One Tree Hill

Season 1 Episode 6

Every Night Is Another Story

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

It's the Ravens first away game and Nathan invites Haley to come over. At the same time, Peyton gives a CD mix to Lucas because he supported her during the anniversary of her mother's death. Lucas ironically asks if that CD mix means they're dating. Miss Goldielocks is quick to make it clear that: "You've got a long bus ride tonight and I had some free time. Don't read too much into it."

Game time. On the court, Nathan starts insulting Lucas and makes a comment about Haley. Lucas throws the first punch. Their fight ends up injuring cheerleader Brooke, who is standing behind them on the sidelines. Because of their poor conduct, the ref throws Lucas and Nathan out of the game. Whitey doesn't look pleased.
On the bus ride home, we learn that in spite the Scott brothers misconduct, the Ravens won the game. But Whitey is furious with them anyway and comes up with a very special punishment: he throws the half-brothers off the bus. Yep, it seems someone is walking home.
In the meantime, Brooke flirts with a soon-to-be-doctor and manages to swallow two very strong painkillers. Not long after, she's a stumbling, intoxicated mess. Peyton, who has been waiting at the center for Brooke, helps her out of the medic's office. Since Haley is also there, she ends up accepting a ride, albeit reluctantly, with Brooke and Peyton. Of course, Peyton is driving, because Brooke is too busy talking nonsense. Peyton and Haley seem to get on well. When Peyton tells Haley it's totally cool if she likes Nathan, Haley is kind of evasive, preferring to point out that Peyton and Lucas might also make a good match. "Tortured artist meets tortured athlete? Talk about your obvious attraction."

Meanwhile, Lucas and Nathan are still stranded in the middle of nowhere. Nathan has a brilliant idea, though: hitchhiking. They find a carload of drunken guys who are willing to give them a ride. Thanks to Nathan's brilliant idea, they get in the car, only to find they are being kidnapped by punks from a rival school. When the boys arrive at a convenience store, their drivers force them to remove their clothes and enter the store. Threatened with a gun, the brothers are forced to comply with the punks' wishes. After several minutes Lucas tries to convince them to return their clothing, but the punks refuse unless Lucas fights Nathan in a game called Gladiator. Lucas starts to refuse but Nathan surprises him by taking a swing. After punching Lucas a couple of times, he manages to steal the car keys from the ignition. Using the keys as leverage, Lucas forces the punks to return most of their clothing.

Haley, Brooke and Peyton aren't that lucky either. They are actually running out of gas. Leaving a still high Brooke behind, Peyton and Haley walk to a nearby convenience store, only to discover that it's closed. Much to the surprise of Peyton, Haley siphons gas out of a nearby pick-up truck.

Meanwhile, the grown-ups of Tree Hill are experiencing their own set of problems. Keith and Karen attend a business function. Of course, as soon as they are seated at the same table as Dan and Deb, things are doomed to be awkward. Dan can't help but behave like he always does: like an arrogant prig. He insults Karen, provokes Keith, and embarasses Deb. Eventually, the situation is resolved when Deb tells Dan that she is ready to pack her bags and leave. Karen and Keith decide to stay at the hotel and discuss dating each other. No final decisions are made, though. Nearly asleep and still a bit drunk, Keith admits to Karen that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Lucas are still trying to escape from those drunken punks. As they walk out of the woods, they miraculously encounter Brooke, Haley and Peyton who are driving-and singing-their way towards Tree Hill.

The next day, Haley sees Peyton and a now sober Brooke talking to other cheerleaders. Peyton doesn't wave and neither does Haley. That's it. Haley walks away and Peyton averts her eyes. As Lucas' voice over says: "Sometimes sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone".