One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 6

Don't Dream It's Over

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2008 on The CW
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It's confrontation time in Tree Hill, as Lucas confronts Peyton about her nasty behavior towards Lindsey and Brooke must confront Victoria about meddling with Peyton's record label. Meanwhile, Nathan begins to grow closer to Carrie, Haley continues to struggle in dealing with Quentin, and Mouth must choose sides between his co-workers and Alice.moreless

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  • Confrontations!

    If one thing dominated Don't Dream It's Over it was Peyton, and her bitterness.

    I can't say I liked her for most of it. She was rude to listen for no real reason and while I liked her standing up to Victoria she was just way too aggressive. Something that Lucas pointed out...right before their major and long overdue confrontation. Now that was intense. I understood both sides and the passion was strong on both too. But Peyton was especially angry at him and that was hard to watch. Another thing that is hard to watch is Nanny Carrie trying to makes the moves on Nathan. She needs to back the hell off pretty quickly. BUT I liked how Q came around and decided to read the book for Haley. That dinner party felt so grown up.

    Victoria really is a bitch and I feel so sorry for Brooke. I hated the dream where Victoria was lovely and then Brooke woke up and she asked the same things but got horrible response. Sad times! And Mia talking about why she wants to sing was great too. The theme of dreams was good - and I liked how the topic of Dan came up.

    The show feels more grown up right now and I like it for that.

  • Lucas + Peyton - True Love Always

    Victoria is awful and since she has never been around she has no idea who Brooke's friends are and just assumes they have shown up since her success, but um hello...Haley was successful long before Brooke was. And Brooke is an adult and has basically been on her own to take care of herself most of her life and make her own decisions and mistakes. Victoria has not business butting in at COB or with Peyton's record label. Mia is a wonderful singer and Victoria needs to back off.

    I love that Peyton went to her old house. I had wondered what happened to it since she basically just moved out of it and into the apartment with Brooke without any mention of Larry or what happened to the house. The colors are different but it still looks like Peyton's room with the shelves Larry built and the closet door. The Lucas + Peyton TLA thing on the door was sweet, but also random since we never saw Peyton put it on the door. The last thing we saw on the door was the names under Brooke and Peyton. It's also kind of weird that Molly kept it that way.

    It kinds of sucks the way Peyton announced she doesn't like Lindsey, but I don't blame her since I don't like her either. It's both funny and scary that Jamie is having these nightmares about Dan. Of course Skills would tell him the truth that Dan is in prison, but I'm glad he doesn't know the reason why.

    Nanny Carrie has got to go. Nathan and Haley have been through enough. They don't need some crazy nanny crushing on Nathan trying to break them up. And I love that they finally got through to Q. It was really great seeing him read the book at the end of the episode. I'm still not that big a fan of him, but I do like him better then Lindsey.

    And then...Lucas and Peyton. Wow!! Seeing them finally have it out over what happened in LA was incredible. We've never seen them have a real fight like this before. It was intense. I loved when Peyton showed him all the copies of the book she had. It was scary when she threw them at him, but she still loves him and he needs to know that so he can finally admit that he still loves her, too.

  • Season 5, Episode 6.

    Lucas confronts Peyton about her nasty behavior towards Lindsey and Brooke must confront Victoria about meddling with Peyton's record label. Nathan begins to grow closer to Carrie, Haley continues to struggle in dealing with Quentin, and Mouth must choose sides between his co-workers and Alice. I really liked this episode. The scene with Nathan and Carrie in the pool was just weird, and I feel so bad for Haley. Wouldn't Molly paint over the door with Lucas and Peyton's names on it? She's a freak. Mia's missing! LMAO, Skills told Jamie that Dan went to jail for not cleaning his room. Haha, Jamie's retarded. Haha, nah, but he's very gullible. Good episode, especially the Brooke scene when she told Victoria she loved her.moreless
  • More or less, this was a great episode to watch.

    While Nanny Carrie and Brooks beast of a mother, Victoria continue to push my buttons with their unnecessary ways of ruining peoples lives, I noticed my resentment sprawling towards Nanny Carrie more so this episode with her ways of moving in on Nathan.

