One Tree Hill

Season 2 Episode 10

Don't Take Me for Granted

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2004 on The CW

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  • The new characters are too weak.

    Don't Take Me For Granted had lots of drama. I just didn't like most of it.

    The Bad. Felix and Brooke officially getting together meant nothing to me. I don't like Felix and don't know why Brooke would either. He's just annoying and even now it's kind of obvious that he put 'dyke' on Peyton's locker. Again, I don't care about Anna. Her sexuality issues should be interesting but I just think she's a lifeless character and keeps blowing off Peyton which I hate. I don't believe for a second that Haley would doubt going back to Nathan for Chris Kellar. This was just a ridiculous cliffhanger to keep people going until the next episode. I hated the kiss too - there hasn't been something there since the start Chris Kellar. Why can't their marriage be healthy for a little while longer?

    The Good. While Peyton wanting to buy drugs is a little OTT for my liking, I liked how she handled the graffiti on her locker. She was pretty bad-ass when came into school with that top on and then took it off in the hallway when the principal told her to, Probably the best scene in the episode. And Jake returning of course! They've been setting it up for the past few episodes and that was a good cliffhanger. He looks fit too with that new hair cut, and he didn't look impressed that she was about to do drugs. Karen finding out about the HCM test that Lucas turned down was intense and I liked how she banned him from basketball. There is a lot less basketball in this season so far and that kind of feels weird. It was a chopped on ending but I did like how Deb came clean to Karen about sleeping with Keith.

    The Okay. The reveal that Jules is working for Dan was a good ending to thee episode but also a really silly idea. For gods sake can't anyone be happy on this show? Mouth being the one who smashed Brooke' car was a nice twist. I just don't care that much about him. I don't know why but I though Lucas suddenly realising he has feelings for Brooke was kind of out of the blue. I mean they've only just started hanging out again? So the scene where he sees her and Lucas kissing had little impact on me.

    So still struggling with storylines and new characters.

  • Mid Season Finale

    The formal is over and now everyone is dealing with the aftermath.

    Nathan spent the night at Lucas' to avoid another fight with Haley after he comes clean about High Flyers. Nathan also tells Karen that Lucas may have HCM, but won't take the test. Haley is relieved to hear that Nathan is okay. She doesn't want anything or anyone to come between them and agrees to stop seeing Chris. Nathan threatens Chris to stay away. When Haley goes to say goodbye to Chris he kisses her and asks her to come to New York with him.

    Brooke discovers that he car window has been smashed in by a brick. She thinks it was Felix, but we find out later it was Mouth. He was upset and jealous because he loves Brooke. Felix also tells Brooke about a past relationship he had that broke his heart. They decide to begin a full on relationship now.

    Lucas breaks things off with Anna because he realizes he still has feelings for someone from his past and feels like she is slipping away. I was really hoping it would be Peyton, but he goes to see Brooke to tell her how he feels only to discover she has gotten back together with Felix.

    Peyton is not doing well in this episode. She misses Jake and Jenny, but she also dealing with the fact that someone spray painted "dyke" on her locker. She is an emotional wreck and decides she needs something that only her old pal Rick can give her. When she goes to buy something from him someone from her past shows up. Personally I was hoping it was Lucas coming along. Both to help her and to tell her how he feels, but I was really happy to see Jake.

    Deb admits to Karen the truth about her and Keith. Keith realizes he loves Jules and leaves her a message to tell her. And to our surprise (but we really shouldn't have been because it's Dan) we see Jules at home listening to the message with Dan next her and congratulating her on a job well done just like they planned.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show one tree hill lucas is having health problems and nathan is concered so he goes and tells lucas mother karne about it and how he did not take the heart test and then nathan is having marriage issues already and its about chris and the siging thing . and payton is having problems herself about being a lesbian and how people may think she is even though she is not at all its anna who is this was a good ep i thought and it has alot of emotions in it that is why i gave it a 9
  • Season 2, Episode 10.

    Nathan is concerned about Lucas' health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Dan offers Keith the chance to continue working at the dealership - as vice president. Meanwhile, Peyton must confront the circulating rumors that she is a lesbian, and Nathan and Haley's relationship continues to deteriorate. Nathan is shirtless in every episode... I'm not complaining but I think they're taking JL for granted. I love the Brooke and Lucas friendship that they're rebuilding. I can't believe Felix did that to Brooke's heart. I can understand Nathan wanting Haley to stop working with Chris, but it's a little selfish. Great episode. =]
  • love it

    Nathan is concerned about Lucas's health, so he tells Karen that Lucas didn't take the heart test. Dan offers Keith to continue working at the dealership-as vice president. At school, Peyton must confront the rumors going around that she is a lesbian. This affects her friendship with Anna. And for Nathan and Haley, they begin to grow apart. This episode is named after a song by Social Distortion. Angry words, angry deeds. Karen bans Lucas from the basketball team, Nathan threatens Chris and Peyton taks a drastic step when someone starts a rumour that she is a lesbian. I really enjoyed this episode. Nathan was awesome. I really, really enjoyed it when he theatened Chris, it was awesome because I really hate chris plus what Nathan said was awesome. I think this epsiodes made me like Nathan even more than I did. He was awesome. The episode itself was awesome but Nathan did it for me. All in all another great episode for season two of One Tree Hill.
  • Alot of secrets revealed in this episode. Deb finally admits that she slept with Keith who was still her brother-in-law at the time thats just gross. Payton struggles to do drugs but someone from her past shows up and saves the day Jake She was week

    I Thought this episode was amazing. They really brought out Hilarie's character in this episode. she struggles to drugs for a number of reasons. she claims she is week but thankfully someone from her past shows up thank you JAKE! she needed that. there are rumors going around school that she is a bi sexual which is absoutely not true. Nathan is concerned for his brother's health so he tells Karen about it which angers Lucas but it is revealed that Nathan didnt say anything is it was Dan who said something to Karen. anyway the way Jake appeared was so random and so quick I loved his entrance because Payton was with Rick cuz she wanted more stuff. in the next episode she claims that she was weak and he saved her once again so thank you Jake we miss you
  • I loved it a lot!

    Brooke finds her car is vandalized. Nathan and Haley are still fighting. Peyton is a victim of a hate crime as she is labeled as a lesbian. Felix wants to have a real relationship with Brooke. Haley says she won't see Chris anymore, she goes to say goodbye. Karen wants to force Lucas to take the heart test. Lucas figures that Dan told her and is angry at him. Nathan confronts him and says he told Karen, not Dan. Deb tells Karen the truth about her and Keith. Dan offers Keith a job as vice president. Keith tells Jules he loves her, so he stays. Lucas breaks things off with Anna. Nathan tells Lucas to tell the girl that he has feelings for, that he has feelings for her. Peyton is tempted to do drugs again as she feels alone and misses Jake. Jake comes back! Lucas goes to Brooke, but finds her with Felix. Mouth admits to vandalizing Brooke's car. Chris and Haley share a kiss and he invites her to go with him to New York. She ends up at the station with him. As Keith is leaving a message for Jules, we find her and Dan in her living room. Dan hired Jules to trick Keith.

    This was a great episode! I think Lucas and Brooke make a better couple than Felix and Brooke. Mouth is the best one for Brooke out of all of them though. I'm glad Jake is back! He was a great character! I don't like Chris though. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Haley and Nathan are on the verge of separation!Brook finally gives in to Felix's seduction.

    Oh my God, I can't believe Haley could be so stupid as to go to New York with the ugly rocker!!!Maybe he and Peyton would have made a nice couple, but Haley!!!???I thought she was ready to give up singing because of her husband and suddenly, she's on the bus with some self-confident guitar player!!!It's nowhere near fair for Nathan since he sacrificed so much for her!
    Another unexpected twist - Lucas is still/has fallen in love with Brook, although everything pointed out to him being more connected with Peyton and just at that time, Brook decides to finally try a more serious relation with Felix! Talking about clever writing!
    Finally, I feel so much pity for Peyton and her problems, people at school thinking she's a dyke all her friends having a love partner, except for her and it's no surprise she was turning to drugs. Thank God Jake is coming back and hopefully will save her from the abyss she was falling in.
    Really clever plot twisting!
  • Karen finds out about Lucas not taking the HCM test.

