One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 4

Crash Into You

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on The CW

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  • One Tree Hill.

    Haley is apprehensive when Lucas decides to go with the team to an after-party at Nathan's beach house. When Lucas sees the wealth that was denied him, he finally confronts his mother about why she let Dan ignore them. Meanwhile, Nathan's mom turns to Karen for advice and Peyton and Nathan grow further apart. I love the way Deb, Nathans mother comes back. I love the Basketball match, and Nathan isn't happy with Tim because he passed the ball to Lucas and not him. I love the way Lucas and Hayley go to Nathans beach party. I love the way Nathan acts like he doesn't know Hayley. I love the scene where they are all talking about the comic strip. I love the scene where they're playing 'I Never', amazing scene, I love the way Nathan is still a prick i love the scene with Peyton and Hayley. I love the way Nathan puts a video of Dan and Karen on, I feel so sorry for him. I love the scenes between Nathan and Hayley. I love the scene between Peyton and Brooke. I love the car scene between Nathan and Hayley. I love the scene between Nathan and Lucas talking about Peyton's car. I love the scene between Karen and Deb I love the scene between Lucas and Karen amazing I though I love the scene where Nathan gives him the money I love the way Peyton breaks up with Nathan I love the scene with Lucas and Hayley amazing ending So all in all another Awesome episode
  • No Haley No! Don't tutor Nathan!!!!!

    No Haley No! Don't tutor Nathan!!!!! In other words, I am already in love with all the "good" characters in this show & don't want to see them get hurt! This episode proved that OTH is getting better & better, not close to O.C. quality yet, they're quite different shows, but still amazing! I love the writers great job at making us hate Nathan & Dan, I also love the bond between Lucas & his mother & feel their parts are very well written & acted, I really like Peyton, but in ways feel like she is a copy of Marissa Cooper.
  • Lucas is invited to Nathan’s party, which could be seen as a peace offering, but in reality it is far from it

    This episode really showed us how horrible of a person Nathan could be. I could not believe that he put on the video of Karen and it was so mean how he used the I never game to put Lucas down. I was also shocked that he wrecked his girlfriend’s car and decided to lie to her about it. This episode did a great job showing how Nathan was an awful person at that point. It was also interesting to see Haley’s involvement in the whole situation. She was really caught between the two and she could not do anything to fix the problem. I was also interesting to finally see who Nathan’s mom was and how she related to what is going on with their family. I really enjoyed this episode because it was so much fun to see Nathan acting this way and to see Lucas handle it so well.
  • Finally, we see Nathan's mom.

    After four episodes of simply being referenced, I was wondering if we'd ever get to see Nathan's mom. And finally she appears, and she's actually not the same awful people that Nathan and his father is. There's actually reason in what she says, and her visiting Karen's cafe was proof that she's willing to move beyond all of that.

    And as for Nathan? I don't think I've seen a show where high school students are so cruel. Even in the face of people he loves, he goes against his word and lies just so he can get the upper hand against Lucas. I hope they calm down on the hazing aspect, because they're setting Nathan up to be this one sided irritating jock character.

    I still think Lucas and Peyton are the most compelling characters. They both stand out from the sea of faceless masses surrounding them. Both are on the school team, but neither associate with the people around them. It just makes them that much more interesting.

    I like how the tension continues building, even in episodes where not too much happens. You can tell that Lucas is getting close to reaching his boiling point, and it's only a matter of time before he blows up on people. Definitely a good episode.
  • Deb finally arrives!!

    In this episode we finally get to meet Nathan's mom, Deb and see seems like a normal, put together woman. It makes you wonder why she is married to an ass like Dan Scott. But we will later learn that Deb isn't as put together as she seems.

    Lucas has another good game and Nathan decides to "be nice" by inviting to a party at the beach house. Things don't go so well during a game of "I never" and later Nathan shows everyone an old tape of Dan and Karen from before they got pregnant with Lucas showing how in love they were. Lucas ends up leaving and sees Nathan get into an accident in Peyton's car. Nathan walks away from it leaving Lucas to deal with the damage and the fallout.

    Also in this episode:

    *Peyton breaks up with Nathan.

    *Haley yells at Nathan for how he is treating Lucas.

    *Lucas finds out Haley is hiding something about her and Nathan.

    *Deb reaches out to Karen.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of one tree hill lucas decides to go to a beach party at nathans thing is he realies that all the wealth he missed out on growing up. but nathan just uesd the beach party to make fun of his brothe lucas by showing his fathers graduation speech . and everyone is laughing and lucas leaves and peyton calles him a jerk andthey start to grow further apart and nathans mother goes to see lucas mother for advice and they sit and talk this was a good ep and that is why i gave this ep 9
  • cool

    nthan has a party at his Parents beach house he hffumillates luke and takes haley and crashes peyton car after she breaks up with him
    karen and keith are geting closer
    deb comes home to a mad son goes to karen for adivce
    Brooke gets drunk at the party hits on luke he turns her down pretty good I love the show but tonights was kinda a let down
    they blew us off this time thought
    Everyone did great work harder maybe next weeks will be bettar it looks good
    all done

    thats my Review sorry it your bored iLl try bettar tomarrow )"
    awesome !
  • Season 1, Episode 4.

    Haley is apprehensive when Lucas decides to go with the team to an after-party at Nathan's beach house. When Lucas sees the wealth that was denied him, he finally confronts his mother about why she let Dan ignore them. Meanwhile, Nathan's mom turns to Karen for advice and Peyton and Nathan grow further apart. I like how Nathan is beginning to accept Luke, even though it is only for Haley. And as for Nathan, dayum. =P I liked how Nathan reintroduced himself to Haley in front of Lucas to cover up their tutoring sessions. Brooke is the best. She's my favorite character. Great episode.
  • Crash Into You is the fourth episode of the first season of One Tree Hill. It aired on October 14th of 2003 on the WB. This episode is the first episode that has a party in it and it is a great episode.

    To me this episode is a great episode and it is also very revealing to the past lives of Karen and Dan. This show is also the first episode where Deb Scott appears and they sort of tell what she goes through and the problems she has. Lucas actually shows emotion and we got to see a side of Nathan that we just wanted to kill. Haley became a liar now and Peyton became an outside and of course Brooke showed her usual self, A great, fun, entertaining girl. After this the parties continued and got better but you never forget the first one. This episode changed the kids' views some way. I love this episode.
  • It shows what is becoming

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  • I loved it!

    Nathan invites Lucas to an after-game party at his beach house. Haley comes along with Lucas. The beach house is really big and expensive and Lucas questions his mother as to why she didn't take the money. Nathan performs a hit-and-run accident and walks away leaving Lucas with Peyton's car. Lucas finds out that Haley rode with Nathan. Peyton breaks-up with Nathan. Nathan's mom comes home and feels like she doesn't know him and blames Dan.

    This was a great episode! I'm so glad that Peyton finally broke up with Nathan. Nathan is such a jerk! He's so cruel and a big liar. This episode gets a 10!
  • Nathan has a victory party at his parents beach house.

    I thought that this was a really good episode. I thought that it was great that we were able to finally meet Nathan's mother. I was wondering when we were going to finally see her. I think that it was funny that she tried to hang out with Nathan and he had no interest in it. I thought that Nathan was a complete jerk in this episode showing the tape of Dan and Karen when they were in high school and then the thing he siad in the i never game. i think that Hailey should have told Lucas about her toturing Nathan. I think that it was totally wrong of Nathan to take Peyton's car and get into a car accident with it then walk away and leave it all up to Lucas. I thought that it was great that Peyton finally left his dumbass.
  • Shows how mean people can be.

    Haley in hopes that Nathan and Lucas would finally get along, since she told Nathan to back off, asked Lucas to go to the after party at Nathan's beach house. When they get there Nathan only finds more ways to screw with Lucas after he saw Payton and Lucas talking. He found a tape that showed Dan and Karen on prom night saying they will be married. Everyone laughed (Brooke laughed about the hair). Lucas walks away and Brooke, Payton and Haley are disgusted by Nathan's cheap shot. Nathan has been drinking but he offers to drive Haley home. He brings her home and on the way back to the party he hits a car and later bumps the light post. Lucas passes by and see's him. Lucas tells Nathan to do the right thing he doesn't. So Lucas brings the car to the store to get it fixed. Meanwhile Nathan lies to Payton about the car, but she catches him because Tim is a terrible liar.
  • "I Never......."

    I thought the epsiode was good and thank god there is finally Naley! oh yeah and why doesn't Peyton just hook up with Lucas??
    A Party at Dan's beach house, complete with basketball players, cheerleaders, and beer? Sounds cool. But things heat up when Nathan humiliates Lucas, then crashes Peyton's car and lets Lucas take the blame.
  • Drama, Drama, Drama!!!!!!

    I thought that Nathan was changing when he invited Lucas over. After getting there and what he said to Tim I knew it wouldn't be pretty!!! At least Haley saw through that one! :)!! Nathan misinterprets EVERYTHING!! Lucas was SOOOOOOOO not hitting on Peyton, but just trying to understand her! When Nathan put in the "comedy" I had NO idea what that was going to be. I can't believe he was so cruel! The younger Karen looked like the current one but in my opinion the Dan didn't look at all like the present one. The episode was so jam packed with drama. That is what is so important with this show. It's what brings people back every week.
  • yay! party!!! gotta say the first party in the show could be better...

    you know, I just can't give OTH the score less than 9 'coz this show kinda saved my life when I really needed in help but no one could help me. so I'll give 9 points even to the worst episode of the show... this one was not the worst and it was not bad at all, but when I tried to choose 3 my fave scenes it was really hard. well, I wasn't even sure that I actually had any fave scene in this episode.

    party! yay! but I didn't see any "party symptoms" except, probably, drunk Brooke and the game "I never".

    Nathan treats Luke as before. Luke takes high position as before. Peyton is broody as before. Brooke is pointless as before. just Haley gives smth to this episode: she tries to see all the stuff from Nathan's side and realizes that it's not so easy to be him. btw, at the end Luke feels like Haley betrayed him -- poor girl, being between two Scotts is too hard for her!

    I'm glad that Peyton finally broke up with Nate for good (just can't understand why the girl like Peyton lets the guy to treat her like sh*t while she doesn't even love him). Luke... what a gentleman! he's just destined to take care of Peyton's car (of their "comet").

    finally we see Nathan's mom, Deb. such a nice lady... for now. Dan is an evil -- evils always have great women around them.

    FAVE SCENE: Luke and Peyton talk outside the beach house -- "pretty sure?"

    FAVE QUOTE: Peyton (to Haley): You know, you say a lot when you keep your mouth shut.