    Most of all however, I was completely enthralled by what I took as tremendous acting on the part of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. A classic love drunken scene between Lucas and Peyton lifted my spirits - you could feel it meant something. It also took my mind of the sad truth of Lindsay.

    Then alas, a beautiful display of a friendship most would only dream of between Brook and Peyton that would bring comfort - and envy - to anyones heart.

    Great episode.moreless
  • It's confrontation time in Tree Hill, as Lucas confronts Peyton about her nasty behavior towards Lindsey and Brooke must confront Victoria about meddling with Peyton's record label.

    Brooke's dream was depressing. Her mom is so mean to her, she said 'whatever' when she told her she loved her. That is no way to talk to your daughter. I wish Lucas and Peyton got engaged! I so wish it would happen, and hopefully it will soon. I hate the nanny; she needs to go away! It makes me mad that she's in the pool with Nathan and flirting with him. Haley is afraid that he is having an affair. Lucas dreamt of Peyton; I really want a LP reunion :) They are the cutest couple, in my opinion next to Nathan and Haley.moreless
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Hailey Wist


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Victoria wants to listen to Mia, Haley runs over to the sound booth. It goes to a far shot of the sound booth and you can see Haley is in there, but then it goes over to the sound booth and Haley is just walking in.

    • In the scene where Lucas takes the ring box out of the draw you can see a tattoo of an anchor on Chad Michael Murray's wrist.

    • When Lucas and Lindsey are having dinner with Nathan and Haley, Nathan asks Haley how was her day and she says that she gave Quentin a new chance, like if Nathan didn't know about it. But Nathan already knew it, in the beginning of the episode he goes to the court after Quentin and tries to convince him to read the book.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Jamie's nightmare)
      Dan: Well well... Hello Jamie. Would you like to come with grandpa?
      Jamie: Mama! Daddy! Mama!
      Haley: Hey, baby... What's the matter?
      Nathan: Did you have a bad dream buddy?
      Jamie: He tried to get me!
      Haley: Who did?
      Jamie: Grandpa Dan. He escaped.
      Haley: From heaven?
      Jamie: Prison.

    • Lucas: We need to talk. Did you tell Lindsey that you don't like her?
      Peyton: Kinda.
      Lucas: What the hell Peyton! She's been nice to you!

    • (Peyton is outside her old house looking at her old room and a girl is coming out)
      Molly: Can I help you?
      Peyton: Is that your room? It used to be mine.
      Molly: You wanna see it?
      Peyton: You sure? I could be a psycho you don't know what happens!
      Molly: (she's laughing) You're not a psycho! You're Peyton. (Peyton looks surprised) Come on. (they go in)
      Peyton: Wow! It's different! Oh!...
      Molly: Molly
      Peyton: Molly... Yeah... God... You know, when I lived here the walls were red!...
      Molly: A red bedroom? That's crazy.
      Peyton: Oh!.. No, it was everything I wanted it to be... But I mean this is nice too.
      Molly: Thanks.
      Peyton: Yeah...
      Molly: So, you really loved him huh? Lucas?
      Peyton: What are you? Some kind of psyche?
      (Molly is showing Peyton her closet doors writing Peyton and Lucas True Love Always)
      Molly: Was it really True Love Always?
      (Peyton looks confused and nostalgic)

    • Mia: I'm sorry I disappeared, I just needed time to think about everything, and honestly I don't think I'm the one to do all this with. Start your label with.
      Peyton: Because you're scared?
      Mia: Because, I don't think I'm ready, and I know how important this is to you.
      Peyton: Okay. Mia why do you write songs?
      Mia: What do you mean?
      Peyton: When you think about your career what do you want? What's gonna be enough.
      Mia: I don't know.
      Peyton: Alright, maybe you're right maybe you're not ready.
      Mia: I wanna help someone. I wanna reach that girl or that boy who wakes up one day and feels like it's not worth it anymore.
      Peyton: Why, because you've been that person?
      Mia: Maybe, it's like I don't need to be famous and I don't need all of the money in the world, it's not about that. It's about that girl who is having a horrible day and she hears your song and for five minutes there's hope. You know? It's like for five minutes the world's not such a scary place for her anymore. You asked what's gonna be enough, that will be enough, that will be more than enough.
      Peyton: I take it back maybe you are ready.

    • (Lucas goes to see Peyton in her office)
      Lucas: I saw your lights on, which isn't that surprising, I mean I know how hard you work. (She gives him a rather cold look without saying anything) You know, you haven't been yourself lately Peyton. I mean not the Peyton I remember.
      Peyton: Well, I haven't been that Peyton for three years.
      Lucas: What's going on?
      Peyton: Okay. I went by my old house, there's a teenage girl living now. And she showed me my closet door, and you know what that said? Lucas and Peyton, True Love Always. Always Lucas, that's what we were supposed to have until you showed up in L.A. three years ago and ambushed me.
      Lucas: If by ambushed you mean proposed to you?
      Peyton: (upset and angry) Oh, yeah, out of the blue! A proposal that was driven by some insecurity that I have never been able to understand!
      Lucas: (also upset and growing angry) Insecurity? Right. Let me tell you how you get "Always" Peyton: when a man asks you to marry him, you say yes. You don't say no and call him insecure!
      Peyton: I never said no! I said that I loved you and that I did wanna marry you some day and, oh God, Luke! I wanted you so bad - but you gave up on us.
      Lucas: (standing up, close to losing control) I, I gave up on us?
      Peyton: Yes!
      Lucas: By proposing I gave up on us?
      Peyton: No! By not waiting you gave up on us, and you know that's the truth! (Peyton also stands up, shaking with anger)
      Lucas: That's great Peyton! (screaming) You wanna talk truth, let's tell the truth!
      Peyton: Okay.
      Lucas: You gave up on me! That's why you didn't say yes, you didn't think I could do it! You didn't think I could get my novel published, maybe you just didn't care, because it wasn't about you, or what you wanted.
      Peyton: Well, if that's the truth, if I never cared, (picking up a copy of the many she has of Lucas's novel), then how come every time I see this stupid book I buy it, (picking up another three copies), every stupid damn time Luke. (Screaming, she starts throwing the books at Lucas) You said I was great! You said I could be great! You said we were destined to be together, you said it to the world, you said it to me and I wish you never had because you did not mean any of it!!!
      Lucas: (rising his hands up in surrender and disbelief) I'm gonna go. (He starts walking away)
      Peyton: Okay, you know what? I'm gonna pay rent. I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'll figure it out, cause whatever this is, I don't feel right about it.
      Lucas: (walks back to answer her before he turns around again) It's called me being nice to you.
      Peyton: It needs to stop.
      Lucas: (angry but also desperate) I don't know, maybe you're right.

    • Peyton: Okay, so, tell me again, what happened?
      Haley: We walked in and bitch-toria (Victoria) was there waiting.

    • Haley: (talks about Mia) She's really nervous.
      Lindsey: Can you blame her? It's like she's playing a private concert for satan's wife. (about Victoria)

    • Victoria: (talks to Mia The song's called "No Good"?
      (Mia admits it)
      Victoria: Appropriate! (hints that Mia's performance was bad)

    • Haley: You're Brooke's mom, right?
      Victoria: Victoria. Also known as the "money" behind this, whatever this is.

    • Nathan: Did you tell Jamie my dad's in prison?
      Skills: Maybe.
      Nathan: Why?
      Skills: Because he's in prison.
      Nathan: What else did you tell him?
      Skills: Not much. Just the truth.
      Nathan: Like?
      Skills: Like the man killed Tupac and Biggie, never date girls named
      Bevin, and Santa Claus is black.
      Nathan: You say anything about the easter bunny?
      Skills: A bunny that lay eggs? You know how many questions he would ask me about that?
      Nathan: All right, just stay clear of the whole Dan thing until we figure out how we're gonna handle this, okay?
      Skills: Fine by me. I won't say a word.

    • Peyton: Hey ice queen! Stop being such a bitch to your daughter!
      Victoria: And did my daughter pay you to say that?
      Peyton: No, I came up with that one for free.
      Victoria: Well, I advise you keep your little under achieving mouth shut, because my relationship with my daughter is none of your business.
      Peyton: No, it is when you tear her down and call her stupid. See, the truth is, you're actually worried she's smart. And that's a threat to you because when she figures out how to do the business side of this company, goodbye, Victoria.
      Victoria: You're one to talk. Once I convince Brooke that you're just another leech sucking off the money teat, you will be broke and worthless.

