One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 11

Danny Boy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2012 on The CW
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    One Tree Hill: Oh, Danny Boy

    This week, OTH was The Dan Show. The writers even put it in the episode title for us.

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    The search for Nathan becomes even more dangerous, and Dan barely clings to life after his rescue mission. To Brooke's surprise, her father returns to town, and Clay and Quinn reconnect with Logan

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    • Danny Boy/ Naley Reunion

      all i can say is thank you Julian and Chris.. I'd never thought i'd say that in the same sentence lol it was just a great episode i loved it. i loved the hospital scenes with Nathan and Dan and Dan and Haley. " Is It The Cops" lol i loved that line haha that was great. i also loved the scene with Deb and Dan. i loved this episode it was just amazingmoreless
    • This proves One Tree Hill will end on a high note

      "Danny Boy" was one of the best One Tree Hill episodes since a long time. The episode proves again that One Tree Hill is and will always be one of the best drama series. Mark Schwan has created something we will never forget. This episode proves that on April 4, 2012 One Tree Hill will end on a high note. Ratings wise and quality wise.

      There's only One Tree Hill.moreless
    • Nathan and Haley reunite!

      Exellent episode!! And like last episode, this one sure deserves a way higher rating than a 10, but unfortunately it does not go up that high!

      All week i was getting so excited for this episode that i was having such a hard time focusing, but it was all worth it because it turned out to be one of the best episodes so far of the season. Right beside 9x10.

      I am going to start out with my favorite. Naley OFCOURSE! Everything about their scenes were great. They had me in tears. Especially their initial reunion scene. That one was the most emotional for me. I don't know if I am the only one, but loved the whole "Hi hales" thing. The first "hi hales" was basically saying "Dan was shot and he is badly injured" and then his secondd "hi hales" was the one that was basically saying I am so relieved to see you. You saw it in his face in the second one. It was adorable!!! And love their hug/kiss part. They were holding each other so tightly. And i have to add that it was great to hear an "always and forever" from him. Since there are only 2 episodes left and only one left with James lafferty, we don't know if there will be another "always and forever" to each other. Since this is Naley we are talking about and i am a huge fan of them i could seriously go on forever about how much i loved their scenes, but i will say that the Nathan/Haley/Lydia part was so sad. But i love seeing Nathan comfort Haley like he did. Especially when she breaks down crying.

      I also really loved the Nathan/Haley/Brooke/Julian scene. Before brooke and julian walk in, i loved naly's ice cream scene. Especially since Haley's voiceover while going to the morgue was a huge thing. Now, Brooke's comment as she walked into the hospital room was great. It's funny though because it's not like she hasn't seen them kissing before, and it's not like they would be doing anything else in a HOSPITAL. lol!!

      Ok, so the Dan/Haley scene was great as well. I really liked their closure a lot. We can safely rule out that Dan almost hated Haley when sh was in high school so it was nice to see their relationship end completely different than it started in season 1. I remember way back in season 1 Dan had told Deb that Nathan could do better than Haley. When they first started dating, and the scene in this episode, it reminded me of it, and it is really nice to have seen Dan finally admit that Haley is the best thing to ever happen to Nathan.

      Dan and Nathan's scene at the rivercourt was exellent. I didn't get emotional or cry, surprisingly, but it still makes me sad that Dan died. I am happy the way the send-off happened. I had enough tears watching the Nathan and haley moments.

      Now, speaking of Dan's death, Keith shows up one last time to guide him into the afterlife. As corny as the whole thing was, it was great to see ghost keith one last time before OTH ends. And in a way, i think the whole ending scenario with them both is partly why i didn't get too emotional about it. LOVED the part when Nathan, haley, deb and everyone was standing over his bed. It was nice. It was a very nice moment of closure.

      Now as for the rest. CQ and Brooke and her dad were kinda pointless in my opinion. I didn't care for it.

      I am so upset that there are only 2 episodes left of the series. It hasn't really hit me YET, but i have a feeling that it will after the episode next week when we see the promo for the finale. I am going to miss this show. :(

      By the way, RIP Dan Scott!! You were awesome. I just loved to hate you.moreless
    • Definitely one of the best dramatic episodes of One Tree Hill

      I can't believe Dan died! That was unexpected for me; I thought he was going to survive. I feel bad for Brooke and everything that happened to her, but I thought that scene where she kicked her dad out of her house was hilarious! The scene with Dan and Deb was also hilarous :D I loved the scene between Haley and Dan; I think they have a great relationship. I think Lucas is stupid for not going to see Dan. I understand that he couldn't forgive him, but at least get closure- he saved your brothers life. I really liked how it ended between Dan and Keith, but I am still sad that Dan's dead. Lydia will never get to know him and Jamie won't have him in his life anymore. But I'm glad Nathan's back and that he still loves Danmoreless
    • Danny Boy

      Following a classic episode this was disappointing in just so many ways:

      - Brooke reverting to her childish whining is disappointing for her character, and for Sophia Bush who has grown so much as an actress over the last decade.

      - The Haley and Nathan reconciliation was a letdown, obviously intentional somewhat because of Dan's condition, but even so.

      - And a pointless return for Keith. We have already had his ghost forgive Dan so why do it again?moreless
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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Goof: When Haley offers to let Dan hold Lydia and picks her up from the stroller, Lydia is wearing one shoe that falls off. Later in the scene when Lydia is sitting on Dan's lap, she has pink tennis shoes on both feet.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Haley: I can't thank you enough for bringing Nathan home.
        Dan: I couldn't have done it without you. You know, I used to think no one was ever good enough for my son. But I am so happy to be proven wrong. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, and you're the best thing that ever happened to him.

      • Haley: (breaks down crying) I've just been trying to hold it all together for so long. She started...she started walking when you were gone, and...I just started thinking what if you never came home, and what would I do? I don't know how I would live without you, how I would go on. I can't wake up every morning without you next to me, and I can't imagine it.
        Nathan: Okay, okay. Hey, hey. You know what I kept imagining the whole time I was kidnapped? Opening up the door to our home and seeing you. It's what kept me going. The thought of us together. It's all I ever need to think about.

      • Nathan: You know, you don't have to stay here with me the whole time.
        Haley: Are you kidding me? I'm never gonna let you go; if I could sew my skin to yours, I would.
        Nathan: That's really gross.

      • Nathan: (as Haley is hugging him tightly) Haley. It's okay. I love you.
        Haley: I love you, too. Thank you for coming home to me.
        Nathan: Always...and forever.

      • Nathan: (sees Haley in the hallway for the first time) Hi Hales.
        Haley: Say that again.
        Nathan: Hi Hales.
        Haley: (hugging Nathan) I can't believe you're really here! Are you okay?
        Nathan: I am now.

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