party. In this episode the boys pressure Brooke to follow through on the Fantasy Dates, which puts her in an odd position, considering she didn't pick Lucas. Brooke isn't going to follow through on her date until Haley needs her in order to get her date with Nathan. While, Brooke and Chris double date with Haley and Nathan, Lucas goes on his date with Rachel(only after seeing Brooke get into the car with the other three). While the kids go on their dates, Deb and Karen decide to trash Dan's billboard, only to get stuck when their ladder falls. Haley and Nathan make a startling discovery about their wedding site, it's no longer the way it used to be, kind of like their relationship. For those of you wondering about Peyton, she did indeed go on her date with Mouth, which leads to one of the most touching moments of the show. We find out that Mouth visits his grandfather even though his grandfather no longer remembers who he is. This makes Peyton realize that she made a mistake with Ellie, but Mouth reminds her there is time to fix her mistakes. Meanwhile, back on the odd double date, which has now moved to the mall, Nathan ignores Haley until Chris tries to put his arms around her. Nathan then gets insanely jealous and as he and Chris begin to fight, so do the girls. It appears that Haley found all the letters that Brooke wrote to Lucas and confronts her about it. Brooke huffs off down the mall, only to see her designs in front window of Suburban Filth, where she works. The crew returns to Brooke and Haley's apartment. Nathan and Haley reveal more about their past while Chris and Brooke get awful cozy inside. Lucas tries to convince Rachel that Brooke is his soulmate by shooting, and making, and blindfolded shot at the Rivercourt. Haley later takes Nathan to the rooftop of Karen's Cafe where she and Lucas made their predictions. When she tries to show Nathan her prediction, he writes his own and says that he will have to trust her not to sneak up there and read it. He then gives her a flower from their wedding site, which is now a parking lot, and tells her "the roots are still there, it just takes a while." He then closes he hand around the flower and says the words that started their entire relationship "don't say I never gave you anything." The two then hold onto each, and if you are a follower of the show, or even if you're not, you feel a tug at your heart strings because it gives you hope that there is true love in this world. Lucas goes to tell Brooke goodnight only to find her in bed, yes IN BED, with Chris Keller. You can truly see the hurt in his eyes which gives the show the reality that others lack. Deb and Karen eventually get their ladder back and leave Dan's billboard saying "Dan Scott for erectile dysfunction." Other notable happenings on the Bevin and Skills date, Skills got "Notebooked." If you are a long time fan of One Tree Hill, this episode reminds you why you fell in love with the show in the first place. If you are not a fan and watched, you should be wondering why you haven't fell in love with this show. And for those of you who didn't watch at all, I would suggest you watch next wednesday as The WB replays the first two episodes of season three back to back, and then watch the following week to see where they all end up.
  • 5 dates. some good. some bad. some UGGHH. some sad.

    started off funny. the dream sequences were hilarious. skills & bevin: they watched the notebook. i love that movie. she notebooked him. peyton & mouth: their date was fun. sad towards the end coz how mouths grandpa has alzheimers. rachel & lucas: i love how the whole time lucas was saying that brooke is THE one. & i especially loved how lucas made the shot when he was blindfolded. haley & nathan: their date was sad. all their spots were gone. just like their memories. i loved how nathan gave haley the purple flower & sed "Dont Say I Never Gave You Anything." then he says how the roots are still there. awwww. chris & brooke: what the hell was brooke thinking. i know shes drunk and all but she was just preaching earlier that lucas is THE one. you cannot do that. then lucas comes in. i think that killed his heart. 2 weeks til the next ep. i cant wait to see brooke explain herself.
  • This episode is the best of the season and one of the best of the series.

    Great writing. Great directing. Great acting. How you could ask for more? The writing on the episode is wonderful. Lots of drama, comedy, angst and fun. Paul Johannsen did a great job directing. The scenes flow seamlessly. Bethany Joy Lenz and Sophia Bush were superb. This was a great show for someone to see if watching One Tree Hill for the first time. You would definitely be hooked by the end. Nathan and Haley are well on their way to getting back together. Brooke and Lucas have reached another pitfall. Mouth is now a BIG hero after we have found out that he visits his grandfather (who has Alzheimer's)weekly. Just as you think that Chris Keller is a good guy, he does something to make you hate him again. Well done, Mark Schwann!!!
  • One of the best episodes of the season thus far!!

    This episode was a great step in the future for Nathan and Haley. Haley tries really hard to make the night memorable and Nathan is the one that ends up being the sweetest guy ever giving her a flower from the former sight where they got married. They still have roots! It was amazing! We learn that Nathan is still interested in being with Haley and now we can all look forward to when their predictions are revealed next year. Hopefully his is similar to hers. If you missed this episode you somehow have to catch it. The end sequnce with Brooke is a major shocker and will cause some DRAMA with her and Lucas.

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! too bad we have to wait two weeks for another new one, and then when we see that episode we again have to wait two weeks. They must be some great episodes coming up! I can't wait.