One Tree Hill

Season 9 Episode 9

Every Breath Is a Bomb

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • great episode....

    i'm rewatching this now on and i feel so bad for Clay with the Logan situation when Logan said "no" to him being his father.. thats the worse thing any kid can say to a father whose trying to be in there life. Im really happy that Chase didnt get into trouble with the cops and how good he is with Chuck. this is a great episode I loved it the whole Mouth storyline is meh boring... i dont care for it ... I didnt like the ending though with the attacker holding the babies.. it creeped me out... i also loved when Paul Johanson enlisted Haley to go under cover to talk to that idiot :) it was a great way to lure him into that trap of Dan i just loved Paul Johanson...
  • Haley goes undercover!

    This episode was not my favorite episode of the season that i can say. It was a bit slow. I wish there would have been a bi more going on. But i do have to say, i enjoyed every single second of the Dan and Haley scenes!!!

    The Dan and Haley scenes were the best part of the episode. Seeing Haley going undercover but really interesting for me.And when Haley asked Brooke for help with the clothing, it was basically saying "ok, i know you dressed slutty in HS sooo...." lol. Funny stuff. Anyway, I have been a Naley fan right from the start so seeing Haley flirt with someone other than Nathan was funny. And the end at the bar was even funnier. Haley turned away and had this look of pure disgust on her face which made me crack up laughing. Not sure everyone caught that.But it really shows how far she will go to get her man back home. It is nice to see too because even though we know Nathan and Haley love each other soooooooo much and can't live without each other, we see Nathan doing the worrying and stuff a lot more.

    Back at the soundstage,The Dan and Haley duo is pretty cool. I really like Dan this season. He has always been the person that you love to hate but this season i just love him. His sarcasm is GREAT!!!!!! Now something i was not expecting at all was Haley punching Billy the drug dealer when he was tied up to the chair. Badas$ Haley is fun to watch.

    As for the rest of the episode, didnt really care for it too much. Though it was really cute to see Chuck stick up for Chase like he did.

    I am really looking forward to next weeks episode! Dan, Chris and Julian attempt to rescue Nathan :) This is really bittersweet now. All these episodes i look forward too but each episode is just that much closer to OTH ending forever and i know it is going to make me cry. 4 more episodes left ;(

  • i really love Clay and Quinn :)

    Quinn really love clay,,Quinn there to support Clay,,whatever Clay did in the past, and whatever Clay's condition right now.. I don't really understand what the doctor "a" said to Quinn after he said "By the way, Clay really loves you, Quinn" and what did it mean after that????

    Honestly,, I'll be sad if One Tree Hill over.. Just 3 episodes left.. I can't believe if there's no Quinn and Clay.. :(

    And how about the ending?? happy or sad ending?? will Clay marry Quinn or not?? Will they get a baby??I hope..

  • Getting down to the Final Four episodes!! :(

    Amazing. Just when I think the season can't get any better or more exciting it does.

    Haley/Dan: Never thought I'd see the day when they worked together, but it's a nice pairing. Joy and Paul have always been great together. I love that Haley dressed like a hooker to lure the drug dealer outside so Dan could attack him. And then on the sound stage when Haley beat the crap out of him, wow she is seriously bad ass!! I also love how unafraid that guy is of Dan. Is he new in Tree Hill or something?? He must be to not take his threats seriously!!

    Brooke/Julian: A little weird that they were falling Xavier around, but he needs to be locked up or shot whichever comes first. Tree Hill seriously needs new police, lawyers, etc. Basically a whole new legal system because the one they have now sucks. And wow!! I can't believe he broke into their house and takes the boys (or one of them at least that's what it looks like).

    To me it would be perfect if Xavier goes to jail for murdering Tara because she needs to go. She is awful and apparently a hypocrite and a moron. Why did she hire that guy!! Um, pot meet kettle... Tree Hill Cafe hires murderers!!

    Clay/Quinn/Logan: They are such a cute little family. I felt so bad for Clay because he feels bad that he just now remembers he had a son. I love that Quinn is there for him. I kind of don't blame Logan for walking away, but he'll come back. He loved Clay before he found out he was his father so he'll come back.

    Chase: I still can't believe what he did, but I don't blame him. Chuck's dad deserved it. I also don't blame Chuck and his mom for lying either. That's what most people in that situation do. I'm glad they told the truth in the end so at least Chase doesn't have to go to jail, but it sucks he is out of the air force.

    Chris: I love Chris Keller. A #SaveChase campaign on twitter... I love it!!

    Skills/Mouth: Eh! Tired of fat mouth, but I loved the Jimmy references!!

    Wow!! Only 4 more to go!! I don't know how I am going to get through this!!
  • Another Great Episode!

    This episode was once again really amazing!

    Everyone was so great.

    Haley & Dan's "partnership" was super cool 2 watch their scenes together were palpable you could feel Haley's desperation & Dan's determination/evilness great!

    Poor Clay, that man cannot catch a break I hope his life turns around soon.

    Chase/Chris/Chuck their relationship and seeing how Chase's storyline played out was really satisfying, I am loving Chris Keller this season he is really a amazing comic relief to what has been probably the most dark Tree Hill has gotten since Jimmy Edwards/Keith Quintin Fields storylines!

    Mouth's journey this episode was sweet but I could of done without it I really like that we got back 2 Jimmy that was a nice touch.

    Brooke& Julian & Xavier: OMG they NEED to kill Xavier once & for all I mean Brooke SO doesn't need 2 be dealing with him anymore! Also I HATE Tara she has got 2 go!

    I can't believe there is only 4 more episodes left I am super excited 2 see how this last final season wraps up I hope it is good!
  • Every Breath is a Bomb

    So they have Xavier break in to play with the babies? We all knew he would snap and to me the bigger message, the better message, to end this show on would to have him change and for Brooke to forgive him.

    The Dan, Haley and drug dealer scenes were a bit disappointing to. Filler at best episode tonight, but we were bound to get one of these.