One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 4

Crash Into You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

At the Scott mansion, someone is finally back home: Deb, better known as Dan's wife and Nathan's mother. Unfortunately, family dinner has to wait because the Ravens will start playing in a few minutes. Lucas is definitely the best player and Nathan looks unhappy about this, mostly because he feels his father is really disappointed in him. Yep, Dan's glare doesn't forgive. Later, something surprising happens: Nathan invites Lucas to the party at his parents' beach house. What's that about? Planning to drown him, Nate?

Party time. Haley tries to make peace between the Scott brothers but Lucas is less than enthusiastic. Haley and Lucas end up arguing until the girl gets out of the house. At the party, Lucas finally understands why Nathan invited him to the party all - he's planning a Carrie-humiliation. In true evil Scott fashion, he humiliates his brother by showing an old video of Karen and Dan as the King and Queen of the prom with Karen talking innocently about their plans for marriage. Lucas storms off humilated and hurt. So is Peyton, who can't believe Nathan could behave so cruelly. Well, he is Dan Scott's son, blondie.

But it's not Peyton that Nathan runs to apologize too. Instead, Nathan catches up with Haley and, since Lucas has already left, he claims he wants to drive her home courtesy of Peyton's car, of course. During the ride, Nathan begs Haley to continue tutoring him because he really needs some help, and Haley ends up agreeing. Where's your loyaty, tutor-girl?

Elsewhere, someone else is arguing. Deb points out Dan left her out of Nathan's life, but Dan argues that her long work trips might represent an obstacle as well. In the meantime, Nathan damages Peyton's car, crashing into another car and a tree. As soon as Lucas shows up, Nathan dumps the problem on him. Lucas brings Peyton's car to Keith's body shop. Turns out he wants to fix it, even though Keith seems pretty worried about the whole situation. Meanwhile, Deb enters Karen's Café. After an awkward moment, Deb tells her husband's ex that she did a wonderful job raising Lucas. Se would love to have the same loving relationship with Nathan that Karen has with Lucas.

However, someone else is eager to talk to Karen: Lucas, who wants to know why Karen never asked Dan for what they were entitled to: meaning his money. The next day, Karen explains to Lucas she has never asked anything of Dan because she did not want him to be part of their lives. Lucas is angry that he and his mother were denied such creature comforts but he understands his mother's decision and the two make up.

Meanwhile, when Peyton finds out about Nathan's latest clever maneuver, she breaks up with him. "It's not about the car, it's about you," she tells him angrily. Peyton has finally realized that Nathan's treatment of her does not intimate love.

Meanwhile, Lucas catches up with Haley and she assures him she'll always be honest with him. After that, he pulls out the distinctive green hat she left in Peyton's car the night Nathan gave her a ride home. The two share a long glance, the music in the background is playing "Didn't say I'm sorry" and Lucas walks away, angry and hurt.