One Tree Hill

Season 8 Episode 11

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2010 on The CW

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  • Holy Mid-Season Finale!!

    Amazing episode!!!! Wow!!!

    The first part of this episode is the spelling bee at Jamie's school. He rides home with Lauren, Chuck and Madison. Julian and Brooke have a fight and she takes off. Quinn is home alone or so she thinks. And Nathan and Haley have car problems. The whole thing takes place during a huge storm!! The rest of the episode is basically broken down into two parts. The beach house and the bridge.

    First, The Beach House: While I loved all this stuff I kept wanting them to go back to the bridge so much. Katie is back and comes back into the house to kill Quinn because she knew Quinn was following her and taking pictures of her. An all out fight ensues with guns, knifes, both of them going off the balcony into the swimming pool and Quinn almost dying do to lack of oxygen after she got tangled up in the pool cover. So glad Quinn survived. It sucks she had to shoot Katie, but it was well deserved. And being the better person, it was nice of Quinn to call her ambulance so she didn't have to wait all day like her and Clay did.

    The Bridge: Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! First Brooke nearly runs over Chuck as she comes across Lauren's turned over car with her, Jamie and Madison still inside. It was great that Chuck, Madison, and Lauren were able to get out and get somewhere safe while Brooke worked to get out Jamie who was trapped. This whole thing was so intense. It was the most intense episode and moments since 3x16. I loved that Julian came along after going after Brooke. I could not believe that someone hit them. And it was so awesome of Julian to jump in the river after the car went over. I loved all the moments in the car. They were intense, but really beautful. I loved that Brooke was willing to die in order to make sure Jamie was safe. She loves him so much. I was so glad the episode didn't end before we found out if Brooke was okay. And man, I was actually really scared that Mark did the unthinkable when she didn't wake up while Julian was doing CPR, but when she finally moved her hand my sad tears switched to happy.

    Also, the flat tire stuff with Nathan and Haley was really cute and funny. It was kind of lame, but it was a a nice, simple way to keep Haley in the episode without giving Joy too much to do since she was like super pregnant at the time.
  • OMG!!! oth is amazing!!!

    This eppy was awesome. It really showed how good the show is and i haven't seen a good epidoe in a long time. This remined me of good old oth back in the day. This was a great mid-season finale and there was a lot of suspense. Im so glad brooke didn't die. I was so scared that she did but thank god that juilan saved her :) I was crying when he was doing CPR on her and she would not wake up...Also im glad sarah or katie whatever her name is got shot by quinn i would have done the same thing if i was her. Quinn is strong and awesome. Too bad clay wasnt in this episdoe. Anyway it was good and one of me favorites. Oh did i mention im so happy they added the old theme song lol that was the cherry on top.
  • Better than it has been lately.

    One of the things that I love most about this show is how real the characters are, and how we've seen them grow. I've been going back and watching some of the older OTH episodes, and I think that high school Brooke wouldn't have been able to handle that situation as well as this Brooke did. It's really great to see how much she has grown up since the first season. This episode was better than the show has been lately. The thing about Brooke being in peril was more dramatic and scary than when Clay and Quinn were hurt. I don't really care so much about the two of them, but Brooke is someone that I know, and have known for a while. Even though I knew they wouldn't kill Brooke, I was still really scared for her. Can't wait for January!
  • Brooke Broke my Heart

    I loved the Brooke scenes throughout the episode, they were really well done. The only two problems I had were when Jamie was standing in the middle of the road and Haley was like stop stop and they were pretty much already stopped and why would Jamie stand in the middle of the road in the first place. It was kind of weird. Also Haley didn't seem all that upset when Brooke was laying on the road and Julian was trying to help her, unless she was in shock or something. Otherwise it was a fantastic episode and I loved it. One of the better episodes of the season.
  • huge episode !

    To be honest I haven't been watching one tree hill for quite while. Maybe 6 or 7 episodes or now I think of it, I'm not even sure I watched past the season premiere. Anyway, then I had nothing to do and saw that the episode had good ratings...

    And it totally deserves it! this was a great episode: lots of drama, angst, suspense and action. Brooke's part was the best and Sophia played it beautifully. The scenes between Jamie and Brooke, between Julian and Brooke, they were perfect.

    The part between Quinn and the psychobi*tch was great too. Very scary, creapy and full of tension.

    The only part I was disappointed into was Haley and Nathan, but hey, we can't have all the characters going through life-threatening situations :)
    And I could have done with some news about the kids (Chuck and jamie's girlfriend) and the teacher whose name I don't remember right now.

    On the whole I LOVED this episode very much, it got me stuck to my chair and it might even get me to catch up on the eps I haven't seen yet.

    One of my favorite episode for sure! :))
  • Whew!! I have to catch my breath for a minute. AMAZING episode. (Spoiler alert)

    First things first, this episode was amazing. Probably the best thusfar for me this season. Reminded me of the old One Tree Hill. From the moment that I first heard the Tree Hill theme song (the original with Gavin DeGraw) I knew that this episode would be edge of my seat good. First off, I'm happy to say that I'm happy to see Katie out of Quinn and Clay's life (although in Tree Hill fashion I can't say this for'm glad Quinn got the last laugh and took the higher road...Go on girl! Although I gotta say, why did it take her so long to figure out Katie was in the house...other than that I'm happy. I gotta say, this episode made me love Brooke even more if that's even possible. That big heart of hers saved four other people's lives. Her courage and bravery just further establish how awesome she is. This episode was just great!! I'm happy to go on a hiatus now with this. =D
  • Amazing!

    It was one of the best episodes in a while. It felt like classic One Tree Hill back in seasons 1-4. I loved how Quinn finally faced her fears and stopped Katie. By letting her live it and saying that line about how only a psycho would leave someone to die made me like Quinn a lot more and she has become a strong character. My favorite part by far was all the Brooke scenes. Sophia Bush did such a beautiful job playing the part and the scenes did a wonderful job of showing how sweet and caring Brooke is. She helped Lauren, Chuck, and Madison and then made sure Jamie got out before her when they were trapped in the car in the water which almost cost her her life. She has always been my favorite character and this is just a perfect example why. I think this was a great way to end it for the break and can't wait till it's back on. Oh also I just loved how they used the original theme song! Amazing episode!
  • 12.7

    One Tree Hill always has to have a crazy character go on the attack every few years it seems. There was Peyton's stalker, the killer nanny and now the imposter Sara.

    It just did not work well at all, and in fact, last week's episode that hyped this up was significantly better than the actual episode going on here today.

    The episode was fine for what it was, but the drama could not be there as we know no one would die. Hard to enjoy a show when you know that's the case. I mean, come on, they couldn't have killed Quinn off?
  • tanchelina

    Episode was incredible, with great tension and action! Bravo! I am from Bulgaria and I am a big fan of the show from day one. Brooke Haley adore fall of laughter from the drama between Alex and Mia and glad the little episode in the presence of Dan Scott ... great little actor miss the show:) keep up the good work thanks
    I miss Lucas and Peyton and Debbie Carroll would like at least for a while to appear in one episode:) makes me very happy presence and the new girl who sings ... Aaron is amazing! Viktorichya is fascinating, and the mother of Dzhuliyan is fun :)
    haresami change queen quite strong performances from its strana.keyti me broke definitely scary harakter.Kato whole episode thanks for the wonderful and great sense of humor that inserting keep up the good work!
  • When the music played I was expecting a good episode...

    Reading all the comments and analyzing all the criticism, the episode actually has some "flaws" but at least with me, they all went unnoticed by emotion, sentiment caused by each during the scenes.

    Like most here followed since the first season, but in this episode were so many different reactions, so many feelings, and finally a mixture that has brought out everything that has happened in the history of the characters and the context.

    Regarding Jamie, someone commented on the absence of the actor's emotions, I understood as a state of shock, as if he believed everything that was happening. In fact, a traumatic event of this proportion will yield great episodes from now on!

    When the music played I was expecting a good episode, but who knows One Tree Hill knows it's impossible to know actually what comes next!

  • There is a deathly rainstorm in Tree Hill which personally took me back to season 3, the rainstorm involved ALOT of danger and tension with Tree Hill Residents, Katie comes back to kill Quinn but Quinn beats her to her own game... Clay is still not around

    unfortunatelly we didn't see Clay in this awesome action packed episode. but wow what an episode it kinda reminded me of season 3 and season 4 a little bit the same vibe... with Jamie waiting on top of the bridge to see Julian's and Brooke's fate that reminded me of Haley screaming for Nathan in season 3 when he was in the river saving Cooper and Rachel kinda had de ja vue there for a minute. surprised no Mouth and Millie drama thank god, I was kinda pissed because i was expecting the return of Dan Scott to be permeant that was the only problem that i had with the show.. well that and the Quinn/Katie fight was not necessary for this episode i mean yeah she's alone and theres a storm and it's a perfect time for Katie to start with Quinn like that but it was a great episode i was on the edge of my seat screaming when Brooke almost lost her life... it was just an incredible scean you can hear Julian's desperation in his voice.. he is a very good actor. I guess everyone has survival skills when they have to act on them and this episode defiantly showed it... great episode Mark ... great episode
  • Amazing Episode

    Clearly one of the best episodes of the whole show. Season 8 is doing really well and this has just made it even better. Literally was glued to the screen at the edge of my seat the whole way through.
    I am from the UK and have followed the show since it began, series 7 just finished airing here so I've been watching 8 online.
    Sophia Bush as Brooke did an amazing job acting these tough scenes, and for a second there I actually rhought they had killed her off. I loved the Quin/Katie storyline and am glad Quin won. Jackson did a great job as Jamie. The whole storyline was intense and gripping. Can't wait to see how they wrap the story up. Am hoping for a season 9, which I know a lot of people disagree with because they are too stuck in the days of Peyton and Lucas, but come on people, the storylines have evoloved and the show is still amazing. It wasn't the Peyton and Lucas show, it was about those who stayed in Tree Hill. Anyway great episode from an amazing show, hope to see more great episodes after the break.