One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 10

Don't Take Me for Granted

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2004 on The CW
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    Goodbye, One Tree Hill: The 8 Most Memorable Moments of the Past 9 Seasons

    One Tree Hill is about to conclude its ninth and final season... but before we bid the show adieu, let's recall some of the most memorable moments from the past nine years.

  • Episode Summary

    Nathan is concerned about Lucas' health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Dan offers Keith the chance to continue working at the dealership - as vice president. Meanwhile, Peyton must confront the circulating rumors that she is a lesbian, and Nathan and Haley's relationship continues to deteriorate.moreless

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    • The new characters are too weak.

      Don't Take Me For Granted had lots of drama. I just didn't like most of it.

      The Bad. Felix and Brooke officially getting together meant nothing to me. I don't like Felix and don't know why Brooke would either. He's just annoying and even now it's kind of obvious that he put 'dyke' on Peyton's locker. Again, I don't care about Anna. Her sexuality issues should be interesting but I just think she's a lifeless character and keeps blowing off Peyton which I hate. I don't believe for a second that Haley would doubt going back to Nathan for Chris Kellar. This was just a ridiculous cliffhanger to keep people going until the next episode. I hated the kiss too - there hasn't been something there since the start Chris Kellar. Why can't their marriage be healthy for a little while longer?

      The Good. While Peyton wanting to buy drugs is a little OTT for my liking, I liked how she handled the graffiti on her locker. She was pretty bad-ass when came into school with that top on and then took it off in the hallway when the principal told her to, Probably the best scene in the episode. And Jake returning of course! They've been setting it up for the past few episodes and that was a good cliffhanger. He looks fit too with that new hair cut, and he didn't look impressed that she was about to do drugs. Karen finding out about the HCM test that Lucas turned down was intense and I liked how she banned him from basketball. There is a lot less basketball in this season so far and that kind of feels weird. It was a chopped on ending but I did like how Deb came clean to Karen about sleeping with Keith.

      The Okay. The reveal that Jules is working for Dan was a good ending to thee episode but also a really silly idea. For gods sake can't anyone be happy on this show? Mouth being the one who smashed Brooke' car was a nice twist. I just don't care that much about him. I don't know why but I though Lucas suddenly realising he has feelings for Brooke was kind of out of the blue. I mean they've only just started hanging out again? So the scene where he sees her and Lucas kissing had little impact on me.

      So still struggling with storylines and new characters.

    • Mid Season Finale

      The formal is over and now everyone is dealing with the aftermath.

      Nathan spent the night at Lucas' to avoid another fight with Haley after he comes clean about High Flyers. Nathan also tells Karen that Lucas may have HCM, but won't take the test. Haley is relieved to hear that Nathan is okay. She doesn't want anything or anyone to come between them and agrees to stop seeing Chris. Nathan threatens Chris to stay away. When Haley goes to say goodbye to Chris he kisses her and asks her to come to New York with him.

      Brooke discovers that he car window has been smashed in by a brick. She thinks it was Felix, but we find out later it was Mouth. He was upset and jealous because he loves Brooke. Felix also tells Brooke about a past relationship he had that broke his heart. They decide to begin a full on relationship now.

      Lucas breaks things off with Anna because he realizes he still has feelings for someone from his past and feels like she is slipping away. I was really hoping it would be Peyton, but he goes to see Brooke to tell her how he feels only to discover she has gotten back together with Felix.

      Peyton is not doing well in this episode. She misses Jake and Jenny, but she also dealing with the fact that someone spray painted "dyke" on her locker. She is an emotional wreck and decides she needs something that only her old pal Rick can give her. When she goes to buy something from him someone from her past shows up. Personally I was hoping it was Lucas coming along. Both to help her and to tell her how he feels, but I was really happy to see Jake.