    • Lucas: Lindsey... Peyton's got a big heart.
      Lindsey: Yeah, to go along with her big mouth. I know I went to an ivy league school, but if she keeps it up, she's gonna get her ass kicked.
      Haley: Ok, easy.

    • Nathan: You made the right decision.
      Quentin: I'm coming for that scoring title, and when I'm done, I'm gonna erase you.
      Nathan: Yeah, that's what I would have said.

    • Peyton: Lucas and Peyton. True love always!

    • Nathan: (to Quentin) I have a team. Everyday I wake up and I put on the uniform: mistakes, regret, what could've been; and if I could
      go back and change all that just by reading a book, trust me, I'd
      read the book. If not, welcome to the team Quentin.

    • Peyton: (to Brooke) Your moms a bitch.
      Brooke: What happened?
      Peyton: She went to the recording studio and freaked out Mia who is M.I.A. Imagine that. And now I don't have an artist.
      Brooke: I'm sorry Peyton, I'll talk to her.
      Peyton: It's either that, or my fist talks to her face, and that's going to be a longer conversation.
      Brooke: I will, I'm sorry.

    • (After Mouth leaves Brooke's store)
      Brooke: (Over the counter) Excuse me.
      Millicent: He's cute, huh? But he was buying a gift for someone.
      Brooke: Oh please, like Mouth's dating his boss.
      (Cut to Mouth and Alice making out)

    • Millicent: Oh no..
      Brooke: What?
      Millicent: It's him.
      Brooke: Who?
      Millicent: The hot guy I met at the opening. (she hides)
      Mouth: Hey!
      Brooke: Hey Honey! Step aside, hot guy coming through. (looks outside and realizes the hot guy is Mouth) Oh, hi.

    • Peyton: Stop tearing down your daughter. She might have to bite her tongue with you because you're mother but you are not mine.
      Victoria:No I am not. As a matter of fact, It's quite clear you never had a mother.
      Peyton:Yeah, neither did Brooke.

    • Carrie: (to Lindsey) By the way, I completely agree with what you said about Peyton. Just because someone has history with a person doesn't mean that's who they should be with.

  • NOTES (5)

    • In the DVD, you can hear an audio commentary by James Lafferty (Nathan), Torrey DeVitto (Carrie), creator Mark Schwahn and music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington.

    • Additional scenes:
      -Lucas and Lindsey are back at their house after the dinner. Lucas tells her he forgot his laptop, and that he'll go get it, but he goes instead to see Peyton at her office.
      -After Alice leaves Mouth's room, Skills, Fergie and Junk come in to congratulate him for "scoring a cougar". Mouth tells them about the second thoughts he's getting, but they convince him to keep seeing her.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Saturday, April 12, 2008 on TV3+
      Norway: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 on TVNorge
      Greece: Saturday, May 24, 2008 on Star
      Latin America: Sunday, July 6, 2008 on FoxLife
      United Kingdom: Monday, July 14, 2008 on E4
      Australia: Sunday, October 19, 2008 on TEN HD
      Germany: Thursday, July 8, 2010 on VOXa

    • This marks the first appearance of Joe Manganiello as Owen the bartender.

    • Featured Music:
      "Hughes" by The New Amsterdams
      "No Good" by Kate Voegele
      "Happy Alone" by Earlimart
      "Side of the Road" by Matt Shwachman
      "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet
      "Looking For Love" by Michelle Featherstone
      "The Subtle Labyrinth" by Mike Wolpe
      "Vision" by Oliver Future
      "Get Your Hands Up" by Kustoo
      "Better Than Love" by Griffin House
      "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band Of Horses

      "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet was also used in the episodes "Pilot" and "Prom Night At Hater High".


    • Skills and Jamie are seen playing the game Rock Band on an Xbox 360 Developer Kit, which is not sold to the public.

    • Episode Title: Don't Dream It's Over

      "Don't Dream It's Over" is the name of a song by the Australian rock band Crowded House off the album Crowded House.
      It has also been rereleased by Sixpence None the Richer.