    I thought that this episode was really good and really exciting. I thought that it was really funny to see Lucas getting yelled at by his mother because she found out that he may have inherieted a heart condition from his father. I found it really funny that Nathan was the one who told her about the condition after Lucas helped him out with the whole avoiding Haley. I felt bad for Peyton because someone spray painted dyke on her locker. then to have her so called friend blow you off because of what was written on her locker. I really like what she did in response to her locker.
  • Someone paints Dyke on Peytons locker, someone smashes Brooke's windsheild, Karen finds out Luke didnt take the HCM test and Haley and Chris share a kiss

    I love this epi mainly because super hot Jake comes back at the end but also when Peyton gets in trouble for having Dyke on her T-shirt. To me it shows the rebelious side of her that i love. But the other side of her is there aswell and she is missing her mum, Jake and Jenny. Brooke is confused about her feelings for Felix but goes out with him anyway. Haley and Chris kiss and he tells her to come with him on tour with him. I was totally suprised when she went with him but i felt worse for Nate who is waiting at home for her!
  • Haley is undecided about leaving with Chris to pursue her dreams. Nathan is insecure as he feels Chris is in love with Haley. Brooke isn't sure about her feelings for Felix until he shows her how he truely feels.

    I really like the part which shows the relationship between Brooke and Felix. Im quite uncertain about the part where Brooke is still in love with her ex-boyfriend, Lucas. It could be because she's not really certain of Lucas true feelings towards her which causes her to be quite vulnerable and fall for Felix. I mean. I truely feel that Felix and Brooke are indeed a suitable couple which fits perfectly. Probably because of their characters which are somewhat similiar. It was extremely touching that they both finally realizes how much they mean to each other.

    Is Haley really in love with Chris? Did she really kissed him knowing that its wrong? Imagine how would Nathan feel after discovering the truth about them? I really feel bad for him though...Poor NATHAN!

    Peyton shouldn't cared about rumours. Isn't that what high school is all about? Rumours come and go all the time and nobody could do anything to prevent it from occuring.
  • one of the best series episode i've ever watched

    one tree hill did'nt promise a shocking scenario, unbeleivable evnts or magnificent charactrs at the beginning, i guess. but later the plot developed so cleverly that even the simplest conversations between caharcters were awesome.

    this episode cleared our minds. when season 2 began, a lot was different but now it all started to settle down, now we know the cahacters much closely.

    will haley betray nathan? will lucas tell brooke about his feelings, will peyton stop going down etc. all these questions created the mistery that is able to carry the whole season.

    much to come i know but these are enough for me.
  • This episode deals with the aftermath of the formal and how each character deals with the next day.

    at the beginning of this episode we learn that someone has smashed in Brookes windshield so she immediately turns to Lucas for help. We find out that Lucas let Nathan crash at his place so he didn\'t have to face Haley yet. Dan in this episode offers Keith a vice president position at the dealership. Karen finds out about Lucas\' heart test and flips on him urging him to take it. Peyton finds that someone had started rumors about her and started by writing things on her locker. Then in one of my favorite scenes of the show peyton fights back against the system of things and those who judged her. This episode was a great one and introduces things that will later play an important role in the show.
  • an eventfull episode! thats all i can say.

    i loved it, LOVED it. its great and jake returned, not a moment too late. lucas finally figured out how perfect brooke is for him, and then his too late. somehow i think he deservse it, he broke her heart so many times he needs to know how it feels. haley, i dont like this side of her, she sould be with nathan, no doubt about it!! absolutly my favorite episode.
  • A great episode, among the best in season two.

    Last year, when season two was new, I was hesitant about it. I didn't think it came near to the quality of season one. Now that I have it on DVD, it's a lot better than I remembered. This episode is one of the strongest in the entire season.

    Amidst all the conflict going on, you see how much these characters care about each other: Nathan going to Karen about the HCM test Lucas didn't take, Haley putting recent troubles with Nathan aside when she found out about his heart test. I personally love all that stuff, and I loved seeing it here. This episode has the stuff that makes for great TV.