One Tree Hill

Season 5 Episode 13

Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2008 on The CW
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Lucas is distraught after being being dumped at the altar, while Nathan and Haley go to counseling to work out their marital problems, with surprising results. Dan is a free man, but he runs into a dead end trying to readjust. Brooke is asked some difficult questions while being interviewed to be an adoptive mom. Meanwhile, Peyton gets a visit from her old friend, Max, the old owner of the infamous Tree Hill music shop.moreless

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  • Good, quiet episode.

    I remember hating Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace the first time I saw it - this time, not so much.

    It was actually quite refreshing to have an episode where everyone just took stock of their lives. I loved Brooke here. While her desire for a child was incredibly random she was so passionate and nice that she turned me around. Please let Brooke Davis have a child. And she's so cute with Jamie too. Haley and Nathan were a little soppy but I do like how they're back on track. Peyton was also soppy and probably the least interesting but I still liked the scenes. Lucas going after Lindsey is literally another way to drag out him and Peyton. STUPID. And Dan was breable here...and is also quite sweet with Jamie.

    All in all, a good quiet episode.


  • Four Weeks Later

    It's been four weeks since the almost wedding and Jamie's kidnapping.

    I loved when Nathan and Lucas both went after Dan. They are glad Jamie is safe, but this was their chance to let out their anger and it was pretty awesome.

    Lucas: He has spent the last month out at sea with Karen, Andy, and Lily. I liked seeing Lily and Andy again and that sweet moment between Lucas and his little sister, but it would have been nice to see Karen, too. I don't know why he wants to try and get Lindsey back. It's pointless. He may have feelings for her on some level, but he is not in love with her.

    Peyton: After the almost wedding she wants to sell her car. She feels bad that her car is basically what caused Lindsey to leave, but she needs to get over it because it's not her fault. Lucas was lying to everyone about his feelings, including himself and now has to face them. I loved seeing Max again. He is a great character. I love that Mark just created this character for himself.

    Brooke: She is trying to adopt. Brooke will make a great mother and I just really hope that the adoption lady will see that. She shouldn't believe anything Victoria has to say about Brooke because Victoria is just being petty and doesn't know anything about being a mother because she never was one.

    Nathan/Haley: I am so so glad that they are working things out. Like Lucas and Peyton they belong together and they are true embodiments of true love and they give us all hope and make us believe that love is out there. I loved their therapy session. Hearing all the great things they had to say about each other and hearing Nathan say that he fell in love with Haley so early on.

    Dan/Jamie: I'm glad Dan saved Jamie and it's sort of sweet that Jamie loves him. He is the only one who doesn't know what Dan has done, but I don't trust Dan with him.moreless
  • Naley goodness = :)

    I loved Naley. They are so cute. It was definitely time for them to get back together. The counsler had a pretty annoying voice, but when they were talking about what they like about each other.

    Speaking of the Lucas needs to get over this moany whinning thing with Lindsey and wake up and smell the Peyton. I seriously don't get how Lucas would wait for Lindsey but he couldn't wait for Peyton. Andy was getting on my nevres with that too.

    Peyton talking to Max was nice. I loved how they were talking about Mia and she had a poster. I also liked how she went for that drive and took down the for sale sign.

    Dan needs to leave Tree Hill now. I don't trust him, especially with Jamie. I loved Brooke at the end with the adoption lady. I felt so bad for her when she said no and then Brooke totally nailed that speech. I can't believe they talked to Victoria.

    I also loved the closing voice over one of my new favorites I think.moreless
  • 4 weeks has passed, and basically nothing new has happened, it was just another: lets-talk-things-through-episode and it was way too much of a commercial for Foo Fighters newest album!

    4 weeks has passed, and basically nothing new has happened, it was just another: lets-talk-things-through-episode and it was way too much of a commercial for Foo Fighters newest album!

    I mean seriously: the name of the episode is the same as Foo Fighters newest album and the cover art for the album is shown 2 times, first we see the camera zooming out from it (in Peyton's office) and later we see Peyton pressing on it on the wall. If that's not enough, one of the last songs played in the episode is one from the exact same album. Product placement for the win!!

    But let's move on to what the episode was all about; Brook was having an interview with some lady from child-services, because see was apparently serious about adopting a kid. Haley and Nathan who has a couple session with an Australian/NZ psychologist, working on their marriage. Peyton in her office the former owner of a music shop Peyton used to go to, where she was talking about how much she misses Lucas. And finally Lucas who is far away with his niece, his mother and her boyfriend, where he is talking about how much he misses Lindsey. Overall I think it was a bit boring, after the first 5 min. of Haley and Nathans session it was pretty obvious that they are going to get back together, so I think a little too much time was spend on that subject, but then again, it was a realistic illustration of the fact that things like that can take a lot of time to fix.

    What I liked about the episode was brooks interview, but I think yet again that they exaggerated, because she is 22 years old, she is seeing someone and she is properly cable of having a child herself, but she just want one, NOW! But forgetting that for a second I think that Sophia Bush showed some great acting, and I like being in doubt about what's going to happened, because her speech at the end could have changed the child-services' lady's mind. I especially liked the end of the episode where she is picking up Jamie, she hugs him and starts crying, which emphasizes the fact that she really wanted to adopt a child, but was just denied it.

    It seemed like they were missing a character, so why not having the creator/writer of the Show just stepped in instead, so that Peyton also had someone to talk to? It just seemed way too unrealistic, first of all I could not stop thinking about the fact that he was the creator of OTH and his not so great acting didn't really help either. And why should Peyton open up to that guy? I don't really remember them as ever being close, to be honest I don't really remember him at all.

    It is a drama-show, so give us some drama, give us a new villain, since Brook has fired her mom and Dan is going all soft, something is just missing.moreless
  • Back to its worst, boring, soppy and really, pointless.

    Christ was this soppy and I hate soppy. I know Tree Hill is like that sometimes but what was the point here. Nothing happened at all, everyone just spoke about there problems, ones we've been watching and therefore know about, oh how dull.

    Andy and Lucas, don't care and never will for Andy. Just says annoying cheesy lines. Plus, what was with the stubble, get over themselves already. Peyton and Max, was okay for a minute, then soppy, soppy, soppy. he whole ' you think about him, Lucas' 'every day' CRAP!

    Dan was an ok story, not really interested. Brooke was strangely the most entertaining person, least annoying, least soppy. Some very soppy Nathan/Haley stuff, again alright. there therapist was okay, a tad annoying.

    Basically this was everything I hate about One Tree Hill. I did like the song at the end.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The voiceover at the end of the episode is used again at the end of the series finale, "One Tree Hill".

    • The phone number on Peyton's "For Sale" sign on her car is 555-0163.

    • In the scene where Dan is talking to Jamie after he got beaten up by Lucas and Nathan, we can see that he puts his hand on Jamie's shoulder but in the next shot it isn't.

    • Dan got paid $750 a year from the state for his work detail while in prison.

      That's $14.42 per week.

    • You can see the Mia's album cover in Peyton's office.

    • In a scene where Haley and Nathan are talking to the counseler, there is a shot of Haley with her foot up on the table and drinking water and she is wearing a blue sleeveless button down shirt with different colors on it, in the next seen the water is back on the table and her foot is down and she is wearing a jacket with an undershirt. Quickly after they show a shot of the counsler and when it goes back Haley's shirt has changed again and the cup is back in her hand.

    • In the therapy clip directly after Dan visits Jamie at daycare, Haley has no jacket on and when the camera angle changes, she is wearing her jacket again.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Peyton: I come in here and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be, and so I wish for patience, and grace, and the strength to just let him be happy. Mostly, I pray for the strength to not make his life worse because of what I want. That's the toughest part, letting go, you know? That's the part of grace that just really sucks.

    • Haley: Hey, I was thinking ahh...not sleeping in this bed might not be so bad if you wanted to try it with me.
      (Nathan walks over to Haley and kisses her. They fall onto the bed and start to make-out)
      Haley: Do you got anymore of that sexy talk?
      Nathan: Ahh, about the kindness stuff or the sexy stuff?
      Haley: Sexy.
      Nathan: You have a serious ass, Haley James.

    • Olivia: (asks Nathan and Haley) Tell me something. When was the last time the two of you did something really young and foolish together?
      Haley: With all due respect, we have been married nearly 6 years. We have a son who's almost 5. We don't get to be young.
      Olivia: Everyone gets to be young. Especially when you are.

    • Nathan: You know, sometimes I find your goodness staggering, I didn't get a chance to tell you in the session but, you're kindness is over whelming, Haley, you saved my life...if i haven't said it lately, you're also sexy as hell

    • Lindsey: I'll edit the book because I believe in it, and I believe in you, but we can't be together.
      Lucas: We will be, one of these days you're going to wake up, and you're going to feel that same me in your heart and you're going to realize how much I love you, and whenever that day is, I'll still be waiting for you, and you'll come home to me.

    • Max: Do you think about him...Lucas?
      Peyton: Everyday.

    • Lucas: So Peyton drives a freakin' Comet. What the hell? I mean, thank God the guy in the book didn't see a white Bronco. They'd all say I'm in love with O.J.

    • Lily: Where's mama?
      Lucas: Hey sleepyhead. She'll be back soon. How did you sleep?
      Lily: I had a dream about daddy.
      Lucas: Oh yeah?
      Lily: Mm-mmm and you were there. And you were sad, but daddy said everything is going to be okay.

    • Brooke: (to the adoption agency woman) Do you know what my mother said to me when I told her I wanted to start a company? She said "your chances are one in a million" and I said "Maybe I'm that one" and she said "you're not.". And she was wrong. And whatever she thought she saw in me was wrong... Because I am one in a million and there is a child out there who has something so special inside of them but whose life is miserable because they think that nobody wants them. And I could be a great mother to that child, no matter their age or race or sex. I could help them find what makes them special. And if you can't see that, then you're wrong, just like my mother. Why don't you go ahead and write that down?

    • Peyton: Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want, everything you want.
      Lucas: Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle is gonna come from, the next smile, the next wish come true.
      Peyton: But if you believe that it's right around the corner, and you open your heart and mind to possibility of it, to the certainty of it.
      Brooke: You just might get the thing you're wishing for.
      Nathan: The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So make your wish. Do you have it?
      Haley: Good. Now believe in it, with all your heart...

    • Nathan: (During the counselling session) I'm not good with being vulnerable, in fact this is probably the closest I've come to it, or the second closest.
      Olivia: What was the first?
      Nathan: When I was a Junior, in High school I took some stuff to help me with my game, drugs and it was a stupid thing to do. I ended up collapsing on the court and my Dad was all about covering it up for the scouts. Anyway when I left the hospital I went to see Haley because I needed to know if she could forgive me, I wanted to see if I still had the chance to great in her eyes, and when she did, when she forgave me- that was the moment that everything changed for me. That was the moment that I fell in love with her. This girl who could see past all the mistakes I have made. Now, I guess maybe sometimes I screw up because I want to feel that again. I suppose that sounds pretty broken...

    • Peyton: My Mom used to sing to me, I don't think I've ever told anyone that before, it was like our little secret. But every night she'd come in and she'd tuck me in and she'd sing something, like lullabys or Album rock stuff.
      And after she was gone I remember lying in bed for the first time and just feeling silence, you know. Then realising for the rest of my life that it was gone, all her songs were gone, her voice and the way it used to soothe me, just all of it. So I guess I tried to find new songs to fill that quiete, but none of them ever really have.
      Now she's gone and Mia's gone... and Luke is gone. There's just silence...There's just silence.

    • Brooke: (to the adoption agency woman) I'm from a no-parent household. My dad cared more about his golf score than he did for me and my mom went heavy on scotch and Prada. And because of them I know exactly the parent I'm not going to be.

    • Dan: Well, I better go before I start looking pervy.
      Jamie: What's pervy?
      Dan: Nothing you need to know about, go ahead and play.

    • Adopting Agent: Are you sexually active?
      Brooke: Lately no, but not through a lack of trying... (she laughs) sorry, no.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Saturday, May 10, 2008 on TV3+
      Norway: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 on TVNorge
      Latin America: Sunday, August 24, 2008 on Fox Life
      Greece: Saturday, September 27, 2008 on Star
      Sweden: Sunday, October 5, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Germany: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 on VOX

    • Featured Music:
      "Push Your Head Towards The Air" by Editors
      "Drink Too Much" by Tim Williams
      "Good Kind Of Crazy" by Brighton, MA
      "Home" by Foo Fighters
      "It Couldn't Be Me" by Jonathan Rice
      "Let Me Breathe" by The Hours
      "Little Bird" by The Weepies
      "Love Under Key" by La Rocca

    • Although credited, Lee Norris (Mouth) and Antwon Tanner (Skills) didn't appear in this episode.

    • This is the first episode of the series to air on Monday nights. The show has previously aired on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    • This is the first post-strike episode of the season.


    • Lucas: So Peyton drives a freakin' Comet. What the hell? I mean, thank God the guy in the book didn't see a white Bronco. They'd all say I'm in love with O.J.

      White Bronco was the car used by O.J. Simpson in a low-speed chase covered by a dozen different channels. The O. J. Simpson murder case has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in history. O.J. Simpson is a former American football star and actor that was accused for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. In June 17, 1994, he was supposed to turn himself in at 11.a.m., but he didn't. At 2 p.m. a letter was read by his layer, for many people it was a suicide letter, and later that day he was involved in a low-speed chase, when he was with his friend inside the car and apparently with a gun pointed at his own head.

    • The episode's title is also the the title of an album by The Foo Fighters.

      On the wall of Peyton's office, you can see the cover of the album.