      Deb admits to Karen the truth about her and Keith. Keith realizes he loves Jules and leaves her a message to tell her. And to our surprise (but we really shouldn't have been because it's Dan) we see Jules at home listening to the message with Dan next her and congratulating her on a job well done just like they planned.moreless
    • this was a good ep

      in this ep of the show one tree hill lucas is having health problems and nathan is concered so he goes and tells lucas mother karne about it and how he did not take the heart test and then nathan is having marriage issues already and its about chris and the siging thing . and payton is having problems herself about being a lesbian and how people may think she is even though she is not at all its anna who is this was a good ep i thought and it has alot of emotions in it that is why i gave it a 9moreless
    • Season 2, Episode 10.

      Nathan is concerned about Lucas' health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Dan offers Keith the chance to continue working at the dealership - as vice president. Meanwhile, Peyton must confront the circulating rumors that she is a lesbian, and Nathan and Haley's relationship continues to deteriorate. Nathan is shirtless in every episode... I'm not complaining but I think they're taking JL for granted. I love the Brooke and Lucas friendship that they're rebuilding. I can't believe Felix did that to Brooke's heart. I can understand Nathan wanting Haley to stop working with Chris, but it's a little selfish. Great episode. =]moreless
    • love it

      Nathan is concerned about Lucas's health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Dan offers Keith to continue working at the dealership-as vice president. At school, Peyton must confront the rumors going around that she is a lesbian. This affects her friendship with Anna. And for Nathan and Haley, they begin to grow apart. This episode is named after a song by Social Distortion. Angry words, angry deeds. Karen bans Lucas from the basketball team, Nathan threatens Chris and Peyton taks a drastic step when someone starts a rumour that she is a lesbian. I really enjoyed this episode. Nathan was awesome. I really, really enjoyed it when he theatened Chris, it was awesome because I really hate chris plus what Nathan said was awesome. I think this epsiodes made me like Nathan even more than I did. He was awesome. The episode itself was awesome but Nathan did it for me. All in all another great episode for season two of One Tree Hill.moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • When Peyton is talking to the principal in the hallway, there is a girl behind her who disappears and reappears between shots.

      • According to Nathan, the formal took place on a Sunday, having slept at Luke's house from Sunday to Monday. But on the previous episode, Luke is seen taking Brooke home in the morning and Nathan is at the beach house making several scenes on this episode impossible.

      • When Brooke and Peyton are sitting outside on a bench during lunch, Brooke's hair is in front of both her shoulders when the looking at her head-on. But when the camera is looking at Brooke from the side, you can see that her hair is pushed behind her left shoulder, not in front.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • (referring to the word "dyke" spray-painted on Peyton's locker)
        Brooke: Nobody's taking this seriously.
        Peyton: Really? Because half the girls in P.E. wouldn't change in front of me.
        Brooke: That's because you look better than they do naked.

      • Karen: (offscreen) LUCAS EUGENE SCOTT!!
        Lucas: Oh, that sounds bad....

      • Karen: Lucas, basketball is a game. Now, I am glad that you have a talent. But do you really think that I would put a game before your life?
        Lucas: I would.
        Karen: Oh, grow up. That tragic hero crap only works in the movies. And you know what they don't show you after they fade out? The hero's mother putting her foot up his ass.

      • Felix: Brooke, just talk to me. Just tell me how you feel. I know it's scary and I know you had a hard time with Lucas. But just tell me if you can show me your heart. Because if you do, I'll guard it with my life. Just say ok.
        Brooke: Ok.

      • Chris: Can't you trust her? I mean, isn't that what this is about? You love her, you married her, but can you trust her? 'Cause if you can, you got nothing to worry about right? Come on man, I don't have a problem with you.
        Nathan: You see, you do have a problem with me, a big problem! You could smile and act cool if you want to but the fact is man, I used to destroy guys like you, daily. It'd be a shame if something happened to this hand. You couldn't play that little guitar anymore, huh? Just like it'd be a shame if you were taking advantage of Haley. Don't cry rock star... it'd ruin your make-up.

      • Dan: Lucas, what did you see when you died? After the accident when your heart stopped, what did you see? Because when my heart failed I saw you. Your mother can't bear to lose you Lucas, neither can I.

      • Lucas: Is this my apology?
        Nathan: No. This is Haley's apology. I don't owe you one. You know why? Because nobody wants to lose you, Luke. Not your mom. Not Keith. Not Haley. Not me.
        Lucas: There's nothing wrong with my heart, Nate.
        Nathan: Yeah? That's what you said after your car accident. You told me you didn't wanna be afraid to live your life.
        Lucas: That's right.
        Nathan: Well, I don't buy it Luke. I think there's something in your heart you're running from.
        Lucas: What are you? Psychic?
        Nathan: You can make jokes about it all you want but you know there's a girl you have feelings for.
        Lucas: Nathan...
        Nathan: Look me in the eye. Tell me I'm wrong. See? Now you can be mad at me all you want. You can say your heart's fine but until you tell this girl how you feel, your heart's gonna be flawed. You need to talk to her Luke.

      • Anna: First, they put away the dealers. Then, they put away the prostitutes. Then, they shooed away the bums and beat and bash the queers. Turned away asylum-seekers. Fed us suspicions and fears. We didn't raise our voice. We didn't make a fuss. It's funny, there was no one left to notice when they came for us.

      • Felix: I didn't break your window baby... just your heart.

      • Lucas: (voiceover) Nathaniel Hawthorne once wrote: No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.

      • Lucas: You know how much I care about you, Anna? Because I do. But there's somebody else. And she's a part of my history that came before you. And I've been lying to myself about the way that I feel about her. Aand I need to see her tonight. 'Cause I feel like she's slipping away. I'm sorry, Anna.

      • Peyton: Anna, it's not about who I am, okay? It's about who they are. They are people who hate, and they divide, and they feed off of people who don't fight back. Yeah, I could laugh this off, but what about the girl who can't? Who's gonna help her? Silence only makes them stronger.

      • Mr. Turner: Miss Sawyer, you know we have a policy regarding wardrobe that's offensive or profane.
        Peyton: Does that policy extend to lockers, cause you haven't removed that yet, have you?
        Mr. Turner: You know the drill. Go to the office and change or be sent home.
        Peyton: Ok, Mr. Turner, have you ever heard of Victor Jara? No? Um, he was this musician, right, and he fought injustice with his songs and when they broke his hands and when they taunted him, he just sang even louder.
        Mr. Turner: Look, Peyton, oppression's not exactly a mystery to me, okay? I feel your pain.
        Peyton: No! No, you don't. Okay, I'm sorry, but you don't know anything about my pain!
        Mr. Turner: Maybe so but there are counselors you can talk to. Literature you can read.
        Peyton: Okay, I'm... I'm not gay, Mr. Turner!!! But you know what? If I was, I wouldn't let other people tear me down because of it and I sure as hell wouldn't be looking for my answers in one of your pamphlets!
        Mr. Turner: Policy is clear, Peyton. Remove the shirt or be suspended.
        Peyton: Fine. (takes off her shirt, leaving her in a red bra and throws it at him) Can you hear my song now, Mr. Turner?

    • NOTES (2)

      • Although credited, Barry Corbin (Whitey) does not appear in this episode.

      • Featured Music:
        "How to Be Dead" by Snow Patrol
        "When It Comes" by Tyler Hilton
        "Life's Disease" by Shutterfly
        "Sideways" by Citizen Cope
        "Shoot Your Gun" by 22-20's
        "Re-gaining Unconsciousness" by NOFX
        "Pills" by The Perishers
        "23" by Jimmy Eat World

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Felix (To Anna after she comes home the morning after the formal): Well, angel of the morning.

        Angel of the Morning is a hit pop song that has been recorded many times, by artists such as Juice Newton, Olivia Newton-John, and Dusty Springfield.

      • Anna: "First they put away the dealers, then they put away the prostitutes, then they shooed away the bums, and they beat and bashed the queers, turned away asylum seekers, fed us suspicions and fears. We didn't raise our voice, we didn't make a fuss. It's funny, there was no one left to notice...".
        Peyton: "... when they came for us".

        These are some of the lyrics from the 2003 song "Regaining Unconsciousness" by NOFX.

      • Episode Title: Don't Take Me For Granted

        "Don't Take Me For Granted" is from the band Social Distortion off the album, Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll.